513-Sword reason

 Singh and Zymon, the two men were facing each other head on, swords at the ready.


 Zymon shoots a piercing look that is filled with murderous intent.


 Zymon, who is jitterily closing the gap between the two, Shin looks at Zymon without a care in the world.

It is an unreasonable world where even the wish to paint can't come true. The owners of the castle do not even try to challenge the unreasonableness of the world, but simply obey it. If you don't call Balandias a coward, what do you call him a coward?

 Zymon swung his castle sword and took a big step forward.
 He would have fallen into a strange illusion. There was no change in the spacing between the two men. They should have moved forward, but they didn't get even the slightest bit closer to Shin.

 This is a technique made possible by Shin's gait, which equals none of the occurrences. You'll be able to see almost no preliminary movements, his footwork is almost invisible, and he measures the pause without making you perceive that he has moved.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

'The Silver Castle World, as they say. You are nothing more than cowardly warriors who dare not leave your sheltered castle.''

 Shin's magic sword stabbed into Zymon's magic eye.
 Just before you are about to pierce the eye, the magic sword also snaps off.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a few blood in his eyes.

It's also an insult to Faris, who was prepared to fight.

 Zymon's figure split into two.

 It's not magic. It's an afterimage. The guy who only seems to be walking lightly is actually moving at high speed, disorienting Shin's vision.

 He counters technique with technique.
 It's probably an attempt to disrupt Shin's gait, which disturbs his breathing and spacing, in the opposite direction.

'We have waited. We waited for a king who was truly worthy of Balandias. We endured the humiliation, slurped the mud, did not draw our swords, but persevered in our creepiness. It was our battle, though we were dismissed as cowards! I will build a noble castle, even if it means laying down my pride and life! That was the soul of the Castle Demon Clan!

 The altering Zymon attacked Shin in unison.
 The stabs, which ran at an unstoppable speed, once again slip through Shin's body.

 But this time it's different from the previous one.
 Blood was dripping from Shin's cheek. He couldn't avoid it.

My comrade-in-arms, Faris, was waiting for the light. It seems that the gentle, selfless fellow never even imagined that he would be the head of his own party. So we showed him! I give you this life, and you are certainly worthy of your head!

 Zymon's speed increases even more.

 The castle demon tribe, which was even named the first in the deep world Balandias, was several levels faster than Singh and toyed with his vision.

'Faris responded with his soul! Determined to fight, he showed his determination to defeat Cartinas and vow to build a true silver castle called Balandias in this Silver Water Holy Sea! Our high road, no one can hinder it anymore!

 Zymon, who had altered into six people, unleashed an unstoppable series of blinding blows.
 Every second, fresh blood splattered from Shin's body.

 With his gait and body language, he just barely avoided fatal injuries, but Zymon was too fast.

 It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you can get a new one.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

"You offered your life and showed that you are a vessel for a head of state...?

 Singh's body shakes as he wavers.
 He paces to disrupt Zymon's perception.

'Didn't you threaten him by taking his own life as a hostage?

 While dodging Zymon's stab just in time to dodge Zymon's stab, Shin unleashes a stab to its left chest.

 It caught the main body beautifully, and Zymon's legs stopped. At the same time as blood floods from his body, Shin's magic sword shatters at the same time.

'If Farris hadn't struck down Cartinas at that time, all of you castle lords would have been slaughtered, even his clansmen... but still, can you say that he made up his mind and chose to do so himself?'

 At close range, Zymon and Singh stared at each other.

'He's greedy. So much so that in times of warfare, he seeks peace.'

That's why I've decided to take the high road.

'Did it ever occur to you that he might really be waiting for the light?

 Zaymon swings his sword down in a kesa-suspension.

"You'll have to do it yourself! He is the one who deserves it the most! If you take the high road, you can reach everything anyway.

 A high-speed slash sliced through Shin's chest slightly.
 He pulled out a new magic sword from the magic circle.

''The back of the High Daoist cannot be seen by that person.

