512-To a friend of 2,000 years ago

 A roaring sound echoed from the ground with a zgo-hoop.


 At the sound of Ray's voice, the castle swooped toward me.

'Hmm. Just in time.

 I lightly received the flying castle ship Eten, which was blasted through the middle with a single thrust of the Spirit God Human Sword, with my bare hands.

''Give me the rest of the ships over here as well.

 As soon as he said it, Rei stepped straight in and pierced Eten with the entire city wall on the Spirit Godman Sword and threw him into the sky with magical power as it was.

All hands, let's get out of here!

 The voice of the lord of the castle rang out from the empty hole, and I saw the light of the .
 I caught the flying castle ships that flew in unmanned with my left hand. A total of 20 Etens were now dropped.

 I stared at Zelidhavenus and Kamlach, the five ships approaching towards me.

''Let's see what you're made of.

 Grabbing the two castles, I spun around and plunged in as if to intercept them.

'Take cover!'

 Immediately, Erdmeade said.

 Following behind me, the Demon King train pointed all the turrets at the castle ship troops. The gears of the magic circle turned vigorously.


All right!

"'Old wood slashing wheel (Boros Hetheus)'...

 The old wheels were shot out to the castle ship troops, drawing a solitary line as a covering shot.

 The gun gates of Kamrahi's second ship opened and fire erupted.
 The that was released hit the wheel and deflected its trajectory slightly.

 The third ship remotely deployed the . The was engulfed in it, and the wheel was overtaken by it.

 It was probably commanded by Faris.
 As expected, he has a good magic eye.

Then how about this one?

 Wielding the huge flying castle ship, like a tornado I rushed into the castle ship troops in formation.

''Zanjo fearless, Kamurahi's first ship Zymon Epala. I'm going to recommend it!

 With a voice, the first Kamrahi ship steps forward to intercept me.
 Just before that castle was about to hit my wielding flying castle ship Eten, a magic circle was drawn across the outer wall.

''Draw the sword! <''Gazdema!''

 Huge castle swords extended countless times from the entire Kamrahi.


 Kamurahi's first ship spun like a frame at a furious pace and collided with the flying castle ship in my hand.

''Kuhaha, it has to be that way.

"Lord Zymon has paved the way. Move on!

 Taking advantage of the gap between the first ship and the first ship, three flying castle ships passed right beside me at full speed, slipping past the bombardment of the Demon King train and heading towards the ground.

''Are you aiming for the ray?''

 I drew a magic circle of the Doguda Azbeda Azbedaara, aiming at the first ship.
 In an instant, my body felt an impact and was sent flying.


 I couldn't see anything.
 There wasn't even a hint of magic being activated, and I noticed that my body had suddenly taken a shock.

 This authority is--.

Any resistance is a futile struggle. Now Balandias is the rock.

 In front of me, King Tiger Maytilen flies in front of me.

''And moreover, this is my mistress' world. The king and tiger rule the castle. No matter how strong you are, there is no way you can win.

Now, are you sure it's rock solid?

 Maytiren gives me a sharp look in response to my question.

'You're lying,'

"Cry out, kid, for goodness sake.

 Maytiren flew through the air at high speed.
 The moment I followed it with my magic eye, my body took the impact again and was flung away.

''Interesting authority.

Are you sure? The weakest of the weaklings and they're getting further and further apart, aren't they?

 At the same time as the words were spoken, this time the chest was slashed open.
 There was no warning, but the claw marks were definitely left behind and blood seeped through.

"Zelidhavenus Approaching.

 Misha's echoes.
 It wasn't addressed to me, but a report to the engine room.

 In the distance, I could see the flying castle ship Zelidhavenus and the Demon King's train Beltexfenblem.

''Kakakak, I never thought the time would come for me to fight that ship! Delightful, painful, delightful!

 Wheels were ejected from the Demon King Train and cannons spewed fire from Zelidheavenus.

 The flying castle ships flying freely in the sky easily ducked under the Demon King Train's attack and ensured that their wards were cut down.

 On the ground, the four flying castle ships Kamrahi surrounded Rey's front, back, and left and right sides, putting up a barrage of .

 Even if Lei tried to approach, the flying castle ships, which were superior in speed, pulled back by that amount and never tried to get in between the Spirit Godman Sword.

''Spirit Godman Sword, the secret depths are two--''

 Kicking the ground that he stepped on gingerly, Rei thrust out his Evans mana with a big kick.

''-- !

 With Ray's entire body, the Spirit God Human Sword was wrapped in divine light and turned into a single sword flash.
 The amount of light is not comparable to the secret depths he showed in the Militia World, it swallowed the entire barrage in front of him and even surpassed the speed of the second flying castle ship Kamrahi.

  magic power concentrated and Kamrahi took evasive action at full speed.
 Slightly quicker than the other side's decision, the Spirit God Man Sword grazed its outer wall.

''.........With this--what.......?

 Surprised voices spilled out from the magical formula of the that was destroyed along with the outer wall.
 A that was only slightly grazed by a . With that alone, half of Kamrahi had been blown away.

 Ray's gaze shot through the lord of the Kamlahi castle, which had lost its outer walls.
 He tried to take a further step, but with a gulp, he broke his knees.


