506-Five paintings

 Keeping a sufficient distance from Faris and Zymon, using
''........Are you okay with not getting a little closer?''

 As I am being followed, Misa asks me over a thought transmission (leaks).

I'm sure you'll find that both Reiner and Nazira are less effective than in the world of Militia. It's a good idea to have a good time.

 That's why naturally weakened when I was crucified on Balzarondo's silver water ship.

 Overlaying is best, but then the duration of the magic seems to get shorter and shorter. Eventually, the magic would end before it could be activated.

 It's practical to cut off the magic, leave a three-second interval, and then use the magic again.
 It's best not to get too close.

''There are many people. At this distance, it would be difficult to detect them by their presence. That is, unless they are far more skilled than I am.''

 We're on the outside where Singh can catch both of us in his presence. I took into account the possibility that Zaymon is better at detecting a presence than Shin and gave him twice the distance to spare.

I'm sure you're not the only one who can detect a hint of presence than your father.

 Mass says, as if it's hard to imagine.

'This isn't the world of Militia, you know.

 Singh says with a sharp look in his eyes.

'The weight of the air is different, the echo of footsteps and the sharpness of the wind. Apparently, the way you feel the presence of the air, too. Unfortunately, the more years you've lived in the deep world, the more likely you are to think that there's a day's worth of life over there.''

 Singh stops.
 Seeing that, I stopped too.

''That Zymon guy, is he stronger than your father?''

''It wasn't just the difference in the magic sword that broke the Ryuzu Sword in one round. At the very least, pure physical strength, speed, and magic power would not be able to match my current level of strength. In this deep world, he's apparently a strong man.''

 Creatures that live in harsh environments are stronger for it.
 It would be rather natural for those in the deep world to possess magical powers that surpass Shin's.

'Mass. The strongest one is the one who stood to the end.'

 Singh replied to his daughter's question.

'Let's go,'

 Zaymon and Faris walked out of the Pablo Hetara Palace.
 Seeing this, Singh started walking again.

 We paced through the unfamiliar building-lined traffic, being careful not to bump into people passing by.

 Eventually, we stopped in front of a gate.
 On the other side of the gate is a garden, and in the back is a rude castle.

 It's in the middle of the city, but it's so stuffy, it's as if it's the only place in the city that seems to be in wartime.

 According to Ottolou's explanation, each of the academy's quarters are located in the Pavlohetara Palace.
 The Torah Castle Academy must have dared to build a castle outside as well.

''Stop. Once here, I will turn off the .''

 In the shadows, I cut my magic.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good look at them, but I'm not going to be able to get a good look at them.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find the right one for you.

What's wrong?

 Faris asks.

''...I thought I felt a strange disturbance of magic...''

It's not beautiful, is it?

'It may be my imagination, but Balandias has a lot of enemies. Just in case. You might be able to see something with your magical eye.

Yeah, like that.

 Faris opens the iron fence gate.

'Speaking of which, how was Singh?'

How's that?

'You were looking for an opportunity to weigh in on the power from the beginning, weren't you? You know as well as I do that beheading a former head over there would not benefit Barandias.

 Ha,' said Zymon, laughing.

''Your evil eye can't be fooled.

 As he said it, he walked through the gate.

'You are strong for a shallow man. If you do it right, I don't think you're going to lose, but you'll have a trump card or two to play. If I'm going to be present, I'll take them down carefully and securely.

That's your assessment.

How would you fight?

 Thinking for a moment, Faris replied.

'Like the clouds, like the wind, like the waves. If his sword is natural, we must take care not to be blinded by it.

As usual, it doesn't make sense. So how do you fight it?

 Zymon and Faris lined up and walked into the castle.

''............................It was okay.

 While cowering in the shadows, Misa let out a breath of air.

 <I used my Illusionary Mimicry (Lynell) and Secret Magic Power (Nazira) to turn invisible again, and we walked to the gate.

 I take a quick look around the castle.

''Hmm. I'm not going to be the only one who has a good idea of what's going on. You can even keep track of a single ant in the garden.

 It's a very strict thing.
 That's how many enemies there are in Cartinas.

''.......What should I do? If there are magical eyes everywhere, then they'll be able to see you the moment your magic wears off...''

I guess it was worth it to bring you along.

 He nodded his head for a moment, and soon after, Misa looked like she had just realized it.

''Could it be, spirit magic........? Uh, it's Jennul's...

"It's a good thing we always have the magic eye.

 She nodded her head in a curt nod and raised her hands above her head.

 When it seemed that darkness enveloped Misa's body, her thin fingertips dispelled the darkness. Unlike usual, the thunder didn't run, probably because it was trying not to make a sound.

