561-To make a ghost

 The princess looked at him in wonder.
 The skeleton said.

''Kiss ... wo.........''

 The princess hesitates. However, she began to love the skeleton.
 She boldly kissed the skeleton on the cheek.

 And then, guess what?
 The skeleton was enveloped in the light, and in a flash of light, it was changing its shape.

 The next thing she knew, there was a blonde haired, blue eyed prince standing in front of her.
 He said, "Thank you.

''Thank you. Thanks to you, the curse has been lifted. I have regained my human heart.''

 --Luna looked up vigorously as she closed the book with a snap.


 She slips out of bed as if she has just had an idea.

 It's midnight.
 In the moonlight, Luna runs and enters the building with the stone oven.

 She immediately begins to prepare soup and bake bread.

 Earlier she had been reading an old fairy tale.
 The prince is cursed by a wicked witch and turned into a creepy skeleton, and is saved by a princess' kiss.

 The prince, once a monster, regained his human heart and rescued the princess when she wandered into a cave.
 They loved each other and lived happily ever after.

 The same thing, Luna thought.

 The Phantom Knights are living like ghosts, away from humanity.
 They shouldn't have lost their hearts, but they act like they've lost their minds.

 It's as if a curse was placed on them.

 But if they are the cursed ghosts, you can release them.

 When you get a person's heart back, you'll be able to hear his or her name.
 You can learn more things from them and have a nice chat with them.

 Then you might be able to understand clearly that this is your destiny.

 That won't eliminate Luna's fate as the Abyssal Princess of Disaster, but if their love is fate, they must be able to overcome it.

 Just like in that fairy tale, the prince who had regained the human heart would help the princess.

''Yes, it was delicious.''

 Once the soup was complete and the bread was baked, she took it and ran off with it.
 As if driven by an urge, Luna runs to the cave.

 Would she be awake? What should I start with?

 With that in mind, I walked deeper into the cave and found the best (Jeff) standing in front of the door.

 He seems to be on guard until this midnight.
 He noticed Luna and saw that she was holding a pot and gave him a questioning look.

'What's wrong?'

'Well I had a good idea... and I thought the best (Jeff) was right, the sooner we acted, the better, so...'

 Luna turns her gaze to the other side of the door.

'I want to see you, but are you awake...?'

We've been told no one is to go beyond this point.

 Despite the words, the best (Jeff) laughs.
 Then he poked at the door with the handle of his spear and opened it.

''........Is it okay?''

'The whims of the ghosts, but if you can, please mislead me well.

Thank you!

 Luna thanked him and went inside.

 It was dimly lit and there was almost no sign of anyone.
 She walked to the back of the room, casting her demon eye (eye) in the darkness.

'What's wrong with the first (Jeff)?'

 Luna shivered with a jolt as she was suddenly approached.

 On the other side of the darkness, Celis was there.
 On top of a fixed magic circle, she seemed to be studying magic.

''Well I think she's resting from anemia...''

Its blood is inexhaustible. There's no such thing as anemia.


 I'm sorry, best (Jeff), I've been found out, Luna apologizes in her mind.

 There's no point in mending things when it comes to this.
 Luna ran up to Cerise and showed her the pot with a big smile.

''I brought you some soup!

Leave it.

 Luna said without trepidation, though she was told sluggishly.

We have bread, too. Today it's rye. It's tough, but delicious.

Leave it.

 The words were cold, but Luna continued with a smile.

 I won't take a step back today.

 I will break the curse of the ghosts.
 In order to do so, I will first have you eat a home-cooked meal at all costs.

 Don't worry.
 Don't worry, I'm sure they'll understand your sincerity.

''The wild boar meat is so good, everyone says it's delicious. You haven't eaten much at all lately, have you? Eat.


 With a bang, a piece of black bread was thrown into Cerys' mouth.

'Is it good?'

 Celis has a look of amusement on her face as she eats the bread.

 A stifled laugh leaks out from a distance, a faint sound of stifled laughter.
 It's probably the most (Jeff) thing I've ever heard.