 He thrusts the Spirit Godman Sword into the earth and tries to stand up, but he doesn't seem to have any strength in his legs.
 Perhaps his arousal has increased more and more due to the release of the secret depths, or perhaps Evans Mana's power has increased even more than before.

 Gritting his teeth, Ray endured the pain.

 Just by grasping it, one of his roots popped off.
 Ray couldn't control the Evanescence Mana, and his body was being eroded by its raging power.

''Now! Leave it to the castle to fall down! Fire away!

 <The concentrated fire of the is showered on Ray. Although he is holding on to the Spirit God Human Sword as a shield, the holy sword itself consumes him.

''First ship, ramming!''

 Ximon's voice rang out.
  caused countless castle swords to extend from Kamrahi's first ship.

 Faris knows the brave canon.
 He intends to decide the game in one fell swoop, in light of the possibility of mastering the Spirit God Human Sword if he gives it time under this situation.

 The huge flying castle ship flew through the low slopes and pressed on to Rey.

''That's unfortunate. The train is as good as gone if the sword falls. This is settled without the need to defeat the Lord.

 Maytiren says, his paw claws glowing silver.

'Do not underestimate my men.

 Instantly, lightning struck the wings of the Kamrahi first ship and it exploded loudly.

''Ugh, the right wing has been breached badly........!

"Idiot! I wasn't even hit!

 Losing one wing, Kamrahi deviated from Rey and scraped the earth a few times. In a panic, at the point of crashing, he managed to get back on his feet.

"Wha........from the inside! For a split second, we saw a magical reaction. The enemy has entered the first ship, and some of the magic circuits have already been seized! It's possible that this transmission was intercepted as well!

 I thought I made it easy for you, but you've infiltrated my men...''

 Hmm. That's a good guess.

"Turn all outside eyes inward. Flush out the intruders!

...power source, and then this, this bridge, and then this... or this... ...!

 I shift my view to the commander's demon eye that has infiltrated the first Kamurahi ship.

 That's the bridge.
 Misa's was released and Shin, who had appeared, was skewering the soldiers of the Toragi Academy with his magic sword.

 When he pulled out his sword, the soldier crumpled to the spot with a thud.
 He looked straight at Zymon, the lord of the first ship, Zymon.

''You guys look for the other one who broke in.

 With that command, Zymon drew his castle sword and confronted Singh.
 The others didn't give a d*mn about him, and immediately began to repair Kamrahi and search for the intruder.

 They must have faith in him.
 The academy's leader, Zanjo Fearless Zymon Epara, would easily cut down and discard one of the invading bandits, one of the intruders, he said.

''Are your swords ready?''


Okay. I'm ready to look up. You're going to use me as a shield until the Spirit God Man Sword Man comes back to life.

 His eyes are sharp, and Zymon shoots a killing blow.

"It's not going to be as you think. I'm going to end this as soon as possible.

 Shin stepped into the interval in a single step and swung his magic sword down.


 Swinging his sword a few steps faster than Shin, Zymon slashed his demon sword - it should have, but the castle sword slashed the sky as if it had lost its aim.


 After a delay, Shin's loose sword slashes through Zymon's shoulder.


 Gah, giggling, a sound as if a stone or metal had been hit could be heard.

 Zymon's body was extremely stubborn, and only a few epidermis could be severed. The blade of the slashing Singh's blade was broken in reverse.

 However, he threw away his magic sword with a look of expectation.

''I have no intention of stalling for time. With a sword as forceful as his, at best you can only slash at a castle with a large target.''

 Shin puts his hand into the drawn magic circle and draws a new magic sword.

'You guys are weak.'

"...an unfamiliar move. Try it again.

 Singh stepped forward again.
 Zymon pulled it down just barely to assess his sword as it swung down, and then flashed his castle sword.


 A gentle demonic sword slipped through Zymon's fast sword flashes and this time it hit him directly in the brain.
 A small amount of blood flowed out, but once again, Shin's sword snapped off with a bang.

''I don't solve pictures. Therefore, I hated him.

 Quietly, Shin says

You disregard your life and refuse to take a good lookout, spreading your canvas in the middle of the battlefield. More than once I have even missed the enemy. In a harsh war, he even hesitates to take a life with his hands. A spoiled man who would risk his allies while out on the battlefield, that is Faris Noyn.

 Once again, Singh pulled out his new magic sword.
 Zymon's demon eyes flashed as he tried to see through the depths of the technique.

''It must have been a long time ago. The current Farris has long since overcome his laxity. He has taken his own sword and defeated the oppressive evil king! It just happened right in front of your eyes!

And yet, my lord, you loved even that sweetness and were allowed to do as you pleased.

 Singh chopped his steps three times.
 With speed, Zymon's castle sword ran to slice through his body.

 But this time, the sword slipped through Shin's body and slashed the sky.


 Singh's magic sword cleaved Zymon's body and broke with a snap.

''A mere painter holds a sword in his hand and carries it up to the king. He must have despaired at the thought of such a feeble and weak world.

 Drawing the magic sword from the magic circle, Singh pointed the cutting edge at Zymon.

'Faris. You may wish to see it there.

 Shing said to his former comrade in arms as he shot a cold stare.

''I will slice through the cowardly world that didn't even allow you to hold the brush,''