460-The prophecy of that day is over

 The sky above Midhey's, the celestial sphere in the canopy--

 The thunder puppet that ran like lightning was slashed apart by the sword of Kandakuizolte.

 The individual strength of the thunder puppets, which had been transformed by adding the authority of Guietenarus to the army of the gods, far surpassed the original Sword Warrior God and Art Warrior God.
 They are more than twenty times as numerous as the Dragon Knights, and on top of that, they fly freely in the crown heaven sphere.

 However, Sylvia and Nate used their dragon skills to effortlessly overwhelm the gods.

 They are child dragons that are far more powerful than ordinary dragon people.
 They even played an even match with Ray and Misa in the entertainment when they visited Agaha.

 As they attacked the Dragon Knights, the skies changed one by one.
 In the sky of transformation, they had a solid foothold, though they had to continue to deal with the unstable environment that changed at the whim of Guietenarus.

 The twelve clock towers built high enough to break the clouds.
 Countless crystal bridges hung from them.

 The ideal world of the future god Nafta.
 The knights of Agaha, with the Sword of Kandakuizolte in their hands, benefited from the divine realm of realizing the ideal, and slaughtered the lightning dolls one after another.

''-- It is sometimes like a fierce fire. Transmutation divine Flute Idi Doroend.

 Flames gathered around Guietenarus as the song played by the divine flute changed to a fiery tune.

''See, it's the power of the Flame Heat God Voldweisen. 'See, it's the power of the Flame Heat God Voldweizen, the Flame Heat God Voldgetze.'

 A divine light gathered on the flames, which turned into a cannon-like shape.
 Massive amounts of raging fire were released at Diedrich.

''Nafta will be limited.

 As soon as she uttered that, the dull phosphorescence that gathered in Diedrich's fist increased in brilliance.


 The Sword Emperor thrust his fist out at the divine flame cannon that attacked from head-on.
 The flames split in half, and the wind pressure split Guietenarus' cheeks with the wind pressure.

 Leaping from the crystal bridge, Diedrich struck at the Transformation God.
 But as expected in an aerial battle, Guietenaros has the advantage, or he dodges the attack with a flutter, as if guided by the wind.

 Even though the ideal world overlaps, he can only use for a short time. And it can't produce much speed.
 It's faster to leap with your own feet, but it would be extremely difficult to catch Guietenarus, who can fly freely.

I'm not sure I'm good with flames. Well, then, how about this? The authority of the god of ice and snow (hail) Floise Athens. The frozen snow cloud (Yukigumo) Aneatoatne'

 Guietenarus said as he sang.

 The sky changed and clouds of ice covered the entire area.
 Countless hailstones fell with great force, hitting Diedrich's body.

 The sixteen hailstones form a single magic circle, freezing Diedrich's and Nafta's bodies as fast as they could.

 The number of hailstones is too large to smash with a fist.

''This guy is irresistible........!

 The ice covering his body cracked as the muscles in Diedrich's entire body leapt.
 Behind him, particles of magic power rose up violently.

 His , in the form of a dragon with sharp wings reminiscent of a sword, blew the ice away.

 Diedrich looked at the snow cloud above and kicked the crystal bridge with a thud.
 His body, which leapt like an arrow, was quickly closing in on the snow cloud.

''Ahahaha. The clouds will drift and shift.

 When the sound of the flute sounded, the frozen snowcloud Aneatoatone rose, at the same speed as Diedrich.

'Nafta will be limited.

 Nafta appeared right next to Diedrich as he leapt ahead into the future.

'Come in,'

That one is superimposed.

 Diedrich placed his feet on the hands that Nafta held out to him.
 As soon as he kicked it, Nafta threw Diedrich into the air to maximize his leaping power.

 Accelerating like a cannonball of light, Diedrich reaches the icy snow cloud and unleashes a regular fist.

 Humming, the Sword Emperor said.


 The ice snow cloud was shattered and its magical power was absorbed by the Sword Emperor's fist.
 Turning himself around, Diedrich kicked the snow cloud and also attacked Guietenarus with his reaction.

''Ahaha, come and see.''

 The divine flute modulated again and played a sad song reminiscent of the end.
 A hundred deadly swords, Guzelami, appeared in front of Guetenarus.

There's no way to avoid them in the air.

 Guzerami shot straight out.
 Diedrich clenched both fists squarely against the desperate blade that penetrates all things and cuts through only the root source.

''A grain of sand, even if it's not.

Nafta will be limited.

 Dull phosphorescence gathered on the sword-winged dragon.
 <Using both the Dragon Combat Scale (Gaddez) and the Dragon's Reverse Phosphorus (Nojiaz) together, Diedrich thrust out both of his combined fists.

''Nuh-uhhhh, dashhhhhh...!

 Guzelami, which permeates all but the root cause, was absorbed as soon as it touched Diedrich and disappeared entirely.


 Guietenaros's eyes widened as if he never dreamed that he would come through the 100 Guzelami head on.
 Immediately after, the sword emperor's fist stabbed into his face and punched him as hard as he could.


 The god of transformation fell like a meteor and plunged into the crystal clock tower with a thud.

I'm not going to be able to get the same thing for you. I eat everything.

 Due to Nafta's divine realm, Diedrich's is as close to his ideal as possible.
 If it was a real Guzelami, the one thrown at Diedrich was made from the magic power of Gietenarus.

 Even if its order and power are no less than the real thing, it is only a fake.
 If you look into the deeper abyss, its essence is the magic power of the Transformation God.

