556-Death King's Detectives

 Geldhave, the evil volcano.

 With her twin-tail fluttering, Sasha spun around.
 <It is not a good idea to have a good time, but it is a good idea to have a good time.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future.

 Shadows and shadows collide and darkness and rage each other.

 It is a very good idea to be able to have a good time with your friends and family.

''Hey. That person's imitation magic eye, it seems you can duplicate anything.''

The Magic Eye of the Transcription. Don't call me that.

 The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the dark-colored long sword with force, but Sasha didn't budge.

 If it were a pure comparison of strength, Kostoria, the Lion of Perdition, is better than Sasha.
 In other words, Sasha is better at handling the Rational Destruction Sword.

''Hmm. Transcription. If the source of a phantom's power is craving, what is your source of power?

Shut up.

 The lion's eyes floating in the air went around behind Sasha.

 A magic circle was drawn on her eyes and the Disaster Flame Industrial Fire Burning Cannon (Ziol Bezgum) was shot out.

 While using the Ridiculous Sword, Sasha is unable to use her other magic eyes.
 The black-green balls of flame landed one after another and she was engulfed in flames.


 Wearing black particles on her body, Kostoria struck down Sasha's Ridiculous Sword with all her strength.


 Kostoria's Ridiculous Sword is swung down on the defenseless Sasha. The dark-colored blade slashed diagonally from her shoulder to her torso.

 A fatal blow that cuts through even the root cause.

 However, Sasha, who seemed to have been slashed through, is unharmed--.
 Her reason-annihilation sword destroyed that reason and caught the blade after it was slashed.

''Is it the characteristics of a phantom beast? I may not be able to detect the subtleties of emotion like Misha, but I do have an inkling of what you're feeling.

 In return, Sasha knocked away Kostoria's sword and Sasha swung the Rational Sword down.
 Kostoria jumped back as quickly as possible and dodged it.

 But - blood flowed out of her.


 I'm sure I should have dodged, but her chest was slashed open.

 Sasha gracefully held the rationality sword.

I'm sure you're not the only one who's had to deal with this. I know you. The eyes of envy. You envy those who have what you do not have. I'm covetous and envious. That's why I can transcribe any kind of magic, but in the end it's no match for the real thing.

Shut up! Who--ah..........!

 At the moment she became enraged, Sasha's Ridiculous Sword had pierced Kostoria's abdomen.

''Because the reason you envy me is because I'm no match for you, right? I guess I can only transcribe and degrade magic that I can't use, right?

You're all so annoying. So what? Still, I'm stronger than you.

 Despite being pierced in the abdomen, Kostoria grabbed Sasha's hand as she gripped the rationality sword.

 Sasha's Venusdnoa faded slightly.

''Lack of magic power. You really wanted to make a decision with this blow, right? Is this Venusdnoa borrowed from him? You're not even close to your own size. You're not even close to my size. Don't get all high and mighty!

 She swung down Venuzdnoa while expressing her frustration.

 When Sasha pointed her and sent magic power to the Ruin Sword, Kostoria's right hand was severed and Venusdnoa and the entire Venusdnoa fell off.

 However, at the same time, Sasha's Ridiculous Sword, which was thrust into Kostoria, also disappeared.

''Sorry to hear that. I didn't borrow it, I exchanged it. Do you envy me?''

 Sasha recoils from the kick to Coastoria and quickly retreats.

'Who the hell!'

 The two of them will be able to use the Ridiculousness Sword, as Sasha's magic power has run out and her stock of replicas has run out.

 Sasha's magic power is running out, and her stock of replicas is low, so neither of them can use the Ridiculous Sword anymore.

 However, Kostoria has enough magic power left.


You have so many magical eyes, and all you can do is envy them?

Shut up!

 Corstoria drew a magic circle as she expressed her anger and frustration at Sasha's provocation.

 It was right after that.

 Sasha retreating through the air and Kostoria chasing after her. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well.

 It is a good idea to have a good time with your friends and family.