 Cerise wordlessly bites off the bread and holds the portion that didn't go in.

 Without a second thought, Luna grasps the spoon tightly.

 The moment she swallowed the bread, the demon's eyes, which shone brightly, had a strong sense of determination, as if to say that this time she was going to throw hot soup into her mouth.

''Well I'm certainly a little hungry.''

 Celis said a little dumbfoundedly, and with the magic of , she prepared a desk and two chairs.

''Sit down.''


 I did it. It came through. The sincerity was understood.

 Luna became happy and gave a big smile.
 In a good mood, she drew a magic circle and put the soup in a deep dish she took out of it and placed the black bread on a flat plate.

'Looks like you've adjusted to it,'

"In the Order of the Phantom Menagerie? Yeah, everyone's nice. But it's kind of weird because no one calls them by name. First (Jeff), second (Ed) and third (Zeno) are the numbers one, two and three in the language of this world.

 Luna spoke eloquently, and Celis's eyes sharpened.

'This world?'

Well, I've been in a different world, so...

 There is no Lord God in the bubble world, and there is no way to sense the outside world.
 Luna can't go out of this Elesian world on her own, either.

 Even if I explained about the Silver Water Holy Sea and Ewezeino, she would just think I was a crazy woman.

 Luna was at a loss for words as to how to say it.

''Well ... um ... isn't it inconvenient when you get married? I don't know your name...

 She decided to change the subject forcibly.

'No name, no greed, we just wander.

 That's what I've heard him say over and over again.

 But I still didn't think it would make them happy, no matter what I thought.

'Um, how did you become a ghost?'

No reason.

'You're lying. It's no fun being a ghost. You can't do the things you want to do. You can't marry someone you love. I don't know why I have to live like that.

 Celis was silent.
 Just biting into the bread and drinking the soup.

 I'm not going to lose, Luna thought.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that it's not a number, but a princess.

Because we're not on the same side.

 Luna's heart ached at those words.
 She felt terribly alienated.

''........I want to be one of them.......''

"The unfathomable power that lies dormant in your belly.

 Running purple light into the demon's eyes, Celis looked into Luna's abyss.

''Is that some kind of curse that can be placed on your child?''

 I haven't told him anything.
 And yet, he had found out so much about the Abyssal Princess of Disaster.

 Luna couldn't hide her surprise.

''........You might laugh that it's a lie, but.......''

 I couldn't keep quiet about that anymore.
 If you treat people with a genuine heart, you can't hide something inconvenient from them.

I'm going to give birth to an abomination that will destroy the world. That's my fate...

 Withholding her name, the Lion of Disaster Abyss World and Arzenon's Ruin, Luna confided her fate to Celis.

 I don't know how far they will believe me, and if they do, on the contrary, I won't be able to help but evade them, Luna thinks.

 But Cerise's answer was surprising.

'You, nevertheless, do not want happiness. You don't want your own child, do you?

 She hesitated for a moment, but still she nodded.


 It was strange.

 He was always so cold like that.

 And yet, even though Luna hadn't said anything, even though they hadn't exchanged much in the way of words, he seemed to understand her.

'That selfishness is what we have abandoned. As long as there is a craving in that chest, you cannot be a ghost. In time you will shun us and shun us.

 The candles in the cave were lit as Ceris emitted a purple light from his fingertips.

 He stood up and turned his gaze to the center, surrounded by lights.
 There was a magic circle painted on it.

'The living and the ghosts are incompatible. If you are the light, we are the shadows. We will never cross paths.

 Luna still didn't understand what Celis was saying.

 But today, she talked to me a lot more than usual.
 I knew that she would be able to understand my heart.

You're the first (Jeff). Are you here?

Yes, sir.

 The first (Jeff), who had been keeping guard at the gate, walked over to us.

'We're ready to go,'

We've been waiting for you.

 The first (Jeff) comes to Luna's questioning doorstep.

 Then, in his usual tone of voice, he said lightly, as if he were making small talk.

'Princess, I am leaving you. I will now go to the underworld.