552-Similar evil eye

 <With the Sanctuary White Smoke Warding (Theoboros Igeria) and the , the momentum of the Disaster Tortoise Zevadrone was completely killed.

 The Naga was glared at by Erdmade.
 If they continued to scorch it with the black sun, no matter how deep world ships were, there would be a hole in it.


...What is that?

 What Sasha's magic eye caught were thousands of eggs.
 Before I knew it, they were laid inside the wards here.

''How did they get inside the wards...?''

 Barzalondo immediately answered Sasha's question.

''They phantasms are insubstantial unless they are incarnated. Ordinary wards can't stop them!

 After it was born from the Disaster Tortoise, it would be able to slip through the wards until the egg was fully materialized.

''Destroy it before it hatches! The newborn tortoise craves nourishment and is devoured by magic.......

 While holding the disaster tortoise with the black sun, Sasha simultaneously pointed her at the egg.
 It quickly hatched and small turtles crawled out.

 The crawling hatchlings began to eat the .

"I won't let you! Don't let them die!

 <The God's Eye of Doom scorches the little turtle.

 However, the magic that turns the Zevadrone into a meteorite is still ongoing.
 The calamity turtle that hasn't lost its power will break the antagonism and penetrate the warding if Sasha's divine eye weakens.

 Even the authority of the Destruction God Averniu couldn't encompass both of them, and one after another the hatchling turtles would hatch and bite into the ward.

 Eventually, there was a small hole there, so small that a single person could fit through it.

''Go on! Their fire and dew are in those three vehicles...!

 From the shell of the Disaster Tortoise, the Phantom Beast Agency's Phantom Tribe flew out one after another and entered the interior of the ward.
 As if they had been anticipating this, the gear turret pointed its sights.

 The voice of the fan union echoed.

''Prepare to fire!

"'Old wood slashing wheel (Boros Hetheus)'...

 The old wheel hits the phantom tribe directly.


"The Red-Blooded Demon Lance, the first secret of its kind...

 Without a moment's pause, a red stab gleamed.

''-- !

 Penetrated by Dhiid Atem, the phantoms are sent away to the far reaches of time and space.

 Leaping onto the roof of the Demon King's train, Yeejus stood shoulder to shoulder with Sasha.

''Leave the small fry to me, you should focus on the plague turtle.


 With his one-eyed gleam in his eye, Yeejus pierces all the phantom demons entering the inside of the warding with his magic spear, one by one.

 Even though they are residents of the deep world, as you would expect of a resident of the deep world, they can't escape from the cogwheel cannon and the magic spear of Yeejus if the place they enter is limited.

''.........Zesia's turn........''

 Zesia jumps out of the warding room and pulls out her holy sword Enhale.

''Mom's ward ... not food ... not ...''

 <In the , countless swords of light increased in number and floated in the air.
 Zesia began to slash the eggs laid inside the wards one after another.

''Zecia! He's slashing them. This way, over here, the Demon King's train is biting back!

 Eleonor's voice flew out.

 Before he knew it, a little turtle was approaching the Demon King train, eating the armor of the cargo hold containing the fire dew.


d*mn it...!

 The students of the Demon King Academy who went out to prevent that from happening, swung down their demon swords with all their might.
 However, even the newborn Disaster Tortoise's shell was so stubborn that their swords broke on the contrary.



 A baby turtle was biting the student's leg.
 No matter how much he struck the broken magic sword, the calamitous turtle would not release.

''I'll leave it to Zesia...........''

I'm sorry...!

Zecia, please!

 From the students of the Demon King's Academy, the light of the gathers on Zesia.

''Eating demons........no.......''

 <Zesia strikes the hatchling turtle with the holy sword of light clad in .
 The hatchling's arms and legs and its head are trapped inside its shell, but the light enters its interior and destroys it.

 All that is left is the shell of the hatchling turtle.

 Zesia suddenly realizes that she is holding the hatchling shell in her hand.

 I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

 This time, the entire shell was crushed by the turtle.


 The shell was sturdy, but the same shell would shatter.
 Zesia took down the hatchling turtle in Enhale, then picked up its shell and threw it at him.

