509-Silver water rank order

 The next day--

 From the Demon King train that was spewing smoke from the chimney and running across the black skies, a castle so huge that it was impossible to grasp the full picture could be seen.

 To be more precise, it wasn't a castle.
 It was a mass of rocks, stones, and hard earth.

 A small world of rocks and stones in the shape of a castle.
 That was the stage of the Silver Water Order Battle, the Second Balandias.

 The demon train continued its descent slowly and entered the interior of the Second Barrandias from the part corresponding to the gate.

 Soon, what came into view was a vast underground space.

 In the Militia world, it was similar to the underground. As if some sort of order was at work, there was a light source, but it was dim.

 There was little greenery, such as trees, lakes, and flowers, and it was a world of rocks and stones.
 It is no wonder that the world is so desolate and lacking in art and culture.

 In this hard land, many fortified cities have been built as if to prepare for foreign enemies.

"Headmaster Anos. Headmaster Anos, the Demon King Academy is here.

 With Ottolou's , a light was emitted from the earth to guide us.

 Under Eldmead's direction, the Demon King's train lowered in altitude towards it and wheeled on the earth.

''Please wait a moment.''

 Ottolu stood on top of a huge magic circle drawn on the ground. She inserted a large screw roll into the screw hole of the magic circle and turned it with both hands.

 The screw is wrapped three times.
 Then, like a door opening, a part of the magic circle opened and silver water flowed out of it.

 As a silver lake filled the magic circle, a huge, wet whale's mouth appeared on the surface of the water.
 The surface of the body is blue, and it's the first kind I've seen.

Hmm. What is this?

 I look out the window of the Demon King's train and ask Ottolou.

"They call it the Silver Sea Whale. They are one of the few magical creatures that swim in the Silver Sea.

 The whale's stance tilted and sank roughly into the silver water. A lush, firefly-like light erupted from a hole in its back, like a tidal wave.

 It was the fire dew.

''This is the fire dew for the silver water pecking order battle.

 As all the fire dew was spat out, the Silver Sea Whale jumped out of the lake with great force and began to swim as it drifted across the skies of the Second Balandias.

 When Ottolu screwed up again, the silver water disappeared as if sucked into a hole, and finally, the magic circle disappeared as well.

'You are free to manage the fire dew in any way you wish. However, only the fire dew inside the ship will be considered as the fire dew owned by that camp. And the dew that was sent overboard will be collected by the Silver Sea Whale in three minutes. Please be careful not to eat them together.

 She explains clerically.

'Put him in the cargo hold.'

 I said, and the Fun Union girls in the turret room said.

''Gear cannon sights!''

Aye, you got it.

 The turret in which the gears are set is pointed at the fire and dew light.

"Absorbing gravitational gear (neos) fire!

 A chained cog fired from the turret.
 It released a gravitational force, snapping the fire and dew light together like a magnet.

'Recovery, recovery!

 Once the chains were pulled, the Absorption Gravitational Gear (Neos) returned to the turret, and the fire and dew light that was attached to it was stored in the cargo bay.

 The Fan Union girls released the Absorption Gravitational Gear (Neos) one after the other and collected all the fire and dew that was there.
 The first, second, and third cargo compartments were all filled with fire and dew light.

''Offensive magic power confirmed. Presumed to be magic shells.

 The moment Misha said it, a dangling artillery shell sound rang out.
 One after another, shells were shot into the surroundings of the Demon King train, and the ground exploded loudly.


Huh! I thought you haven't started yet........?

Don't be a prick!

 The ground shook violently and the students shouted in protest.


 Cartinas' laughter echoes through the place.
"Airborne castle ship approaching from above. Number twenty-five.

 If you look at the sky, you can see a total of 25 flying ships centered around Zelidheavenus flying towards you.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that they are making a lot of noise," he said. It's just a greeting and a lot of noise. What are you so scared of? The Cowards.

 Cartinas said as if to provoke them.

 The flying castle ship of the Torah Castle Academy stopped there as it laid down a formation in the sky above.

''Well, it's not unreasonable with its strength. It's so pathetic that I can't help but tear up at the thought of competing with the Barrandian squadron with such a shabby little ship.

Ho. Even though he's a bit of a knothole, he can still shed a tear.

 The guy's mouth, which had been smooth, stopped with a snap.
 I could see him trembling with anger.

'Say it again.'

"It's not only your evil eye that is cunning, but also Meiteirean. You have no idea who you're up against.

 <I'll send my remote vision to show Cartinas my true form.

"This demon train will be enough to take care of Balandias' army of ships. "You may as well just go ahead and get on with it.

 Sitting on my throne, with my cheekbones, I said.

'I'm going to get the whole ship together and knock it off.

"You've got a big mouth. You're in over your head!

 The magic crystal in front of me shows the remote clairvoyance (rimneto) that he sent me.
 I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most of it, but it looks like there's no need for that! We'll crush that wretched ship in my castle. Otterloo! Give me a sign.

 Ottolou soared into the sky of the second Barrandias and sent a to both academies.