 She was dressed in a betel nut black dress, with six spirit wings appearing on her back.
 Brushing back her long hair gracefully, she drew a magic circle on everyone while using her .


 Two shiny feathers appeared on our chests and stuck together.
 One is a fairy feather and the other is a hidden wolf feather.

''I've fused the powers of Jennuru and Titty together. With this, you can pass through any narrow place.

 A fusion of Spiritual Magic and Spiritual Magic. <It's like a simplified version of the "Armies of Spirits (Alha Alfreem).

"It's beginning to resemble Reno.

'Father. That's not the right word for a situation like this.

 While saying that, Mass looks happy.

It's not always the case that they can detect it with their magic eye alone. I'm going to use your and my cloaking magic together to advance.

 It's possible to do that with just a mass with the power of a false demon king, but it's also more accurate if you focus on a single role.

''Let's go.''

 I stepped out toward the gate.
 My body turned into mist and I went inside to slip through the iron fence of the gate.

 As soon as we entered the sight of the demon eyes, the power of Jennuru was unleashed, and our existence changed to the equivalent of an imperceptible god-hiding spirit.

"We won't be here too long, will we?

 He walked straight through the gardens and stood in front of the castle door.

 I looked at Singh and he nodded.
 I can't sense any sign of life in the vicinity.

 It's just because of Balandias' stronghold, the vision of this magic eye is not so good.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find your way through.

 I'm going to be able to use my foggy body to slip through a small gap in the door and enter.
 What comes into view is the vast entrance.

 At the back, you can see a staircase and then a passageway leading in different directions.


Do you understand?

"That one likes a good vantage point.

 There was no clue where Faris was headed anyway.
 If we had no choice but to look for him in a lickety-split, we would be better off relying on our former quaintness.

 We climbed the stairs and carefully made our way to the top floor.
 After a while, we heard footsteps. There are several of them.

''Gather all the castle owners. Tomorrow, the Demon King's Academy of the Militia World and the Silver Water Pecking Order battle has been decided.''

It's a small world with no writing yet... what's so special about it?

'I don't know. But Ottolu confirms that it's a small world, almost a bubble world, with all the trinkets. The head honcho, a man named Anos, is a misfit. Perhaps the others are non-conformists as well.

 The ones who came down the stairs were dressed in the uniforms of the Torah Castle Academy.

''A........non-conformist in a bubble world? It's also kind of ... well, it's a lot of small fry...

I'm sick of it.

''It is standard practice to only fight enemies that can be defeated with certainty.... However, silver-water rank and file warfare is not the same as warfare. ''With this, there is no denying that all the lords of Balandias' castle are cowards.

 The castle demons complained.

''There is a threat from the outside world that could come at any moment. ''I think that Fudo King must be very proud that there are no enemies in his territorial waters now. Rather, it would be an opportunity to increase the silver-water pecking order war with the deep world while it's still here!

You can't tell me what to do. He's a businessman who has risen to power through political maneuvering. He will not be able to lift a finger.

You are truly the king of steadfastness.

Hey, man. Don't say that. You're gonna lose your head. You're a family man.

You feel the same way. There are limits to what we can do when we wait for the right moment.

'I said calm down! The wings on which we placed our hope that day will surely fly in the skies of Balandias. Believe.

 Hmm. It appears that Fudo is not a very good king.

 Those who rise to the top are fated to be hated, even I was feared as a tyrant. However, it won't be long before we're standing side by side on the battlefield.

"Those of you who are investigating the Yugen Jukai, what do you think?

What have you found out?

''No. It seems that all of the colleges are reaching out to investigate, but no one seems to have gotten a hold of them yet.

That deep forest disappearing in an instant is very unusual. And to have it damaged to the extent that it cannot be restored........ If you think that he was silent for a long time, the Two Ruling Pretender has made a lot of moves. What in the world is he planning to do by stripping the forest of its roosts naked...?

There's just one thing that bothers me.

What's going on?

''Holy Sword World Hyphoria. Only the Hunting Righteous Academy has no signs of observing the wasteland of the Ghostly Tree Sea. Maybe they've already grabbed something....

I see. We can't let them beat us to it. Compared to the Two Rulers, the silver-water pecking order with the misfits in the Demon King's Academy is a trivial matter. Let them continue to investigate. But make sure you don't pursue them too far. Keep in mind that the opponent is the inviolable territorial waters.


 We've passed each other and the people from the Torah Castle Academy are leaving.
 The Sea of Trees has only been destroyed, but it's hard work.

 Well, I also have a promise to make to Ronculus.

 If you think something is wrong, it might be convenient.
 I guess it's only a matter of time before I have to go on a rampage as the Two Roadrunners.

Let's go.

 I walked up the stairs again and came to the fifth floor.
 There was a pure white door in front of me.

