Eldmaed spun his staff around in the air, juggled with a brilliant hand and threw it high above his head.

 He waits for the falling golden sword-barrel with his mouth wide open as he bridges it.

 The planting staff, which approached with great force, went straight into the Cutthroat King's mouth.

''There are no seeds and no tricks.''

 Not a single drop of blood flowed while being pierced by the planted staff.

 With his mouth completely blocked, the voice of the Cutthroat King still sounded like a magic trick.

''Have you wondered, lion both legs? The balance of liars has determined that I am not a liar. But clearly, I am lying. If I hadn't lied, there's no way this preparation staff could have penetrated the chain shield. Did you think so? Hmm?

 Erdmeade grinned, raising his upper body.

''Then it's truly a .

''So that lying balance is not the effect of the World Cosmetic Fictional Reality (Hilyam Paleem), but just a balance made by the Cutthroat King with his Creation Architecture (Ibis)?

What...? It was completely hidden. This guy..........is he.......heaven.......gifted.......?

 With an exaggerated gesture, Erdmeade plays the small stuff.

'Hey. Is there anyone like that?

'Kaka kaka, you think so because you're only looking up, lionesses, both legs. I've got a good news for you. There's a down side. If you ask this Cutthroat King, yes!

 He spread his arms wide.

'There is no lower limit to life!

 Erdmeade declares, in the most meaningful way possible, but as if it is meaningless.

'If you think it's a lie, try it.

 When an old maid holds out her hand, divine magic will gather there.

 The Cutthroat King says as if to provoke him.

 Last time, the Lion of Perdition has a special effect on the Lion of Perdition.
 This time, the Lion of Perdition has no special effect on the Lion of Perdition.

 Obviously, there is a contradiction between the two explanations.
 In other words, he revealed that he was lying last time or this time, or both.

'If the chain shield breaks my sword body, I will die, but if I can penetrate the shield instead, I will gain immense power.

 The planting wand that was stuck in Eldmead's mouth has shifted into his hand. He ejects it while emitting a divine light.

 The liar's balance still hasn't moved.


 Naga wordlessly plunged the chain shield she had been spinning into the earth, stopping its rotation and magical barrier.

 <In the Cutthroat King Yugi Lying Order Three Cows (Polpulus Eldmed), silence trumps truth.

 He judged Eldmed's words to be the truth.
 No - perhaps he was trying to confirm whether it was really the truth.

 Naga kicks up the sword barrel of the , which is in front of him, with his prosthetic leg.
 But in the middle of the process, the training staff stopped with a snap.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with the people you're talking to.

''Oh? So it's true this time?

 <If the pierced the chain shield, it would gain immense power.
 Therefore, the training staff reversed and aimed at the chain shield.

 Naga, who judged that, put magic power into the wheelchair and started running at high speed. At the moment, the spun towards Naga again and flew as if to bounce back.


 Naga was struck by the emptiness as she leapt forward and was unable to avoid the .

 Her roots were gouged out, and a great deal of blood poured out.
 Just like before, it is indeed a special effect against the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon.

 Even without piercing the chain shield, it made no difference in its power.

''Kaka, do you have the answer by now, lionesses, both legs?''

 The Cutthroat King thrusts a man-eating smile at Naga.

'A fox? A raccoon?

''So ... which is it ... which is ...?''

 Black-green blood poured out of the source, and it resisted the .
 When she grabbed the hilt and tried to pull it out, the preparation staff vanished all at once.

 The Puppet Master appears again in the Cutthroat King's hand.

Use the lion's leg or bring out your special claws. If you keep your hands hidden, there may not be a next time.

 The Cutthroat King pressed the with his fingertips and spun it in the air.


 And with four hand-to-hand meetings, the number of preparation wands increased to five.

'Come on, come on, come on! What happens twice is three times, both legs of the lion!

 Flying his wheelchair and taking quick evasive action, Naga said, "It can't be helped.

''It can't be helped. I'll show you my hand.''

 Gagonally, the lying balance tilts to the left.

'It's true.'

 This time the scales don't move.
 In other words, I've changed my mind. I mean it when I say show your hand.

"I knew it was a lie.

 Gagon, and the liar's balance tilts to the left.
 The needle is now back in the center.

