The sound of a door being opened with a bang rang out.

 The one who came in with his nose in the air was the Immovable King Kartinus.
 Right behind him, the academy's leader, Zymon, was also there.

''I heard that, Farris. I heard you were close to that head of the bubble world? The men you used to serve?

 Faris removed his gaze from the painting and looked at the immovable king.

'So, what's the matter?'

You know what to do.

 Walking up to Faris, Cartinas said.

'Weaknesses. You can tell him all about his weaknesses.

 Letting out a small breath, Faris closes his eyes.

'My opponent is a shallow world of lower rank in Pablo Hetara. I've heard that Militia not only doesn't know the hand of Balandias, but that he has just left for the Silver Sea. The stage for the Silver Water Pecking Order Battle is the second Barandias. It's probably inside our castle. If that's the case, beautifully, I thought it would be humane to respond to the full force of the Demon King Academy with the full force of the Tiger City Academy.

You are a fool. As I've told you many times before, this is a war. You will be devoured if you talk neatly. It is for this reason that the Lord God did not choose you as head of state, but chose us.

Pablo Hetala's philosophy is this calm of the Silver Water Holy Sea. A silver-water pecking order war would be a peaceful solution. Only in a fair contest of strength can the beauty of friendship be born. It will one day be both a shield and a sword to protect Balandias.

You don't even know what a construct is. 'Calm? What a load of crap! There isn't a man in Pablo Hetara who believes that from his own head! There's no fairness or bullshit. I will use any dirty trick I can think of to outsmart you and make the power of Balandias thoroughly known. Only then will the power of I, the king of steadfastness, roar within and without, and lay the foundation for peace in my Barandias!

 Cartinas says, as if holding him down from above.

'Sometimes force will be necessary. But that's one way. It is in the human heart that the seeds of conflict are born. Without humanity, there can be no peace.'

 'Hmmm,' sniffed the Ānal King.

'When all the silver bubbles become my Balandias, that will be the end of it.

And even if it did, that would only be the beginning. An ugly, swollen bubble can easily burst open at a moment's notice.

Don't be blue. We are the head of state. We are the head of state, and you are the limb. We are the head of state, and you are the hands and feet. Then don't have any ideas.

 Faris just looked back at Cartinas with cold eyes.

''If you don't like it, get out of this castle immediately!

 With an exaggerated gesture, while peeling his eyes, Fudou pointed to the exit. Anger against Faris was pouring out of his entire body.


 Zymon, who was standing behind me, says quietly.

''Faris is the Silver Castle Founder. He is the only man who can drive Zelidhavenus, the strongest castle in Balandias. It is easy to punish him for disobeying the Lord's command. But I suppose it's also a king's measure to have a disloyal subject at his side.

 Zymon offers this in defense of Faris.

'I'll remind you to think about it.

 Kneeling, he bows his head.

'Hm. Don't worry, this guy is a coward who doesn't even have the courage to leave.

 Zymon gives him a questioning look.

'It will be so, Faris. If you leave, I will leave you until I get my hands on the five castles there. Each one is as good as Zelidhavenus.'

 With a disgusted smile and a lick of the tongue, Cartinas turned his attention to the five paintings.

'Good? Don't get me wrong. I'm using Zelidovenus instead because you insist on not using this castle for warfare. I'm not going to be able to get away with it just because I'm a bit of a good castle builder.

I'm a man of my word.

'You should have said that from the beginning, you bastard. You are under me. You are under me. Speak up for yourself. It's under me.

I understand. You are my lord, Lord Cartinas, my lord...

 'Wahahahahaha,' laughed Cartinas with a pouting smile.

That's all well and good. You are very good at what you do, but not very smart. You have developed a spell to frame the castle, and now you tell me not to use it in battle. You don't understand that a castle is valuable only on the battlefield.

 Looking down on Farris, the Ānakara said.

'A castle is not something to be gazed at. The armor is only as good as the sovereign who has to protect it. You can only show your true worth when you have the brains of "I," as well. You're not even close to being a head of state.

 Is he constantly trying to stand over Faris because his talents are such a threat in the Silver Castle World of Balandias?

 If you really think you're worthy of being the head of state, you should just stand there and not say anything.

Come on, this is his weakness. Speak up.

'Is it ugly to expose the inner workings of your former lord? That disloyalty will eventually come back to you, udo-king.

The fool. Do you think I'm going to give you a traitor? Your power is mine. I will break your fingers into pieces and you will never be able to carry a sword again if you give it to someone else.

 Cartinas grabs Faris by the breastplate.

'Good? Do not underestimate me. Do not underestimate me. If you disobey me, you can use those five castles in your next battle.

 Instantly, Cartinas was pressured by the sharp gaze that Faris released.

''........What, what's with those defiant eyes? Are you sure? You need it? Will you use it?

 Faris can only answer silently.

 I can't let the five paintings be used by Kartinus.
 But I can't talk about my weaknesses, either.

