457-The doctrine of Almighty God

 The skies above Mid-Hays--

 The wind was blowing violently.
 The swirling storm gradually increased in power, with Gietenarus, the god of transformation, at the center.

 When he blows his whistle, the wind blows.

 An eerie tune echoes through the sky.
 Guietenarus, the god of transformation, gazes down below as he plays such a storm.

 A swarm of spirits clashed with the army of gods laying down an orderly formation, kicking it away.

 The god of war, Per Pedro, was unable to stand up to the great spirit Reno, and the army was being cut to pieces by the magic of the spirits who were causing incomprehensible phenomena.

 The keystone, Anahem, was also unable to move while glaring at each other with Shin.
 In the meantime, Demon Emperor Elio rebuilt his troops and began to build a new line of defense, building the Demon King's Castle again in the rear.

''Hahaha, how long are you going to be bothered, Anahem? Hurry up or I'll take it all away! I'm tired of this song!

 Sitting down to sit in the wind, Guietenarus puts the divine flute to his mouth.

'Let's change, change, change now. It's like the night, like the sometimes shifting autumn minin.

 A thunderous tone begins to resound from the transformational divine flute Idylloend.

 As if the magic power accumulated from the previous performances was released all at once, the storm that swirled around Guietenarus transformed into blue lightning.

 In the next moment, blue lightning struck the army of gods in the sky.

 With their entire bodies charged, the gods change their appearance.
 The divine bodies turned into lightning itself and began to discharge in the area with a bumblebee.

 The army of gods couldn't fly through the tree-crowned celestial sphere with their own power.
 Hence, Guietenarus turned them into servants of his own order.

'Look, are you ready, lightning puppet? Those of you who can't fly will never be able to stop them from entering the country from the air. We're after the parents of the misfits. They seem to be helpless, so if you kill them, they'll give up and try to block up the gate with the four walls of the world.

 The god that turned into lightning - the lightning doll glares at the mid-haze below.
 Although that magic doll, strengthened by the power of the Transformation God, has lost its original order, it possesses magic power several orders of magnitude stronger than the armies of the gods.

 If it charged in, it would lightly pierce the magical barriers of Mid-Hays and destroy the city in the blink of an eye.

''Ikina. It was like a bolt out of the blue. I'm going to show them the despair they deserve.

 Bringing the Idylloend to his mouth again, the Transformation God Guietenarus played a song like a thunderclap.

 A blue lightning light shimmered, and lightning struck one after another at Mid-Haze.

''Dragon technique--''

 A white shadow dances in the sky.
 <In the canopy heavenly sphere, where flight is forbidden, there are those who still dance freely.

 Two winged dragons.

''--Lingfeng Dragon Crushing Sword (Geddeorba)!

"Wind Dragon Vacuum Slayer (Dust Delte)!

 A huge dragon assault reminiscent of the Spiritual Peak and flapped its wings like a gale dragon, its uncommon sword skills slashing down the lightning struck thunder doll.

 As they followed, a number of dragons soared into the sky from Mid-Haze.
 Flapping their large wings and tearing through the storm were the white different dragons and the Agaha Dragon Knights who drove them.

 Leading the charge was Sylvia and Nate, who held the title of dragon knight.
 Behind them followed by his deputy, Gordeau, and Sylvia's father, Ricardo.


Kuick, Kuick, Kuick, Kuick.....

 With a baritone voice, the man rides a singularly large different dragon and thrusts out his right arm.

 The in the shape of the dragon's jaw (Agito) seemed to shine in a dull color, and then swallowed half of the lightning doll floating in the sky.


Ku-ick, Ku-ick, Ku-ick-woo...

 Yet another blow, the bold 's fist bit into Guietenarus.

'.........this, my.......

 A song rang out from Idylloend, and the wind that blew in the air swept away the .
 Guetenarus glared at that dragon man who had invaded his own divine realm.

''Haha, your song is quite good though.

 A large man wearing a crimson knight's uniform and armor.
 His hair was a little long and his beard was well trimmed and magnificent.

 His appearance conveyed a weight characteristic of someone who has lived through the ages.

"Hymn to the Demon King, I can't get enough of this guy.

 The man gave a bold smile.

''Well I don't know who you are, but... If you're going to interrupt me, I won't show any mercy--

Well, wait a minute, Tensei. Nothing is more empty than fighting each other without knowing each other's names and intentions. Let me tell you who I am first.

 To a pompous Guietenarus, the man said.

The Sword Emperor of Agaha, Diedrich Kreitzen Agaha. And they are the greatest underground dragon knights our country has to offer.

 The Dragon Knights saluted, holding their swords up in the center of their chests.
 Guetenarus snickered.

'Agaha? Heh. Are the people of the earth alive by God going against us?

'You should ask that guy from Gorloana. The God of Agaha is always here.

 Clenching his fist, Diedrich pounds his own chest.

''The brilliance of each one of our lives is the light of God. Then the gods are not to be feared as enemies. Do what needs to be done with every fiber of your being.

 The Sword Emperor said with dignity.
 With those words, the Dragon Knights held their swords in place as if they were united.

''Transmutation God or. Tell Eques.''

