502-The origin of the small world

 The next morning--

 At Pablo Hetara's quarters, we changed into our uniforms and waited.

 I gave my mother and father the tripod and recording device that Arcana had created for them to use, and I told them they would be in charge of recording. They have been taking pictures of me incessantly for some time now.

 Ottreloo appeared once and said he would come for me in an hour.
 It's almost time to go.

Take your time.

 Uncomfortable, he calls out to Sasha, who is hovering at the door.

'The man who came to visit you, Guy Ambared, must be from the magic bullet world belonging to Pablo Hetara.

...My mother is alive...?

 Misha mutters.

'Otherwise, I wouldn't let you choose your birthday gift.

But why?

 Sasha asks.
 The next god of creation, my son Militia, was supposed to have created the next god of creation, my son Militia, and Elesia was supposed to have been destroyed.

I don't know. But it may have been inconvenient for this man, Guy, not to reveal the survival of Elesia.

Will we be the ones to take back Elesia?

Well, you don't know much about this Pablo Hetara, let alone the world of magic bullets.

............of course.

 We don't have a clue right now.
 Both of them would have known that they would have to wait.

 Still, both Sasha and Misha couldn't help but wonder about their mother, Elesia.

 And then there was a knock at the door.

'It's Ottolu,'


 The door opens and Ottolu, the god of adjudication, emerges.

'Are you ready to go?'


Then follow me.

 With Ottolou leading us through the passageways of the palace, we made our way through.
 Eventually, we arrived at a place surrounded by pillars on all sides.

 A fixed magic circle was set up in the center.

''To the top of the magic circle.

 Ottolu said as we all climbed into the magic circle.

'Shallow first,'

 My vision went blank for a moment and shifted.

 A double-opened door appeared in front of me.

'This is the First Shallow Auditorium of Pablo Hetara. This is the first shallow lecture hall of Pablo Hetara. Please come in.

 She opens the door and releases the door.

 Entering the auditorium, she sees a circular pulpit in the center.
 Seats are set up in all directions, and chairs and desks are neatly arranged around the podium.

 Students dressed in uniforms were already seated.

 Basically, they seem to be tightly packed with people from the same academy, but there were groups of people in different uniforms lined up with each other.

''Go ahead, the seats for those from the Militia World are here.

 Ottolu walks over and points to our seats.

'If it's a shallow auditorium, does that mean there's a deeper level as well?

''There is a Middle Level Auditorium and a Deep Level Auditorium. This Small World of the Silver Water Holy Sea has depths, and we classify the first to the tenth layer as the shallow world, the first to the twentieth layer as the middle world, and the first to the twentieth layer and beyond as the deep world.

 Did Baltzalondo's men, as I recall, refer to the Militia world as the first tier world?

'How do you classify them?'

 When she asked that question, Ottolu softly jumped up from her spot and landed on the podium.
 She sent her magic to the spherical blackboard that was set up there.

''The depth of the world is the strength of the world's order. It is the amount of influence that the small world has on the Silver Water Holy Sea. Magic power flows from the shallow layers to the deep, and order exerts its power from the shallow to the deep.

 The spherical blackboard must be a magic tool. A silver bubble appeared through it and inside it.
 It seemed to imitate the five shallow worlds and one deep world.

''Let's say the shallow world has ten magical powers and ten orders of weight. The same goes for the deeper worlds.

 "Shallow World. Ten magical powers and ten in weight.
 'Deep world. Ten magic power and ten weight,'' he added.

''In accordance with the order of the Silver Water Holy Sea, the magic power flows to the deep layer and the order exerts its power in the deep places. The magic power in the shallow world will move one, and the orderly function will also move one.

 Magic and weight are drawn one.
 "Shallow World. Nine magic power and nine weight' was rewritten as 'The shallow world.

'Magic and order are given to the deep world and turned into power.

 From each of the five shallow worlds, one magic power and weight were transferred from each of the five shallow worlds, for a total of five magic powers and five weights, which were added to the magic power and weight that the deep world originally possessed.

 In the deep world, it was 'fifteen magic power and fifteen weight'.

''In reality, it's not as simple as this, but this is the basic ordering principle of the Silver Water Holy Sea. A small world that possesses numerous magical powers and where order works strongly is heavy and sinks into the abyss. Thus, it is considered deep.

 I see.

 To the extent that the order and magic power of the shallow world works, this Seventh Elesia is more robust than the Militia World, right?
 Naturally, the inhabitants there would be reasonably strong as well.

