459-Six flowers of absurdity

 Arcana takes a silent step and reaches out her hand.

'The seas are frozen and the ice is melting.

 The surface of the sea that had been frozen by the snow and moonflower shattered like a thin layer of ice.
 There was a circular hole there.

''Children of the forbidden soldiers. We'll help the demon soldiers first.

 With those words, Arcana jumped into the red-tinted Great Sea of Trees.

''As Our Disobedience God says.

"You will not do as the Gods have commanded!

 Every one of those forbidden soldiers are those who have been betrayed by God and faith in the depths of the earth. Just like the humans and demons of the past.
These women are trapped in their hatred of God.

 Arcana was once one of those trapped in hatred.
 She was at the mercy of God and her faith, and betrayal was her daily life.

 That's why Arcana returned to Gadeisiola as a treacherous god.
 To take on the hatred of these women on her little back.

 And so the armies of the gods began to attack the dragonmen in various parts of the underground.
 It's not hard to imagine how Arcana gathered the forbidden soldiers together and defended Gadeisiola.

 One after the other, the forbidden soldiers jumped into the great sea of crimson and murky tree mothers.
 Spreading their ice wings on their backs, they went to the rescue of Zeke and the others who had sunk to the bottom of the sea.

''Hee hee hee!''

 A faint shadow of a human figure flashed across Arcana's vision as she dived under the sea.
 The abortion god Anderk appeared from the depths of the murky red water.

''A summer insect that flies and is in the fire. I will not swim freely in my mistress's Great Sea of Trees.

 As the red magic power was released from her body, the crimson water writhed like a thread and began to bind the bodies of the forbidden soldiers.
 The fish, a fish, went limp and was seen sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

 It would not be able to swim in that abortion sea, just as it could not fly in the tree-crown celestial sphere.

''Sink, abortion!

 Now that Viaflare is gone, there is no High Dragon that was nestled in the forbidden soldiers.
 Instead, it is Arcana that gives them power.

 Snow and Moonflower, a divine right. The wings, claws, tails, and scales of the dragon created by it create oxygen directly into the bodies of the forbidden soldiers.

 Unlike magic, they can't be aborted, yet they still can't seem to swim through that red sea.
 Deprived of their freedom, as if they were entangled in the amniotic fluid of abortion, the forbidden soldiers are sinking.

There is no one who can defeat a mistress in the Great Sea of Trees. In the crowned celestial sphere, the Transformation God is the orderly god; in the Deep Forest Luo, the Deepening God; and in the Withering Desert, the End God is the orderly god. There is no way to resist a god with only half-hearted divine power.

 Arcana opens her mouth.
 Sesshouka huffed out with her breath, her created voice echoing through the water.

'Is it halfway?'

 'Nitaa,' says Anderk, laughing like a snake.

'Pope Gorloana, who has only the book of traces left by the trace god. Nafta, the god of the future, who handed over his divine eye to the sword emperor to see the future and became an imperfect god. Hailjiend, the demon sword god who has become the property of a demon king's lackey. He can't even create a proper sanctuary, he's a half-baked god. Shut up and obey, and go to hell.

"The Jury's Garden is a huge, four-in-one divine realm.

 As he slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean, Arcana says.

''Because of the magic power circulating through these four divine realms, God of Abortion, you are capable of possessing mighty power. All four gods of the tree are the same.

What does it matter?

If even one of the jury-rigged gardens disappears, the other divine realms will be weakened.

 'Hee hee hee,' Anderck laughed at Arcana's words.

'You're just a substitute for order, as far as you're concerned. Can't you see that?

 Anderck looks up.
 The dark eclipse of the sun is still shining miserably out of the crimson sea that clouds his vision.

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it.

 Now that the Evanescence Mana was away from Ray's hand, the aim was to cause a complete to wipe out the earth?

"Now that the God of Creation has risen, there is no need for a substitute. Now that the God of Creation has risen, there is no need for agents; your greatest powers, the Moon of Creation and the Sun of Doom, are on our side. It is an exaggeration to say that you are a god of treachery.

