508-Otora's offer

 A long silence followed.

 Zymon continued to lie flat on the spot.
 Faris, who had been lost for words on the spur of the moment, softly opened his mouth after a moment, as if he had regained his composure.

''Look up, Zymon. I can't bear to let my comrades-in-arms do such a thing.''

 Zymon looked up slightly.

'Then, Faris--'

 Just as Zymon was about to say it, they heard footsteps coming up the stairs and talking.
 As if in alarm, the two men sharpened their eyes.

 Not all of them would be on Zymon's side.
 If it was known that they were plotting a rebellion, that was the end of it.

It's time for the strategy meeting to begin. It's time for the strategy meeting to begin.''

 Faris reaches out his hand.

''Oh ... oh ...''

 Zymon takes Faris' hand and picks himself up.
 As it was, they left, and the door was quietly closed.

 I understood the general situation.
 About Faris and about Balandias.

 Whether Zaymon's rebellion succeeds or fails, it's only a matter of time before the head of the head is replaced.

''........Isn't it enough to get the paintings back?''

 Misa asks.

'If it were a simple matter, Faris would have told me. I would not have lied to you when I said I was waiting for the light for the sake of Balandias. The picture was only a chance. I don't think you'll change your mind if you get it back.

 He still loves painting.
 Nevertheless, he broke his own brush.

 I don't claim to understand his pain.
 I don't think that I, who don't paint, can understand the wailing of this sadness.

I'm sure it's not the kind of wailing that I can understand. It's a good thing that he was able to draw right in the middle of a battlefield.

 It was Faris who failed to paint a picture of peace.

Well, in that case, I'd like to have a suggestion.

Hey, you three, come on out.

 King Tiger Maytilen's voice echoed loudly to the ceiling.

 Hmm. As expected of a master god.
 He was already aware of it.

''You're going to do it?''

Shall I cut?

 Misa and Singh said at the same time.
 'You can count on it.

'It's not too late to hear the story.

 We descended into the room through the gap in the ceiling.

 King Tiger Meityren's God's Eye turned to me with a gleam in his eye.

"You are the head of the Militia world, right?

State your business.

 I felt as if the big god's eyes were slightly smiling.

I understand.

We don't need to wait for people to disappear if we're going to get rid of them.

You're moving fast. You're more perceptive than Cartinas, despite all the talk about you being a misfit. Farris was only in his service.

 King Tiger Maytilen raised his body and brought his huge head close to me.

 Then he said.

''I want the Lord (Nushi) to destroy the head of Balandias, the Āngu Kartinus.


 Wang Tora's gaze pierced me as if he was looking into the abyss.

 It is certain that this Lord God, who has not shown any power, has considerable power.

 His birth history is somewhat different from Eques, but he is the Lord God of the Deep World. There is no way that he is inferior to that thing.

"Why wouldn't you do it yourself?

''You said you just arrived in the Silver Water Holy Sea. You don't seem to know anything about the Silver Sea. The Lord God cannot destroy his chosen head of state with his own hand. If she breaks that prohibition, the Little World will fall into ruin and she will become a nameless god with no world to rule.

 I'm not going to lie here.
 You can check with Ottolu and you'll find out soon enough.

'I presume the Lord wants to formally admit you to Pablo Hetara? The next silver-water pecking order game, I'll give you the win. You can take all the fire and dew and school insignia you want.

In exchange, you want me to destroy the Fudo King?

"Left-sama. You chose him as head of state in order to promote Balandias, and he has done his job well enough. The foundation has been laid. Now all we need is a beautiful castle to stand on top of it. We need a true head of state to make my Ballandeath the cornerstone of our lives.

 Maytiren smiles wryly.

Faris, he's good. "Faris, he is good, his hands are good, his eyes are beautiful as he builds his castle and his eyes are looking into the depths. He would make a worthy head of state for a mistress of Balandias.

Why didn't you choose it in the first place?

'Balandias has a long history. How many generations has Cartinas been around already? There are many enemies in the coastal waters that don't belong to the Pablo Hetara, and they will take advantage of us as soon as we create a vacant position for them.

 A head of honour is also a necessity.
 It's not hard to see why.

When the head is defeated, she can choose one again. But she won't shake her head. Otherwise, Balandias would be in the Holy Sixth Academy by now.

 Maytiren says, regretfully.

'I think you heard me. Jealous of Faris's talents, Kartinus has taken his five castles, which he prized so much, hostage. Faris was unable to replace the head of state and was being used by Kartinus to his advantage.

