504-Castle sword man

 First lecture at the Silver Water Institute Pablo Hetara--

 On the stage, Cartinas, the Fudo King, is drawing magical characters.
 The spherical blackboard creates a three-dimensional image. It seems that it can be viewed correctly from any angle in the circular auditorium.

It's the hieroglyphic magic letters used in the Silver Castle World of Balandias. This character has its own magic power depending on the way it is drawn. A good magician can build a castle with just one letter, but an ordinary ordinary magician can't build a doghouse, no matter how many thousands of letters they draw.

 Cartinas writes a number of magical hieroglyphs on a spherical blackboard.

 Characters that look like birds. Characters that seem to resemble water. Characters that seem to resemble a castle.
 It is called hieroglyphics, so it is closer to a picture than a character, and certainly the magic power more than the magic power that the sorcerer put in dwells in the magic character.

 I watched it with my evil eye.

''Hmm. The magic power seems to be flowing from somewhere?

It's from Balandias.

 Ottolu, who was standing behind him, said.

''Magic power flows from the shallow to the deep. This Seventh Elesia is a world that is deeper than Balandias. Therefore, the order of Balandias works. The Demonic Law is also included in this.''

 The Militia world was the provisional zith layer.
 Since there was no world shallower than that, only the order of that world could work.

 But the deeper the world went, the more the order of another world and the demonic laws would mix together.
 The bottom line is that it must be very chaotic.

''The magic in the deeper worlds can't be used in the shallower ones?''

 Misha asks with a nod of her head.

'It depends on the similarity rate of the order and also the limited nature of the magic. <The magic of Contract (Zekt), Flight (Fres), and Transmigration (Gatom) can be exercised in common in most small worlds, although there are some differences, and their existence has been confirmed. They are called common magic.

 Every small world has a common magical law, and magic that uses it can be used without problems.

''As for deep magic that can only be exercised in the deep world order, it cannot be used in the shallow world. However, this is not absolute. There is a technique called "sokoujutsu",

"Floating the demonic laws of the deep world to the shallow world in the opposite direction.

''Yes. As long as it's a deep magic with a built-in retrograde technique, it can be used in the shallow world.

 That's more or less what I expected.
 I have some concerns about this one--

But retrofitting is not an easy thing to do, Nonconformist.

 Perhaps he had heard what we were talking about, or Cartinas from the pulpit interrupted us.

I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not," he said. Of course, that's impossible in the entire small world. Therefore, it is only in the limited area of magic that the phenomenon of order reversal works, which is not something that even the Lord God's chosen head of government can do. It's a great magic that can change the flow of this vast sea, the Silver Water Holy Sea!

 On the spherical blackboard, Cartinas draws a complex magic formula.

 As if to boast, Fudo King said.

''If the inhabitants of the Bubble World have any chance of defeating our Torah City Academy, a world of two layers, the only thing they have to do is to acquire a deep magic of more than two layers and use a retrograde technique.

Really? I don't think you have the nerve to send salt to the enemy, do you?

 Cartinas sniffed.

You haven't heard of it because you are not yet a member, but Pablo Hetara's treaty with the academy requires that your lectures be sincere, or else whoever you want to fight will have to reveal information about you to the people you are about to fight. Otherwise, who would be willing to reveal our information to the people we are about to fight?

That's a tall order.

 Just as I said it, an unfamiliar bell rang.

I have no more to say to you. I'm not going to be able to use it. It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for, but you'll need to be able to find a way to make it work. And if you are a non-conformist, well, I'm not sure it will take you a lifetime to master it.

 With a grin and a provocative smile at me, Fudo-Oh left the auditorium.

'Gen. Anos, we have some time before our next lecture. I will take you to Pablo Hetara.

 Ottolu says.
 We left the auditorium after her.

'--I will explain the terms of the Silverwater Pecking Order and the terms of our official membership in Pablo Hetara.

 The God of Adjudication cut him off as he led the way through the palace.

