498-Silver lights

 <It seems that the Fusion Reincarnation (Radopilica) was successful, but there is no sign of the fusion starting soon. The root source that appeared in his body is not yet complete, and he is still in the process of reincarnation.

 I heard that they can't coexist for a long time, but to put it another way, there's still some time to wait. In the meantime, we can take the next step.

 My body is not in any trouble at the moment.
 It's just a slight headache.

But will it be noticeable if I don't?

 I draw a magic circle on the body of the Two Rulers.

 It's easy to hide it if you put it in a magic circle, but that's not possible because the Demon Lord's Army (Guys) magic line is broken.


 As the light of darkness covered the body of the Two Rite Pretender, its contours became limp and distorted.
 The darkness, which had begun to condense and shrink, gradually transformed into a blade shape.

 The result is a jet-black magic sword.
 There was no flange or handle, and the part that was originally covered by the handle - the bare core of the sword had a hilt thread wrapped directly around it.

 Next to the demon sword, a sheath appeared next to it.

 The body was transformed into a demon sword with its essence intact.
 With this, it was inconspicuous and portable, and easy to put back together again.

 <He made a suitable sword belt with , sheathed the demon sword and lowered it to his waist.

 It would also be useful in playing the role of the Two Rulers.
 Shall we call it the Two Rite Sword?


 <The damage caused by the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa) caused the black particles that were leaking out from my source to gradually settle down and disappear.

 This is because the magic power is being channeled into the Two Rites Sword.

 This sword, which is the body of the Two Rites Pretender, connects the magic lines of the and makes my root source work. In other words, it's my second body, so to speak.

 Since it's not my original body, just maintaining it is a significant drain on my magic power, but since it absorbs the magic power of undiluted destruction before it's tamed, it's rather easy to control the magic power.

 With this two-rate sword, there would be less worry about destroying the world, even if you were a little reckless.

 In Militia's world, the only vessel that can contain my destruction is my body, but no, the sea is a big one.

" - My Lord.

 You receive a thought transmission from Shin.

"What's up?

The bandits are on their way to the capital, which floats in the sky. Shall we follow him?

 The city. The people will be there.
 We can't afford to lose our way.

Go outside and keep watch.


 At that time, the magic power inside my body, which had been vague, took on an outline.

''-- The floating city is Pablo Hetara, sir.

 <A voice rings out in the telepathic communication.
 <It seems that Radopilica has advanced to the next stage.

"It's that Silverwater Academy, isn't it?

 <Although the "Fusion Reincarnation (Radpirika)" is still not stable, but as long as it doesn't turn into a battle, it shouldn't be a problem. Let's take a look at it first.

 I turn my magic eye to Shin's field of vision and use the .
 My eyes turn completely white, and the next moment my body appears in the air.

 Shin and Rei are at my side.

 Out of their line of sight, there was a floating continent. It was quite wide, but even longer than that, it was long and vertical. Various buildings stood on the continent, forming a capital city. Lakes, fields, and forests could also be seen.

 The entire floating continent was covered with magical barriers and anti-magic, perhaps in preparation for external enemies.

''Where did they enter from?''

It's over there.

 Ray pointed to the middle of the floating continent.
 There was a part where there was no magic barrier, and a huge gate was set up there.

''It's not like anyone can get in, is it?''

Let's ask him how to get in.

 He turns to me with a strange look on his face.

'To whom?'

I had a run-in with a guy I met earlier at the ball game. He was dying. I'm letting him borrow my body.

You didn't try to kill him, did you?

 I responded to Ray's words with a bitter smile, and I responded with a smile.

''Come to think of it, I haven't asked your name yet.

 I ask the root source inside my body.

'I am Ronculus Zeibat, the steward of the Two Noble Pretenders.

I'm Anos Voldigord. Those two are my men, Sin and Ray.

 When I told him my name, the magic power increased again inside my body.
  is advancing.

''.........Anos-dono. One problem has been created........''

 Ronculus' words echoed.

'What's up?'

''The Fusion Reincarnation (Radopilica) will be completed soon, but inside the Lord's body is truly an environment that is nothing short of hell. Incredible destruction is raging, and even more than nothingness, an empty void is visible. I've never seen such an aggressive root, and it's just too incompatible.''

 Call it what you would expect, but it's a matter of degree.

"Can't you adapt?

It's an incubation period to adapt the root source to your body, but even after that, with such an annihilation, you may only become somewhat resistant to it.......''

 I suppose you'll never know unless you try.

 It would be safer for Ronculus to transfer it into another person's body.

 Nevertheless, if they used the Radopilica Fusion Reincarnation on Shin and Rei, their roots would be in danger. Most importantly, they didn't have enough strength left to reincarnate again and again.

"What happens to me while I'm dormant?

He will remain conscious, but will not be able to speak. However, we may only have a short window of opportunity. We were hoping that in the meantime, you could ask us anything you would like to know.

 I'll consider dealing with the Ronculus problem after the adaptive dormancy is over, to see how well it is tolerated.
 In the meantime, would it be beneficial to take care of our business?

'There are people in Pablo Hetara who have been fighting with me. What can I do to get in peacefully?

The Silverwater Academy Pablo Hetara is a federation of colleges from many small worlds. We are engaged in friendly competition and learning from each other, and we are fighting a proxy war based on the philosophy of the calmness of the silver water holy sea.

 Nagi, huh?
 That sounds like a good word, but what does it really mean?

