510-Breath of the holy sword

 The fourth Eten ship, with a wind hole in the middle, lost its buoyancy and crashed down.

''.........Nuh-uh.......! What a mess...! How dare you let a ship from the world of bubbles take down my castle...! What happened to the walls?

 Cartinas' angry voice flies as he reprimands his subjects.

''Ha. However, since they were not in a defensive formation, there was no way to get there in time at that time--''

"It's the lord's job to do something about it! You're useless!

 The demon train rushed straight into the flying castle ship in front of them while wearing the
"--Rugged Warding Wall (Badileichia)

 A huge magic circle was drawn and a walled magic barrier was constructed in front of Eten.

 Jizzily, the collided, and sparks of magic power violently scattered.

''All right! Six, well done! Let's just crush him!

 Both wings of the Eten Sixth Ship emitted magical power. But in terms of horsepower, the Demon Train was superior.

''What are you doing? You're about to be outdone by a ship on a bubble world!

''........Fudo-Oh. Perhaps this is the power of the Lord God of the Militia World. Or maybe this train itself is their Lord God. The Demon King's Academy is fighting against the Lord God's power by adding its own magic power.''


"Then it's not a good idea to push through the world with just one ship, no matter how shallow it is.

 From the way they talk, it doesn't seem like any of the inhabitants of the deep world can easily defeat the Lord God of the shallow world.

 Even in the small world, the Lord God is treated differently. I'm not sure if it's a good idea for the residents of the deep world to be able to catch the Lord God's rush with a single flying castle ship.

"--Hmm. So that's how it works.

 The assaulting Demon King Train, however, was unable to break its . The Eten Sixth Ship cleverly killed the speed of the Demon King Train, even though it was losing power.

''You've only dropped one ship, and you're rushing in at a good clip. The only thing left to do is to cook. Set up a siege formation. Let them watch the firefight of the Barrandias troops.


 The remaining eighteen ships increased their speed, leaving one eten ship to catch the demon king train.

 They formed a formation to block the Demon King's train's escape, and even though they maintained a certain distance from the train, they quickly created an encirclement.

''Prepare for the Vairoboism.

 The gun gates of the flying castle ships opened one by one, taking the Eten Sixth out of the line of fire and directing their sights at the Demon King train.

''Make it a beehive.''

 Magic cannonballs rain down from the gun gates of the flying castle ship like a hail of bullets.

 The power is not comparable to the bombardment just now. With each shot, it is sure to shave the and take away the defensive wall from the Demon King's Train.

 The Demon King Train's wheels were spinning vigorously, but the city wall in front of us was only gently receding.

 Misha's report comes from the magic eye room.

 <The Sanctuary White Smoke Field (Theoboros Igeria) is 13 layers long.

 <That magical ward that combines the power of the Wheel of Destiny and the Mother's Womb of the Primordial Birth (Ennesone Eleonor) is more powerful than the Gear Assembly God Eques that I fought against in the past.

 <You can't get a single hole in it with the Gio Glaze, but as expected of deep magic, it's different.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the train full of holes if you don't do something about that wall blocking the path of the train.

I'm going to go slash them.

 Ray said absentmindedly.
 'He is in the ejection chamber.

''To put it simply, brave man. That
Maybe more than that?

 Ray silently stared at the holy sword.
 It had a new hilt on it that Misha had created.

'Are you saying it can cut?'

 Erdmade lifts his lips in amusement.

'That's what Evans Mana says. Maybe this sword is just like Anos.

Sanctuary White Smoke Walls, fifth level damaged. Artillery fire is intensifying. 20 seconds remaining until barrier failure.

 Misha's report came up.

'Eject Ray Grundley.

That's it! The injection chamber is open!

 The door to the injection chamber opened, and Lei readied his Spirit God Man Sword.

''Ray-kun, eject!''

 A large gear with Ray on board is ejected from the injection chamber with great force.
 It draws a solitary shape and charges at the flying castle ship in front of me.

''Be careful!''

 With Eleonor's words, white smoke enveloped Rei's body.
 <It's the Synchronization Warding (Riato). <By synchronizing with the Sanctuary White Smoke Warding (Theoboros Igeria), it is possible to slip through the warding.

