515-Sky of destruction

 The sound of explosions rang out, and there was the sound of creaking and spinning gears.

 While firing magic gunfire, the flying castle ship Zelidhavenus and the Demon King train Beltexfenblem were running in the sky.

 It is a very good idea to be able to have a good idea of what to expect when you go to the beach.

 With the momentum of a head-on collision, the distance between the two sides is quickly approaching zero.

"Zelidhavenus, the limit of continuous fire. "Zelid Havenus, the limit of continuous fire, predicting six seconds to load the next round.

 Misha's voice rang out.

''All turrets, target good.''

Not yet. Attraction.

 Eldmeadow gives the order to the turret room.

'Change course. We're headed for the middle of Zelidhavenus.

You're gonna bump?


 Without a care in the world, Eldmead steered with his staff and turned his course towards Zelidheavenus.

''If we're going to bump into each other, we're going to make some money. Do you think that Founder would do such a poor job of steering the ship?''

 The students in the engine room looked on in amazement.
 At that moment of sudden contact with Zelidhavenus, the trajectory of the ship changed and the flying castle ship dodged the demon king train.

''Fire away!''

"This time. Yeah!

 The voice of the Fan Union echoed from the turret room.

 The old wheels are fired one after another at Zelidhavenus as if passing each other. <There is only one second left until the next round of the Velobosm is loaded. There are no bullets to shoot down.

 Against the gears that were fired at close range, Zelidheavenus simply accelerated.
 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it.

''Ugh, what's going on that's faster than a magical bombardment?

 In the turret room, Eren shouted as if he couldn't believe it.

 While deftly dodging the that was still guiding him, Zelidhavenus turned and took the back of the Demon King's train in the blink of an eye.

''Kaka, you've been bitten!

 Smoke billowed out of all the cars of the Demon Lord Train.

''There's a smoke train (posh posh)!

 When the smoke quickly disappeared, the tail of the Demon King Train had been replaced by the first car.

 Before entering the air battle with Zelidheavenus, the illusion of smoke from the had made the Demon King's train appear to be running backwards and forwards.

 In other words, it had been running backwards all the way until just now.

"Wheel connected to fifth gear. Full speed ahead.

"Copy that! Engage fifth gear. Full speed ahead!

 At Eldmead's direction, the gears quickly switch from backward to forward.

 Due to the nature of the train, the Beltexfenbröm can achieve the same speed in both forward and backward motion.

 However, because the engine room and chimney are in the first car, the maneuverability is better in forward, and the smoke boundary is thickest in front and thinnest behind.

 Faris, who didn't expect to be rammed in from the thin back row until just now, aimed for the last row, but that was exactly the gamble that Erdmeade had hit.

''Kah-kah-kah-kah-kah! Assault, assault, assault, assault!'

 In order to avoid being swept away by the demon king's train, Zelidheavenus was chasing it at full speed.
 However, the train stopped suddenly and even started to run in the opposite direction, and the two sides were getting closer and closer at full speed than before.

 The train stopped suddenly, but not in time.
 It is very difficult to avoid at this speed.

"Hey, hey! Are you really going to guess? You won't be safe if you hit the walls of Zelidhavenus, as expected!

"I don't care, I don't care, I don't care! Otherwise, there's no way they could catch that stupid, fast ship! Believe in the magic of the Devil King!

 Eldmaed kicks off Sasha's warning.

''As expected, it's getting hard, but I'll do my best!

 <The light of the Sanctuary White Smoke Walls (Theoboros Igeria) increased, and multiple wards were layered on top of each other.

 With a thunderous roar, the concentrated fire of the Veyrobozm cannon was fired upon, but the wards concentrated only in front prevented it.

 In the blink of an eye, the demon train was closing in on the magical city wall of Zelidhavenus, and at the moment when it was about to collide - this time the white smoke rising from the chimney disappeared.

  slowly disappeared. In the engine room, one of the students who had thrown coal into the fire, a can-burning student, had collapsed as if he had exhausted his power.

 , Fifth Gear Speed, , all of which are essential to the burning of the fire chamber that powers the Demon King train.

 They had been throwing coal at a higher speed than they had trained for, but they had finally reached their limit.

''--Ka-ka-ka, you're not far off!

 Eldmaed happily laments the failure of his gamble.

 <If you rush into Zelidheavenus' "Robust Warding Walls" with the Sanctuary White Smoke Warding (Theoboros Igeria) about to disappear in this situation, there will be no room for one more.

''As usual, you are fond of decalcomania, the Cutthroat King. You have a surrealist aesthetic in your battles.

 At the same time Faris'
 As soon as the defensive wall touches the defensive wall, the Sanctuary White Smoke Field (Theoboros Igeria), which was about to disappear, completely disappears.

 In a moment, Faris dared to erase the magical city wall of his own ship.

