A crushing sound resounded, "Viki, Biggie, Biggie, Biggie.

 The Disaster Tortoise Zevadrone that had been blasted by the Evanescence Mana slowly split in half and slid down the semi-circular .

 With a cloud of dust, two halved carapaces plunged into the mountain's surface, and lush fire like fireflies poured out of the broken carapace.

 It's the fire dew of Eavezeino.

You're going to be able to have a chance. I'll get it!

Fire the gravitational wheels.

 A chained gear fired from the turret of the Demon King train.

 It attracted the fire and dew light like a magnet and collected it in the carriage in the blink of an eye.


 Standing on the dog carriage's gosholder's platform, Erdmeade looked down at Naga.

 She was floating in the air in her wheelchair after the disaster turtle was destroyed.

''I didn't expect the lion's two eyes to be able to use that Venuzdnoa! No, no, no, this Cutthroat King had never thought of that. As expected of a demon king, that's a great deduction!

 The Cutthroat King said in an exaggerated manner, as if to say "howling", and gave Naga a gleeful smile.

 In response, she responded with a classy smile.

''I didn't want to expose my hand until Anos came out, but Kostoria is a troubled child.

"Don't you want to show your hand? I see, you don't want to expose your hand. Kaka, I'm sure you do.

 The pumpkin dog carriage with Eldmead in it swung wide over the Naga's head.

''The lion's two eyes have already shown some of their power in the baptism in the Deeper Auditorium. <''The Polar Prison Realm Annihilation Ashfire Demon Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa), why did you draw your own magic circle instead of using the magic circle constructed by the Demon King? I thought it was a show of strength, but that's the right answer.

 Eldmead pointed with his staff at Kostoria, who was engaged in a ritual battle with Sasha and the Ridiculous Sword.

 The open prosthetic eye was dyed jet-black, and the magic power of the Ridiculous Sword was spilling out of it.

The magic eye of the Lion of Perdition replicates and activates the magic of others reflected in its magic eye. Even magic that is beyond its own power and skill. That's why he didn't use the magic circle prepared by the demon king for his baptism.

 Coastoria was unable to use magic with the in a straightforward manner.

 Hence, they relied on the power of the magic eye to duplicate magic.

''Isn't that magic eye only able to activate magic once per duplicate? In order to activate it again, you will have to see the same magic again with its magical eye.

I'm not so sure about that.

''If you can use it more than twice, shouldn't you have used the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannon instead of the Blazing Fire Burning Cannon just a few minutes ago, when you had the Spirit God and Man Sword hero eaten magic at close range?''

 There should have been no reason for Kostoria to shy away from it.

'But that raises another question.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I see. Come to think of it, you weren't in the Deeper Auditorium at the time. It's understandable that you didn't know. I don't know if you really didn't know.

 Turning a man-eating smile on his face, Erdmeade said.

'The lion's two eyes are looking at the Rational Sword in the baptism. But she was defeated. Why? With those rules, wouldn't there be no such thing as a defeat for Kostoria Arzenon, who can replicate magic?

 The defeat of Kostoria at the baptism is another confirmation of the expectation that she can only activate her magic once per duplicate.

 She didn't dare to use the Ridiculous Sword even though she had duplicated it back then.

In other words, she obtained a duplicate stock of the Ruined Sword (Venuzdnoa) in exchange for her defeat. It may be that the calculating woman instructed me that it might be useful for something somewhere.

 Cong and Erdmead put their wands on the Gosha-dai.

I'm not going to be able to get the same thing in my hand as the one used by the God of Destruction. The lion's two eyes have another stock of the in their hands. Or, I already used it somewhere else.

 With a thump, Eldmead hits the gosholder again.

'Oh, dear? Come to think of it, weren't there some people who used the when Princess Abyssal Disaster was attacked? Hmm?

''Are you trying to tell me that ... it was the work of Kostoria?''

It can't be. It can't be. I know what you're thinking. I know you don't have any idea what you're talking about, and I assumed it was Dominic. A man so wrapped up in his research that he never leaves Eavesino.

 Erdmade laughs with amusement.

'Of course I believe in it! Both legs of the lion, you've shown by your covenant (zekt) that you're not lying.

 Perhaps because they are unable to read Eldmead's appearance, Naga is watching him warily.

 While doing so, they are probably communicating with the demon tribe inside the disaster tortoise via thought transmissions (leaks) to try to rebuild.

 Their fire and dew is inside the shell.

 Now that it has been split in half, their defense is insufficient.
 In the area around the volcano, the Demon King Academy has the upper hand.

 Rei, who had consumed more than half of the root source, was hard to move until he recovered, but if Yeges, Eleonor, Zesia and the others put all their strength together, they could take all the fire dew. If that happened, this pecking order battle would be a defeat for Ewezeino.