''Ray-kun. Can you take down that girl over there first? If you can switch wards now, you'll all be crushed.

 Eleonor sends out a thought transmission (leaks).

"For now, though, I won't let them do the 'disaster-like substitution' (Bashtz).

 Holding the Spirit Godman Sword, Ray glared at Kostoria.

 He didn't follow up immediately because he couldn't suppress the power of Evans Mana.
 Exposed to the divine light, one of his roots had been crushed.

''I'm done stalling. I want to explore a few things. Set it up with all your might.''

 I sent a
''I guess it's up to Kostoria to see if we can defeat it?''

 Smiling, Ray focused his attention on Evans Mana.
 Instantly the raging pure white light flooded with a magical power that could consume even the wielder.

 Condensing it into a bundle and staying in his sword body, Ray flew.


 Corstoria caught the swung down Evans Mana with her red blade.

 It's the claw of Artzenon.
 As if in response to the magic power of the Spirit God Human Sword, red-black magic particles overflowed from its claws.

''........I will not........''

 Kostoria's sword skills are on par.

 Ray swiftly knocked away Arzenon's claws and thrust out Evans Mana as it was.

 She quickly retreats back. Ray chases after her to prevent her from escaping.

 The red-black magic instantly changed into the shape of a parasol, and then the umbrella fluttered open and a magic circle was drawn.

 The reddish-black umbrella blocked Evans Mana and sparks of magic power flew.
 It's a magic barrier.

"Lion's Umbrella Claw Vegalve--do it!

 The weapon with the parasol and lion's claw integrated into one--the umbrella claw--spins and flicks Evans mana.
 With the same momentum, Kostoria thrust out her Vegarv.

 Ray quickly dodged from the blade at the tip, but the claw on the dew point of the umbrella sliced through it, scattering fresh blood.

 Once she landed on the falling volcanic rock, Kostoria glared at her.

 Her open prosthetic eye is dyed jet black by its magical power.

You can't run away. Die quietly!

 A black-green calamity flame, the , suddenly appeared from right next to Ray.

 He quickly jumped back and saw something floating in front of him.

 It was a jet-black eyeball.
 Only the magic eye was floating in the air.

 A magic circle was drawn on that eye, and the was released.


 Immediately after cutting both of those flames with the Spirit God Human Sword, Lei felt a killing spirit behind him.

 Black-green disaster flames attacked him from three directions.
 As expected, he was unable to dodge, and his body was engulfed in flames.


 With the power of the Spirit God Human Sword, he shakes off the disaster flames.
 Ray's gaze turned stern.

 He was surrounded by jet-black eyeballs.
 The number of those fluffy, floating demon eyes was eight in total.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one.

Shut up, shut up, shut up!

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.
 The face is that of a beast that has lost its reason.

The first thing to do is to get a new look. I'm restless. Any more than that...

 Naga's voice flies.
 But it's as if she's not listening.

'How dare you ... how dare you ...! Me...! Die, die, die--

 The lion's umbrella claw spun.
 With just the aftermath of the magic power that was scattered, the surrounding volcanic rocks shattered all at once.


 Kostoria threw his umbrella claw at Ray.

 He met it head on.

''The Spirit God and Human Sword, the secret depth is one--''

 The red-black swirling lion umbrella claws are slashed by a pure white sword flash.

''-- !

 A high-pitched sound rang out, and the Vegarv, which was played back, was held by the flying Kostoria.

 The umbrella claws were not significantly damaged against Ray, whose root source was reduced by one after being consumed by the Spirit God Human Sword.

 The sound of magic power bursting through the air could be heard from below.

 The Disaster Tortoise is about to break the . <The God's Eye of Doom suddenly disappeared.

"That's a good sign. All your friends will be crushed. All your friends will be destroyed, along with him. Let's just go ahead and crush it. Let's just go down!

Three minutes, though.

 Ray's smile never falters.
 She stared at him with her demon eyes as if she had a hunch.


Until the Disaster Turtle is destroyed and you are defeated.

Oh, yeah.

 In a cold voice, Kostoria says.

''You don't even know how to use the Spiritual God and Human Sword, but you're so high and mighty. That holy sword, break it!