''It's not my cup of tea, but is it also quaint?''

 Using the small amount of space created by erasing the city walls, Zelidheavenus brilliantly avoided the collision of the Demon King train.

 Then, at the moment of passing the long carriage, he fired the "rigid explosive cannon" just twice.

The first, second, and third were hit in two places at the connection. The first, second and third cargo compartments are falling.

 Misha's voice rang out.

 All the cargo compartments storing the fire and dew are cut off from the Demon King train and fall away.

 If that one is taken away, the Silver Water Pecking Order battle is lost.
 Zeridhavenus turned quickly and headed for the cargo compartment.

''Shoot the
Copy that!

Fire the Neos. Recovery, recovery, recovery!

 The Absorption Gravitational Gears (Neos) were fired one after another from the turret.

 The gears that tried to retrieve the falling cargo hold, however, were detonated by the that Zelidheavenus fired.

 The current speed of the Demon King's train is not nearly as fast as Faris's Zelidhavenus.

 The flying castle ship, which is quickly approaching the cargo bay, draws a magic circle there.
 The walls of the castle are deployed and the cargo hold is taken inside the castle.

"Doguda Azbeda Azbehara.

 A thunderous sound rang out, and a hole opened up in the solid ward wall (Buddy Leiheer).

 I stretched out my
"Hahaha. Nice try, Farris.

 When the cargo compartment was flown through, the Demon King train connected with it.

"This is your Lord God.

 Showing the head of King Tiger Meytiren, he intercepts the Thought Transmissions (Leaks) flying around inside Zelidhavenus.

 It could have been prevented with anti-magic, but Faris did not stop it.
 With the Lord God in your hands, you have no choice but to obey. It's almost a done deal.



 I heard the sound of gasping for breath and a stunned voice.

"...the sight of Lady Meytiren in such a miserable state...

 I can't believe that in this Second Balandias, in our world of demons, the Great Wall of Causality should fall so easily.

"What did that little girl do...? The gods.........?'

''Don't tell me ... that a god who is not the Lord God has defeated the Lord God? God of what? How can such an order exist...

"It seems that Lord Zymon has been killed and the siege has been broken, and all is silent on the flying ship Kamrahi...

"...a swordsman who defeats Lord Zymon in single combat. The wielder of the Spirit God's human sword, Evans Mana. A mysterious tribe of gods that seals the Lord God's order. Not only the head of the clan, but also his men are all monsters...?

''The Demon King Academy of the Militia World, who the hell are these guys...? I didn't mean to underestimate you, but you're too strong for a non-conformist at any price...''

''........I knew you didn't call yourself the Demon King, but I didn't expect you to go this far......''

 The castle demon tribe shuddered at the results they were confronted with on a whim.
 At the moment, they only had one ship, Zelidhavenus.

''It's an unbeatable one, Your Majesty. ''Even with the full strength of Balandias, you are no match for them.''

No, it's just a matter of settling the game. It's not over yet.

 I rise to the Demon King's train and look down at Zelidhavenus, who is still flying in the sky with ease.

'Faris. Faris, you and Zelidhavenus are the only ones left. The wings of hope that the castle demons saw on the battlefield. Their wings must be snapped back or Balandias will never wake up from his nightmare.

 It's already decided.
 But I told Farris.

I said to Faris, "This is the final battle. I'm going to take my wings and fly to my Demon Train. If you can do that, then you will win this silver water battle.

 I dare to make a victory for Balandias.
 To give them a complete defeat.

"What if my wings don't reach the train?

"Go back to your brothers and sisters and paint. I promised you that day, a picture of peace.

 A moment's silence--
 A huge three-dimensional magic circle covered Zelidheavenus.

 Faris's magic power, and the magic power of the castle demons, flooded out of the flying castle ship.

''Let's take that match and stand. But even if you lose, you can't paint a picture.''

 Clearly, Faris assured him.

'I have broken my brush. Never ... never ... will I ever paint again. Instead, I swore an oath. 'I will be a wing of Balandias. 'Your Majesty, I may not be able to be like you, but I can be a wing that carries you to that light that will one day appear.'

 Slowly, Zelidheavenus begins to rise.
 With an unprecedented amount of magical power.

'My brush is broken. That is why these wings will never be broken. Until the time when this world, Balandias, reaches the light.''

"Noble courage and courageous determination, Farris. "Noble volunteerism and noble resolve, Faris. You've gone from being a free-spirited painter to a fighter. But...

 Why did he have to break his brush?
 I know very well that it was not a half-hearted decision.

 I know very well that it was not a half-hearted determination to become a warrior, and there is no such thing as a lie.
 So I said, "I will not praise you.

"I will not praise you.

 Without fear of this body, he looked at the flying castle ship flying straight at him.


'Finally? I'm tired of waiting.