'It's true,'

 This time it's unresponsive.
 Naga says to disrupt it, but she's checking the balance's reaction.

 Naga largely evades the planted wand that was coming towards her, but it swivels to guide her and then follows again.

 Naga's wheelchair picks up even more speed and tries to shake off the .

'Kaka kaka, isn't this interesting! You think I'm manipulating the scales in some way, don't you? Certainly, if I'm manipulating them, it's useful to be confused by the truth and the lies. If I fail to recognize your lies, the balance of the liar's scales will not tilt properly.

 When Naga lies, if the liar's balance does not respond, it proves that the eldom-made is operating.

 In that case, the balances are false.
 In order to confirm the truth, the Naga would be emitting an erratic mixture of lies and truth.

"I have other things on my mind.

 While releasing the words, the Naga rushes forward faster than being chased by the Pappalapa.

"What is it?

Which car is stronger, the wheelchair or the pumpkin dog car?

 Eldmead grinned at Naga, who rushed head-on into him.

'I was just curious!

 Naga's wheelchair, which has accelerated significantly, is covered with a black magic barrier.

 Defeated, the wheels of the dog wheel spun at high speed and a copper-colored magic barrier was deployed.
 The two sides did not slow down, but went head-on into each other.

 An ear-splitting crash sound rang out, and the wheels popped off the wheelchair, causing the dog car to crumple and half collapse.

 The Naga chased after Eldmead, who flew up into the sky just in time to see it.

'Kaka kaka, apparently the dog carriage was a little more fragile.

 Eldmead put his hand into his silk hat and took out a golden preparation staff from it.

 <It's a pappalapa.

Did you think I only had five?

"I'll show you the right leg of the lion of perdition.

 The Naga approaches Erdmead, who reverses and holds the Apparatus of Doubt (Papparapar). The five pappapalapars were chasing after him.

It's true, it's true. It's true. It's true. A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie...

 The liar's balance tilted twice to the left as Naga spoke up quickly, wondering if she could distinguish the truth from the lie herself.

 In other words, if Naga lied once more, half of her magic power would belong to the Cutthroat Death King.


 Naga stretched out her right arm, and the chains entwined there.
 She swung the shield of the chains around.

'The explanation I gave you earlier is all a lie. The chain shield has no holy power. The craving for protection has nothing to do with it either. It doesn't suck magic from the source of others.''

 As he said this, a gel-like object was ejected from the shield.

 The lying balance - does not move.

'This is an iron ball of chains that destroys every sword.

 The shield that connects to the chain turns into an iron ball and Naga swings it around.

''Ah, yes, that reminds me now that I see it, the is--''

 The Cutthroat King plunged into the iron ball and stabbed his planting staff.
 For a moment it seemed to crack, but the iron ball of the chain shattered into pieces.

''-- The iron ball has a special effect.

 Two of the pappalapar loomed from behind, piercing the Naga's prosthetic legs, two of her arms and one of her abdomen.

 As if to say no, Eldmaed threw his staff and it went through her head.

 The Naga staggered unsteadily, lost the power of and fell to the earth.

''........Fox or Raccoon......what a nasty question for the Cutthroat King to ask.......''

 The prosthetic leg that was pierced by the planted cane shattered into pieces.

 In its place, evil black particles gathered on her, making her legs an elephant.
 Both legs of the Lion of Perdition.

 When she lands, she pulls out the stuck in her head and throws it away.

'The correct answer is cat. I mean, you were mute.

 Mute triumphs over truth.

 Hence, both the Naga's chain shield and the iron ball of the chain were pierced by the  That's what he wants to say.

Once you understand the trick, it's easy to do it. Someone has lied on your behalf. The lying scales will only react to your lies and mine. They don't react to a third person's lies. You went to the trouble of telling a lie to make the scales react because you wanted me to think that you were doing all the talking.

 Raising one leg, Naga dexterously drew a magic circle with her toes.

'When and how did they blend in? 'There's only one answer.'

 Naga looked at the half-broken pumpkin dog car lying on the ground.

'I've been in that thing since the beginning,'

 Black water overflows from the drawn magic circle.
 A moment later, Erdmeade swoops down in .

''It's too late.''

 Switching his axis legs, Naga kicked straight through the black water magic circle with his lion's legs.