''The Silver Water Pecking Order War is a mock war, a battle for fire and dew to be fought in the free waters. The fire dew recovered by Pablo Hetala will be given to both academies and they will compete for it. The winner will be determined by capturing all of the opponent's fire and dew, or by destroying the enemy's army, or by the declaration of surrender by the head of state and the lord god. It does not matter if you live or die.

Hmmm, isn't that a mock war, or almost a war?

 Eleonor says with a chuckle.

'No, sir. True war is one silver bubble threatened with annihilation. It is not God that needs to be kept alive, not people, but fire and dew. That leads us to the philosophy of Pablo Hetara.

"May I slay the Lord God?

 Blurbs, Singh asks.

''No problem. If the Lord God is destroyed in the Silver Water Order War, that small world will not be able to sustain the fire dew and it will overflow into the Silver Sea. The right to recover it will be in the destroyed academy, and in layman's terms, the ownership of the fire dew will be transferred.''

 That's certainly what it says in the Gisette.

Well, then, if we defeat the Lord God, does that mean that everything in that world will belong to us?

''That's right. The winner can make whatever choice they choose, whether to make the Silver Castle World of Balandias the second Militia, or to take all the Fire and Dew into the Militia World and go for the deeper levels.

Other than to colonize them or sack the fire and dew?

 Ottrelu answers my question.

'Any way you want, as long as it makes sense for the amount of fire and dew. For example, you can take half the fire and dew into the main world, the First Militia, and make the remaining fire and dew possession of Barandias the Second Militia. If it's too difficult for you to do this on your own, Ottolu can help you.

What's the benefit of having a small world as a colony?

 Erdmeade asks.

'In Pablo Hetara, it works in favor of improving the pecking order. Also, in the silver-water pecking order battle, the stage is set in the free waters of the one with the greater number of silver bubbles owned. It is in accordance with that rule that the Second Barrandias takes place this time.

 So, the more small worlds you own, the easier it is to fight on your own field?

''Even if it doesn't have anything to do with the Silver Water Academy, it seems that gaining a silver bubble is appealing to a head of state. I'm sure there will be another lecture to explain that point.

 I suppose some of them simply want to increase their own territory.

 If you take away the small world itself, the hierarchy of Militia itself will remain the same, but the Militia order will work in another world.
 And if the amount of fire and dew possessed increases, the world will deepen and get closer to the depths, or so it seems.

 Nevertheless, if you destroy the Lord God, you'll get a total takeover. If not too much, he would raise the white flag before that.
 The main event will be the battle for the fire and dew, no doubt.

''This way.

 Ottolu drew a magic circle and our uniforms were bathed in light, and a school insignia of foam and waves was placed on our chests.

'It is the school insignia of Pablo Hetara. However, it is temporary. You have the privilege of being a student of Pablo Hetara only while wearing the school insignia.

''Hmm. So, without it, I won't even be able to compete in the silver water rankings?

''Yes. In the silver-water pecking order battle, if you take as many school insignia from the enemy forces as you register, you will have the right to officially join the academy's alliance to Pablo Hetara.

 I see.

''If the enemy forces take away the temporary school insignia, they can replace it with the real one. This will increase the number of students, which will give you an advantage in the battle for the silver water hierarchy. The enemy army will probably try to take your school insignia as well. Please defend it to the death.

 If affiliation is a top priority, I guess it would be a good idea to use Fire and Dew as bait to go after the school emblem.

''Student registration is not yet complete. It is possible to adjust the number of students. In that case, please return your temporary school insignia.''

 It would be easier to collect fewer school insignia if you wanted to be in the elite few.
 But we've brought them here. We can't teach a lesson just by looking at them.

I don't mind as I am.

I understand.

 Dad and Mom were also given the school insignia, but, well, I can't help but take two extra ones away from them.

"As I was saying,

 As we walked, Ottolu said.

'The reason we don't bring the fire and dew back to the bubble world is because we can't see inside from the outside due to the lack of silver lights. The Bubbly World is not stable, and trying to enter it from the outside could cause an anomaly in the order and thus close off the possibility of evolution.

