505-Two Balandias signs

'If I thought I'd seen a familiar castle flying around, I didn't expect to see it here.

 I had a hunch.

 Even in the vastness of the Silver Sea, I don't think there are two people who can create Zelidovenus.

 It's a ship and not a ship, a castle and not a castle at the same time.
 It is the work of Farris, the creator, who put his heart and soul into it.

"Do you have a clear memory?

 When I asked him, he nodded with a calm expression.

''As long as you use the
 <It's a limited magic, it cannot be used outside of Militia World.

 However, as long as it is activated in Militia World, it is still effective even if the source has drifted to a small world outside.

 Since the Militia World is the zith layer, the shallowest world, its order and demonic laws will spread to all the small worlds below it.

 <''Reincarnation (Silica), when activated, is a limited magic, but when reborn in another world, a weak magical law would be enough.

''Didn't you have trouble with all those who don't believe in reincarnation?''

Enough to make it a thing of the past, not a past life.

 Since it was a bubble world, it would have been impossible to prove the existence of the Militia World.

 <In a world where reincarnation through is not possible, even if one spoke of a previous life, it would only be considered a gossip.

"Isn't it beautiful to indulge in lonely memories?

 Haha, I couldn't help but laugh.

'You're still the same,'

His Majesty is well, I see.

 He mouthed that and quickly shook his head.

'No. You seem to be getting stronger and stronger.

You too.

 Just facing it like this, I can see that it has even stronger magic power than that time two thousand years ago.
 I was reincarnated in the deep world. There would be no mystery.

''Oh, yes. Sasha.

 He awkwardly pulled back behind Misha and called out to her.
 Fearlessly, Sasha stepped forward.

'Do you remember? You're the jerk who scorched your Zelidheavenus so much.

Hey, wait, that's not how you want to be introduced...! I didn't want to burn it for the sake of burning it too...!

 Sasha packs up in protest.

'The sun, so lustrous in its misery, so terrible in its perdition, yet there was a fleeting beauty in it.

'Well, um ... well, thanks for that theory ... sorry to burn you ...'

 Faris laughs and looks radiant.
 I knew what it meant for Sasha to run over to my side.

'Your Majesty. Your great ambition has been fulfilled, hasn't it?'

"Come and see. Come see what Dirhade looks like after the war. Or you can just come straight back. You won't like it under that head.

 For a moment, Faris' face clouded over.

'--Isn't that a rude thing to say?

 A sharp voice comes flying in.
 A man in the same uniform as Faris walked over to me, as if he was looking at me.

 He's a short-haired, stocky demon with a stocky build.
 He carries a sword at his waist. Did he say castle sword? It's the same type of sword as the one Faris is holding in his hand.

"Master Cartinas is the official head of Barandias. Even though we've been able to see each other in the silver-water pecking order battle, is it still polite for Militia to shamelessly shirk?

Hmm. Who are you?

I'll tell you my name. My family name is Epala and my name is Zaimon. You have been given the role of Zanjofuto by Lord Maytiren, the leader of the Tiger City Academy and the god of the castle.

 The head of the academy, huh?
 He must be one or two of the most talented men in Balandias.

'If you were on board Zelidhavenus, you know, you're the one who's been causing trouble.

"It is common for those of the shallow world to give way to the heads of the deep world. And you have failed to do so.

 I smile back at Zymon as he tells me to blame him.

'If I had known you had that kind of decorum, I would have played it the other way around.

 Hearing my words, Zymon frowned.

''The flying castle ship Zelidhavenus, driven by the Fudo King, is the fastest, most defensible and impregnable of all the silver castles. The trains of the shallow world won't even give it a flying start.

"If Zelidhavenus has become a palanquin for fools with his deep wings, he'll have plenty of room to maneuver.

 Zymon glared at me with a murderous stare.

'Correct me. I will not tolerate any disrespect to Balandias.

"Tell your master. That's a vassal's duty.

 As if he couldn't stand it, Zymon stepped in and quickly drew the sword from his waist.

 At the same time, Singh, who stepped in front of me, drew his magic sword from the magic circle.

''Zymon, it's not beautiful.''

 Faris' voice echoed.
 The saw-like blade was received by the Flowing Collapse Sword Artocoraster.

''The disputes that have arisen between the academies will be resolved in the silver-water pecking order war.

 Faris turns to Ottolu, indicating that the god of adjudication is watching him.

'Could you draw your sword, please? Regardless of the practices of the Silver Water Holy Sea, it's probably true that there was some human disrespect over here.

 Keeping his posture, Zymon looked sideways at Faris.

'He is the One I once served when I was on my wanderings. Please, please.

 Ximon looked at Shin standing in front of him for a moment and drew his sword.

''A mere bubble world, I don't care if you cut it down here and now but if it's your request, I have no choice. I'll make you pay for your insult to Balandias in tomorrow's silver water pecking order battle.

 Zymon points at Singh with his castle sword.

'You. Are you a member of the head's entourage? If you're going to slash and burn with this Zanjo Fearlessness, then you'll have a slightly better sword ready by tomorrow's Silverwater Pecking Order Battle.