 Sasha, who was aware of this, just barely avoided it, while Kostoria, who was concentrating only on chasing Sasha, was swallowed by the black vortex.

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it.

''A close call, nine deaths, a paper-thin line!

 As his body dissolved into sludge, Erdmaed was swept away by the overflowing black water. The wings of the Heavenly Father God wrapped around Naya behind her, barely protecting her.

''No, no, detention. At that last minute, to release profound grass thorns not only on , but also on , you looked so deep! As expected, his magic couldn't be torn down, but with the collapse of the World Cosmetic Fictional Reality (Hilyam Paleem), we were able to deflect his power!

 Eldmead speaks eloquently, but Naya has no power left to answer.
 Her vessel has been severely damaged due to eating the deepening god's authority.

''I mean, I'm not dying.

 When Sasha gathered the remaining magic power in her eyes and reduced the power of the black water with the , she reached out her hand and pulled them up.

''That kind of omaha is also badly beaten by your hand, God of Destruction. You have very little magic left.

''This is because of the Rational Destruction Sword. It's taking away my magic like an idiot. If I could fight properly, it wouldn't be this close to the edge.

 Then a voice rang out from above them.

''You're afraid, Demon King Academy. What are you planning to do after exposing the power of Kostoria in the Silver Water Order Battle?''

 Further up in the sky than Sasha and the others, there was Naga.
 A great deal of magical power flowed from her jet-black legs, strengthening her entire body.

'Did you think it was only two eyes, the lion's legs? I have an idea of what you can do.

Yeah? Am I right?

 Without moving, Naga said calmly.

'A holy chain shield born of a craving for protection. 'Squeezing magic from the source of others and protecting its owner,' said Omae. The balances of the liars did not tilt. In other words, it was not a lie. And afterwards, he also said, "It's not a lie. That explanation is all a lie. The shield of chains is not holy power, and the craving for shelter has nothing to do with it. It does not suck magic from the source of others. It is an iron ball of chains that destroys all swords.

 The Cutthroat King sneered.

'The lying scales did not tilt. I mean, it's not a lie either.''

 Naga listens to it without denying or affirming it.

''But the explanation of the chain shield and the iron ball of chains are clearly contradictory. If the thing was a magic tool that changed as Omae mentioned, if you didn't explain it that way, the judgment would still be a lie. Then why wasn't Omae's lie judged by the liar's balance?

 Eldmead pointed at Naga's face with his stocking staff.

'You are a liar. Perhaps it is because of this craving that Omae is able to believe his own fantasies to be true. If he believes it to be true, even if it is contrary to the facts, the liar's balance will not operate.

 At the Sixth Academy Court Meeting, Holy King Lebrahard said.

 <Even if you can't lie in the Arbitration Agreement, that kind of magic is only good if you don't believe it to be a lie.

 It's rare that someone can slip through the cracks with the power of suggestion.
 The same thing.

'Anyone can tell it's a lie when you explain the iron ball of chains in apparent contradiction to the first chain shield. If the lying balance is a sham and I'm operating it, I'll make sure it's tilted to the left. But the balance is real, and it has determined that your fantasy is the truth. When he was able to determine that the balance was real, he realized that it was not me who was speaking, but a third party - a detention.

 With his half-dead body, the Cutthroat King still laughed as if he had won.

''Isn't the fact that you saw through my bluff proof that I'm a liar? Hmm?

'Yes. That's a possibility, but I'm sure there are many other possibilities.

''No, no, that's the most fitting. If what you swore in your contract (Zekt) that you would not lie and lie is just an assumption based on your imagination, then all sorts of mysteries are connected into one!

 Naga raised one leg and quickly drew a magic circle.

''I wonder if the Cutthroat King is the chief strategist of the Demon King Academy. How can you fantasize about so many things?''

"Kaka kaka, if you think I'm the brains of a demon king, you're mistaken, lion legs. I'm nothing more than a parrot that talks in that man's ear. Even if I was to take care of him now, the demon king has already reached the point where he can reach the next level!

