499-Departure progress

 I fly through the silver sea with my flight (fresse).

 <I'm using the magic of
 I put up a magic barrier and blocked the water.

''It's not a very good environment out there, is it?''

''The Silver Water Holy Sea sucks up magic power inexhaustibly. This water is called silver water, but life can only live in a bubble that blocks out the silver water.

 Ronculus says.

 Certainly, if left in this silver water, it would not be saved.
 An ordinary person wouldn't even be able to fly in the flesh.

"So each bubble in the Silverwater Holy Sea is a mini-world of its own.

"Left-side-up, sir. "You can call this little world 'Ginpo' as it is called.

 When I look back, I see a giant silver bubble that is gradually moving away from me.
 It's the small world I was in just now.

Who do I have to talk to in order to join the academy alliance?

If you inform the gatekeeper, he should be able to arrange for your provisional enrollment. It's just that I don't know what kind of procedure will be used, or if there are any other screening requirements, I don't know the details. In particular, I've heard of the bubble world joining the Academy Alliance...''

There's a first time for everything.

 There is no Lord God and Head of State in the world of Militia, but that can't be helped since they were not formed in the first place.

 There is a waterwheel that fails to become the Lord God.
 Somehow, that's why I'll try to get them to understand.

 It would be better if they can understand each other.


 His voice is distant.

 The magic power emitted by the source of Ronculus is becoming calmer by the second.

Is it time?

'I see. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. What is the last thing you need to know?

'How do I play the role of the Two Pretenders?'

Are you sure?

 Ronculus asks back as a reminder.
 'You've got something more useful to ask,' he says.

'As for everything else, you can ask the guys over there. You are the only one who knows the mind of the Two Rulers.'

...then give me the power.

 Frankly, Ronculus says.

'If you, as a two-legged pretender, will show me your power,' he says. Not everyone in Pablo Hetara is necessarily evil. However, the structure of the academy is not flattering and righteous. Sir, you will see many absurdities and outrages in Pavlohetara.

 A quiet anger resides in the words.

'I say this at the risk of being reckless. If you can reach Sir's hand, I will let you blow a free wind to frustrate it.'

'What about the tree line? From what Barzalondo and the others have told us, it's the territory of the Two Rulers, isn't it?

''The Yugen Tree Sea isn't important. It's just that there is a place in this sea where they can't do as they wish. If only we could let them know that...

 Gradually, Ronculus' voice fades away.

'Then let us regenerate if we can, and defend our territory as a two-legged pretender.

"Many thanks to you, sir. I can't ask for much. Pablo Hetala is so huge, the rest will wait until after I wake up...

 Ronculus' snatched voice became even quieter.

'Sleep in peace.'

"In closing, I would like to say one last thing... that through Radopilica, my roots are linked to the source of my being... that our memories are intermingled with each other... and that our memories are intertwined...

 Ronculus' voice trailed off there.
 He seems to have shifted into a completely dormant state.

 Hopefully he'll be able to adjust to my body in one piece.


 Heading for my world, I flew as fast as I could.

 Visibility was poor, but I had the sea route memorized when I came.
 If I proceeded with my memory, I would eventually see a single silver bubble.

 I can feel the magic of Militia.
 I go backwards through the silver light that emanates from that small world.

 It is because of this silver light that I can enter and exit the small world. It is from this silver lamp that Militia's magic power is leaking out.

 So is it reasonable to assume that the silver light was not working until Militia's world was reincarnated?

 Hence, Kostoria and Barzalondo were unable to detect this small world and had not noticed Mom or the Spirit God Man Sword until now.

 As indicated, it's understandable that they came after the world reincarnation.

''Griping Magic Hand (Rayon).

 The minute the silver light is visible from the beginning, it's easier to get inside than out.

 With my right hand, stained by the evening darkness, I grabbed that silver light and let the inward wind blow in the same manner as before. Grabbing onto it, I descended into the world of Militia.

 My vision darkened, and gradually the black sky came into view.

 I immediately use my Gatom magic to transfer to the deepest part of the delzogade.
 When my vision turns pure white--

'Yes! Another one!

Yeah, I'm getting the hang of it.

 Even though it was already night, I could hear the students' voices.
 There was a lot of noise around.

I'm sure the students are very motivated," he said, "Kakaka, you're more motivated than usual. If it affects tomorrow's class, it's the end of the world.

 Eldmead says in the engine room of the Demon King train.
 Apparently, after school, the students were continuing their coal throwing training in detention.

''Because, sir. The engine department supplies magic power to the Demon King train, right? So, that means there's no point in doing anything unless there's a fire in here.

Of course, with Dr. Shin and Ray, it wouldn't be a problem, but once the bad guys get here, those two will have to go out.

If we don't do our best, the Demon Train will be a piece of garbage in the sky. If we don't do our best while we're still able to train, we'll really die.

Besides, that tyrannical demon king, he might pretend to take his time in training, but actually leave in three days' time.

 They grabbed a shovel and threw the charcoal into the fire chamber with a zap.
 It was a flowing motion, unlike the initial hemming and hawing, as if they had gotten the hang of it and lost the extra magic power.

