458-Those who hate the gods

 West of Mid-Hays--

 The Great Tree Mother Sea.
 The plain had sunk deep and turned into the sea, and a raging tsunami was rushing into Mid-Hays.

'The first drop of the beginning will soon become a pond and a mother sea. My sweet child, wake up. Seitan Meijun, Avrohellian.

 With the voice of the birth God, the Mother Sea nurtures life.
 One by one, God's armies are born from the ocean floor, riding the surging tidal wave to land where the Mid-Haze troops have set up a defensive line.

 Already the arrows and magical bombardment of the gods were pouring down in great numbers.
 The battalion of the Archer God Amishus and the Sorcerer God Druzok are trying to break the magical barriers from a long distance, making their numbers count.

 The demon king's castle barely survived the concentrated fire, but every time the tidal wave rushed in, the number of enemies increased.

 The magic barriers creaked and the anti-magic screamed, and it looked as if the castle was about to collapse at any moment.

''Magic barrier failure rate of forty-seven percent!

''We can't keep up with the magic supply! If this is not the case........?

 Inside the Demon King's Castle, the Seven Demon Emperors old Medwin Gartha raised his eyebrows at his subordinate's report.

''Lord Medwin. Even if you are holed up in the castle, you won't stand a chance.''

 The one who came with the voice was a man with a fearless face.

 He has brown skin and golden magic eyes.
 His hair was tied back in an all-back bun.

 He was Sieg Ozma, the chief strategist of the Cutthroat King, who had once defeated the Seven Demon Emperors, Old Melhayes, and challenged him to a contest of wits. Once I reincarnated him as an owl, but after I brought Eldmead under my command, I turned him back.

''We should strike from here,''

...do you have a chance of winning?

We'll take care of it.

 Behind Zeke was a troop of demon clans.

 The one who stepped out was a black-haired ponytailed, stiff-sworded Linka Theolunes.
 He was one of the generation of chaos that fought against Misha and Sasha in the case of Avos Dilhevia, and was under the control of the Dark Lord.

 And the other was a small boy, Zablo Gaze.
 He is the second-in-command of the Scarlet Monument King Girisilis, who was also beaten by Eleonor at that time.

 All of the troops there are two thousand years old demon race.

 They were mainly under the control of the Four Evil Royal Clan, and in the current disciplined Mid-Haze troops, they were all habitual people. They are usually free spirited and do not have much of a work ethic. Many of them are just protecting it mainly because they were told to stay quiet.

'Hee hee. "Hee hee, a god would be a good material for us to study.

 In a lowly tone, Zablo says.

'How about a monument that contains the divine order? In the hands of the Scarlet Monument King, it should be easy to do.

 Then, in an unremarkable and fast action, Linka pulls out her magic sword.
 The Self-Sustaining Sword Garmest. Extending the tip of the sword, whose shape can be manipulated at will, she thrust the blade at Zablo's throat.

It's a matter of life and death for my Dillhade. If you're going to mess with your horrible magical research, I'll cut you down to the ground.

Hee hee hee. The Dark Lord's dogs will kill me? Where is the Lord's Dark Lord? Are you not running around with the winds of cowardice?

 At Zablo's provocation, Linka glares at him, her eyes sharp.

'Rescind it. My Lord, you are not running away.'

So why is it that you have not shown up for this little affair of Dirheid's?

"In deep thought. The Cutthroat King's dog is literally a dog, unlike your master.

 At Linka's words, Zablo stared at her evasively.

''It was just a cowardly hand that got you. The Scarlet Monument King is a man of fortitude. He is the King of Mud, who shines so brightly that he is covered in mud. Sooner or later, he will rise again, even if it is in sludge.

'I didn't know even an ugly old man like you had any loyalty, but that's the Lord of Hearts. Are you two fools on the same page?

 Hiccup, and Zablo's laughter echoed.
 Linka's gaze and his gaze met, and the killing spirit collided with each other.

 Instantly, the free sword Garmest sliced through Zablo's cheek, and a stone crush ejected from the magic circle came close to Linka's face.

 She caught it with her right hand.

 The moment the two sides stared at each other again, the Demon King's Castle shook with a gaga-gaang.
 The magic bombardment of the gods' clans broke down the magic barrier even more.

''Good grief. It's too loud to be an enemy.


 Zablo turned off his magic circle and Linka put away her magic sword.
 They both turned on their heels at the same time.

You'll see. After we get rid of those gods, we'll take our time to settle this matter.

Don't be afraid.

You little girl. Who do you think you are talking to?

 The two of them led their respective troops and headed out of the Demon King's Castle.

''........Is it okay?''

 With a serious look on his face, Seven Demon Emperors Old Medwin asked, ''It's only a flirtation.

''It's just a game. It's a good idea to have a good time with them," he said. They won't shoot their allies in the back.

 Zeke replied, as if there was nothing wrong with it.
 Medwin was silent. After a few seconds, he opened his mouth as if it was unavoidable.

"Okay," he said. It's up to you. I must now rely on your knowledge of the war...

Yes, sir.

 Zeke turned on his heel and walked out of the Demon King's Castle with his own troops.

