514-Natural enemy of the god

 The Second Balandias Hollow--

 Kicking the air from right to left and left to top, Wang and Tiger Maytiren ran around in all directions.

The other day," said the young man, "that's about as far as you can go. "That's about as far as you can go. Otherwise...

 His form blurred for a moment, and then he appeared at close range of me.

"You're going to get eaten!

 His jaws opened and his sharp fangs gleamed.
 I thrust my right hand into the mouth of a man who wanted to bite me on the head.

"Eat up!

 He drew a magic circle inside the body of the king and tiger and fired the .

 With a roaring sound, the blue fixed stars raged and countless sparks flashed through the air.

"....as expected...

 Despite being blown away, Meitiren smiled with a smirk.

I don't trust what Kartinus says. "I can't trust what Kartinus says. It's not just a matter of being able to use this technique.

 Without showing any signs of surprise, Meitiren spun around and stepped into the sky as if nothing had happened.

'Who taught you that, kid?'

I was just taking a walk in the woods, and a guy passing by came by and told me.

 He drew a magic circle of 10 guns and shot out a blue star.

 Silver claw marks appeared and scattered away from the High Bullet Flame Demon Cutthroat Artillery, which was closing in from all directions to block the escape route.

 There was no sign of wielding the claws, only the claw marks appeared.
 Did it also erase the Dugda Azbeda Azbeda's Heavy Artillery, which had been shot into his body?

"The Lord is hiding something.

 Maytiren glows with his divine eye and glares at me.

'You've only been in the Silver Sea for a short time, yet you wear magic deeper than Balandias and possess the Spirit Godman Sword Evans Mana. Do you know the Holy Sword World of Highforia? Or is it its avenging enemy, the world of Ewezeino?

 He asked this as he flew through the air, like a kama.

'One of the deep worlds sent the Lord to Pablo Hetara. If we let him have deep magic and Evans Mana, there will be plenty of room to take advantage of the bubble world and its unwary enemies.

It's only fair to wonder about your backers, Meitiren. Have you considered the possibility that I'm more powerful than this guy?

You're very good at keeping tabs on me. If you want to save your life, do what you can to save yourself.

 The claws of Maytiren's paws gleam silver.

They will be torn asunder. Even castles fall.

 I catch Meitiren's body, which rushed into me like a flash of light, with both hands directly in front of me.
 Immediately afterwards, even though his claws hadn't touched me, a silver claw mark ran across my back.

 As if he ignored the anti-magic he wore, the root source is slashed open and the demon king's blood flows out along with fresh blood.

 The wounds sustained in the battle with Ronculus have not healed.
 Inside my body, the source of destruction raged in my body.

"I'm not going to be able to get away with it. You are a sturdy head of the bubble world.

 For a moment, divine magic flickered in my vision.
 It wasn't the one emitted by the king tiger in front of me.

 It was the canopy of the Second Balandias, outside the water wards created by Ottolu.
 The long castle standing upside down was glowing with silver.

 The castle continues from the canopy to the earth, surrounding this world in a circle, and then back to the canopy again.

 It is the circle of the castle that covers the small world.
 There was another circle, which was orthogonal to another circle.

''Hmm. So that long castle is your authority.

It's finally coming to you.

 As if shedding the hidden veil, the castle that covered the world began to release an enormous amount of magical power.

A stone wall forms a castle, and cause and effect pile up to form a great wall. A castle is a cause and effect, a cause and effect is a castle. A castle is a cause and effect, a cause and effect is a castle.

 Along with Maytilen's words, the order of the world felt distorted.
 As if in sympathy with the Great Wall that covered the world, King Tiger Maetilen's silver body hair shone.

''To the Great Wall of Causation, Isben Yeliah.

 A moment later, I felt a violent jolt to my head and my body was blown right down.

'This world is my mistress' castle. The stacked stone walls are the cause and effect of the world. Do you understand? She is in control of the cause and effect of Balandias. She can build or tear down the castle as she pleases, which means she can cut down the cause and get only the result.

 You can get rid of the cause of waving your claws and hitting your body and only get the result of carving the claw marks, right?
 That's quite a bit of Lord God-like authority.

"The Silver Castle allows for all kinds of consequences. The moment you arrived here, the Lord's defeat was already decided.

 Flipping my body in the air, I landed on the ground.
 A splash of water from the warding system rises and a huge hole is created in the ground.

"You're talking too much,

 From the ground, he stared at the king and tiger Maytiren floating in the air in a huff with his demonic eyes tinted with annihilation purple.

''If you're in complete control of the cause and effect, why didn't you destroy my root with your earlier strike?''

 Maetilen didn't answer, only turned his fierce eyes to me.

'If the consequences were at your disposal, it would have been easy to make Faris the head of the former. But you didn't. You could not.

 He loosely points his fingertips at him.

'Due to the nature of the castle, you can only destroy or build up cause and effect, as you have said yourself. There is a limit to the number of causes that can be cut down, even if you destroy the cause and impose only the result. Even if I could ignore the cause of the clawing motion and the cause of hitting my body, the best I could do would be to carve a claw mark at best. I can't cut down to my root resistance.

 If you destroy too much cause and effect, the castle itself will not endure.
 It is possible to repeat the cause and achieve a stronger result, but even this has its own limits.

At best, that cause and effect can only reach as far as its front legs can go. That may have been sufficient within the confines of this small world.

 I smiled wryly and said.

'No matter how many causes you break down and consequences you pile on top of each other, you can't get to me in your chachy castle.

Indeed, it's only a matter of breaking or building up the cause and effect. Not yet.

 Maytiren didn't seem to mind that he was known, and said.