"Evans Mana. I can feel your power. Can you show me? The way you were in the depths here.

 The divine light that emanated from the Spirit God Human Sword illuminated this small world like the sun for a moment.
 As if to release the true power that had been suppressed until now--.

Enemy airborne, approaching.

How many?

One! It appears to be armed with a holy sword.

"One? You fool. You said that the sword of the bubble world can take care of the robust ward walls of Buddy Lehiya.

 At the same time as the mocking words, the entire magic city wall of the Eten Sixth Ship was broken in half.

 Cartinas's voice, tainted with astonishment, echoed.

''.........That........that holy sword.......well, sa, ka......''

I will match the magic wavelength!

 As if on alert, several nearby Eten ships distance themselves from the ray.
 The siege net was distorted and a slight hole was left there.

 The Demon King's train pushes its way forward with great vigor and passes through the siege of the Balandias castle ship unit.
 The flying castle ship that was cut in half and crashed exploded loudly on the ground.

''Collation confirmed! I'm sure of it! The symbol of the Holy Sword World of Hyphoria, the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana........''

"..........Evans mana........ Why would the inhabitants of the bubble world give such a big deal to the inhabitants of the bubble world.......

 <From the , Fudo-Oh's surprised voice leaked out.

 In that brief moment when he was thinking, the Demon Train pointed its turret at the nearby flying castle ship.
 Nine gears turn and the wooden wheels begin to turn.

''Prepare to fire!

"'Old wood slashing wheel (Boros Hetheus)'...

 Nine old wheels, drawing a solitary line, collided with the magical wall of the flying castle ship.
 Giggling, gaga gaga gaga, the wheels bite into the and scrape away the .

 It's a check.
 Rei approaches the flying castle ship that stopped in its tracks with .


 A flash...
 The Spirit God Human Sword easily slashed down the huge castle at an angle.

''Kaka, isn't this wonderful! With true power, the world of Militia would not last. This is indeed the Holy Sword that destroys the Demon King. Just like the Demon King of Tyranny, that holy sword couldn't show its true cutting ability at a shallow level!

 Eldmead praised him while avoiding being hit and buying time to reestablish the wards.

 ''Wa-ha,'' a voice was heard saying.

Aaaaah, finally my luck is coming for me too........! Hyphoria's Spirit God Man Sword, if you can get it...''

"Eh, Evanescencemana's swordsman, we are approaching the Ninth Ship of Eten...!

''Don't get carried away. Even though it was the Spirit God Man Sword, the Holy Sword that could slice through even Arzenon's Ruined Lion, the wielder was not the Holy King or the Five Holy Barons. They're not even hunting nobles, they're the small fry of the bubble world. ''Noh?''

 Approaching the Eten Ninth Ship, Rei swings down the Spirit God Human Sword.
 But the magic power increases even more than before, and the hilt created by Misha is cracked.

 It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to get your hands on it.

I'm sure you'll be able to see that. As I suspected, they're not very handy. It'll be easier to kill her once we can separate her from the other ship. Defeat him and take the Evans mana. Don't let him take all the dew before you get to it.

 In a good mood, Cartinas says.

''--Hmm. Hm... Well, that's good, Cartinas. <You haven't forgotten that your plan was detected by the leaks, have you?

'Hmm. I told you I'm letting you hear it. Nonconformist. I finally understand why you're so bossy. I'm sure you're proud of the fact that you have the Sword of the Spirituals of Hyphoria, but I'll tell you that the Holy Sword is only as good as its wielder.

 The gun gates of the flying castle ship opened in unison. A magic circle was drawn there.

 Like a barrage of bullets, magic shells rained down.

 The Demon King train, which was far enough away, dodged them while running through the sky.
 However, there were too many of them anyway. Twenty percent of them are forced to be hit, and the that was reattached is shaved off.

".........just.......maybe I won't be able to last before the warding.......

 Eleonor said.

 <The Demon Train runs through to the thinnest part of the barrage of the Rigid Bombardment Fire Cannon (Veilobosm), but the distance between it and Rey is quickly growing apart.

 Eldmaed continues to make the best possible moves to ensure that the Demon King train is least hit, but there are more than ten times as many ships there.