 The outside of the magical barrier was filled with surging waves and divine armies.
 As long as they were in the God of Birth's divine realm, the enemies would be born almost endlessly.

 Moreover, they have an order in which the many outnumber the few.
 The more time that passes, the more disadvantageous the Mid-Haze unit becomes.

''It's horrible! "There are many gods with terrible magic.

 Zabloo draws a multiple magic circle with both hands.
 I'm not going to be able to get it right.

 From there, a huge monument appears.
 It was accompanied by a number of smaller monumental stones around it.

 Hundreds, no, not thousands of them.

''The Demon King's Army (Guys).''

 After drawing a magic circle for all the demons outside, Sieg connects the magic lines of the Demon King's Army (Guys).
 <This is to give orders to the soldiers in the Great Sea of Trees, which seals off the Reeks.

"I'm going to warpath. Zablo, Linka, and your men will be the key to this operation. Do not pull away.

I know.

 He said shortly and Rinka took the lead.

"Who do you think you are talking to, young man? Now, give me your magic.

 <The magic power sent by Sieg via the magic line of the Demon King's Army (Guys) is immediately poured into the magic circle drawn by Zablo.

"You gods. "You gods.

 The scarlet monument that had been floating in the sky above began to fall and fell with great force.
 Aimed at the sea and not at the army of God, the monument stabbed into the shallows and seabed, making a violent splash.

''Now it's time to get vulgar!

 Linka led the demon soldiers through the rippling shallows.

 In her hand, she carries the free sword Garmest. She made it transparent and hid her magic with the secret magic power (Nazira).
 In the blink of an eye, it has turned into a magical sword invisible to the eye of God.

 Following Zeke's instructions, the demons clashed with a section of the God's army that was moving regularly, and they were evenly matched in number.

''I got it!

 The self-existing sword Garmest cut off the head of the Swordsman God with ease.

 As expected of a two thousand year old demon race.
 He has improved his skills several levels higher than when he once fought Misha and Sasha. You can now draw more than enough power from that body, which has the blood of a tyrannical demon king.


 With each swing of Linka's hand, the gods get down.


 As well as her power, Zeke, who is commanding the troops, is also skillful.

 Against God's army, which is overwhelmingly outnumbered, she is guiding them to clash in even numbers locally, and has them bring them to a one-on-one with Linka.

 If Linka defeats one of the gods, her troops will be outnumbered on the spot.
 In this way, she was reducing the number of enemies at a glance.

 She could only be the chief strategist of the Cutthroat King.

 However, that was still not enough.

 There was a limit to his physical and magical power in order to continue the full force of the battle action. It was clear that the demons would run out of power before they could defeat the ever-born army of gods.

 It's not like Zeke didn't take that into account.

It's not too late. It's not too late. Did you say the puppet heart of the desert? It's an interesting magic to make a servant of the dead, but I'll give it back to you in its entirety.

 Thousands of monumental stones pierced by the Great Sea of Trees.
 They emitted a violet light and stretched out a magic line.

 The monumental stones were connected to each other by a purple line, creating a huge magic circle in a corner of the Great Sea of Trees.

''It's the Foul Death Demon Soldiers (Gore Grum),''

 The moment Zaburo activated his magic, there was a divine body that rose up with a whimper.

 The swordsman god Galmugund, spearman god Schnellde, and the magician god Druzouk, who had been cut down by Linka, slowly rose to their feet.

 Their armor was rotten, their eyes had a miserable red glow to them, and their heads had two eerie horns growing out of them. 
 Above all, a god that was even just a powerful god was emitting an even stronger magical power than that.



 With a grunt, the gods who have turned into rotten-dead demon soldiers (ghouls) attack their former comrades, the army of the gods.

 In this way, he was struck down by the Foul Death Demon Soldiers (ghouls), and from the god race, whose anti-magic was weakened, one after another turned into Foul Death Demon Soldiers (ghouls) and became magical dolls that faithfully listened to Zablo's orders.

''Hee hee! You can give birth to as many as you want. The more you give birth to, the more powerful you'll be!

 The rotten dead demon soldiers (ghouls) fight until their roots rot away.
 The more they are defeated, the stronger their forces grow, and the more they overwhelm the god's army.

 No matter how endlessly they create life, there is a limit to their speed.

 As soon as they created a certain number of rotten death demon soldiers (ghouls), the speed at which the divine army could be born would exceed the speed at which they could be converted into rotten death demon soldiers (ghouls).

 So, Zeke and the others would win.

''Go on! I will avenge the God who gave birth to this divine realm!

 As soon as the situation was reversed, the demon troops and the rotting death demon soldiers (ghouls), led by Linka, jumped into the water.

 <Using the magic of , the girls swam faster than a fish and arrived in front of a large tree.
 Wenzel, the god of birth, was there. The demons surrounded her.

 Without caution, Linka held her free sword Garmest at the ready.

''It's Wenzel, the God of Birth, isn't it?''

 Wenzel held up his shield.

 The natal life shield Avroherian, and just as it shines dazzlingly, a large number of divine soldiers born from the great tree jump out.

 Following Zeke's orders, without panicking, the troops of the demon race and the rotten death demon soldiers (ghouls) beat down those gods.