 With a clank of scissors, Anderck pointed his abortive forceps at Arcana.

'How much order do you have left over there now? Will a little snow from the palm of your hand freeze the surface of the abortion sea?

 Arcana stared at the abortion god in silence.
 She didn't try to move, and there was no sign of an attack.

 As she stared into the murky red sea, she realized with a start.
 The snake design on Egliahonne had disappeared.

''You finally noticed?

 Nitaa, Anderku gave a condescending smile.

 The next moment, that serene expression on Arcana's face was tainted with pain.

 While she was talking, a reddish-black two-headed snake, hidden by the murky red water, was biting at her navel. The other side of it was biting at Anderk's lower belly.

 It was the umbilical cord used to abort Arcana.

"There you go! Life is not to be desired, nor will it return.

 The magical power sent from the God's umbilical cords returned Arcana to her unborn child.
 She wore the snow and moonflower on her body and used the power of creation to keep her own body unchanged.

It is useless, useless. The unwanted embryos and God's scissors will be thwarted and fallen.

 Like a snake baring its fangs, the snake abortion forceps clank open and its sharp blade is placed against the God's umbilical cord.

'Abortion. Egliahonne.

 Like a snake devouring its prey, the scissors closed vigorously with a whack.

 A stunned voice spills out of Anderk's mouth.

 The God's umbilical cord was unbroken.
 The blade of the snake abortion forceps that had bitten him was more rusty and crumbling in tatters.

''........What.......then, this.......?''

'You must have been fooled, too. God of abortion. No, the will of the world.

 Arcana stared at the Abortion God.

 Quietly closing her eyes, when they were opened again, the arc-shaped < Sun of Ruin> and the crescent moon Artillert Noah appeared in her magic eye, drawing a circle with the two as one.

 <The Devil's Eye of Disobedience, the true power of the Eye of Disobedience, was manifested there.

'The Selective Judgment has been distorted by that Son of Limbo. Now, the alignment of the order has been completely disrupted. The God of Destruction and the God of Creation have risen, and yet the authority that I had only to act on their behalf is intact. On the contrary, it is growing in power. He must have wanted to mock this world.

 Silently lifting her right and left hands, Arcana spun around and returned them to the heavens.

'The snow dances in the spring sunshine, and the six flowers melt the world.

 Soaring from both hands were flaming ice flowers.

''The Six Flowers of Springscape.''

 It shimmered like the sun, twinkling like the cold moon, and its icy flowers burned.

 One after another, the flowers gathered behind Arcana, creating an object that resembled the moon and then the sun, but was neither.

''What... what... what...? Is this ... orderly ...?

 Stunned, Anderk gazes at the object created by the Six Flowers of Springscape.

 It is the six petals that freeze and burn, the six petals.
 Indeed, the divine order is there. God's authority was exerting its power.

''.........Arin......Sen......this.......kind of......!

 She opened her divine eye and shook her head.
 She was confronted with a divine power in front of her that should not be there, as she was the foundation of the order, the Four Juri God, but she was confronted with a divine power that should not be there.

''There must be some mistake...! This kind of order is not in order....!

'The moon never rises, the sun never sets, and spring shines on the godless land.'

 In a serene voice, Arcana chanted.

''The Six Flowers of Disobedience, Levi Helluota.''

 The blazing ice flower emitted cold and hot air at the same time.

 Ice and fire, originally opposed to each other, coexisted without the slightest rivalry.
 The Sea of Abortion was frozen and burned by their contradictory forces.

 The order of the Great Tree Mother Sea began to go haywire at a moment's notice.

 The forbidden soldiers, who had sunk to the bottom of the sea and were unable to move, began to move again under the light of the Six Flowers of Treason.
 They rescued the demon soldiers one after another.

''...Why...? Why are you swimming in my sea...? A baby that doesn't want to be aborted! Abortion!

 The Anderk flashed his snake abortion forceps and shouted.
 An enormous amount of magical power gushed out, and countless red threads appeared in the Great Tree Mother Sea, but they somehow became entangled with the Lord of the Divine Realm, the Abortion God.

