501-World name

 Two hours later--

 Ahead of the Demon King train, a huge silver bubble came into view. It was the small world of our destination.

"Connect the rails to that silver light.

 The Cutthroat King gives the orders.

''Yes, sir! Linking the tracks!

 The silver rail stretched straight out into the silver light spilling out of the small world.

'The track connection is complete!

Sound the whistle. We're entering a silver bubble.

 As if invited by the silver lights, the Demon King train moved forward on the rails, and soon, the sky in front of them was dyed in silver.

 Once the light passed, the black sky and black skies were in front of them.

''Track fixed.''

Roger that. We fixed the track!

 The track, which had been extending in the direction of travel, would be fixed there.


Okay, I'm digressing.

 The Demon King Train's wheels came off the silver rails and the body of the train descended down the black sky as it was.

 Gradually, a cloud of clouds scurried outside the window.
 They had reached the sky below the black skies. The sun had already set, and the moon was rising in its place.

 Just like in the world of Militia, it's night here too.

''A huge source of magic is approaching from above.

 From Misha in the magic eye room, the report goes up in a nonchalant manner.
 She drew a magic circle. 

"Remote clairvoyance (limnet).

 The magic crystal in each room displayed the image captured by the magic eye room.

 For a moment, I doubted my magic eye.

 The approaching object was a huge flying castle.
 The beautiful and artistic form of the castle was very familiar to me.

 Sasha looks at the image as if she were biting into it and turns her gaze out the window.


 The words spill out with surprise.

'It's Zelidheavenus...'

 A flying castle ship that once flew freely in the sky of destruction.
 <The sight of that ship that stood head-on against even the glow of the Sun of Destruction is deeply engraved in the memory of the God of Destruction, Averniu.

''Hey, isn't that right?''

 Sasha turns to me.

'You look somewhat different on the outside, though.

 But it looks just like Zelidheavenus.

 With the death of the creator Faris Noyn, that ship was lost from Dirheid.
 His reincarnation has yet to be confirmed.

 Why is he flying through the outside world?

"A message to the Lord of the Airborne City.

 I sent a
"My name is Anos Voldigord. "I'm Anos Voldigord, the head of the Militia world, well, sort of. I have a couple of questions for you.

 There was no response.
 Instead, the flying castle ship is approaching the Demon King train as fast as it can.


 Misha said.
 A warning whistle was sounded at Eldmead's instruction.

''I, Ching, is the head of the Silver Castle World Balandias, Fudo-oh, Cartinas Ilvena.''

 <A thought transmission (leaks) resounded, and the flying castle ship made contact with the Demon King's train.


Hey, hey...!

Hey, look out...!

 The students shouted as the vibrations hit the Demon King train.

''You nameless shallow-world slackers, you don't even know your name. I'll teach you some manners. You are not to step out in front of those who are deeper than you. And not in front of the head's ship.

 It must have been a deliberate collision.
 After lightly pushing the Demon King Train away, the Flying Castle Ship immediately changed its course and overtook it with terrifying speed.

 The destination it was headed for was the Silver Water Academy Pablo Hetara, which towered over the floating continent.
 Into the magic barrier, that flying castle ship slowly descended.

''........Is that the Pavlohetara that Anos was talking about?''

 Sasha asks.
 'I've told everyone everything we've learned at this point in time before we got here.


Hmm. So, you think that guy is a member of the academy alliance now?

 He didn't like the attitude of the Cartinas and the others. Sasha glared at the flying castle ship that had landed on Pablo Hetara.

'We've found Rey and Singh.

 Misha's voice echoed.
 <The two figures were reflected in the remote clairvoyant (limnet) crystal.

 They seemed to have noticed us and they are flying towards the Demon King train.

Open the cabin door.

 The door to the guest room opened at Eldmead's direction.
 Misa emerged from it and gave Shin and Ray a big wave.

''Father, Ray, over here!''

 They flew towards the demon train and went inside.

'My lord, there was no movement in the bandit.

 Singh says.