 It was black-green water that overflowed.
 The black whirlpool that rushed in like a storm went straight to the pumpkin's dog car.

 The splashing spray alone melted everything around it, easily destroying even the world of the
''Kaka kaka kaka, I can't stand it, I can't stand this thing! If this were an ordinary little world, it would not perish so lightly!

 The Cutthroat King throws a silk hat.
 When it increased to ten in the air, a transparent cloth appeared from it.

 It was the warding cloth of the warding god Linnolaus.
 The Cutthroat King, who gave birth to only that authority, wraps the cabin of the dog cart in the divine cloth.

 Immediately after, the swallowed the boundary cloth. In the blink of an eye, the cloth begins to melt.

 The Cutthroat King opened his mouth, thrust his hand in and took out the from it.

 Without hesitation, he plunged into the front of the cabin, right in the middle of the Black Vortex.

 He secured his protection with a wardrobe cloth, his own anti-magic, and the Papparapar, which has a special effect on the lion of perdition, but the Black Vortex of the Lion's Disaster Abyss, Allo Renee Arboros, easily engulfed him and his entire body began to melt.

''Good, good! Strong enemy, difficult enemy, great enemy! Hey, detention. This guy isn't the usual minnow. That's the Lion of Death of Urzenon! I've noticed you talking, not me.

 When the Cutthroat King deactivated the , the figure of the girl inside the half-destroyed cabin, Naya, was revealed.

''It wasn't me who spoke, it was Dr. Wand, but.......by the way, Dr. Cutthroat King, do you have a lot of time to spare? Your body is melting, sir.

"Kakaka, of course not! It's either instant death, near death, or dissolution. It's not good enough to be a contest of strength since the seed of the trick is exposed. We have one minute left.

 The Cutthroat King used the Heavenly Father God's power to give birth to a succession of guard gods instead of shields, but in an instant, they were consumed by the Black Vortex and destroyed.
 It wasn't even stalling for time.

''What are we going to do?''

It's the only way.

 A silk hat emerged from the Cutthroat King's head and a staff appeared from it.
 It is the Deepening Wand Bostum forced by Dilfred the God of Deepening.

This black water is the very essence of destruction that could destroy the world, but magic is magic. Now, detention, what did the Deepening God say?

 In this situation where he was about to be swallowed by the black vortex, the Cutthroat King began his usual lecture as if he were in a classroom.

''If you pierce the keystone, any magic will collapse...''

 The Cutthroat King lifted his lips in amusement at Naya's answer, which was desperately puzzling over his head.

''Seika-ka-yi. And yet. I was too busy preventing this from happening.

 The Deepened Thinking Cane Bostum moves to Naya, floating in the air.

'You do it, detention. Deep magic by Arthenon's Lion of Perdition, it will be impossible to completely disintegrate it, but if the sting is good, it might save you.'


 Naya, frightened, looked up the next moment.
 The Cutthroat King's one arm melted and disappeared with a thud.

"Kaka, you're not going to be able to get lost, you're going to melt away? Rest assured. You will survive. Now, how do you think it feels to be the student who killed a teacher, detention? Hmm? Imagine that.


 Naya raised her voice loudly and stared at the Deepening Thought Staff Bostum.
 A mass of Deepening God's authority, she had once been unable to contain it in her own vessel.

 With eyes tinged with madness, Naya bit into the divine staff.

 A divine light leaked out from inside her, and cuts floated across her body.
 As before, the power of the Deepening God raged, tearing Naya's vessel to shreds from the inside out.

 But it doesn't fall.

 She held up her hands, even though she was in tatters.
 There, a myriad of divine thorns, abyssal grass thorns (Shinensokyoku), appeared.

 The order of the Militia World that had come to love and kindness.

 If her love was truly deep, then unlike in the past, the Deepening God might be able to respond to it.
 To see the deepening love in its divine eye.

'A girl has a separate belly, you know!

 For a moment, Naya's divine eye seemed to shine in deep indigo, and then all at once, a profound grass spine was fired. In the blink of an eye, it was swallowed up by the black vortex.

 A few moments later, the earth vibrated and the world cracked open.
  rippled like a runaway, and a crack appeared in the sky.

 <The world of collapses with a rattling sound...