 The atmosphere is slightly different from the other floors, the walls are all pure white.

''........Only this place has a different color......''

"Let's see.

 Misa tried to reach the door with her foggy hand.
 A moment later, the two ritual swords trembled.


 She turns around.

'--God's magic.'

 I stare at the door with my demon eyes dyed in annihilation purple.
 I can feel the magic power of the divine race in the entire room.

 If you don't get this close, you won't be able to see through it. It's very close to Eques'.

I'm sure the god that guards this place is here. "There is a god that guards this place.

I don't suppose you're going to be able to get away with this, even if you're playing with Titejane?

"It's an enemy castle. You had better keep that in mind.

"Oh, well, that's not good news. You won't find out what it is until you get there anyway.

 Then Shin looked up at the ceiling quietly.

'Hmm. That's right. As long as you don't go into the room, we can buy ourselves some time before we find out.''

Yes, sir.

 Misa kicked the ground softly and fizzled into the slight gap in the ceiling.
 As if guided by her magic, we follow suit.

 We drifted through the ceiling as mist, advancing, and found another small gap.
 There, I elaborated my magic eye.

 The interior is a room with a white base color.

 There are five paintings hanging on the walls. Each one depicts a castle.

 They are peaceful, beautiful and full of love.
 A powerful magic is contained there, as if the painter's soul was put into it.

 But it was not of God.

 Other than the paintings, there was nothing else, and the divine race was not visible.

''It's just a painting on display?''

...I guess so.

 But the gods are here.
 Probably the main god of Balandias. He'll show himself as soon as he enters the room.

 It looks like he's protecting that painting, but is it worth it for the Lord God himself to go that far?

 And then I heard the door of the room open.
 Footsteps sounded. They come closer and closer.

 It is Faris who enters.
 He walks straight to where the five paintings are displayed.

 The space near the paintings distorts and a powerful magic force gathers there.
 A huge tiger with white gold hair appears with the light.

 Its divine eye glows and looks at Faris.

"Good day, my good day, Lord Balandias, Lord Maytiren.

Come to see the painting again?

Yes, sir.

I like it.

 As Wang Tora said this, he curled up there to relax.
 As if he was used to it, Faris looked at the five paintings without paying attention to the Lord God.

''If you want the paintings so badly, then you can accept your concubine's pledge.''

It's not a pattern, sir. It's a neckline.

What do you say? The mistress is not crazy about the will of Balandias and the selection of this divine eye. The Lord (Nushi)'s creation magic is beloved by the Silver Castle World. Faris. If the Lord becomes the head of the Lord, he will build a castle that cannot be shaken by Balandias. Not a papier-mâché castle, but a true immovable castle.

 Wang Tora made an impassioned speech in praise of Faris.

''The time is not ripe. To build a large and powerful castle, you will need an unshakable foundation. Balandias now has none. A strong light to guide the people.

That would be the Lord. With the birth of the head of state, Faris, Balandias will prosper more and more. The Lord can look at that picture as long as he likes.

It's not a vessel. The king is a horrible and beautiful being. A king is a person who mixes purity and contradiction, but still smiles and moves forward. I'm waiting for the day when Barrandias will have the vessels of a king.

 At Faris's words, however, the king tiger only moved his head gently.

"You want something that isn't there. Since the birth of Balandias, the head of the headmaster has been replaced many times. But I've never seen anyone more worthy than the Lord. Farris. The Lord is strong and beautiful. He is strong and beautiful, just like the Silver Castle that rises above Balandias. These are the wings I have been seeking and waiting for.

 As if to deny it, Faris softly closed his eyes.

'There is no such thing as beautiful. I am.'

''........I don't understand you. I've never heard of him refusing to select a mistress. Otherwise, you wouldn't have to be used for good by that Cartinas guy. If only the Lord had wanted to, Balandias would have joined the Holy Sixth Academy long ago. Would you rather I told him?

 Faris looks back at the Lord God with a straight face.

'Lord Maytilen. I'm sure you understand, but please don't let the Immovable King-'

Yeah, I know, I know. Yeah, I know, I know. I'm just saying. He's a jealous man. The Lord's head is about to get blown off.

 Maytiren curled up like a cat on the spot.
 Faris turned his gaze again to the five paintings.

'What doesn't the Lord like? You said you would do anything. Every envy, every honor will be the Lord's. The paintings, the castle, the gold and silver treasures, everything in Balandias will belong to the Lord. Everyone will admire the beauty of Farris the Head of State and smile at him. I can't think of anything more beautiful than that.

 Faris doesn't answer, just looks at the picture.

'You're silent again,'

 Silence followed.
 When Maytiren gave up and closed his eyes, he murmured softly.

'It's not beautiful, is it?'