 Zymon's slash, wielded again, counted one hundred in a single breath.
 Slipping through it quickly, Singh took the guy's back.

'How can anyone draw what they cannot see?

 Shin thrusts his magic sword at Ximon's back.

If you want to draw a picture, you can do whatever you want.

 Zymon said, even as he was conscious of the demonic sword that was thrust at him.

''I agree.''


'So you don't understand. You don't understand, as I do.

 The Gouenken, secret depths of the Gouenken - .

 The shapeless flame blade, swung down with all its strength, slashes and burns Zymon.

 The flaming blade wrapped around the Ninagawa never leaves, and no matter how tough his body is, it will not break. Every moment it breaks through the anti-magic, burning skin after skin, scorching flesh after flesh.

 At that moment--


 Zymon mutters.

 The highest level magic of the Silver Castle World Balandias' castle-building attributes creates an armor reminiscent of a castle on his entire body.
 The flaming blade that Sin unleashed was extinguished in an instant.

''The karma flame sword, the secret depths of it is Riku--''

 A blade of flame aimed at the neck, which was a gap in the armor.

''-- ''

 The red-hot red lotus blade that was heated to the extreme, burning off the root source, touched Zymon's neck and then flew off.

 Not only the sword barrel, but even the hilt in Shin's hand has disappeared.

''Is this the extent of your trump card?''

 Discouraged, Zymon says.

'Faris's comrades-in-arms. I was prepared in case it happened, but apparently we didn't need to be warned.'

 Zymon, clad in castle armor (Joukai), jumped in head-on.
 Shin drew his new magic sword and swung it down, but it was easily knocked away by the castle sword.

 At the same time, Shin's thighs were slashed open and blood poured out.

''If the world is going to change just by rattling off rhetoric, then let's talk it down until our throats are ripped open!

 In the blink of an eye, the offense and defense were reversed.
 Singh was slashed in the shoulder, his cheek was ripped open, his stomach was pierced, and he was being driven back as he looked.

'Faris noticed it too! Painting won't save any of them. Only by building a strong castle, a mighty castle that will not be bowed to by anything, will the peace of Barandias be achieved!

 Realizing that Shin's greatest blow would not be fatal, Zymon didn't think about pauses, breathing or anything else, but simply rushed forward, letting the armor of the Fortress of Steadfastness (Balandiarta) do the talking.

 An attack that threw away the defense of not caring how he was cut.
 In that case, neither Shin's techniques nor his walking style would be very effective.

''Your words are the same as your sword! It is beautiful, and although it distracts the enemy, it has no speed, power or weight. A man who can't slay me alone will cut through Balandias!

 Shin tried to draw another magic sword with his left hand, but faster than that, Zymon slashed the magic sword with his entire magic circle.

 Quickly, Shin passed his right magic sword through the gap in Zymon's armor.
 A hard gurgling sound could be heard and not a single thin layer of skin was torn off.

''Look. This is the reality, this is the order of the world. If we had the time to suggest that it is wrong, we had to slay the enemy in front of us.

You have made excuses and fled from the real enemy, the order. Stop using your weakness as a weapon to confront your allies. You are only a warrior when you stand up to your enemies.

Shut up now.

 You can find out more about this by visiting the website. A dull sound resounded and the guy flung Shin's body into the air with all the strength of his muscles.

 In a moment, Zymon's magic power has been reduced to nothing, and the source of his magic has grabbed the castle sword.

"Zanjoken, the secret is one--

 Immediately after Shin landed on the ground, the zanjōsword which the magic power gushed out was swung down.

 It was an invisible, invisible slash.

 The long blade, wielded in a kesa-suspension, had cut Shin's body in two diagonally across the ceiling and the inner walls of the castle, from his shoulder to his shoulder.

''It won't be pretty again.''

 He swings blood, sheathes his zanjō sword, and Zymon spins on his heel.

 The slash is too slow for a few moments and Shin's body shifts off.

 A moment later, Shin's arm moved. The magic sword was pulled out of the magic circle and he stabbed it into his own body. He sewed up the body that was cut in two.

