461-A world without gaps

 A chant echoed through the dense forest.
 Its voice, its pitch, its rhythm, built a solemn phonetic magic circle.

''--The Book of Reorganization, the first movement
 The chanting flames released from the Geordal Order burned down thousands of trees and struck the divine army.
 However, unlike the first blow that caught him by surprise, it was blocked by the wards of the Artilleryman God Druzok and turned to stone.

'Your words are the right answer.

 A voice rang out from Dilfred, the god of deepening.

'Then look deep. Pope Gorloana, and the Order of Geordar. To confront me in this forest of spirals, that is, to compare which one sees more deeply into the abyss.'

 Gorloana was wary of her surroundings.
 She could see a large army of gods approaching on the other side of the flames that burned the trees and flowers.

 If you count the magic power with your evil eye, the number of gods is approximately six hundred thousand.
 A large number of soldiers, who hadn't even shown any signs of being there just a moment ago, were surrounding the cult.

 The spiral forest had different spatial paths everywhere, and even its entrances were constantly changing.
 No matter how much anti-magic they wore, if they stepped into it, they would be forcibly transferred to some part of the forest.

 However, as long as the God of Deepening can look into the depths of the forest, he can position his soldiers at will.

''Start approaching, Sword Warrior God. If you close the distance, the Geordal Order is vulnerable.''

 The swordsman god Garmugund pointed his divine sword and charged head-on.

 Although there are soldiers in the Order who are armed with swords and spears, such as holy knights, but their skills and abilities are several steps inferior to the knights of Agaha and the forbidden soldiers of Gadaishiola.

 Their realm of expertise is the phonetic magic circle with chanting.
 Dilfred's judgment that they are weak in close combat is correct.



 The congregation thrusts with their straight fists as if to match the divine sword that was thrust out.

 The eight men standing in the vanguard were the eight chanting experts, the Hachika Kenjin.
 Their fists crushed the divine sword and flashed back at the attacking swordsman god with all the strength of their muscles.

''Coming Holy Offering. A wind from a foreign land has brought us a new song.

The song is the struggle, the struggle is the song.

It took a stronger body to choreograph these girls' songs.

Yes, because the songs are in honor of the Witch King. A dance that appears faster and stronger, that is the choreography of the Demon King.

 Their dark blue vestments made their bodies bulge with muscles unlike what they once were.

''We have trained our bodies to dance it!''

 The Eight Song Sages and the Geolheise Choir head to the army of the gods as they dance.

'-- Oh, a new wind for us. Dance, dance, dance, dance with your unseen neighbors, dance with your unseen neighbors. Their joy will be strength, and their love will fill your whole body. The Book of Reorganization, second movement, "The Flame Dance Gang

 A rhyming magic circle resounds and the Eight Song Sages are enveloped in flames.

 <The Flame Dance Rigid Body (Bai Ham) strengthens their forged bodies even more, and the Eight Song Sages stepped out in splendor and power, as if it were a dance of fire.


 The fists of the
 Originally, it was worn to dance the first, second, and third hymns of the Demon King's Hymn.

 With Pope Gorloana as a believer, the Demon King's Choir is now a subterranean diva. In Geordal, the entire country is supporting them. The byproduct of this was this.

"In the forest of spirals, travelers will know--

 The voice of a deepening deity wood spirit comes from deep within the depths of the Profound Forest Luo.

 Then, the congregation of the Order's congregation looked at each other.
 The figure of the Eight Song Sage and the Geolheise Choir suddenly disappeared.

 They were transferred to a different place in the Deep Forest Luo.

''This leaf is profoundly lost and shallowly enlightened. Unfathomable, unfathomable, you are still unfathomable.''

 Every time Dilfred's voice echoed, the Geordal Order was scattered and metastasized into a vast forest.
 Neither the anti-magic of the phonetic magicians nor the chanting flames can disturb the order of that forest.

The forest's wanderer, forever, sinks to the end of his thoughts. We'll never get out of this spiral labyrinth.

 And so, one by one, the congregation of Geordar was sent away, and the next thing you know, Pope Golloana was the only one left at the gates of Midhays.

 In his hand is the Book of Traces, left by the trace god Liebershuned.
 That order would have protected him from forced transference by leaving his traces there and maintaining the past.

'Thousands of gods attack you,' he said. At its back is Midhayes, the city of friendland. I ask you, Pope Gorloana. Do you fight or retreat?

 Zach's footsteps sounded, and more than a few thousand gods were closing in on Gorloana.
 If they retreated, they would overrun the Mid-Hays.

''Deepening God Dilfred. I do not have a magic eye to look into the abyss. But no matter how lost it is, I will not wander into the abyss.

 A song, I heard.

 A small sound gradually increases and begins to sound loud and powerful.

 It was the sound of a serene, prestigious voice.
 From everywhere in the spiral forest, a solemn chant was being played.

This song is our guide. No matter how much we close our eyes, we will simply walk this path of faith, relying on the voices of those who believe in the same God.

 A fractured Geordal cult.
 Still, the song transcends the distance.

 No matter how far away they were, no matter where they were transposed, without an inch of deviation, they sang the chant and deployed a phonetic magic circle at the gates of Midhays.