''Above all, this Cutthroat King, in the world of Militia, he is a man of honor and honesty. It's not easy, but it's not possible for me to doubt others. But...! But there's one thing I can't help but want to make sure about.

What's that?

A wheelchair or a pumpkin dog car. Do you know which car is stronger?

 Naga responded immediately to the smoking Cutthroat King's words, but without any pretense of being caught off guard.

''If I were to compare it to your dog cart, it would be a wheelchair.

Let's see what you have to say.

 Naga quickly points with her fingertips to the dog that pulls the cabin, the Scarlet Monument King Girisilis.

'That's the dog, isn't it?'

'My God! The ultimate single-celled creature in our Militia, the famous Gillissi dog, which is claimed to be unparalleled in the world, is a sight to behold!

 Naga's wheelchair, beside its back, four magic circles were drawn like gun gates.
  was fired at the pumpkin dog carts one after the other in rapid succession.

 Gilisilis let out a howl and used with all his might to run through the sky.

 However, the Naga's magical bombardment is fast. <The sweep of the sweeping fire of the sweeps over the pumpkin's dog carts and the black-green flaming balls of fire graze the Cutthroat King's side.

''Great dog? It's a crappy dog, right?

  struck the gel-like dog. The black-green, flaming Girisilis was too busy recovering and her flight stopped.

 As a follow-up, the < Disaster Flame Industrial Fire Scorching Artillery (Ziol Bezgum)> fired again in rapid succession.

 Instantly, the wooden wheels on the cabin spun at high speed. It's a part of Eques. Magical power was spewed out with great force, and the pumpkin dog carriage evaded the flame ball at a speed several degrees faster than before.

''Kaka, you guessed it! The dog is a decoration. Using the power of the cabin is a lot faster than letting it pull. But Gillissy's claim to fame isn't that she's a great dog, it's that she pulls her load. You know what's terrifying about this guy? It's that peculiar quality that makes it capable of biting any high-ranking opponent without fail!

 Separating Gilisilis from the dog carriage, Erdmeade draws a magic circle.

'Of all the lions of perdition of Omae and Arzenon, even against Anos Voldigord, the closest to perfection of all, that dog bites beautifully, doesn't it?

 The one that appeared in front of Naga was the magic circle.

 The content of what the Cutthroat King just said has been shown to be true.

''If you think it's a lie, go ahead and sign it.

  revived by Gilisilis, and with a ferocious roar, she closed in on Naga.

 The Eldmaed continued to circle above her head, just as before.

 Naga pointed her magic eye at the magic circle.
 If it wasn't a trap, there was no reason to use such magic, however there was nothing suspicious about the magic formula. 

 Immediately, she signed it.
 There was no indication that the Cutthroat King was disobeying the contract, which meant that what he had just said was true.

''Now, now, now! Intercept or I'll bite you!

 Naga touched the magic crystal on the armrest of the wheelchair and sent the magic power to it.

I'm sure Dominic made this wheelchair from a phantom beast. You can use the power of many different phantoms, such as this spear.

 From the magic circle on its back, a magic spear for throwing emerged swiftly.

'The Spear of Truth born of a thirst for exploration.

 Shaking it, she tossed it in the direction of the day after.

'Penetrate, and you will break the cloaking spell and expose the truth to the light of day.

 Like glass breaking, the empty landscape that was there shattered.
 What appeared on the back side of the space was a glittering magic powder and a magic circle.

 It was the great deep magic of the dusty world, .

 It was not a waste of time.

 Erdmead was building his great magic while circling in the sky.
 He was hiding it with his .

''Honest Cutthroat King,''

 While throwing the magic spear, Girisilis made her approach and bit the Naga's arm.
 However, she could not give her any kind of itch.

 Black particles seemed to flood out of the prosthetic leg, and the toe of the pierced the gel-like dog.


'You mean that you can always bite any higher-ranked person, and they'll bite and complain about it?

 With a good-natured look on his face, Naga says.

'You're one hell of a con man, trying to fool people while telling the truth.

Kaka-kaka, isn't that a bit much to ask?

 The Cutthroat King furrowed his brows as if he noticed something.

''Do you smell anything?''

 As they lowered the altitude of the pumpkin dog carriage, Oldmead sniffed at the smell in a theatrical gesture.

'I hope it's not my imagination.'

No, no, it stinks. I can smell it. What was that stench? A ditch river dripping with filth, or a gulag with bodies piled up, no wait. Closer to home.

 Absent-mindedly, the Cutthroat King brought his own arm in front of his nose.


 Erdmade lifts his lips in amusement.

"The lion's feet. Your mouth reeks of a liar.

 The Cutthroat King returned a man-eating smile to Naga, who gave him a blank stare.

 He spun his staff around and pointed at Naga with the tip of it.

''Now this Honest Cutthroat King is going to expose your fraud.