 There is no such thing, so you should just say it.
 You're a stickler for propriety.

"Fudo-Oh! You don't need to put all your energy into hunting rats, do you? Farris's stubbornness is also due to his belief that the Balandias castle ship unit held by Master Cartinas would be able to fight fairly and win without difficulty. Why don't we take a measure here by leaving Faris in charge?

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a solution to this problem.
 If Farris is in charge, he will have no choice but to exploit his weaknesses.

"By defeating your former master yourself, you are pledging further loyalty to Lord Cartinas.

 With a huff, the immovable king pushed Faris to the ground and turned on his heel.

'Thank Zymon for that.

 Dismissing him, Cartinas walked away from the room.
 Zymon looks away with his head bowed until he's out of sight.

 The sound of his footsteps disappeared completely, and Zymon let out a single sigh. Then he reached out to Faris, who was sitting on the floor.

'If you get too stubborn, you'll die now.

You're always a pain in the ass, aren't you?

 Taking Zymon's hand, Faris got up.

'Is this painting really that important?'

 Zymon turns his gaze to the five paintings hanging on the wall.


I don't know. To me, it just looks like a frame that holds a castle.

 Faris chuckles as he sees Zymon twist his head in front of the painting.

'It's just a picture frame containing a castle,'

 Zymon sighed in disgust.
 But he quickly turned serious and told him.

'We've been together long enough. I think it's time you told me.'

I don't suppose you're interested in painting?

Except for the paintings. Except for you.

 Zymon says in a foolish manner.
 He met Faris's gaze straight away.

'If you don't want to tell me, I won't be forced to ask. It's not like we've been in so many battles together and you're still hiding things from me.

'Well I thought it was a boring story for you.

 Faris turned his gaze to the five paintings.

'These five castles were not created by me.

"...these castles that rival Zelidhavenus?

 Faris nodded.

'I was originally a creator of paintings and sculptures.

"What is a creator?

To put it plainly to you, I'm a painter. It's not just painting that you create, but art is not something you're familiar with in Balandias, is it?

 Zymon countered with a quizzical look.

'I used to wander from place to place to get my work seen. Castles for warfare, castle swords, wizards and armor - my paintings were rarely accepted in Balandias, where functional beauty is valued. But in one cold village I found a comrade.

 While staring at the painting, Faris says.

'They were all tired of making things that were only practical. They were tired of making things that were only practical," he says, "and they were hungry for something different, something different. I set up my studio there and lived and worked with them. They were very talented and creative. The inhabitants of Barrandias were skilled castle builders in their own right, and they quickly learned the magic of creation and created many works of art.

 Even though he was reborn in a different world, Faris had found another like-minded friend.
 They must have had a friendly rivalry and spent many happy days together. 

'Most of the people in the cold village were old men, and there was a man there named Master Karzen.

 Instantly, Zymon's complexion changed.

''........Old Master Karzen? Master Ginjo, Karzen El-Minak? You say you built the castle under the previous head of state?

 Faris nodded.

Faris nodded, "Master Karzen and the castle builders who worked with him on the castle came to the realization that they wanted to create a beautiful castle, not a tool for battle. They realized that they wanted to create a beautiful castle, not a tool for battle. I taught them the magical skills I had developed at Zelidhavenus, and then they began to build their soul-crushing castles.

I had heard that he was too old to build a castle and retired...

 Zymon was confused and couldn't hide his doubts.
 He couldn't understand what the beautiful castle was all about.

The old master told me that he couldn't get rid of the smoldering in his heart and so he withdrew from building the castle. The old master told us that he couldn't get rid of the smoldering in his heart and that he had to retire from building the castle. They gave up building the castle, but they still didn't know what was smoldering in their hearts.

 Carefully, Faris spun his words.
 Deep down, they seemed to be filled with his sincere respect for the work.

'So, it must have been an accident of chance.

 I suppose Balandias has no equivalent culture of appreciation for works of art. Much more so than the Dirheid of two thousand years ago.

 Hence the smoldering in their chests as they continued to work on the castle, not knowing what they really wanted to do.
 But then they met.

 But then they met Faris Noyn, a man who had been called the greatest creative artist of all time.
 He, too, was looking for someone to understand his work.

He, too, was looking for someone to understand his work: "It was like a man possessed. This is what I wanted to create. It was as if their hearts were screaming that they had built thousands and thousands of castles, not for warfare, but just for the pure love of castles. And so, over the years, the five castles were completed.

 Faris turned his gaze to the five paintings.
 His eyes were transparent to all intents and purposes.

'That is their last work. They all passed away laughing, as if satisfied.

 What was smoldering was nothing short of a love for the work of the castle.
 When they realized this, the love for castles burned like never before in their lives.

'These five castles are the work of our comrades. They are castles to be appreciated as beautiful. They are never to be used in battle. I have decided to frame the castles and seal them until Balandias has finished his war against the outside world and there is peace.

