554-Liar balance

 The Cutthroat King drew a multiple magic circle with the tip of his staff.

 As he did so, the magic dust that was sprinkled around him quickly spread through the airspace.

"The Realm of Fictional Reality (Hilyam Peirame).

 The area has undergone a drastic transformation, as if it were made up.

 It's a colorful space piled with toys and junk.
 A huge balance with a skull attached floats in the center of it.

 When I looked through the balance with my demon eyes, Naga said, "You do strange things.

''You do strange things.''

Do you think so?

The World Cosmetic Fictional Reality (Hilyam Peiram) won't have any effect if the seeds are known. That's why just now, didn't the Cutthroat King hide it with his ?

 <In the Realm of Fictional Reality (Hilyam Paleame), the rules in the realm are determined by the agreement of those within it.

 For example, if the Cutthroat King and Naga thought that fire did not exist here, then it would be impossible for them to start a fire, no matter what magic they used. But if one of them didn't think so, it wouldn't have any effect.

 It's quite powerful against an unseen opponent, but otherwise, it's vital that they don't realize that you've used the World Makeup Fictional Reality (Hilyam Paleem).

 If you know you've entered the realm, you can deal with it by simply not believing their words.

'That thing is a liar's balance.

 Pointing to the huge balance, Erdmeade says.

'If I lie, it tilts to the right side, and if you lie, it tilts to the left. If the needle is tilted three times in the same direction from the center, half the magic of the one who lied is transferred to the other. What do you think?

What do you mean?

It's a handicap. If you're not a liar, that's a pretty good match.

 Naga gives a good-natured smile.

''Handicaps are all lies. 'So, Mr. Cutthroat King is suspicious of me?'

"What do you think of a man who calls himself an honest man? Oh, no, no, no, no, I don't need a response. I know. It's just too much of a stinker.

 Without even a chance for Naga to interrupt her words, Erdmeade sows.

'Doesn't a woman who goes out of her way to swear that she won't lie in the same smell the same? Hmm?

I'm not lying.

I don't believe it. It's only magic.

 The Cutthroat King showed a pouty expression.

''That's unexpected. Even with this, I've never lied to you.''

Kaka, what a surprise. Me too.

 A heavy gurgling sound sound sounded and the needle of the balance tilted to the right.

 Naga agreed with the rule that the Cutthroat King had just uttered.
 <The World Makeup Fictional Reality (Hilyam Paleame) made the liar's balance work.

"I knew it. You're the Cutthroat King and you're a liar.

 Naga fires the from the magic circle on her back.

''Does this give you some credibility?''

 The black-green flaming ball of fire fired in rapid succession, Eldmaed spun the wheel of the dog cart and avoided it while sprinting through the air.

It's more and more suspicious that you're riding at my mouth! I'm confident I won't lie, etc... I can only call you a big liar!

 The Cutthroat King spun his staff around, and like a magic trick, a hundred divine swords Lord Yueyeh appeared in the sky.
 As he ran through the explosive flames, he shot those divine swords towards the Naga.


 Naga fluffs the dog, Gillicilis, who is hooked to her leg, and uses it as a shield.

'That's a bad dog. It can't even be used as a shield.'

 Lord Yuye easily penetrated Gilisilis and closed in on Naga's face. She kicked it up and popped it from her sitting position.

''You said you were a great dog, poor dog.

 With that, Naga took the chain scythe from the magic circle on her back and threw it at the lying Girisilis.
 The scythe's blade pierced through the gelatinous body and bit into it.

'A holy chain shield born of a craving for shelter. It protects its owner by squeezing magic from the roots of others.

 Gilisilis' gel-like body was sucked into the scythe.
 Then the blade turned into a shield.

''Isn't that interesting?''

 When Eldmead pointed his staff at it, it bounced back, and the Lord Uiye, who had been hovering in the air, stopped with a snap.

 When he swung his wand down, the tip of his sword spun around and fell back down to the Naga.

''It's surprisingly normal.''

 Against the one hundred Lord Uyehs that attacked forcefully from overhead, Naga turned the chain around and around.
 The shield at the tip shone and a whirling magic barrier appeared.

 When Lord Uiye rammed into it, the divine sword snapped off with a crunch and the pieces scattered to the ground.


'No, no, what's interesting is the oman explaining the power of that shield in a disciplined manner. As long as you can't lie with the lying balance, wouldn't it be in your best interest to remain silent?

 With the silk hat in his hand, the Cutthroat King sent it flying.
 With each rotation, the number of silk hats increased, bringing the total number of hats to thirteen.

''In accordance with the order of Heavenly Father, Cutthroat King Erdmaed commands. Be born, guardian of the ten orders and principles, God of the Watch.

 Light like confetti and ribbons of confetti and ribbons glittered down from the silk hat in large quantities.

 In the blink of an eye, they formed a divine body.
 The faceless Watch God, Eugo La Ravias, dressed in white gloves and pure white hooded robes.

 The spinning shield of the chain came to a halt as the ten guardian gods swung down the Time God's Scythe.
 Time has been stopped.

'Oh, Heavenly Father's order? You're a demigod, aren't you? No wonder I thought you were a little less demonic.

 From the magic circle, Naga took out a pocket watch.

'The craving for a fixed time. It's funny, but there are a lot of people in the world who are driven by an intimidating obsession with keeping time. This timed pocket watch will make you keep the right time strictly.

 As soon as Naga said that, the chain shield that was supposed to have stopped began to move again.
 The time stoppage has been lifted.

 As it is, the chain shield vigorously attacked Ego La Lavias and the others, swallowing them one after another into the vortex of its magical barrier and making them disappear.

 As it spun around, one