 Extending his invisible free sword long and wide, Linka slashed at Wenzel.
 The God of Birth received it effortlessly with Avrohellian, but the free sword Garmest is also flexible in number.

 The blow, wielded from the opposite direction at the same time so as not to be noticed, cleaved Wenzel's defenseless torso.

 While bleeding, the God of Birth still stared at Linka.

 No, no. What he's looking at is behind Linka.
 But there's nothing there.

"The end.

 <With his free sword, which has increased in power after pouring an enormous amount of magical power into the , Linka slashes at the God of Birth.

 Her aim is the hand holding the Avrohellian. If he let go of that shield, even for a moment, he would make the rotten death demon soldiers (ghouls) rush in at once, ready to crush the ball.

 This was Zeke's plan, knowing that the four gods of woodland could not be destroyed that easily.

 With all his might, Linka's strike, wielded with all his might, splendidly slashes through Wenzel's right hand.
 The azure shield separated from her fingertips.


 Rinka was about to scream, but the demon eyes rolled back.
 It was less than an instant. Wenzel's body became transparent and suddenly disappeared.

 Instead, a faint light begins to gather in the place where Wenzel had been watching earlier.
 There should have been no one there, behind Linka.

 She turned around to see if she felt the kill.
 As if the order had been reversed, a woman appeared there, wearing a red weave.

 Her red-black hair, tied up in a knot, was swept away by the ocean currents and swayed in a frightening manner.
 She had been turned over to the abortion god Anderk.

 A red thread appeared in its place, drawing a magic circle.
 From the center, a giant thread-cutting scissors with the design of a two-headed snake peeked out.


I know what I'm doing!

 The God's soldiers, who had turned into rotting death demon soldiers (ghouls), attacked the Anderks all at once.

''Unwanted baby!''

 Andelk's voice is cold and elegant.

"The serpent's fangs bite and fall...

 A jangling, metallic sound.



 Zaburo peeled off his demon eyes (eyes).
 The divine bodies of the rotten death demon soldiers (ghouls) crumbled to pieces and were destroyed in an instant.

 I, my rotten demon soldiers (ghouls)...

"If the mother's amniotic fluid turns red, the torn child will not be drowned.

 Blood gushes out in large amounts from the crumbling body of a rotting death demon soldier (ghoul), clouding the Great Tree Sea with red.

''Let them!''

 Linka swung her free sword at the large upper level and slashed vigorously.
 But as if dissolved in red water, the abortion god Anderk disappeared, and his demonic sword hacked at the water.


 Linka screamed and Zeke turned around behind him.
 The snake abortion forceps were there, closing in on him.

'Abortion, Egliahonnu!

 Zeke retreated and quickly dodged the divine shears.
 However, it wasn't him that Anderk aimed at him, but rather the magic line of the Demon King's Army (Guys) that led to the Demon soldiers.

 A jacking sound could be heard and the thread was cut off by the snake abortion forceps.
 Then, just as the conditions were satisfied, the sea became more and more murky in crimson.

''N.........then........the underwater activity (Coco).......''

"....this is..........

"Disabling magic.... no, that's not enough... to swim... with...

 The demons were sinking into the Red Sea.
 With the appearance of the Abortion God, the order of the Great Tree Mother Sea changed.

 They were drowning in their mother's amniotic fluid like a fetus whose umbilical cord had been cut off.

It's not a good idea to have a newborn baby. You are as fragile as an infant, you can't beat a concubine.

 The Anderk stared at the ground from under the sea.
 His gaze pierced into the Demon King's Castle, which was built to protect Mid-Hays.


 The surface of the sea raged and a crimson tsunami rushed into the Demon King's Castle.
 The anti-magic and magical barriers that had been protecting the castle so far were easily aborted, and the tsunami quickly swept over the castle.

 The castle, which is maintained by magic, will be swept away by the crimson tsunami.

 The backwinding raging wave is mercilessly approaching - and just before that, it stopped dead in its tracks.


 The abortion god twitches his eyebrows.

 It's frozen.
 The tidal wave that was supposed to abort the magic had been frozen by the power of someone else.

 Yes, by divine right.

'Snow shall fall and light shall abound.'

 In the blink of an eye, the place was transformed into a snowy landscape.

 Snow fell on the Sea of Trees.
 The silvery white crystals froze the surface of the raging sea, sealing in the tsunami.

 With a flutter, a flutter of snow and moonflakes landed and turned into a transparent girl with silvery white hair and a golden god's eye.

''O God of Abortion, I am Arcana. I am Arcana. The Demon King's sister, and a god that Gadeshiola does not worship. As a treacherous god who bears the hatred of those who were once betrayed by the gods, I will fight alongside the demon tribe of Mid-Haze.

 She turned her hands to the heavens and solemnly folded her knees.
 Along with the snow, the forbidden soldiers of Gadeisiola descended there, who seemed to have been assimilated into the ice dragon.

'Gadeisiola is an abomination to the gods. They are full of anger. "Gadeisiola is an abomination to the gods; they are full of wrath; they are inviolable to each other, but they will never forgive us if they try to take any more from us.