''Because it's inefficient to measure all of the small world's order and the amount of magic power it possesses, we'll use the amount of fire and dew it possesses to determine the hierarchy. The more fire and dew a small world has, the deeper it is located.

 'Location is not a matter of place, but of the strength of order in that world.

'Are you saying that the deep world is taking the fire and dew away from the shallow world?

''That understanding is fine, but the fire and dew belongs to no one. It is an orderly in the Silver Water Holy Sea. The fire dew is something that travels across the sea and through various bubbles.

 Eques had taken the fire dew.
 He said that the fire dew he took away was consumed, but is this the answer?

 It is true that if you look at the Militia world alone, you can only think that it was consumed.
 Eques didn't know about the outside world at that time.

 However, it had crossed over to another small world.

''.........Hey.......then, could it be.......?''

 Sasha muttered next to me.
 Misha whispered.

'My mother's fire and dew is out of the world.'

 The Mother of Two, the creator god Elesia, perished.

 In the world of Militia, yes.
 But in fact, her roots became the fire and dew and went across the world.

 And she was born as a creation god again in the Magic Bullet World.

''There's still some time left until today's lecture. Let me explain a bit more about the order of the Silver Water Holy Sea to the people of the Militia World. Please sit down.

 I pulled a nearby chair and sat down.
 The others are seated as well.

'You said that the deep world takes the fire dew away from the shallow world, but the transfer of fire dew does not happen naturally. This is because in the Lesser World, the World Lord God maintains its order and ensures that the fire dew does not leak out.

 Ottolou draws transparent bubbles on a spherical blackboard.
 He wrote 'Bubble World' on it.

''It is mainly in the bubble world that the movement of fire and dew takes place. This is what we call the countless dark bubbles floating in the Silver Water Holy Sea. It is said that all worlds begin with bubbles. Even the deep world, located in the depths of this ocean, was one bubble in the beginning.

 She further added the word 'unevolved'.

''The bubble world is an unevolved small world. In this Silver Water Holy Sea, it can be said to be an unborn world. Because the Bubbles World does not have a Lord God and Headmaster. Without the Lord God, there is no complete control over the order of the Small World, and without the Headmaster, the inhabitants of the Small World will continue to fight. It's easy to imagine what will happen.

 Like a bubble popping, the painted world of bubbles disappeared.

'The bubbles of the sea that would disappear if left alone like this, hence the name bubbles.

 Lots of bubbles appear again, building a bubble world.

'However, not all bubbles disappear. Those bubble worlds that are lucky enough to survive have certain changes going on within them.

 Ottolou writes, 'The Birth of the Conformist'.

'Even in the bubble world there is an order, a race of gods. They have a seed of world-will that seeks to lead the world in one direction. The seed of the world's will is invisible and does not have a clear consciousness. The gods follow it, each taking vague actions and trying to bring the world into the right order. In most cases, they fail, but in the blessed bubbles of the Silver Water Holy Sea, the conformists are born.

 In the world of Militia, at the very least, the cogs of Eques would have been the seeds of world will.

'The conformist is the end of life's evolution. They possess both magical power and strength, power that surpasses even the god race, and the ability to lead the world in a better direction. As the number of fittest continues to grow, more changes will come to the small world. And that is the birth of the Lord God of the World.

 Ottolu continues his explanation in a matter-of-fact manner.

'The presence of the Conformist strengthens the fire and dew of the world and brings a powerful force to order. The seed of world will, one of which the divine race possesses, sprouts and gives birth to a being that is the will of the world, the Lord God of the World.

 It's a bit different from the Militia world.

 What Graham did was an experiment to see if he could gather the seeds of world-will that were scattered in pieces and force them to combine into one, and see if it would have a will.

 In fact, it turned into a collective god of gears called Eques.

 I call it the seed of world will, but it would be more natural to call it a piece if it were to be gathered into one and moved.
 There is no other example of such a thing in the bubble world, though you may not know it.

'With the birth of the Lord God of the World, the Small World will be greatly changed. The Lord God chooses a suitable head of state to rule the Small World. These candidates will be the fit ones.

Does that mean you're a fit for the head of state?

'He is the fitter of heads, the fitter of the evolved world. The Lord God sniffs out by his order those who are fit for his world.

 So Vade, son of Holo, was a candidate for the head of state?

 No new life was born on the world of Militia because I had stopped the destruction.
 Hence, no adapters were born.

 So Eques forced the birth of the conformed by his own power.

'The Lord God will choose one king of the world from among the fittest. This will give birth to a head of state and the bubble world will evolve into a silver bubble.

 It seems almost certain that the world reincarnation to align the order was the same result as the evolution to silver foam.

