503-Inviolable territorial waters

What the--

 There is a crunch.

'How shallow and--'

 Crunch, crunch, and Cartinas chewed up the shoe that was thrown into his mouth.
 Some of the pieces fell apart and onto the pews.

'What a rude ex-head! After all this, you know what happens to you and your world, don't you?


 Eldmead laughed at the enraged Ādou, "It's stale, it's banal, it's mundane.

''Cliche, cliché, and banal. You're an old-fashioned fungus, aren't you? Hmm? We've heard the phrase "less than a weathered fossil" a million times before we were born. You said our head is too light to float in the sky, but no, no, it's sunk into unearthly depths, and it doesn't seem to be getting any oxygen to its head.

 Eldmead's provocation made his hair stand up more and more upside down, and Cartinas peered out his sharp fangs.

 This guy is a demon race.
 It seems to be a little different in color from the demon race in the Militia world.

''........Can't even discipline his subjects! I have given you an opportunity to bow to me, and you have now avenged my mercy! They are all so irreverent and impertinent. Can't go back now, can we?

Is that all you want to hear?

 He says to pour oil on the fire, and the Cutthroat King fishes up the edges of his mouth in a grin.

''Fear, fight, and tremble with joy, Fudo King Cartinas.

 He spread his hands wide and declared loudly.

''You will taste the tyrannical Demon King's ravages for the first time in this Silver Water Holy Sea with your own body!

 It seemed that he was becoming more and more angry, but the Fudo King, however, had a doubtful expression on his face.

''.........Demon King.......?''

 It's a very good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

"No, no, no, I don't think so, but you don't call yourself a demon king in your own world, do you?

What about it?

 Instantly, Cartinas erupted in a grand manner.

''Whahahahahahaha! How could a non-conformist of the bubbly world call himself the Demon King of all people! How can ignorance be so ludicrous when it is so extreme? That's what I call fearlessness, isn't it!

 Wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha.
 The other academy students also seem to be lost in laughter or dumbfounded, although they don't say it aloud.

 But still, that's a long time.
 They're still laughing.

'You're not going to die laughing as it is, are you?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, it's just that you are so ridiculous. It's not unreasonable for a man who just came out of the bubble world. But still, the "Pukkuu...

 Apparently, you don't want to explain.

 I turned my gaze to Ottolu.

''Demon King is a name that attracts a lot of reverence in this Silver Water Holy Sea.

 Clerically, she began to explain.

''The Demonic Champion who ruled the twelve profound realms and was the first Demonic Champion in the history of the Silver Sea to reach the Abyssal Magic, that is the Great Great Demon King Zinia Sivahard. By Demon King, I mean the six candidates for the Great Great Demon King Zinia's succession.

 So that's why the gatekeepers and Ottolu reacted to the name of the Demon King Academy.

''There are many deep worlds that like to fight and are not affiliated with Pablo Hetara. However, even such barbaric heads of state do not want to enter the Demon King's territorial waters. There are a few things in these seas called inviolable territorial waters that must never be touched, and one of them is the Demon King.

 Once the explanation was complete, Cartinas opened his mouth with a grin.

'Do you understand? If a non-conformist from the world of the Bubble World calls himself the Demon King, he will be an enemy of the Great Demon King's 12 Deeper Realms.

 He seems to be very good at it, and gives me a sticky look, as if he's threatening me.

'Wa-haha, what do you think? It's getting scarier and scarier, isn't it? I guess that's understandable. I won't say anything bad. Now that you're in the Silver Sea, change your name. I'll give you a name that is appropriate for you. Yes.

 He crossed his arms deliberately and made a pretense of thinking and said.

'Dumb King... how about that? Anos the Stupid King, wha-ha-ha-ha, this guy is a masterpiece!

I'm sure your subjects are very good at what they do.

 Cartinas looked at him quizzically, as if he didn't understand the meaning.

''This is not the way the head of the world is supposed to be governed, it's a reminder of the hardships of his subjects.


 He turns his hair upside down again and glares at me as if he's snapping at me.

You can't afford to change your name for a trivial reason. It's also convenient if the messenger of the great demon king Zinia or something like that comes in contact with you if you call yourself a demon king. I'm not sure how much of an abyssal magic it is. I'd love to meet you.

 As if to laugh it off, Fudo-Oh said, "Well, that's cool.

He said with a laugh, "Well, you're getting ahead of yourself. I wonder how long you can keep up your bravado. I have seen newcomers like you many times. In the end, I prostrated myself and begged for forgiveness in tears.