 Diedrich said in a voice so loud that it echoed through the sky of the tree-crowned heavens.

The divine order has brought us favors and blessings. But it was the great demon king, Anos Voldigordo, who came from the earth to overthrow the prophecies of the Agaha and open up our future.

 Clenching both fists, Diedrich let particles of magic power rise from his entire body.
 With an unwavering will, a dull phosphorescent light was emitted.

'By righteousness, we, the Agaha, will share the fate of Dirheid. Even if the will of the world is turned against us, and the fate of our destruction is upon us, we will work out this future with the single wish of the sword of life.

 Nate, Sylvia, Ricardo, Gordeau, and everyone else in the dragon knights' group had the same look on their faces as Diedrich, looking at the enemy, the gods.

 There was not the slightest hint of fear.
 They only had a strong determination.

''That would be our repayment to the Demon King for reaching out to us on that calamitous day, right? ''Hey.''

 In response to the words of the Sword Emperor, Nate, the leader of the dragon knight corps, releases his magic power.
 With the child dragon's unique 'dragon fighting scales' (Gaddez), he wears the dragon of Lingfeng on his back.

"Prepare the dragon gun!


 The white dragon's mouth opens and bright red flames flood into it.

''Let go!''

 At Nate's command, scorching breaths were spat out of the dragon's mouth.
 The lightning puppets in the sky scattered, but some of them were engulfed in flames.

'Agaha Dragon Knights, defend this airspace to the death. Don't let even a single soldier enter the Mid-Hays!''

""Copy that."

 A song sounded like thunder.
 At the same time, the lightning dolls attacked the dragon knights.

 Against those dolls flying at the speed of lightning from all directions, the Dragon Knights returned fire with their cubs, Nate and Sylvia, in the center.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're going to do with it.

''That's a stupid answer. Are the dragon men of Agaha blind? What was that thing?

 While confronting Diedrich, Gietenarus, the god of transmutation, points to a vast expanse of land.
 , it was split in four.

 The chasm is deep, reaching to the bottom of the earth.
 And it is still widening, and the world is becoming increasingly divided.

 If left unchecked, it will eventually break apart completely, destroying not only the earth, but also the very fabric of the earth.

We are the faint light emitted by the almighty splendor. That's all it takes to make the world what it is. Can't you see the futility of fighting?

Well, you'll never know unless you try. It's a good thing that the Demon King can lift a canopy all by himself. It's also very difficult.

 The white dragon with Diedrich on board flapped its wings and rammed into Gietenarus.

"If the world were not in danger of dying, we would never be able to repay you!

"The sky is a transitory place, a spiritual place.

 The green-green wind wiped gently, changing the air currents in all of its airspace.
 As soon as it touched that gentle breeze, the white dragon slowed down and Guietenarus flew over it with ease.

''Did you think your wings would allow you to fly free? I'm the only one who's not bound by anything in this changing sky.

 The song played from the divine flute modulates in a frightening manner.

'Let's sing. Let's sing. Oh, let's sing. It is like the wind, and sometimes it dances down like the leaves of a tree. Tenpenshinsinteki Idi Doroend

 The large white dragon carrying Diedrich loses its lift.

 No matter how much it flaps its wings, the air currents and the magic field for flying have all been turned into weights, and it begins to fall towards mid haze.

 It's the same with the Dragon Knights, they are all falling, all the different dragons are falling.

The only thing you can do is to have a good time. As you can see, if a dragon falls from such a high place, what will happen to Mid-Haze?

 Like a triumphant man, Gietenarus played a tune.
 More and more, the fall accelerated, and more and more mid-heys loomed.

"Zannen. "You didn't carve out the future!

 The moment--
 Something crossed the divine eye of Guetenarus.

 A piece of shimmering and scattering.

 A crystal fragment.
 It was like a shining sandstorm, covering the sky of transformation.

 As if order and order rivaled each other, another divine realm appeared in the crowned celestial sphere.

''........Falling? Jump.........!

 Sylvia spread the wings of the wide and pulled the entire squadron of dragon knights into the sky.

 Before they knew it, they were all holding the Sword of Kandakuizolte in their hands.

''What's this? The future God of the ... supreme world--?

 Guietenarus said quizzically, and shook his head.

'No way,' he said. Just because there is one future that can be flown, and that future will come true, doesn't mean there is a future where you can fly this tree-crowned celestial ball...''

"Nafta denies--

 The sky distorts languidly and a girl in a blue-green robe appears.
 Her indigo hair stretched to her shoulders. Diedrich's dragon's eye that glowed red in her right eye and her own blue god's eye shone in her left eye.

'The future is not set in stone. With Nafta's love, there are infinite possibilities, and people will grasp a better future with hope in their hearts. ''Dragon Knights, don't be afraid.''

 The serene voice of the Future God echoes in the tree-crowned celestial sphere.

As long as your hope shines, Nafta will make that future a reality. As long as your hope shines, Nafta will make that future a reality. The future of our Agaha.

 A crystal clock tower appeared at Nafta's feet.
 A total of twelve clock towers appeared in that airspace.

 From there, a number of crystal bridges are built like a foothold.

"The ideal world will be opened to the court.