''Now that secret depths aren't too bad.

 Regenerative Sword Kehes. Pulling out another of his magic swords that healed his wounds, Shin forced his displaced body back and stitched it up as he thrust it into himself.

'I thought I fully understood the difference in power.

 Zymon turns around.

'I'm not shallow enough to bury you in a dump.

'I've grown accustomed to this little world. You and I have crossed swords.

 The Zanjo sword is pulled out of its sheath again.

 'I'm not sure,' said Zamon.

''I'm not getting any more powerful by getting used to it.

 He took a step forward.
 Just like before, it's an unbeatable onslaught, left to the armor of the .

 That simple power, without a shred of sophistication, is what blocks Shin's various techniques.

''And moreover, with that half-dead body!

 The Zanjo sword swung down mercilessly, however, Shin's demon sword received it away.


 Shin followed Zymon's swordsmanship, which was delivered at high speed with two, three, and four blows.


 Zymon accelerated much faster.
 With the best speed I've ever seen here, he came around behind Shin.

''It's just a fast, useless move.''

 A gaggle of metallic sounds rang out.
 Zymon's Zanjo Sword, which was played, spun around and stabbed into the floor.

''........You think I was slacking off?''

'No. I'm just getting used to it.

 Shin ticked a step and swung his magic sword.
 Zymon jumped back in a big way and avoided it, and then grabbed the zanjō sword that was stuck behind him.

''There's no way I'm going to increase my strength or speed by getting used to it.

 Zymon's magic eye glowed.
 He was about to look into the depths of Shin's abyss, having come here and acted out a sword fight that was corporal to him.

''If you wield it with force, you will.

 Zymon catches the demon sword that Shin swung down from the big top step with his zanjō sword. Instantly, the tremendous weight of the sword caused him to break his knees.

''This Second Balandias is deeper than our Militia World, so the weight of the sword, the magic field, and even the air that clings to it, all act strongly.

"...then you shouldn't be able to move freely...

'That is a mistake. In this Second Balandias, my sword will be faster and heavier than in the Militia World.

 When Singh gingerly exerted himself, Zymon broke his knees even more. He managed to take that force and he fell backwards.

''If you swing your sword, as is reasonable, all the fetters will be reversed. The weight and magic field will make the sword faster, heavier, and stronger.

 Zymon's sword was thrust straight out to the shortest possible distance, as if to greet Singh, who stepped forward.

 In contrast, Shin's magic sword drew a long and complicated trajectory.

 Considering the distance, Zymon's was faster. Despite that, it was Shin's sword that arrived first.


 The magic sword stabbed into a chink in his armor.
 After all, it didn't even tear the skin, but Zymon frowned at the dull pain.

''The order of building castles, that is probably the strongest in this world. Therefore, the sword that cuts down the castle of order is the most reasonable. Once that is accomplished, no power is needed.

'..........In Balandias, building is stronger than the sword.........how could that be?

Then you should look into the depths of this sword.

 Singh pushed his sword further into Zymon. The demon sword ran with many times the power and speed of the Militia world, as the order of Balandias sided with him.

At the point where the two overlap, where the order of the sword is greatest and the order of the castle is least, a technique that cuts through the order can be accomplished. This is the logic of the sword.

 Aside from the magical eye that can see through that one point, it's no ordinary thing when it comes to slicing through it. It's not just about being fast. It doesn't mean that you have to be strong.

 When a reasonable and exquisite technique is created, only at the moment of the slash will the demon sword slay the order.
 The fetters of weight, magic field, atmosphere, and all the fetters of order are on its side in the slash.

 In terms of strength, speed, and magic power, Zymon is better than the current Shin.
 Even so, no forceful sword would be able to reach him.

 In the Militia world, Rey would be able to come close to that. His roots and body, repeated over and over again, understand how to swing the sword correctly.

 But the only person who can do that easily in the newly arrived Second Balandias is Shin, even under my command.