"Hmm. That's interesting. How did you do it?

 Glaring at me, Cartinas said angrily.

You are out of your mind. It is customary in Pablo Hetara to settle disputes between academies with a silver-water pecking order. You wouldn't call it running away now, would you?

Good. Go ahead.

 'Hmm,' sniffed Cartinas.

'Ottolu, the ruling.

Article 3 of the Pablo Hetara Academy Treaty, disputes arising between the academies shall be settled in the outcome of the silver-water pecking order battle. The arguments of the victor shall be accepted, and the arguments of the loser shall have no meaning.

 Ottolou, the God of Arbitrage, says clerically, and emits magic power.

 The drawn magic circle had a screw hole in it.

 Ottolu thrust the hand-held screwdriver into it and wound the screw.

 With each turn of the spool of the screw, the magic of the was constructed, and at the third time, the magic was completed.

''With the signing of the two parties, the contract for the Silver Water Order Warfare is complete.

 Ottolu turned to me.

''Gen. Anos. You are not satisfied with Pablo Hetara or the silver-water pecking order game. You have a day to sign the papers--

 The words stopped.

 Cartinas grabbed the god of adjudication by the neck and tightened his grip.

'Aren't you being too stubborn, Ottolu? Anything more than that is not in the realm of the gods of adjudication.

"...it was only the order of the Pablo Hetara...

 With the momentum of crushing his throat, Cartinas tightened his grip on his neck even more.

Don't talk like that. I'll crush your throat, okay?

 A moment later, Ottolou turned into mist and disappeared.


 Cartinas, who grabbed the sky, flashed his magic eye.
 At a distance from the platform, Ottolou and the mass that cast
'How dare you mess with the arbiter. You are a man who has looked down on me, you.

You don't know anything, you f*cking idiot. Well, good. Good. Do your best to learn about Pablo Hetara. By that time you will be so intimidated by me that you won't be able to fight a pecking order with me.

 Cartinas' eyes widen.
 I am the one who signed the Gisette.

"I don't need knowledge to twist you lightly.

 Cartinas gave a sneaky smile.
 'I'd say it worked.

'You'll regret it.

 With that, he signed a gizette.

I have confirmed the signing.

 Ottolou says.

'In the name of Ottolou, the ruling god of Pablo Hetala, we hereby decide on a silver-water pecking order battle between the Demon King's Academy and the Tiger City Academy. The date and time will be tomorrow, from the start of business in Pavlohetara. The location will be in the Free Sea, the Second Balandias World.

 'So the Second Balandias is a small world owned by Cartinas?

''Don't hate me. The law of this Silver Water Holy Sea is to disappear from the ignorant. I, too, must be ruthless if I am the head of the two worlds,''

 He looks at me and says, "Let's get to the lecture.

"Start the lecture.

 He turned on his heel and descended from the pews with Mass.
 On his way back to his seat, voices spilled out from the students of the various academies.

'It's a deep world, but it's just a matter of adjusting the pecking order low enough to make it possible to fight only the lower-ranked.

"Even so, the power of the Barrandias Castle Unit cannot be underestimated. Aside from his own strength, those two men are not. Unfortunately, he's no match for the misfits of the bubble world.

'Though he may be called a papier-mâché tiger, Cartinas is cunning. That foolish head of state, who knew less about the enemy and less about Pablo Hetara than he did about the truth, will not stand a chance in ten thousand.

"If he was careful enough to bow his head over there, I would have tied his hand in mine. I appreciate your pride, but you won't survive anyway if you're reckless and unafraid of the unknown.

 The ones whispering to each other are the heads of state, aren't they?
 It seems that Fudo King is only looking for newcomers, not just me.

"You can't get into a big fight as soon as you arrive...

 Sasha gives me a dumbfounded look as I return to my seat.
 Misha blinked next to me.

'The deep world is much deeper than our world, isn't it? You only have one day to prepare. 'What are we going to do?'

What, Sasha? You wanna see me bow down over there?

Don't be silly.

 Snappily, she assured him.
 He just said that he hadn't heard of anything except how to win.

 Shin, Eldmead, Rey, Eleonor, Arcana, and Misha.
 None of my people are undaunted by the Fudo King, the ruler of the Deep World.

 Even the other students, who are less powerful, are trembling with fear.

''For insulting our world and the Demon King, we will make you pay for it once and for all.