'How else could evolution have happened?'

There is none. All small worlds follow this evolutionary process. May they be guided by the order of the Silver Water Holy Sea.

 To my question, Ottolou answered immediately.

 'The Militia world seems to be an exception.
 The people of Pablo Hetara don't know that evolution is possible without a Lord God and Head of State.

'On the other hand, the fire and dew will continue to be released from the non-evolving bubble world. The small world that has finished evolving is the receptacle for this. The magic power flows from shallow to deep, and the fire dew flows from shallow to deep.

 This is to be expected.
 From the world of Militia before the world reincarnation, the fire and dew have crossed over to other worlds.

 Ehrenesia and possibly--
 Somewhere in those hills overlooking Midhays, my men and women slept in those hills, too.

The fire and dew that is released from the bubble world is what every head of state desires in order to bring the lesser worlds to the deeper levels. Fire Dew is a force. The more of it there is, the stronger it is, the deeper the world becomes.

 It's not hard to imagine what will happen.

''In order to obtain the Fire Dew, there will often be disputes in the Silver Water Holy Sea. It's not uncommon for this to cause severe damage to the Little World. The two worlds that have been burned by the fires of war could be annihilated together. In order to avoid this, the Lord God of each of the worlds that are members of the Confederation of Academies created this Pablo Hetara.

 Ottolu wrote, 'Silver Water Order Warfare'.

''The fire and dew released within the territorial waters of Pavlohetara will be retrieved by the Alliance of Academies once it has been released. The fire and dew released in the territorial waters of Pablo Hetara will be collected by the academy alliance and the winner of the academy's pyramidal pecking order, the silver-water pecking order, will receive a share of the fire and dew.

 If the conflict intensified and the small world itself was destroyed because of the fight for the fire and dew, it would be of no benefit to anyone.

 It would be a silver-water pecking order war to sign a treaty and share the fire and dew in a peaceful way.
 In other words, a proxy war.

 As I recall, Ronculus said something along those lines.

'Pablo Hetala's philosophy is the calm, or peace, of this silver water holy sea.

 Peace, huh?
 If that were true, I would hope so.

'If the fire dew is lost, life will be lost in the bubble world. Wouldn't the inhabitants who were to be reincarnated be reborn in another world?

That's right, Headmaster Anos.

 'As if it were nothing,' says Ottolu as if it were nothing.

'Why don't you bring back the fire dew? They'll have their own life to live.

What do you mean? Their life is over when they die. It is only a new life, a new world to begin in. It's just a different person with the same primordiality.

What would happen if you used the magic of
 Ottolu twisted his head.

''I'm sorry, but I don't know about that magic. It's a magic that doesn't exist on any of the worlds that are members of the Academy Alliance.''

 <No incarnation (silica)?

 The Two Ruling Pretenders--all the magic that Ronculus showed was clearly of a higher rank than the Militia World.
 Even though it's the highest level of root magic in the Militia World, I don't think there's no magic to reincarnate, right?

This is the technique.

 I draw the magic circle of .
 However, the magic formula immediately went out of control and exploded.


''Headmaster Anos, the current technique called
 I see.

 You're not going to be able to tell me if reincarnation is common in my world?
 <He said that unlike normal reincarnation magic, Radopilica doesn't lose its memories.

"What happens to our memories when we reincarnate?

'There are a number of ways to leave it behind, but they all involve a great deal of risk to the root. It's not the same as true reincarnation, since it's just taking over your current life.

 In layman's terms, there is no reincarnation that takes over memories with no risk.
 Hence, reincarnation in the Silver Water Holy Sea mainly means a new life?

 It's a fundamentally different way of thinking from us.

''Returning fire and dew to the bubble world is a foolish act that extinguishes life. Bubbles will eventually disappear. Throwing your life into it is like returning a fish to land again when it finally reaches the sea. It may not be your world's religion, but that is the reason for the Silver Sea.

 Without denying me, Ottolu said softly.

'It is very fortuitous for their lives that the Fire Dew crosses the world. For it is a sign that they have been blessed by this sea.'

 If the bubble world will surely perish, though, then you certainly have a point.

'In the first place, wouldn't the Bubbly World be destroyed if we gave it back the fire and dew?

It's a--

What's the matter with you? You don't understand. That's why you don't understand anything.

 A rude voice rang out.

 That sounds familiar.
 Was it Fudo-Kartinus? He's the one that hit the Demon King train last night.

"Ottreloo. "Ottreloo, I can't fulfill our membership requirements anyway, by explaining to that idiot. It's a waste of time.