You think you'll get destroyed just by entering the building?

'That may be the case. Above all, the bubble world will have to let the fire dew back out again. It would be like drawing water into a bucket with a hole in it. It would be inefficient and, conversely, would cause the fire-dew to disappear.

 It's a plausible story.

'So, we'll just plug the bucket hole.

If you can do that, it's worth considering.

 As I stepped out of the building, I came to the garden.

 As the garden was set up in the palace, it was well maintained. I could see the students wearing the school emblem of Pablo Hetara here and there. They were relaxed. Some of them were working on taking care of their magic swords and magic tools, building a magic circle, and so on, perhaps related to their classes.

''Do you know anything about Arzenon's Lion of Perdition?''

The Alliance of the Academy of Pablo Hetara is a world, the Phantom Beast Agency of the world of Eavesino. The highest-ranking phantom beast they have is called the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon. For a long time, Eavesino has had a hostile relationship with the Holy Sword World of Hyphoria, and they have had a difficult time getting along with Pablo Hetala. However, we have recently joined the Pavlohettara.

What do you mean lately?

''It was about a week ago. Ewezeino originally won the Profound World and the Silver Water Pecking Order Battle in the blink of an eye, and was named the last seat in the Holy Upper Sixth Academy.

 I look around the garden as I follow behind Ottolou.

''What is the Holy Upper Sixth Academy?''

The sixth place in the pecking order of Pablo Hetara. Currently, the first rank in the pecking order is the magic bullet world of Elenia. Therefore, this Pavlohetara Palace is located here in the seventh place in the pecking order. The second place in the pecking order is the Holy Sword World Hyphoria. For a long time, the smaller worlds below the third place could not follow these two worlds, but although Eavesino is still low on the pecking order, it has the potential to rival them.

 It seems that quite a few famous people have come to the world of Militia.

'Then Hyphoria's mind is not at peace, is it?

In accordance with the Academy Treaty, Pablo Hetala is welcome to settle the matter in a silver-water pecking order battle if he wishes to do so.

 The Confederation of Academies is nothing more than a treaty of different small worlds with united interests.
 I don't think that Iwezeiyono, who has been a rival to the alliance, would be willing to submit to the military.

 But it's the same for us.

''Do you have a chance to talk to the Holy Sixth Academy?

''It is not polite to be approached by the inhabitants of the shallow world. It is customary to wait for the people of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy to call on you. Or, if you rise to the top ten in the pecking order, you will be given the opportunity to do so.


 Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I saw a pile of cubic rocks.

 A man is floating the rocks and cutting them into cubes.
 The tool he uses is a sword, but it's made somewhat uniquely for him. The tip of the blade is serrated like a saw.

 The stones that were being piled up were all the same size without any difference in dimensions. In fact, even the magic power that the stones possess is perfectly aligned.

 It's not an easy thing to do, although it's likely that at the same time as shaping the shape, the magic power is shaved off to the extent necessary. He does this without stagnation, as if he were breathing, and creates one stone after another.

 Is it for use in buildings? He must be doing the necessary work, but there was something fun about the man wielding that saw-like sword.

 The uniform he wears is a dark blue cloak. Attached to his shoulders was the school emblem of the castle. Like Fudo King Cartinas, he is probably from the Silver Castle World of Balandias.

 Her shining golden hair is made into an artistic pompadour.

''-- Is the castle sword (Jokken) unusual?''

 I'm not sure if he noticed my gaze, but he stopped his work and looked back at me loosely.

"This is a kind of magic sword, a saw and a sword in one, used in the Silver City world of Balandias for building and fighting.

 When he saw my face, saw my magic, he was speechless.

 It was a long, very long silence.

 Finally, he said just that.

 There was no way he could mistake it for anything else.
 Two thousand years ago, the rare creator of the sky of destruction, Faris Noin, was there, scattered in the sky of destruction.