 Even the Fudo King himself knows that Faris is more suitable for the position of head of state. Nevertheless, he still has no intention of giving up his position as head of the world. That's greedy.

'The opportunity has finally come around. "Ximon is looking for an opportunity to destroy Cartinas, but he's too cautious. It will probably only come to Faris, who is in the same boat. But Farris is kind. I don't know if he'll take you up on your treasonous plans. And even if he does, he may not be able to kill Carthinus, and he may end up failing.

''You prevented the rebellion, and now you're making me do it with your help, just as the Fudo King is relieved.

 Maytiren laughs.

"Very perceptive. I won't let them know. We need them to think that we have failed for real, otherwise we will not be able to get Cartinas to let his guard down.

 So you wait for them to leave and then you call out to me.

When Farris is crowned head of state, you may become friends with Militia. I'm sure the Lord will be happy to see you again. It's not a bad deal. Wouldn't that be a bad deal?

 Maytiren says as he looks at his feet.

 It's probably because he underestimates me as a resident of the bubble world.
 He's been waiting with an eagle eye for the appearance of a head of state who will be forced to swallow this deal.

 If I was once in the service of Farris, I'd be well placed to do so.

"No need to play games. We already know what you're going to say.


 Maytiren laughs.

'I refuse.'

 As if he didn't expect it, Meitiren gave me a stunned look.

'.........It's fine. He's a good negotiator, isn't he? Well, you have to be that good, otherwise you can't be trusted. What else do you want? Tell me.

 He loosely extends his fingertips and points to the painting hanging behind him.

'To put it bluntly, since you're the one guarding it, Faris was forced to listen to Cartinas' orders, wasn't he?

 After a moment's pause, Maytiren said.

'I have been told to keep an eye on you at all times. As soon as my mistress's wards are gone, Cartinas will know.

You're the one who put Zymon in charge of plotting against Cartinas without him knowing. I'm sure you would have had a chance to return the painting to Faris without him knowing that.

What's your problem? What do you mean?

You did not want to return the painting to Faris. If you do, that man may never appear in your presence again. It is possible that he may leave Balandias. I feared that.

 Maytiren shuts down and stares at me with his divine eyes.

'You really wanted to get your hands on Faris.

There's no denying that. It is Providence and order that the Lord God seeks a better head of state. But...

So you thought it best to get your hands on Faris.

 He doesn't deny or affirm.
 He just let the magic power rise up from his entire body, as if to threaten.

'A jealous Cartinas took the painting hostage? Who made you jealous? Who told you that the painting existed?

 I return a wry smile to Meitiren, who glares at me fiercely.

'Farris's talent was noticed by Cartinas and he turned his troops to that village.

Faris, who was working in his atelier with no ambition, is now a witch-eyed foolish king looking at that man?

 For a moment, he shuts up.

'For the most part you've blown something you didn't want. You took his liberty, his paintings, and his soul in order to dress Faris in the headdress of the headman.

 I point at him loosely and say.

I say, "You're just like that miserable Lord of our world," and he says, "You don't care what people think, you just want to take it away. You're just like the bastard god of my world, a bastard who cares nothing for the feelings of others, but only wants to take from us. All you have in that rotten skull is self-interest in the name of order.

 'Nitaa,' says Maytiren with an ugly smile.

It seems that the Lord is no different from the fools in her world. You are right, you are a misfit. I have never robbed a mistress. I am the will of Balandias, the world of the Silver Castle, and everything that exists in my world belongs to her. The earth, the sky, the countless castles, even life.

 It's a surprisingly straightforward confession.
 I didn't have any proof, but did you have a hunch that you were provoked by a non-conformist?

 Well, from his point of view, there are plenty of alternatives.
 He's probably thinking that he can wait for a head of state to come along and do the talking.

"No, I won't do it here. You mark my words, Nonconformist.

 Maytiren's paws glisten with silver.

 There was no sign of what had been done to us.
 But perhaps it was the power of the king and tiger, but at that moment our bodies were being lifted up softly.

 <Our bodies, which have been turned into mist by the Titejane, are thrown out of the castle, slipping through the gap in the ceiling as it is.

 I could see the sky.

Faris belongs to Balandias. I will never give it to the Lord. It will never be handed over to the Lord.

There are certain areas that should not be practiced with one's feet on the ground.

 I sent a leaks to his distant castle.

"You've stepped into it. "You have entered the place, spend your last day there as much as you can reckoning with your unfulfilled ambitions. I will crush your ambitions (Balandias) with all the foolishness of your inadequate minds.