I don't know. Mr. Cutthroat King is a liar.

 Switching axial feet in the air, Naga kicked her legs out to the drawn magic circle.

 A crushing sound was heard with a bang.
 Naga interrupted his magic and looked in that direction as soon as he could.

 The middle of the Evil Volcano (Jagazan) Geldhave. The calamitous turtle's shell, which had been swept away by the black water and was on the verge of dissolving, was slashed by Ray with the Spirit God Human Sword.

 The fire dew stored there rose into the sky with great force and crossed between the Cutthroat King and Naga.

''Bobonga, you've already recovered. Pretending to be hit is fine. Collect the fire dew.


 The crater of an evil volcano.
 Bobonga, who had fallen after being pierced by the Reishinjin Sword, gets up from his knees.

It's up to me...

Last resort.

 Zesia, who came to finish the job with a bang, struck Bobonga's head with the shell of a baby turtle as hard as she could.



 Furthermore, with a bago, bagongh, Zesia slams the shell into Bobonga's head.

'You little brat!

 The black lion's right arm snarled and lightly flicked Zesia off.
 She slammed into the rock face and gulped and deflated.

''Don't........lick me.......I'll tear you to pieces.......''

Bobonga. Go get the fire dew first.

 The Naga sends out another thought transmission.

"Ten seconds. "You can't keep getting beaten up...

 Bobonga takes a step forward with great vigor.


 His angry voice made him stop in his tracks.
 A moment later, a small carapace hit Bobonga in the face with a bang.

 Zesia threw it.
 With blood pouring from his head, glaring at her with a glare, Bobonga glared at her.

''Oni-san........this way........''

I'll never forget this humiliation...

 Bobonga looked at the fire and dew dancing in the sky and jumped up in .

''True, the children who make you take the trouble--''

 With a gasp, Naga looks back over his head.
 A strong magical force is approaching.

 A glittering object could be seen in the distance.

 And it came close enough to this airspace that it was clearly visible in the next moment.
 It was the flying castle ship Zelidhavenus.

''Kakaka, you must have noticed it too late. Even at that distance, this one is faster to reach the fire dew.''

"Allo Renee...

 Without hesitation, Naga pointed the magic circle's sights forward of Zelidheavenus and kicked through its center.

''--Annihilation Water Impulse Black Vortex (Arboros)>''

 The black water swirled around and created a wall to divide the fire and dew.

"Be beautiful.

 Faris' voice echoed through the airspace.

 Zelidhevnus quickly slipped through the that was released to block his path, like a ghost.


 A flying castle ship stood in front of Bobonga.

No. I'm just detouring.

 Naga calmly denies Bobonga's words.

That's how fast it is. Ginjo Sosei. When I was in Balandias, I thought I wasn't fully committed to my work, but I didn't expect you to be this fast. It's no wonder you came back from the world of Militia.

 She unleashed her wariness and eliminated the two legs of the black lion.
 Then the black vortex that had been overflowing evaporated as fast as it could.

 I took out a prosthetic leg from the magic circle I drew and Naga attached it in a slow motion. 

 It will still be able to fight, though.
 Unfortunately, the rules of silver-water pecking order warfare have been settled.

''All the fire and dew has been occupied by the Demon King Academy.

 Ottolu's inorganic voice rang out.
 In the current moment, Faris had collected all the fire dew floating in the air.

''The Demon King Academy is victorious. The Silver Water Pecking Order Battle is now over.''

 Ottolu continues.

''We will now begin to deal with the impenetrable territorial waters, the Two Ruling Pretenders. The Demon King Academy and the Phantom Beast Agency will cooperate.''

 The God of Adjudication looks overhead.
 Far away in the black skies, he sees the stars shining there.

 A fleet.

 In the center is a huge ark.
 Around it, the silver water ship Nepheus is floating.

 It's much earlier than planned.

"Holy Ship Etopheus. "Holy Ship Ertpheus, Head of the Rebellion, has arrived.