 Looking back at Zymon, Faris says

'But while I was away, the tiger army arrived in the cold village. They took the frame containing the five castles. I wanted to get it back.

 He reaches out to the painting.
 Then, immediately his fingertips were burned and his hand was played.

 The Lord God, who had been crouched in a sleepy huddle, opened his eyes for a moment.

What are you doing? Watch out for warding.

 As he said this, Wang and Tiger Maytiren closed his divine eye again.

''As you can see. There was no way I could be a match for the Lord God, and I pleaded with the Immovable King. Instead of creating a castle better than those five castles, I begged him not to let it out of its frame.

Is that how you became the creator of Ginjo?


 Faris must have understood the feelings of the old masters who had died.

 He offered his own soul to them so that they would never use that relic, which contained their souls, in battle.

'It may be just a castle to you, but--'

So let's get it back.

 At Zymon's words, Faris looked like he couldn't believe his ears.
 He looked back at King Tiger Maytiren, but the Lord God closed his eyes disinterestedly.

''Don't worry. I have spoken to our Lord God.''

"...What do you mean by that?

'Cartinas makes too many enemies. Although I can appreciate his skill in leading Balandias to the Deeper World, his methods are so disgusting that even his confidants are disgusted with him. This will not help Balandias. Above all, he is not a fit fit for a head of state.

 Surprised, Faris looks into Zymon's eyes.

'I assumed you were loyal to Lady Kartinus,'

It's all for a good cause. I'll do any belly trick you can think of. It's not his word, but clean-cutting won't change Balandias.

 It would mean that they are planning a rebellion.
 Given the circumstances, are the people we just passed on the street also on our side?

''I've finally risen to this point by listening to his moods. Lord King Tiger Meitiren will also meditate on the rebellion against the head of state, saying that it is for the good of Balandias to choose a better head of state.

You're going to be the head of state instead?

 He shook his head quietly at Zymon.

'You do it, Faris. You, who do not like war, know when to truly fight. You are worthy of being the head of our Silver Castle World Balandias.

 Faris rolled his eyes, as if it was an unexpected line of dialogue.

'That will make everything come full circle. You will get your picture back and Balandias will get a more fitting head of state. The Lord God will have more power. And I and the other lords of the castle will finally be able to serve our Lord decently. If you want to make peace with the old Militia, that's fine with me.

 Faris seemed to be hesitant to answer Zymon's offer. He didn't speak right away.

''Well it's true that if we fail, everything is over. If the Fudo King finds out, there is no way to succeed. But as long as you say one word that you'll be the head of state, I'll risk my life. I'm not the only one. All the masters of the castle agree with me.

Zymon. I am.

 Turning over to think, Faris looks up again.

''.......I was a mere creator. Even so, I realized that I would not be able to protect a single work of my comrades if I didn't want to paint my brush with blood instead of paint. My time in Militia was a place of constant civil war. Most of the conflicts in Varandias are with the outside world, but the conflicts are always miserable, no matter who they are.

 A small world that did not belong to Pablo Hetara and Balandias would have continued to fight.
 Faris, who had dreamed of peace and reincarnated, was, however, born again to the fires of war.

'Two thousand years ago, while the war was raging in Militia, I was able to keep painting because of my friends who kept it going and because of my great king.

 He holds the castle sword in his hands, which he lowers at his waist.

'I was spoiled. When I left them and was alone, I was in a position to protect them for the first time. Then I finally realized. No matter how many pictures you paint, no one can be saved. Rather than a single picture, we need a castle to protect us and a sword to defeat our enemies. So.........

 He tightened his grip on the hilt of the castle sword.

''I'm not a very good vessel, such as a headmaster. He's the kind of man who only realizes such a simple thing after living this long. A foolish and spoiled creator who continued to paint while his comrades were fighting, that is me.

 As if to confess his sins, Faris says

'One day, I am sure, the light will be born in Balandias. A light that will truly guide Balandias. I will continue to wait for it. If you are willing to risk your life, Zymon, will you please wait until that time?

There will be no light. We have waited long enough. And you have come to us!

 Zymon grabbed both of Faris' shoulders forcefully.
 His straight gaze pierced Faris.

'You are the wing that will guide us, Faris. You are the wing that guides us, Faris. You and Zelidovenus had nothing to fear, no matter how hard you fought. Above all, you have never spared your life, and you have always maintained your faith in the Fudo King!

 With passion and sincerity, Zymon appeals.

'The Barrandias Castle Unit, down to the Lord of the Twenty-fourth Castle and his men, there is not a single person who does not recognize you!

 Zymon knelt in place and got down on his hands.

'Please, Farris, this is what you're doing. Fight me. We will give you the opportunity. We'll find a way to show them that we are ready. You are the flower of war, the winged Balandias, the free spirit of the battlefield. No man will ever stand in your way.

 He fell flat on Faris with the force of rubbing his head on the floor.