''Geez...! W....what........then........?

'The realm that Levi Herolta illuminates is the land of disobedience. Here all things are disobedient to order.

 Anderucu shouted with his god's eyes open.

''Arinsen! Didn't you say you would never betray your mistress for an abortion? God is order itself. Do you think there is anything that can be disobeyed?

 As if escaping from its bondage, Anderk's divine body turned into a red thread, which unraveled as fast as it could.
 The next moment the abortion god appeared right behind Arcana, as if the god's body had disappeared.

"The unwanted babies, the fangs of the snake will eat and fall...

 A jangling, metallic sound.


 Aiming at Arcana's neck, the blades of the snake abortion forceps crossed sharply.

 Anderck rolls his divine eye.
 The scissors that aimed at his neck were snapped off the opposite side of his blade.

The "Disobedience Sword Revein Gilma

 Harukage Rokka gathered together and the one that appeared in her hands was the Revein Gilma, which Ahide had once called the sword of the Almighty.

 Her memories were blocked and her authority as an agent was blocked.
 In the past, it was necessary to use a material such as the Ruin Sword, but not anymore.

 He regained his memory, regained all his authority as an agent, and regained his divine sword.
 And now that the distorted selection judges had advanced, the final pieces were in place.

 This was Arcana's true value as a disobedient god--

"My body has become an immortal god.

"Pokemon! Eat up........!

 The Anderk turned his right arm into a red threaded snake, forcing Arcana to bite it.
 However, the fanged abortion serpent was unilaterally obliterated in front of the eternal, immortal god body.

''Order is no match for me,''

 Silently, Arcana drew the Rivine Girma from its sheath.
 The silvery white sword barrel is exposed and shines beautifully.

 It is a treacherous sword that should have destroyed its owner if it was pulled out and released, but it has no effect on her.
 <Even the order of the treacherous sword, which says that Leviher's Rikka will be destroyed if it is pulled out, is in violation of the order of the treacherous sword.

Order distorts and transgresses. I am the god who does not bow to the heavens.

 The divine umbilical cord connecting itself to Anderk, Arcana severed the divine umbilical cord with the Revein Gilma.

 The abortion god Anderk wavers.
 Losing her strength, she sinks into the sea of abortion.

 The voices drowned out, and the Anderk disappeared into the bright red seafloor.
 The abortion order has been transgressed, and the positions of Anderk and Arcana have been reversed.

 Hence, the abortion god, was aborted.

 A fearsome authority that is worthy of the name of the God of Disobedience and specializes in God.
 Or perhaps it was something Graham had prepared in order to destroy Eques, who was born at the Selection Judgment.

 With the manifestation of Eques and the resurrection of the God of Destruction and the God of Creation, her power as an apostate god was fully awakened.
 It's hard to believe it was a coincidence.

 If Levihel'alta, who is disobedient to order, it should be possible to neutralize Eques as a collection of order.
 All of Eques's power would be that of the Disobedience God.


"The moon shall rise and the sun shall set. And winter is coming to a godless land.

 Arcana sheathes the backreason sword Levine Girma.
 Then the Leviheruorta quickly disappeared, like a scattering of flowers.

 She relaxed her power and let herself drift into that sea.

 Due to her enormous power, even in her body as an agent, her magic power quickly ran out in a matter of seconds.
 Her body and roots were exhausted, and even though she had won unscathed, she was still in tatters.

 Considering what happened in Gadeshiora, was it Graham's plan to set me up as an agent and let me get the power of Arcana?

 Or is it the math that you eventually get yourself?
 I don't know, but in any case, he probably thought that his right of disobedience was the only way to defeat Eques, who had consolidated his divine power.

 <''As long as I maintain the Six Flowers of Disobedience, Levi Heluorta, even if I destroy Eques, the world will not be destroyed.

''........You want to protect it.......''

 Arcana murmured softly.
 She looked at the solar eclipse in the sky and said with an ungainly body.

'Ground. This time I'll take care of something important for you, big brother.