 The Balandias Castle ship force was advancing their own pieces like a board game, forcing the Demon Train and Rey to split up.

''Rey-kun is isolated........!

We need to give them some cover!

 The voice of the fan union could be heard.

 From the turret, an old wood-slashing wheel was launched, however, another flying castle ship came in to intercept the target and blocked it with the ramparts.

''Hm. It's the poor ship that needs help. It's a very good idea to have a few of these in your life.

Well. It's not that easy.

 I say as I stand on top of the lead vehicle.

 I can see ten flying castle ships around us.
 No matter where we jump through, we won't be able to break this siege.


I got it!

 At the same time as I jumped up, my body was put in a "riate" and I slipped through the white smoke ward that covered the Demon King train.

"Fool. You think you can get through it if you use the ship as a decoy?

 One of the ships reacted instantly to my movement and set up a magical wall in the direction of my progress.

 Immediately afterwards, the two flying castle ships Eten, deploying their magical walls, rushed at me from either side of me in a furious rush.
 There is no sign of stopping. They want to crush me.

 The two ships collided with each other while making a thunderous sound.

'Whahahahahahaha! You know what you're doing, you untrained head of state. You don't even have a good castle, and there's no way you're going to be able to match up to our castle fleet.


 At the sound of my voice, Cartinas is momentarily speechless.

'What are you doing? Seventh and eighth battleship! Full power! Crush him quickly and squash him so he can't even speak!

Yeah, about that...!

"We should be at full throttle, but we're not going any further...

'No, on the contrary, is this...?

 I dug my fingers into the two walls of the castle and gingerly pushed them to the left and right.
 Black particles spiraled around my body.

The black particles spiraled into my body. I don't believe this...

"....raw... body... pushed back...? This is a flying castle ship!

"The problem? No, it's his magic! Check the power section immediately! Maybe it's some kind of curse!

"The Airship has been inspected and found to be in perfect condition. It's normal! Ta, I'm simply outnumbered!

'Nonsense! I'm not going to let a flesh-and-blood demon race defeat me. You're a nonconformist from the shallow world!'

 The voices of the castle demon clans echoed as the confusion became extreme.

''You said you didn't even have a good castle, Fudo King. It's true. It wasn't long ago.

"Shh, full power! Full speed retreat! Get off him!

"I'm doing it! But I'm not daunted!

"....what is this.......well, you know, the Flying Castle is being swept around and.......

 The two castles spinning around me quickly gained momentum and turned into a giant shuttlecock.

 I lifted the two castles and, spinning like a tornado, I rammed into the flying castle ship Eten, which was blocking the skyline above me.

 The sound of explosions rang out again and again, castle to castle, castle to castle, and castle to castle were smashed into each other, and the two sides were torn to shreds.

 After easily destroying one Eten ship, I went straight into the next castle.

'Ho, bombardment! Ugh, shoot me!'

"No, no! In this situation, there's a chance of a misfire...!

"Hey, here it comes!

"Take three ships and hold them down!

"Silly me, I'm caught in the middle of something, aaaaah!

'What is this...! What the hell is this........! The castles, our castles, smashed against each other...!


 Auntie is a tree spirit.

 On the battlefield, they die from those swallowed by the enemy.
 The castle demon tribe, the inhabitants of the deep world, if they knew this was coming, they would have been able to deal with it.

 But they lacked imagination.

 Because they couldn't think that I was going to turn the two castles around like a shuttlecock and charge into them, they stood on their feet and were lagging behind in their responses.

 That slight lapse in judgment is fatal.

''Kaka, ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka!

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.

 They don't even have time to worry about the Demon Train or Ray.

The old maids have no time for the Demon Train or Ray. And look up to your fears.

 As if claiming victory, his voice resounded through the skies of the Second Balandias.

''Ko, it's coming towards us........!

"Fall back, full speed ahead! We're going to reposition ourselves!

No, you're going too fast...

 A roar pierced his ears with a thumping sound.
 It lasted only a few dozen seconds.

 The twelve flying castle ships Eten, dropping the rubble into pieces and sending the shattered pieces flying around like dust, crashed down.

''This is the world of the deep. This is the Demon King, Anos Voldigord.