'Thank you for your efforts. Take some time off.

"As you wish.

 Well, first we need to make a provisional enrollment.

"To the gatekeepers of Pablo Hetara.

 <I speak to the gatekeeper of the Floating Continent via Thought Communication.

"I am Anos Voldigord, citizen of the world of Militia. My name is Anos Voldigordo, and I am a resident of Militia, and I hereby declare my intention to join the League of Academies of Pablo Hetara. I await your reply.

 Then, in the distance, the gatekeepers looked at each other.

''Maou Academy...? Could this Maou be a demon king? Oh come on....

'Perhaps it's the newcomer to the shallow world. You don't know. Don't bother telling me, I'll be changing my name soon enough.

 They exchange these words, as if they think I can't hear them.

"This is Pablo Hetara. We will not reject anyone who agrees with our philosophy. We welcome you to Militia. Please step inside as we release the magical barrier.


 I looked at him, and part of the magical barrier that covered Pablo Hetara disappeared.

 It was surprisingly simple.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make your life easier," he said, "but I'm not sure if that's enough to get you in.

 A single ship can make all the difference, even if it's only a ship.


Roger that. We're starting our descent to Pablo Hetara.

 The demon train moved into the skies above Pavlohetara and slowly descended towards the entrance where there were no magical barriers.

The lake in the center of the city, next to Pablo Hetala Palace, is the landing place. Landing at the White Magic Circle.

 Following the gatekeeper's voice, Erdmeade let the Demon King train descend.

 The floating continent of Pablo Hetala, which was overlooked, had a huge palace in the center and a city formed around it.
 The area of the site was, at a cursory glance, more than ten times the size of Mid-Hays.

''Landing on the water!''

 A huge, crystal-clear lake, on which a long, thin white magic circle was drawn. It must have matched the shape of the Demon King's train.

 Slowly, as the Demon King train descended, a splash of water went up. Something like water bubbles came out of the white magic circle and enveloped the train.

 Then the demon king train sinks into the water on its own. Once it reached the bottom of the water, there were a number of caves there. I entered one of them, and after advancing for a while, this time I surfaced.

 Wading through the water, the demon train rose to the surface again.
 As if its role had been completed, the foam covering the car body popped and disappeared.

''We're getting off. Open the doors.

 At my command, all the doors of the Demon King train opened.

 I got up from my throne and went out.
 The others are getting off the train one by one.

 Looking around, the area is a single stone room. It's quite large. It's a hangar for a ship.

Welcome to Pablo Hetara.

 A voice rang out.

 It was a woman in a silver dress who came over.
 She is holding a large screwdriver in her hand. You can wind a human-sized screwdriver of a spring-powered doll.

"I've never seen you before. My name is Ottreloo, God of Arbitrage of Pavlohetara. Ottreloo is the chief arbiter of all things Pavlohethala. And who is the head of your household?

"There are no heads of state in my world.

 I stepped in front of the god of arbitration.

''I represent the Academy. If convenience requires it, let's just say I'm the head of the academy.

 Ottolou asked me, without showing any signs of being suspicious.

'Do you wish to join the League of Academies of Pablo Hetara?

That's the idea.

 Ottolu bows politely.

'You are welcome. And there is no silver bubble without a head of state. I'm guessing that you have not been out in this Silver Water Holy Sea long enough.

I just left today.

'Then where is the Lord God? The divine family that governs the will of the world, or the world order, is the Lord God of the World.

 I suppose those who are new to the world and don't know names like Lord God or Head of State often come here.
 Ottolu's tone of voice was familiar.

'Unfortunately, ours is a piece of work. 'Unfortunately, ours is not good enough to be called the Lord God.

 I look at the demon train.

'If you ask me, that's the one.

Can we meet?

 It's more of a meeting, or that itself.
 Well, we can talk about it.

This way.

 I take Ottolou and move to the engine room of the Demon King train.
 I opened the lid of the fire chamber and said inside.

"Eques. You may speak now.