''Now the silver water pecking order battle between the Militia World, the Demon King Academy and the Silver Castle World Balandias, the Tiger City Academy will begin. The damage to the second Barrandias, which will serve as the stage, will not be questioned. If we follow the principles of Pablo Hetala and the order of the Silver Sea, we will reach the deepest depths.

 A magic circle was drawn in the sky above, and Ottolu inserted a screw roll into it.

 As he wound the screw with both hands, azure water poured out of it. The rippling water covered a vast area, like a thin curtain.

 It was probably a ward to prevent stray bullets. With a certain amount of firepower, the warding of the waves would prevent it from hurting the Second Balandias.

'Can-burners, firemen, put the coal in with all your might. Our path is in the middle of the enemy flying force, full speed ahead.

Okay, understood!

Full speed ahead!

 Under Eldmead's direction, the engine room set its course and turned its wheels at high speed.

''It's not a beehive of bees to suddenly plunge into the middle, no matter how hard you try.

 Sasha says from the turret room.

I can't, no way, no way, no way! Do you think that those snobs who are underestimating the non-conformists of the bubble world will suddenly end the fight with concentrated fire? No doubt they will tease him slowly and try to kill him as if they were strangling him with cotton.

That may be true, but...

 The Demon King train rose and headed towards the castle ship troops in formation.

''Demon King's magic. The magic of the Demon King, protect it with your full strength wards. We're going to wake up the people who are underestimating us and put a hole in their formation.

I got it!

 The Demon King's train was accelerating fast and was closing in on the castle ship unit.

''The Demon King's choir. As soon as you are in range, shoot the castle in front of you. But it's a peashooter that can be left to the train.

"[I understand]

 Eren and the others' voices echoed.

'Sighting from turret one to turret nine.

All guns aimed.

All right.

 Catching the flying castle ship in range, the turret draws a magic circle.

 Numerous missing gears were fired from the Demon King Train's turret.
 It struck the flying castle ship in front of me, but it was easily bounced off the outer wall.

''Whahahahahaha, what's with that pea gun! They didn't need to deploy the walls! I'll show you a real cannon.

''Fudo King, how is the magic communication still connected? Let's switch to secure communications.

 Zymon's voice echoes.
 Since we're connected to the network, we can hear it too.

'It's all right, it's all right. It's all right, I'm making you listen. "I'm letting you listen. That's what makes a man strong.

''...Okay. According to what you said yesterday, you were going to let Faris take command?

Oh, I've changed my mind. I have no need to find out the weaknesses of these people who only shoot peashooters. I'll show you the true meaning of warfare.

"It's said to bite a cornered rat. "You can never be too careful.

"You pull out your castle sword to stamp out the ants?

''........Then let's at least get the four Kamrahi ships and Zelidheavenus to back off. Even though our strength is better, if they take the fire dew from us, we will lose.''

"You're a careful man yourself, Zymon. Oh, well. Zeridhavenus, four Kamrahi ships are in retreat. Twenty Eten, advance at light speed.

 The five flying castle ships retreated backwards.
 Judging from the communication between Zaymon and Cartinas, one of them is probably loaded with fire dew.

'Eten 4, open the gun gates. I'll show you a real cannon.

 The flying castle ships in the front line opened their gun gates.
 Without a care, the demon train went straight ahead.


 With a thunderous sound, a magical bombardment was released.

 The shells that landed one after another, sparked and burned violently.
 In the blink of an eye, the body was engulfed in flames.

"Cease fire! Ha-ha, what do you think? You're not ready to fly--

 Cartinas was speechless.
 As if slicing through the explosive flames, a demon king train with smoke-like wards rushed in a straight line.

 Countless stork feathers were dancing around.

 The Eleonor, whose magic power was increased without limit by this, used the mechanism of the Demon King's train to set up an orderly and magical boundary.

''The enemy plane is still alive! I'm unharmed!

We won't be able to deploy the walls in time!


 As expected, he was quick to judge.

 As soon as the front row of the Eten fourth ship realized that it would not be in time to set up a ward more powerful than the Demon King train that rushed in, it immediately rose.


Enemy aircraft is changing course! I'm making contact!

"You were read? Foolishly, that little bit of warding won't be enough to get them to pay for it, either!

 The Demon King's train leads straight to the gates of the Airship Eten, the fourth ship of the Flying Castle.

'Ka ka ka ka ka ka! Come on, come on, come on, come on! You're going to have to pull your punches.

"Sanctuary White Smoke Cell.

 The white smoke sprayed from the chimney turned into a ward that seemed to cling to the train car body.

 The magical power of Ennesseone Eleonor has been added to the orderly boundary of the Demon King's train Beltexfenbröm, which used to be a cog in the wheel of fate, and it has become a barrier that blocks even the magic of annihilation.

 It's not a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one.

 The first car is boring into the gate of the flying castle ship.

 The next moment, with a thunderous sound, the demon train broke through the gate of the flying castle ship, piercing the wall and penetrating the wall in a straight line to the outside.

 Countless stork feathers danced in the air.
 In the warding room, Eleonor held up his index finger and smiled.

''With the Demon King's Warding, I'm going to smash through it!