 Spitting blood from his mouth, Zymon spewed out his magic power, slammed both feet into the floor, and stomped on it. I'm sure you'll be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

''--If the sword stops, it would mean that it can be smashed!

 The zanjō sword, swung down with all the strength it could muster, slammed down hard on Shin's demon sword.
 However, although the blade was slightly chipped, the sword was unbreakable.


You didn't break it from before. Only this magic sword.

 When Shin took another step and held out his magic sword as it was, blood seeped through the cracks in Zymon's armor.

 At close range, a blast of fire was released at Singh.

 It seemed to be a direct hit, but Zymon's gaze immediately turned grim.
 Pulling out the magic sword from his stomach, Singh received the .

 Ximon jumps back and fires a series of shots from the Veyrobozm.
 Shin slashed it all and threw it away.

''........What's that magic sword?''

''The Falling Sword (Rakujoken) Mesbeleta. It can only slay castles, and its cutting ability isn't very good, so I didn't have a chance to pull it out in the Militia world.

 With the sound of an explosion, slashing flames swirled around.

''It seems that Balandias isn't very good with this magic sword.

 It's probably because of the characteristics of the Silver Castle World and the race of the castle demon race.

 They are, perhaps, castles in their essence.

 Even through the gaps in his armor, Zymon's skin could not be pierced. That's because his body itself had become solid due to the Balandiarta Castle.

 Because his essence is a castle, he is able to strengthen himself with the magic of the castle-building attribute.

 Perhaps Shin noticed during the course of the fight that the magic sword made his power slightly different from that of the Militia World, its nature slightly different from that of the Militia World.

 The falling sword Mesbelleta, which he pulled out to see if it was possible, was Balandias' weak point.

''Foolishly ... isn't your Lord God's order a revolving ... wheel or impeller ...? .... Why is a magic sword with attributes so biased that it conflicts with the order of Balandias...?

It's just a vehicle.

Don't play dumb. Your head would have been spinning like an impeller.

Your presence here with the castle is just a mood. Don't mind me.

It's only chi--?

 Zymon's eyes widened.
 <Running through the barrage of the Rigid Bullet Explosive Fire Cannon (Veilobosm), Shin fleshed out on him.

''--Oh, my dear, such a shake!

 Zaymon's slashing sword ran like a flash of light.

 An aim is a regenerative sword which is holding Shin's body together.

 <As for the body cut by , the body cut off by is not healed as if, if only the demon sword is destroyed, Shin will fall into an inability to act.

 But faster than a flash of light, Shin used his falling sword, the Mesbelleta, to strike down Zymon's slashing sword.

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it.

 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what to expect.

"Zanjousen, the secret depth is one--

 An invisible slash is unleashed at close range.

"The Fallen Sword, the secret is here...

 At the same time, Shin spins around on the spot and releases the power of the magic sword.

'-- '

 The mezverettas wear an enormous magical power.
 It's just like a siege weapon that destroys the city walls.

It's a siege weapon that destroys the walls of the city.

 With a thunderous crash sound, the Zanjous Sword left Zymon's hand.

 Before the invisible slash, Singh's Hammer stabbed into Zymon's bank.

 <The armor of the crumbled to pieces. At the same time, the blade of the falling sword was also shattered.

 Even though it was a weakness of the Silver Castle World, the magic sword of the Shallow World probably couldn't withstand it.

''I'm sorry,''

 Zymon's hand grabbed the regenerative sword that was stuck in Shin's body. The magic circle of the is drawn on it.

"My victory--

 Zymon stared at it as if he couldn't believe his eyes.
 The castle sword that had left his hand was neatly prepared by Shin.

'-- '

 With an invisible slash, the inner wall of the castle was sliced open and Zymon's head flew off.

 His body collapses and his head rolls to the floor.
 Singh stands beside him and removes the Pablo Hetala school insignia on the chest of his uniform with his zanjō sword, sending it flying into the air.

'I will tell you again and again,'

 Singh said to Zymon, who was writhing around with his school insignia in his hand.

'You have run away from reality with the excuse that it's the order of the world,'