 From the floating jet-black eyeball, a released a scorching cannon from the floating jet-black eyeball.
 Rei, while slashing through it, jumped towards the demon eye floating in the air.


 The black eyes were slashed open by the Spirit God Human Sword.
 But just as the magic power seemed to have dissipated, it gathered again, and once again, it made the eyeball an elephant.

''Let it burn!''

 Lei's body is engulfed in disaster flames.
 Frowning, he grabs the Spirit Godman Sword at its root.

''-- !

 Countless white blades sliced through the floating eyeball and severed its fate.

 Then, blood spilled from the demonic eye of the main body of Kostoria, and she wiped it with her hand.

''Annoying bastard........''

'I thought you guys weren't fully incarnated. That demon eye doesn't have any substance, so even if you slash it, the magic power will only dissipate, but the secret depths of the Spiritual God and Human Sword seem to work a little better. It was restored immediately earlier, but the Demon Eye that was slashed by the still hasn't recovered.

So what? Every time you use the secret depths, your roots are crushed. In the beginning, I had seven, but now I have four. I have seven demon eyes. If you count these two eyes, it's nine. Can't you even do arithmetic?

 Then Ray held up three fingers.

'Are you sure? It's going to be three minutes while you're talking, okay?

Dialogue over here. You're gonna die!

 If you think a magic circle was drawn on a floating magic eye, a magic wall was built to surround Ray.

 It's the magic of the Silver Castle World Balandias, the .

 From the remaining six magic eyes and the umbrella claws of Kostoria, the magic bullets were released.
 Those magic bullets reflected diffusely off the city walls and accelerated.

 However, Ray moved forward without hesitation.
 The black-green magic bullets attacked him.

''It won't hit you. Even if you close your eyes.''

You know what you're doing. This Barzalondo.

 Baltzalondo's arrows released from the Demon King's train successfully shot out only the magic bullets that were about to hit Ray.

 Catching the floating demon eye in time, Ray slashed through it with .

 A moment later, he turned himself around.

"The Spiritual God and Human Sword, the secret depths are two--

 The remaining six demon eyes are floating in front of Ray's eyes.
 Each of them are positioned so that they are far enough away from each other, but slightly sweet.

 All of them are between his swords.
 Kicking the volcanic rocks, Ray's body is enveloped in divine light.

 He turned into a single-stranded sword flash and penetrated all the demon eyes in front of him.


 Kostoria laughs coldly.
 As if magic powder had been sprinkled into that airspace, six magical eyes appeared floating beside her.

''In return for what you did earlier.''

 <It's Kaelal.
 The technique is depicted behind the eyes that drift close to her.

"I'm sorry.

 Kostoria frowned.
 It was Sasha's voice that came out of nowhere.

'Ray's aim isn't the magic eye.

 As he noticed, Kostoria followed Ray's path with his demon eye.
 There is a disaster tortoise approaching the Demon King train.

 He turned into a single-stranded sword flash, and is surrounded by even more divine light.

 This is the realm from here on out. The Spiritual God and Human Sword, Secret Depths 2--!


 With a meteoric blink, Evan Mana's thrust smashed through the shell of the cracked calamity turtle.

 Distracted by it for a moment, Kostoria was slow to notice the presence of the demon tribe approaching from above her head.
 When she looked up, as if in a huff, she saw Sasha looming there.

 The one floating in her eyes is the .
 Three minutes had passed, and the Ridiculous Sword Venuzdnoa had appeared in front of her. 

'Did I think that just because it wasn't Anos that it couldn't be used?'

 Sasha grabbed the hilt of the dark-colored long sword and swung it down.

 Kostoria watched it.
 The magic of the Lion of Perdition flickers in her prosthetic eye, just as it did at her baptism.

 Then the Ridiculous Sword is reflected in the floating eyes.

'Come, Venuzdnoa.

 The hilt came out of the floating demon's eye, as if the ritual sword reflected in the body's eyes was embodied.

 The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you can't get rid of the sword.

 It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

''I knew it. It's just as Anos glared at me.''

What the f*ck?

 Darkness and darkness rivaled each other between Sasha and Kostoria, and black particles scattered.