511-The true value of the Ginjou world

 The sounds of the flying castle ships crashing into the ground one after another echoed in multiple layers.

 The voices of the castle demons could be heard from Zelidhavenus, the four ships around them, and the flying castle ship Kamrahi, who were looking at us from a distance.

"It's unbelievable that the pride of Balandias's fleet of ships could be brought down by one man...

"....who the hell is that guy...? Even though you're a head of state, you're still well beyond the level of the shallow world...?''

The only thing I can think of is that they are not demons. It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on some of these things.

"The Tyrannical Lord of Tyranny Anos Voldigord Voldigord Voldigord Voldigord Voldigord Voldigord Voldigord Voldigord Voldigord Voldigord

''........Is it really a coincidence that you're calling yourself the Demon King......?''

''As I recall, there was a Demon Lord who disappeared or something...''

 A great number of demon eyes flew their gazes at me to look into my abyss.
 Instantly, Cartinas' angry voice rang out.

''You idiots! It's time to cower in fear! Don't get swallowed up. If you get swallowed, it makes the enemy look stronger than it should! He's a misfit in a world of bubbles, but he's the Demon King? Why would the inviolable territorial waters that reign over the deep world have to be a non-conformist in a bubble world? You'd better use your common sense.

"Common sense? With all due respect, Fudo King, what good is common sense now? You've just witnessed it with your own eyes! His magic power is too different in orders of magnitude from the heads of the shallow world we've dealt with so far! Where do you have the common sense to take down 12 Eten ships in the flesh?

''Whether or not he's the Demon King is a trivial matter now. What we want to say is that we didn't call ourselves the Demon King. At least, that's how proud we are of ourselves.

''Isn't it no coincidence that you have the Hyphorian Spiritual Human Sword? We may have been mistaken in our thinking.'

 Kamrahi's second, third, and fourth ship's lord of the castle suggested so.

''I was underestimating the non-conformists of the shallow world. But there is no other small world headed by a nonconformist. What if the Lord God of Militia wasn't weak, but on the contrary, those nonconformists were too strong...?

''A small world with unprecedented and unknown developments. At the very least, if you don't approach it as if you were on par with Balandias, you might get your foot in the door.''

"Do not be coy! He's an idiot who doesn't even know what the Demon Lord is! The head of the Bubble World is equal to me? You are the lord of Barandias and yet you disrespect me as head of state?

"...what are you...? You can't talk about that now...!''

"Are you ready? Who do you think I am? Immovable King Cartinas. This is the man who will have everything in this Silver Water Holy Sea in his hands! If the head of the Bubbly World was a little stronger than expected, he was not a man to be cowed! You will learn that!

 As if to intimidate his subjects, Cartinas let out an angry voice.

'Come on, go! Number two, three, four! Let's show them the power of the flying castle Kamrahi, a castle as famous as Zelidhavenus!

 An order was given by the Fudo King.

 However, the flying castle ship Kamrahi didn't move, leaving her magic eye flying as if to warn me.

''........What's the matter? You need to go! He's so chic to the extent that he's dropped Eten, let him clear his nose!

 Even after two orders, Kamrahi still didn't move.

''Immovable King. The enemy is not just the head of the bubble world. With the loss of so many castle ships, this is an opponent that can be won by force without any plan. If I was wrong, I must admit it. He's strong. That's at least a fact.''

 The lord of the second Kamrahi ship's castle advised Cartinas in a firm tone.

'Haha. ''Well,'' he said, ''you've got a lot of cowardice in you, haven't you? You're a coward, you're the lord of the Airship Kamrahi!

"....what...! You, after all this time...

 The castle owner's disappointment was palpable from every word.
 I guess Cartinas doesn't even understand that.

It's a good thing that you're a part of the team," he said, "Our Barrandias Castle Unit will never be defeated in an anti-ship battle! But it was only because of the iconic Silver Castle Zelidheavenus! If the original Lord had been in command, seventeen Eten ships would not have fallen in a hurry!


 The indignant voice of the Ānakasa echoed.

'You know what will happen to me, the head of state, when you talk to me like that, don't you? That's enough. Shame on you, Balandias, for being a cowardly lord of this castle. I suggest you leave the castle at once!

Then we will lower ourselves down!

 The lord of the third ship's castle said.


"Dear Ms. Cartinas. We are disgusted by your selfishness. It was for the sake of Barandias that we too, to this day, hold our tongue and defend our lord with our bodies as if we were castles. But all we got was a bad reputation for our world. We did not become masters of the castle to deceive the ignorant world!

"Don't be a pussy! Who do you think it was that got Balandias to the second level! I have reached the depths of the world because of my skill as the immovable king!

I'm afraid we've never gotten beyond that.

 It was the lord of the fourth ship who said this.

He said, ''Where do you expect to get to by simply exploiting the weak in a dirty way? There is no world that will recognize Balandias for rising to the Holy Sixth Academy in this way!

Do you know what they say about our school? A papier-mâché tiger! A world of appearances, where only the weak are dealt with! When we return to Balandias, we too will be masters of our own land. Such humiliation will not be tolerated!

"If you wish to dismiss us, do as you please. ''You can dismiss me if you want, but you can do whatever you want. Hand over all the insignia to the Demon King's Academy.

 Cartinas exclaims.
 His dismay can be seen in his eyes.

''........you guys.......what will happen if you do that.......''

 Then, Zymon's voice was heard from the Kamrahi First Ship, which had been silent until now.