She has Faris. With him as head of the household, you will soon be able to paint the Great Wall of Causes in any way you like. Balandias will go to the depths, and all four of her legs will reach the causalities. When she reaches the depths of the abyss, this thought will control the cause and effect of the Silver Water Holy Sea.

 The sound of laughter echoed from the sky.

When that happens, all you have to do is think and everything will come true. You are only a passing phase, my dear. Now that Faris is hers, there are no more obstacles to this longing.

 <The silver claws of the broken castle shine brightly, and without regard to distance or cause, they pierce my chest from behind.

 A great amount of blood flows from my chest and mouth.

"Oh, you're a misfit, aren't you? Even if you can't make Faris a head of state, a single paw will suffice in battle. Don't talk to me like that until you've given your mistress a scratch.

Hmm. Speaking of scratches...

 I pull out my two-rate sword and release it.

 With that magical power, I use and at the same time, I stomp on Meityren's shadow as hard as I can.

 As if stomped on as hard as he could from the sky, Meitiren's body fell with great force and crashed into the earth.

''--this much?''

 No matter how I break and pile up the cause and effect of a single paw, I cannot erase my shadow.
 That's the way it should be if you eat the Dagdara of the Two Rites Sword, which has enough magical power of my annihilation stored in it.

 While splitting the earth with a mishmash, Meitiren spills out an astonished voice.

 The six fly into the shadow of the guy who tried to get up and sew his body shut.


 Once again, he stepped back on Maytiren's face.

''No way ... no way ... no way ... no way ... no way ...''

 As if in disbelief, Wang Hora says

 How could such a thing be possible to use this magic outside of those impenetrable territorial waters.......!

 Eyes tinted with astonishment stare at me.

''.........What in the world.......? Who is the Lord........who is he.......?

Carve it into your skull so you don't have to hear it again. That's Anos Voldigord, the tyrant king.

 Holding the Two Rite Sword in his backhand, he swung it down to Maytiren's brain.

 The blade hasn't reached it.

 No matter how hard I push it in, the blade cannot reach his head.
 It's as if the result of piercing his head was destroyed.


I never thought I'd have to use this on a non-conformist of the bubble world!

 Maetilen's body is covered with castle-like armor.

 To the Great Wall of Causality that rises in the canopy, Izuben Elijah was pouring silver light on him.

"To the Great Wall Armor, Izuben Elijah--

"Hmm. I'm not going to be able to get it right. It's called the Silver Castle World, so it doesn't look like something that will fall off easily.

 He loosely draws his two-rate sword.

'Just right.'

 I look up above me.
 There was a girl in the sky, riding an ejected gear.

''Let's see if that of yours is really the authority for the Lord God against.

 The girl nodded quietly.

'The moon will not rise, the sun will set, and spring will shine on the godless land.'

 A serene chant echoed through the Second Balandias.

''The Six Flowers of Disobedience, Levi Helluota.''

 A great circle of burning ice appears behind Arcana.

 Freezing and burning at the same time. Before that contradictory authority, the Great Wall Armor that King Tiger Meitiren was trying to wear froze and then began to burn.

''No magic, no power can harm the Silver Castle that rises in Balandias. All the causes and effects of this little world work together to protect your castle--

 Maytiren's eyes widen.

 The silver castle surrounding the Second Balandias. <The Great Wall of Causality, Hesbenjeliah, began to crumble with a rattling sound.

 The order of the world had begun to deteriorate at a rapid pace.

 Is this...?

 <The Great Wall of Causality collapsed, and its huge debris fell on King and Tiger Meitiren one after another.

...My castle........how could my castle......turn on my mistress.......!

 The cause and effect of protecting the Lord God went haywire, and the castle began to assault Maytiren.
 One after another, the debris of the silver castle rushed in and crushed his body.

''Geez.......geez.......horse, deer! This ... the power of a mistress ... vanishes ... vanishes ... vanishes ... .....

 Buried in the rubble, he lets out a tragic voice.

 Why? That's impossible! Even the strongest authority, even in the most impenetrable territorial waters, cannot override the authority of a mistress........! What the hell is this all about? What did you do, you non-conformist!

"There's a misfit on my world who lost to me. It was a countermeasure I created for the Lord God when he was born. I wanted to see if it would work.

 A part of a large silver castle with a pointed tip falls straight down to this spot.

Order is distorted and disobeyed; I am a god who does not bow to the heavens. I am the god who does not bow to the heavens.

 Zgaang, the rubble blows the rubble away.
 The sharp castle debris pierced through Maytilen's body and crushed him.

 Maytilen is buried in the silver castle he created himself.
 The debris was stacked on top of Wang Tora's body, maintaining a strange balance, perhaps because his causal authority was out of whack.

 The only thing that wasn't barely buried was the head.
 Any authority that the Lord God possessed would have disappeared, and he would have been unable to resist.

''Did it work?''

 While saying this, Arcana descends from the sky.


 Then she spluttered.

'Does your magic still hold?'

'As long as you don't use Rivine Girma, you should be fine for a few minutes. And I won't let them finish you off.

 <When the Six Flowers of Betrayal are gone, Meityren will regain his authority.
 As it stands now, we've only sealed off his power and movement.

The otherworldly lord god's authority may not be completely sealed.

We'll see about that too.

 With the two-rate sword, I cut off Maytiren's head.

"....you're going to ...do ... the ...to ...the nonconformist. ...?

 Maytiren, who is now only in the neck, still utters the words.

 As expected, he is stubborn.
 You just can't move, but there's still plenty of magical power left at the root.

If I try to destroy you, I'll surrender before I can. "If I try to destroy you, I will surrender before I do so.

 Grabbing the king and tiger by the neck, I flew to the Demon Train and Zelidhavenus, who continued to shoot at each other.

''I'll show you from a special seat. You can see how utterly defeated Balandias is.