 Sasha, after leaving the Demon King's Train, uses the Flying Flesh to fly.

"Use that one.

 Sasha's demonic eye of doom floats and covers both of her eyes with her right hand. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this topic.

 <It is the Eye of the God of Doom.

"The God of Destruction descends (Averniu).

 The demon king train soared further into the sky, and the dark sun wheel appeared in the center of it.

 In the past, in the world of Militia, the < Sun of Ruin> Surgieldnave, the Sun of Ruin that scorched and destroyed everything reflected in the God's Eye of Destruction, appeared in the Second Balandias.

 The demon train was swallowed up by the interior of the Sun Wheel.
 As long as the < Sun of Ruin> is not defeated with this, Zelidhavenus' wings cannot reach it.

''Let me show you the power of the God of Destruction.

 The Sun of Doom easily scorches Ottreloo's wards and rises further into the sky, illuminating Balandias with black light.

 A great deal of magic gathers there, and the black sun is illuminated.

 The doomed light falls on Zelidhavenus as he heads for the sky.
 <In the current world of Militia, which has transformed the total love of thought into order, the divine authority is accompanied by love.

 Far stronger than two thousand years ago, the black sun burns the wings of Zelidheavenus.

'The lustrous sun, after two millennia, Your Majesty has transformed that miserable sun into a symbol of peace, hasn't he?

 Despite the burning of his wings, Zelidheavenus' rise did not stop.

''But I too have fought in this Balandias. Zelidhevenus is an immovable silver castle that can never be shaken. These wings will never fall and will continue to fly over the battlefield to the end, a symbol of Balandias' victory.''

 Zeridhavenus rises through the sky of its destruction, slashing the black sun head on.

 Just like that day.

''Come on, let's go. Don't be afraid. I do not say, 'Be beautiful. Please follow my back. Even if you have to sling mud, I will bring you victory.'

 Zelidhevnus goes through the air, with the walls scorched and his wings tattered.

''The same as then, Your Majesty. My wings will surely bring hope into that Sun of Doom.

 As if inspired by Farris, who did not flinch even for a moment, the castle demons under their command demonstrated even more powerful magic.

 This is the magic that creates an immovable castle that will never fall.


 Zeridovenus wears silver light.

 The highest level of magic attributed to the castle-building attribute of Balandias is transforming the flying castle ship in a flash.

 The thick, silvery walls, long, wide and strong wings, and countless gun gates.
 That huge castle was undoubtedly a fortress.

 In Ximon, it was all he could do to clothe his body in armor.
 However, even though Faris had borrowed the magic of the castle demons, he had used his magic on the entire castle ship.

 A man who had decided to turn his own works into weapons in order to protect his comrades' works--.
 It is a strong and sad wing.

 Even the black sun didn't hurt her, and Zelidheavenus flew through the sky with ease.
 She gazed at the scene sadly.


 When Sasha called out, a voice rang out from inside the Demon King train.

''The Creator God Revealed (Militia).''

 The snow and moonlight flowers descend to the wings, which are heading straight for the sun.
 Fluttering, fluttering, countless snowflakes cover the sky.

 <Right next to the Sun of Ruin, the silvery white full moon, the Moon of Creation, Artiel Tonoa, has appeared.

 It is moving.
 As the sun and the moon nestle back to back, the surgeeldnave is chipped away.

 Darkness covered Balandias.

 <It was the total solar eclipse of the < Sun of Doom>.
 A girl's shadow was reflected in that dark daylight circle.

''--You were laughing that day, weren't you?

 Sasha says, as if looking back two thousand years ago.

'Even at a time like that, we were laughing that the world would be at peace, and we were flying through a sky of destruction, even though it was destroyed. 'Be beautiful,' he said, flying in like an idiot. Destroyed and destroyed, making new wings. It wasn't just such a sturdy, ugly ship.

 Sasha opens her closed eyes.
 <The God's Eye of Doom shines brightly.

''You may think you're getting stronger, but oh dear. I lost because I am smiling. Because you were smiling, those wings were able to fly free in the sky of destruction.

 At the same time as I glanced at him with a snap, the blinked.

So I will destroy it. This is not the sad ending I wanted to see. 

 A moment later, the light of doom that was about to destroy the Militia world was released.

 That dark light fell not only on Zelidheavenus, but also on me, Ottolu, the water wards, and the land of Balandias.

 This body will not be burned at all.

 In the reincarnated world of Militia, the order of the God of Destruction has also evolved. Its authority, the , has been transformed into a power that has earned her love.

 To the light of annihilation that destroys only that which must be destroyed.

 It doesn't burn me, it doesn't burn the earth, it doesn't even burn the castle demon race, but its brilliance only burns only the flying castle ship Zelidhavenus.

 By limiting the objects of its destruction, its power has increased many times over--.