''Not only will we be defeated in the silver-water pecking order battle, but the Torah Castle Academy will be expelled from Pablo Hetara's Academy Alliance. Are you still willing to do that?''

'.........Zymon........ I see. Your idea.....

 Cartinas grits his teeth just in time.

'We have endured. We have endured this humiliation. We have endured for the sake of Balandias, and we have fought in the dark. But now it will end. You can be king of thieves, but you'll never be a champion, if you keep collecting fire and dew like a thief!

 Zymon asks the Fudo King from the front in an imposing manner.

''Answer me, Ānas, Ānas. Do you want to dismiss us or not?

 Cartinas does not answer. It cannot answer.
 All that has been accumulated up to this point has come to nothing. This is something that will never be accepted.

''... totally...''

 His voice echoes with anger.

"....all of you are truly incompetent..." "...can't you even keep up with the bill?

 Abominably, Cartinas says, ''I am not going to be able to touch you in this silver water pecking order battle.

'In this silver-water pecking order, I can't touch you. I don't want to leave Pablo Hetara. 'Well? What are you going to do after that?

 To the rebellious castle owners, Cartinas asks sharply.

I am the chosen head of the world of Meityren. I have been chosen by Meityren to be the head of the world. I am the first person to rule over Balandias, even if all my subjects rebel against me. I have to say that I have a very good feeling about this. He's going to beat all the heads together and kill all the family members.''

 For a change, Cartinas threatens to attack the weaknesses of Zymon and others.

 In Balandias, that's how absolute the life of the head of state must be.
 Ximon and the others do not hesitate to speak.

'May I? Wait three seconds. Rub your forehead on the floor and plead, and I'll forgive you for taming it for the rest of your life.'

 Cartinas said mockingly.
 It's as if he could see that Zaymon and the others could not be disobeyed after all.

 They valued their pride as castle lords, and because of this pride, they could not accept that the punishment would extend to their own clan. Cartinas seems to think so.


 Zymon and his friends are not moving.
 They just held their mouths still.

 They must have known that this would happen if they rebelled.
 Their defiance of the Fudo King on this stage of the silver-water hierarchical battle was not just a result of their emotions.

 <The same is true for the fact that their thought transmissions (reeks) have been transmitted to us. Although Fudo King told us to let them listen to the message, I don't think it is his intention to keep this internal strife a secret. It's the fact that Ximon's group is purposely leaking their communications to us.

 They want me to know what's going on and to keep my head down.
 They must have done something about it.


 After all, Zymon and the others did not move.
 It seemed as if it was a statement of their firm resolve.


 By not uttering a single word and not moving the castle in the slightest, they were making a point.

 Waiting for something.

 Waiting for someone, as if waiting for--

"I'm gonna--

 Cartinas's voice of anguish echoed.

 The sound of a magic circle being deployed resounded.
 After a few seconds of silence--

"Please be assured, everyone.

 <The voice that resounded from the thought transmission was Faris'.

''Evil King Cartinas has been defeated. Balandias is now in our hands.

 Instantly, everyone from the Torah Castle Academy raised their battle cry in unison.

 The chorus was so loud that it pierced one's ears.
 <It didn't matter what the thought transmissions were, voices flooded from the five castles, causing the air to shake violently.

 I don't know if it's too much of an oppression, but everyone is shouting like their throats are torn open.

''They did it. The creator of the Silver Castle did it........!

"Our Hope, Our Wings!

"I trusted you. "I had faith in Lord Faris, and I knew he would pick up the sword for us!

"We can finally be freed from the tyranny of the cartina...!

I got it back!

"Ah! Finally, finally, finally, finally! We've finally got Balandias back in our hands!

"The birth of Faris the Head of State! He will lead this Balandias right!'

"Hooray! Long live the head of state, Faris!


"'Headmasters Farris'


 The castle owners shouted in unison.
 They are so happy that they forget that this is a silver-water pecking order battle.

 This must have been Zymon's plan to rebel.

 If it was a silver-water pecking order battle, the Immovable King would definitely ride on Zelidheavenus. The surrounding castle demon clans would also be limited to the number of school insignia, so it would be hard for them to interfere with the extra interference.

 If the school emblem was taken hostage, during the Silver Water Order War, Cartinus would be able to abandon the spot and not be able to escape.

 Faris, who controls Zelidhavenus, will always be at Kartinus' side.
 He was wary of treason, but he didn't think that even the Lord God, Maytilen, had betrayed him.

 He took advantage of the gaps in his mind, believing that he was protected by Maytilen's wards, and scratched his head in his sleep.

 From the way he talked, it was a gamble for Zymon and the others to see if Faris would agree to the rebellion.

 If he hadn't done it, they would have killed everyone in the family, let alone Zymon and his family.
 As I said at the time, he showed his resolve.


 Zaymon said.

'I knew you would do it, my friend. I knew you'd do it.

"Don't be too happy about it, Zymon.

 Faris said calmly.

'Yeah, sure. We were in the middle of a pecking order battle, weren't we?'

 With Zelidheavenus at the center, the five flying castle ships fly towards us.

 The morale is clearly different from what it was just a moment ago. This could really be felt from the magical power emitted by Zelidheavenus and the four flying castle ships Kamrahi.

 As if to inspire his allies, Zymon raises his voice.

''Let's go, Militia! I wouldn't be afraid of you anymore, even if your heads were as big as the real Demon King! Now you will see the true value of my people, Barandias!