The members of the academy are renowned in their own little world. In the world of Highforia, the Bartsalondo is a member of a family of hunters, known as the Hunter Nobility, the Five Holy Barons, who are experts at hunting down evil beasts.

If I recall, you're affiliated with the Hunting Academy, right?

''You are on the left, sir. The only people who can enter the Pablo Hetala are those involved in the Academy Alliance. It would be most convenient for you to join it. It's not just a matter of how many people you have, it's also a matter of how many people you have. The number of people can't be three.''

 I guess once we get back to Dillhade, we'll be able to meet that requirement.

What are the other conditions?

''With the consent of the Lord God and the Headmaster, your provisional enrollment will be completed. After that, I'm told that if you meet certain conditions on campus, you will be officially welcomed into the Academy Alliance.''

What do you mean, "The Lord God and the Head of State?

 Ronculus' response was delayed as if he was momentarily confused by my question.

''The Lord God of the World, who symbolizes the order of the small world, and the conformist chosen by that God, the King of the World, is called the World Head?''

 It's impossible for me not to know that.

 The one-armed man also called Eques the Lord God and me the head of state.

I'm sorry, but there is no Lord God on my world. Maybe he could have been born, but I destroyed him. Now there is a fine mill.

"....destroy... you're not joking...?

 Ronculus raises his voice in a half-hearted voice.

'It's true,'

''........destroying the Lord God and the watermill.......how can that be?''

'It's more puzzling that a man of your stature should be surprised. You're clearly stronger than he is, Ronculus.

 If only the magic power hadn't run out, the battle would still be ongoing right now.

''........Sir, you are a resident of the shallow world. It is only natural that I, who was born in a world deeper than that, would be stronger than the Lord God of your world. However, it is unthinkable for someone from my world to do so...''

 After all, Ronculus says with a look of disbelief.

''Let's suppose that you can do that. But the world will evolve for the first time when the Lord God chooses a head of state. The unevolved world is called the bubble world and cannot perceive the outside of the world.'

Well, I certainly didn't see it. I merely hypothesized that it was out there.

Well, I've been called that before, haven't I?

 Once again, Ronculus is stuck for a response.

 ''Conformists and non-conformists are not just a thing in the world of Militia, but apparently a general concept in the Silver Water Holy Sea, isn't it?

''.........It's hard to believe....... Isn't that a mistake...?

I don't know about you, but the sea is big. I suppose it happens.


 Apparently my world has a slightly different process of getting out than the rest.

Well, we'll talk about that later. But first, what are the principles of getting in and out of the little world?

''....Yes. The small world is lit by a light of order called a silver light that can only be seen from the outside. It is accompanied by an invisible wind and wave of order, and by riding the current, it is possible to cross the world. But--'

 In the middle of Ronculus' explanation, I soared into the sky and flew toward the black sky.

"Shin, Ray. Shin, Ray, keep an eye out for them to stay in Pavlohetara. If they entered through the gates despite being tracked, they can't transfer out of that city.

"As you wish.

What are you going to do?

 Rei sends out a thought transmission as I walk away.

I'm going to make preparations to join the League of Academies. I'm going to be ready to join the Alliance of Academies, and there is only one academy that belongs to Pablo Hetara that has targeted your mother. We can't go in there by force.

 In the blink of an eye, we flew through the sky and I rose to the black sky.

''Anos-dono. You need a ship that senses the silver light and rides the wind and waves to get in and out of the small world. That ship can only be created by the World Lord God.

 Inside my body, the root cause of Ronculus is raptured.

 It shot wildly into the black skies with the High Bullet Flame Demon Cutthroat Artillery (Doguda Azzedara).
 A blue stellar star causes the black sky to burst into bright flames.

 I pull out the sword lowered at my waist and release it, clothed in black particles spilling from the root source.
 My power and the power of these two swords, if they're both combined, it should be easy.

"Magic Hand in Hand (Rayon).

 The two-rate sword shone in the evening darkness and flashed across the blue-burning sky.

 <If you can even grab the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderblocker, then it will be effective against the invisible silver lamp.

 However, since the two pretenders have turned into magical swords, they are unable to grasp anything, which only accelerates the flames of the Doguda Azbeda Azbehara.

 You'll be able to see into the abyss of the blue-burning sky with your evil eye.

I'm not going to be able to get rid of it. There it is.

 With the left hand of the that was dyed in the evening darkness, I grabbed the black sky.

 It was definitely responsive.
 A silver light leaked from the left hand that amplified the magic I grabbed.

''This........is this.......? The light of a silver lamp...?

 Ronculus let out a voice.

The two swords slashed through the silver lamp. That is to say, the way they flamed out was different from when they only sliced through Doguda Azbeda Azbeda's heavy artillery. If you count backwards, you can spot the silver lanterns even if you can't see them.''

 And then the Grasping Magic Hand (Rayon) amplifies the magic it grasps.
 This is no exception to the order.

 The silver lamp, which was originally invisible, has increased in magic power until it can be seen.

 I tightened my grip on the light of the silver lamp with my left hand and threw it to the black sky with momentum.
 The silver light shines in front of my eyes, and the wind blows towards it.

 <Controlling the hand of the , he grabbed the wind and plunged into the silver light.

 The next moment when countless bubbles crossed in front of my eyes, I jumped out into the vast silver sea.

Ha-ha. What do you think? Are you ready to believe for a moment that I've destroyed the Lord God, Ronculus?