''Oh yeah.''

 And the other students also show up at the engine department.

'That's why we're all following Naya's lead and getting detention!

'Three days later, let's surprise Master Anos once in a while by successfully riding the Demon King train!

That's a good one! Agreed!

Let's do it!

 The voices of the spirited students echoed one after another from each part of the Demon King train.
 They must have acquired the ability to perceive what to do now through their various experiences.

''Not to mention I don't need to tell you, you work hard at your training, that's quite something.''

 When I called out to them, the students suddenly turned around to look at me.

Ah, Anos-sama!

Oh, hey. Hey, look who's here.

 A group of students emerge from the Demon King train.

''The situation has changed. Just a few minutes ago, the residents outside targeted my mother and the Spirit God and Human Sword. I chased the bandits and took a peek at the outside world.

 The look on the student's face changed as if he had a bad feeling about it.

''Well prepared. With this, we can launch the Demon King train right now.''

 The can-burners open their mouths acutely.

''... now ... soon ...?''

 The fireman said with a stunned expression.

'But Master Anos, I'm still only training, and I've run a demon train before...'

 To the students who shrink back, I say, "You know what they say.

"The old saying goes, 'Practice makes perfect.

No, so I'm just trying to get used to...

But that's too late. As they say 2,000 years ago. "Better to drown than get used to it.

 The students' faces fell into nothingness.

''........What does it mean, I don't know...?''

Mm, don't you want me to be crazy?

No, I don't know. Since it's Anos-sama, is it possible that he would normally die by drowning? 

Both. And if you sink into the abyss, even while drowning, you'll grow that much more. So if you die, you can come back to life...

...Well, whose word is that?

It's me.

 The students make a face that says "it's over".

 Good. This is the time they show their best effort.

"As soon as we have all hands, we'll move out. At your stations.

""Yes, sir!"

 The students rush to their posts and prepare carefully for their departure under the direction of an amused-looking Erdmead.

 I'm going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's been the most successful.

 Immediately, a magic circle was drawn in front of me, and Misha and Sasha transitioned.

"What do you mean, we're going to the outside world all of a sudden?

 Sasha asks me that question as soon as she opens the door.

What's going on?

 Misha looks at me with concern.

'I'll explain when we're all here. Get on the Demon King train.

 As I said this, Eleonor, Zesia, Arcana, and Ennesone transitioned.
 Iges, my father and mother are with them.


 My mom and dad come running up to me.

"Are you okay, Anos? Nothing happened?

Yeah, I just had a nice picnic.

 I smile back at my mom, who has a worried expression on her face.

But things have gotten a little complicated. I don't know what's going on, but they're trying to kill you. I'm going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be going to be the same way. Can you come with me?

 If they know I've entered Pablo Hetara, they may try to get to my mother in this world. It would be safer for me to take you there.

Yeah. ─ Yes, I understand. If Anos-chan says it's the right thing to do, then I'm sure it's the right thing to do.

 I locked eyes with Mom, and Dad nodded emphatically.
 I know you don't really understand the situation, but they believe me.

Oh, well then, mom and dad, come on in here.

I'll take you there.

 Ellen and Jessica said and led my dad and mom to the Demon King train.

 As if they were waiting for me, Misa came running to me.

''Anos-sama, where are Rei-san and your father?''

We're keeping an eye on the bandits in the outside world. We'll be joining you now.

Oh, I see...

 She pats her chest in relief.

'Get in.'


 She immediately got on the Demon King train.


 I flew a thought transmission (leaks) while facing the Demon King train.


I'll be away from home for three days. There are no enemies in our world at the moment, but that doesn't mean they won't come from the outside. They are strong. Renno, Diedrich of Agaha and Gorloana of Zioldar. If you have bought yourself some time, you will return.

"As you wish.

'There's not much we know at this point. Go through everything I just sent you.

 <I've sent the information we have to Melheis via ideation.
 I will share it with Reno, Diedrich and Gorloana inside Dirheid.

"We look forward to your return, sir.


 I boarded the Demon King train and sat on the throne set up at the rear of the engine.
 The Cutthroat King coyly curtsied and turned his amused smile to me.

''Let me out.''

 As he waited, he raised his voice.

'Kah-kah-kah-kah-kah! You heard the man! To the inhabitants of the outside world, the day has come for the unveiling of the Demon Train Beltexfenbrem!

 With an exaggerated hand gesture, Erdmeade waved his staff.

'Sound the whistle! The Demon King's whistle! It will carve true fear into the still fearless mundane. In time, they will all tremble to their core, fearing and fighting every time they hear this ominous sound!

 With a great leap, the Cutthroat King snapped his foot with a thud.

''The Tyrannical Demon King has arrived!

 A whistle sounds and the wheels begin to turn.
 The demon train departed loosely, going up the slope of the canal and up to the ground.

''Our course is black skies. Let's go to the unknown world!

 Lifting his lips, the Cutthroat King pointed to the sky peeking forward with his staff. 

''Departure, departure, departure in progress...!