 As soon as he said that, sparks of fire danced from the fire chamber.

''As you wish--''

 I can hear Eques' voice.

'Do you think you'll get your way?'

'I'm pleased to meet you. Lord Goddess Eques. I am Ottolu, the God of Arbitrage of Pavlohetara. May I confirm your willingness to join the Confederation of Academies in Pavlohetara?


 Eques says as he spits out.

'There is no such thing...! No one is going to do what that man wants to do........!

 He throws in a shovel of coal and tells Eques who the master is.


'Hateful as he is, his order is a straightforward one. Throw some coal at him and he'll be wagging his tail and obedient in no time.

 With a thud, the coal is thrown into the fire chamber.


 Already, black smoke was rising from the chimney.
 It morphed into letters and was marked 'Long live the membership.

' "As you can see,

 He walked out of the engine room and pointed to the black smoke letters.

 Then, the selection god Ottolou turned his divine eye.
 If the magic power was concentrated, a magic circle like a gear would be drawn behind the eye.

''Indeed, from the black smoke, I can see the same kind of magic power as the Lord God, and a certain orderly light. Pablo Hetala knows that the Lord God and the Headmaster have many relationships with each other. It's a rare case of the Head of State treating the Lord God like a slave, but that's one way of being in the world. With these black smoke letters, I see the Lord God as having expressed his intention to join.

 Ottolu turned his gaze to Sasha and Misha.
 The gears behind their eyes turned.

'The other gods will be following you, and we will acknowledge you as the head of state.

 Hmm. I thought there was going to be an argument, but it's just that simple.
 That's how different the values of the small world are from each other.

'Come in, please. I would like to explain to you about Pablo Hetara, but right now, at night, all the lectures are not taking place. I will take you to your quarters in the palace, where you can rest. I will come back tomorrow to pick you up again.

 Ottolu turned on his heel and proceeded down the hangar corridor.
 We followed.

'In joining, I would like to ask you a few questions. What is the name of your world?

I call it the world of Militia.

The Lord God of your world doesn't seem to have done the naming.

Like I said, it's a piece of work. I get caught up in the day-to-day grind, I'm dizzy.

 Next to me, Misha and Sasha gave me an indescribable look.

If the order is followed, the name of the world will be the name of the Creator God who created it. And they will bear the letters appropriate to the order of the little world.

 So the name has a lawfulness to it?

''So, if it's the Holy Sword World Hyphoria, then the Creator God is named Hyphoria, and the Holy Sword is deeply involved in the order of the Little World?

I have no problem with that understanding.

 Clerically, Ottolu replied.

'Then the name of the world is Militia, no problem. We'll decide on the letters (nicknames) later.'

I will register as such.

 Ottolu continued.

'What is the name of the head of state?'

Anos Voldigord.

 Ottolu stops in his tracks.
 He opens the door and it is a guest room. A whole range of things are in place.

'There is another room in the back. I thought there were enough of them. Please stay here for today. I'll pick you up tomorrow.


 I'd like to take a look around Pablo Hetara soon, but I think I'm going to take a quiet rest today.
 We are all tired.

Finally, may I ask the name of the institute?

The Magical Academy.

 Ottolou, who had been asking a clerical question, held his tongue thoughtfully.

'What's the matter?'

'No, sir. 'No, Ottolu will not pass judgment on a name that has been set in the Little World. That is up to you.

 That's a hassle-free way to put it.
 Well, I guess I have a more important question to ask you now.

"What's the name of this little world?

It's called the Seventh Elesian World.

 Misha and Sasha rolled their eyes.

''This is the seventh silver packet owned by the magic bullet (still) world of Ehrenesia. The Seventh Elesia has been designated as a free sea, and the inhabitants of any of the small worlds are free to come and go without permission.

 They looked at me, dumbfounded, as they listened to it.

 The name of the world is the name of the creator god who created the world. 

 If that's the case, then the one who created the magic bullet world was the creator god, Ehrenesia.

 She had the same name as Militia's mother--