 You will be able to see that the Diedrich, who can directly bite into it, will not be a weakness, no matter what he releases.
 In fact, it will only increase Diedrich's magical power.

It's time to put an end to this. We can't afford to be bothered with you. It's time to stop the world from falling apart and stop the eclipse.

 Diedrich clenches his fist.
 He kicks the bridge, and in a single bound, catches the tumbling god in time, and thrusts out a fist of .

 Guetenarus puts the idyllic drownd to his mouth and begins to play a new tune.

'That one doesn't work,'

 It is not a matter of whether it is fire, water or lightning, no matter what comes, the sword emperor did not hesitate to drive his right fist into Gietenalos' belly.

 A thunderous sound rang out and the clock tower behind Guietenaros was blown off.
 If it's a direct hit, you won't get away with it.

 But Diedrich's gaze grew steely.

It's a good thing that you don't have to eat the fist that eats everything.

 Fluttering up, Guietenarus moved away from Diedrich with ease.

 Tick, tick, tick, tick, a tune reminiscent of the hands of a clock.
 The forty-six future crystals of Kandakizolte appeared in front of Gietenaros.

''I found your weakness! The power of the future god Nafta. Of course, before she lost her divine eye, she was able to see the complete future.

 Two candaquizoltes were sucked into Gietenarus' two eyes.
 With the divine eye of that future god, he looked down at Diedrich.

"Zannen. In this god's eye, I see your defeat.

"...that's an orderly thing that's past due for you...

 One of the floating future crystals turns into a spear and falls on Diedrich.
 <He thrusts his fist out of the , but the future is limited and he arrives at the future where he was unable to eat the spear.

 Its body was pierced by Kandakuizolte's spear.

"You will be spit on the stake. Oh, come on, future proof. What kind of order has passed?

 Diedrich smiled boldly, even though his future was limited and his roots were severely damaged.

'You still don't understand if you're happy that the future you see is right.

Wow. What's a little dragonborn watching from above? See?

 The forty-four Future World Crystals floating in front of the Transformation God's eyes all turned into spears.
 The moment the tips were pointed at them, Diedrich said.

'' and ''

 Nafta held up the sword of Kandakuizolte and brought it to her chest in a salute.
 Leaving the sword behind, she shattered like a crystal.

'Ahaha. I can see that future too.

 Before long, a large crystal ball covered it, trapping the shattered pieces of Nafta in place.
 Guetenarus' future world crystal Candacuisolte had been preempted into the future.

 The future was limited and Nafta returned to his original divine body.
 <The possession summoning (azepto) was not completed and she was trapped in the crystal ball.

"You know better than anyone what's useless, don't you, Nafta? When you talk about ideals, in the end you just can't see the future. Uncertainty as hope is not such a silly thing to say.

 Diedrich kicked the bridge and jumped up towards the Transformation God.
 <That strategy, which took advantage of an opening to seal the , however, was already foreseen by Gietenaros' divine eye.

 As if to intercept them, forty-four candaquizolte spears rain down on Diedrich.


 <The darkest ever emerged, and the sword-winged dragon that floated behind him combined its two wings to form a single great sword.

 There, the gathered and shone in a dull color.

You're not a prophet anymore, so I'm going to make a prediction for you. You don't understand that you aren't a prophet anymore, so I'm going to make a prediction for you. The future is already decided.

 Kanda Quisolte's spear still slipped through Diedrich's fist and gouged his body one after another.
 Blood poured out and the Sword Emperor's magic power scattered in the sky.

''No, Transformation God.''

 Nafta was thrusting the sword of Kandakizolte into the crystal ball from the inside.

'Diedrich and Nafta, as long as these two eyes (eyes) are staring at hope, the future is never set in stone.

 The sword of Nafta, which should have been localized, however, shattered the future world crystal.

'That's what the Demon King told me, the future of Agaha - and the future of this world.

 Guetenarus rolls his god's eyes in astonishment.
 The future that the divine eye, which was supposed to see all the future, missed.

 The future that Nafta, the god of the future, had never been able to reach was there.

 Nafta shattered like a crystal.
 The Future God sparkles around Diedrich and possesses him.

 The dragon in the floating behind him was dyed golden, and a great sword reminiscent of a dragon settled in the Sword Emperor's hand.

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it.

''What is the meaning of the unchangeable future, Transformation God!

 The Great Sword of the Future World, Kandakuizolte, slashes through Gietenarus' divine eye.


 While holding the shattered divine eye, the Transformation God flees to the sky, clad in wind.
 A moment later, the blade of the great sword was swung down at his brain.

The more it comes true, the more empty it feels. As for the prophecy...

 Slashed in half, the transmutation god returned to the gears and broke into pieces.
 Diedrich laughed boldly.

''When it comes off, it's a very special thing.

 The gears perished and scattered in the sky.
 Diedrich stared at his surroundings with his divine eyes.

 The tree-crowned celestial sphere showed no signs of disappearing.

''It's probably because of the triangular pyramidal gate we have to do something to close it up.

''It seems that the Great Tree Mother Sea has been settled. The Dorsal God has run out of magic and his roots have been damaged. He won't be able to move for a while. Nafta is over there.''

 Shards of crystal overflowed from Diedrich's body and it turned into Nafta's form again.

''If this is who you end up with, the Demon King doesn't need your hand. Be on your guard.''

 Hearing this, Nafta smiled slightly.

'What are you smiling about, Nafta?

Your words.

 Nafta jumped up and looked back at Diedrich as she gently made her way to the Great Sea of Trees.
 She beamed a loving smile.

'It's much more reassuring to Nafta than it was then, when I could see all the future.