 With that uttered, Zymon sheathed the castle sword.
 Instantly, there was a dull bang, and the sword barrel of the Flowing Sword Artocor Asta in Shin's hand broke in half.

 It must have been a wound from the previous round.

''If Farris hadn't stopped you, your former head would have flown off!

 Turning on his heel, Zymon showed his back.

'Keep it to a point.

I know, sir.

 Faris turns his gaze to me.
 With an apologetic look on his face, he didn't say anything for a while.

''........The one who found my talent that was smoldering in the cold village was Fudo King Kartinas-sama.......''

 Faris cut him off.

''The Lord God, King Tiger Meitiren, has bestowed upon me one of the most honored roles in Balandias, the Silver Castle Founder's Hand. Now, together with this Zymon, he is said to be the two leading figures of the Torah Castle Academy.

 A double billboard. The students at the other academy have been talking about him.
 Wherever he was born in the world, he was a brilliant man.

''I'm sorry. I can no longer return to Dilheid. 'The Fudo King is certainly notoriously rude and unflattering. I apologize to you as a subject for being an inadequate king.

Hey, Farris. Why do you always do that?

 Zymon spoke bitterly, but Faris continued without a care in the world.

''But now I am the Castle Demon Clan of Balandias. I was born in Balandias and raised in Balandias. I have a life in my homeland. He has many comrades in arms, and this Zymon is one of them. Our comrades are also waiting for our return. The Fudo King is a man of many enemies, and that is why, as a vassal, I must be a warning to him.

 Certainly, we don't know what will happen to Balandias if we leave that man on the loose.
 I know that it's better to keep the reins nearby.

'You heard me, Head of the Bubble World. I have heard that my friend in arms, Faris, once roamed another small world. But he was formerly a resident of Barandias. Your former lord does not take advantage of my good nature. As you have just heard, I have clearly chosen Master Cartinas over you.

 Zymon tightens his tone and says in a nail-biting manner.

It means that Master Cartinas is more popular than you. There's no reason for you to go to this bubble world!

 It seems that Farris's power is very much in demand, to have the head of the Torajou Academy say this.

 I don't think Kartinus is that popular, but if the world is deepened enough to obtain the fire dew, the inhabitants may have something to gain.

 It's also possible to be a good head of state for your people, no matter how much your enemies hate you.

''I'm sorry, Your Majesty...''

I apologize for what. If you are free to live in this sea, to follow your soul, then so be it. Being the Evil King's keeper is a difficult thing to do.

 Hearing my words, Faris just bowed his head in silence.
 Then he quietly turns on his heel.

 On his back I ask him.

Did you get the picture?

 Faris stopped in his tracks.

'It's a picture of the peace I promised you,'

 He said.

 Slowly, Faris turns his head.

The painting produces nothing. A painting saves nothing. I am not a sorcerer, I am the creator of the Silver Castle of Balandias. My current goal is to abandon my brush and replace it with a sword and build a castle.

What kind of castle is that?

"A strong castle. I want to build a strong and noble castle in that world. Even if it is not beautiful.

 He gives me a straight stare.
 With a warrior's face, unlike anything I've ever seen before.

'You may be surprised to know that I had a thing called ambition, too. And that's what Balandias taught me.

 In a soft tone, but with a sure will, Faris says

'Your Majesty. I have never forgotten those days in your service. I have led Balandias to this point, aiming for Dirhade, the land ruled by His Majesty the Great Demon King, to the best of my ability. Tomorrow's silver-water pecking order game, I believe that the only way to repay His Majesty, to whom I owe a great debt, is to show you how close I have come to you.

You're forgiven. Go ahead.

 Faris bows his head politely.

''Well the last time I saw you, it was like going back in time.

 With that, Faris went to the stone again.

'What are you doing, Faris? Let's go back to the castle.

 Zymon, who had been watching the situation from a distance, hurried over to his side.

'I thought I'd take care of the stone.

'In the first place, you should leave such chores to others. If you do it all the way in front of the other academics, it's a badge of honor for Balandias. You are the creator of the Silver Castle.

 Zymon clapped Faris on the shoulder and urged him to go.

'If it's a matter of dignity, wouldn't it be better to advise the Fudo King?

"...you're not afraid of anything. You're usually too polite to the little guy. That's why you are licked. That's why you're only going to get robbed in the Silver Sea.

I'm in good company.

 That being said, Zymon shuts down for a moment.

'If only you'd wanted to, you'd have taken the brush out of my hands long ago.

Not a pattern, sir. A leader.

You just said you were ambitious. I did hear that.

I guess it's just as ambitious to stand on the edge.

Well, all right. Come on. Tomorrow is the silver water pecking order.

 While having such a conversation, they leave the garden.

''........Are you glad you let them go?''

 Sasha asks.

'Everyone has a change of heart. You can go where you want to go.


 Misha calls me over.
 She's standing where Faris was making stone earlier.


 A small hand pointed to the ground.
 There was a mark there that looked like it had been scraped.

'It looks like something was drawn on it.

Hmm. I don't know how far this little world will let me go.

 I use