 A short man with a little beard rises to the podium.
 He is dressed in an extravagant outfit with the school insignia of foam and waves and a castle.

Today's lecture is headed by the head of the Silver Castle World Balandias, Carthinus Irvena, the immovable king. You can't have the magic and the mind is so shallow that you should at best stoop and shut your mouth. That's the etiquette of this silver sea.

So, Ottolu, what's going on around here?


 Cartinas was furious and stared at me with a bright red face.
 Pointing at me, he said, 'You're the head of state, so don't think of me as an equal.

'Don't think of me as an equal because I am the head of state. I am the immovable king who sits in the depths and controls the second layer of the world. You are a newcomer to Pablo Hetara, but you are a resident of the shallow world. What layer? Say what you will.

'If the world had sunk a little, your light head would have flown to the sky.

 The guy who was getting redder and redder, but quickly smiled as he reconsidered.

Haha! Well, you don't even know the hierarchy of your own world yet, do you? It's a pity," he said, "that you don't even know the hierarchy of your world. You've already done your research, haven't you, Ottolu? Tell him.

 Then Ottolu said.

'The fire and dew holdings of the Militia world have been surveyed this morning.

 That's a lot of work for someone who just arrived last night.

However, due to the undetectable numbers, we are pending a determination. Tentatively, the fire and dew holding capacity of the Militia world is equivalent to that of the tenth layer world. There is a slight possibility that it is unevolved.

 Then, the students of the various academies who hadn't paid much attention to us until now began to buzz all together.

''.......What do you mean by that?''

Impossible. As expected, a figure so high that it cannot be detected is...?

''Ah ... too little fire and dew ...''

But if that's the case, how did you get here? There's no way you can go out into the Silver Sea with unevolved. Isn't it simply because there's not enough fire and dew...?

''But how did the first layer of the world's minutes evolve without fire and dew...? Normally, it would just perish...

 A loud laugh sounded as if to paint over the murmurs.

''The zillionth layer world? Haha, wahahahahahahahaha!

 Cartinas contorted his face in mockery and held his stomach.

'What's that? I have never heard of you in my many years in Pablo Hetara. I've never heard of anyone in the world of bubbles! The Lord God who chose you for the possibility of unevolution, etc., must be a very shallow god.

There's no denying it's a bastard, but I don't think it was chosen. It's a nasty little orderly thing, I'll give it to you. I took it apart and turned it into something useful.

You don't feel like you've been chosen? What the hell kind of excuse is that?

'That's what happens when you're stuck in common sense. To put it plainly to you, I'm a non-conformist.

 Cartinas was momentarily stunned.
 Then his face contorted vilely again.

'Not only was he not chosen by the Lord God, but he was even called a non-conformist? Wahahahaha! Nope, you heard the man, boys, this is not a masterpiece!

 With an exaggerated gesture, Cartinas spoke to the students in the auditorium.

''A non-conforming head of state is unheard of! You'll live a long time! Hey, a whole world of bastards have come to this pavlohettara!

 The students of each academy are looking at me quizzically.
 It's as if they are looking at a rare animal.

''Fudo-Oh has a point. In my world, there was never a non-conformist born in my world.''

'You mean, as I recall, those who defy order? Then I've heard that our Lord God has destroyed dozens of people.

Conversely, isn't the Lord God of the Militia world weak enough to be obeyed by non-conformists?

'In my world, there were many non-conformists, but I killed them all with my own hands. After all, they don't even have the right to be chosen by the Lord God. They are insignificant to us, the conformists.

 Such words spilled out of the mouths of the heads of state.

''Wa-ha-ha-ha, what do you think? I'm sure you're starting to realize who you are. Do you? The heads of state here have lightly crushed a number of misfits like you. Even I, of course, have been crushed.

 As if to intimidate me, Cartinas grinned and emitted a magical power.
 The atmosphere in the auditorium trembled.

'Give me three seconds. Come here and lie down flat. That is your courtesy to the Head of the Deep.'

''Hmm. I'm not used to doing this sort of thing very often, but if it's the courtesy of the Silver Sea, it has to be done.

 I stood up loosely.
 Then Cartinas smiled a condescending smile, as if he'd gotten pent up.

'Hm. You should have done that in the first place. You're a misfit, you know that? If you learn from this, you'll never have to go through that again.

 The shoe he'd lightly kicked off was stuck in his mouth with aplomb.

'What's the matter? Quickly step back, Gentleman. With his magic and shallow mind, it's polite for the Bon Darkness to stoop down and meekly hold his tongue, right?

 His hair stood on end, as if in a fit of anger.