'Though God be not in his sight, thou shalt not be afraid. To each and every one of you the gospel resounds. They are all precious, the hands of our God. Even though you cannot see, even though you cannot see, to each one of you the gospel will resound. The Book of Reorganization, the Third Movement, "Solo Anthem (Rowse)

 One after another, the soldiers in front of Gorloana's eyes were engulfed in the flames of .

 The reason why the wards of the Surgeons God Druzog didn't work was because the sound was only given to one person.

 The rhyming magic circle and the chanting flames that resounded in the swordsman god Galmugund were not heard or seen by the artilleryman god Dorzoak.

 <In the face of the , everyone has to stand alone in the face of the .
 That's probably the way it works.

 Hence, it was extremely effective against the divine armies, and in the blink of an eye, they would turn to ashes.

''Spiraling is the thorn in the abyss.

 Silently, Dilfred's voice rang out and a small thorn flew in from deep within the forest.
 A phonetic magic circle was constructed and the rose up like a wall.

 However, once the profound grass thorns pierced the flames, the Chanting Flame was easily extinguished as if it had just pierced the magic circle's vital point.
 The moment Golloana jumped back and dodged it, an Abyssal Grass Thorn was stabbing behind him.

 He took advantage of the different spaces in the Deep Forest Luo.
 The Abyssal Grass Spine, which was approaching head-on, was swallowed by the forest's different space and transferred behind Golloana.

 Dilfred must have predicted that this would happen beforehand, looking into the abyss.

'The first thorn ruptures magic power, the second thorn ruptures life. The third thorn ruptures the source of the root, but as long as the effects of the withering desert are felt, the second thorn is the endgame. There is no way for you to avoid it. Even if you want to overthrow me before the projectile, you can't reach this point without looking into the abyss of Deep Forest Luo.

 Just as Dilfred had said, the abyssal grass thorns that pierced deep into Gorloana's roots had completely cut off the flow path of its magical power.

''I ask you, Pope of Geordal. Will you stand or retreat?''

'I can sing without magic. I am not a god, but only a teacher. If one of us is missing, our faith will not be missing.

'No. If the Pope falls, Geordar will fall. The God you pray to is an illusion. It is only because of your prayers that it has kept the belief that it is real.

 Wobbling and wavering, Gorloana takes a step forward.

'To the devout congregation of Geordal, I say. Sing. Once more the voice of the divine dragon that once echoed through our land.

 Following the Pope's words, a singing voice echoed in the spiral forest.
 The music built a phonetic magic circle that covered the Deep Forest Luo.

''I don't know if you have any magic power left over from one hundred and fifty years of praying, but you can't reach the abyss of the Profound Forest Luo with an impromptu .

 From the depths of the abyss, I could see a sharpened, thin, sharp magic power that seemed to have been sharpened.

'The answer to that question is wrong. I pray to the God of Illusion, Pope.'

 Abyssal grass thorns flew in at an unstoppable speed.

 There were approximately tens of thousands of them. No, no. By constantly moving through different spaces at a frightening speed, they leave behind tens of thousands of visible afterimages.

 Up and down, left and right, it drew a mysterious trajectory that made it impossible to know where to avoid, and its minuscule thorns pierced Gorloana's chest, which was unable to move even a single step.

 His life was fading away.
 The book of traces that fell to the ground barely held it together, but it wouldn't last long.

"-Ah," said the man then. "Get rid of your boundary before you remove the lid of the sky.

 Gulping and kneeling, Gorloana folded her hands, though, and took up a praying posture.

As long as the Pope continues to pray, the power of God is only a trace, a relic of the past. We will never arrive at a more correct solution that we can draw from the many answers our predecessors have accumulated.

 He closed his eyes, listened, and prayed with all his heart.

He closed his eyes, listened, and prayed with all his heart, "What is the world without distinction, without admitting wrongs, without correcting wrongs? How can you say that your thoughts have no boundaries of 150 years of prayer?

 The Pope says, letting out a painful breath, as if in penitence.

'The Pope replied. 'It is too late,'

 Slowly Golloana shook her head.

'That is the mistake, and that is the last gospel. And the beginning of redemption. Here is the world without true separation. The Book of Reorganization, Fourth Movement--

 The Book of Traces turned over by itself, and a pure white light covered the Deep Forest Luo.

 A world that was white, white, and brand new.
 In that empty place, Golroana and Dilfred were there.

 The God of Deepening rounded his divine eye.
 A large congregation of believers formed a circle and surrounded them.

''........Swallowed the spiral forest......?''

 Dilfred asks.

'No, sir. This is a world without separation. The divine dragon will only conceive our hearts and provide a place for dialogue. That is the new Conception of the Divine Dragon (Behelom).

 Slowly, Gorloana stood up and faced Dilfred.
 His life was nearly over, but his heart was not dead.

'Here is no boundary between you and me. A place of dialogue with a free mind that withdraws all domination and sheds all tailoring.

 Gorloana extends her fingertips to Dilfred.

'Let us expose its heart and free it from the false god Eques.

 Slender fingertips touch Dilfred.

'Deepening God. Do you wish for conflict?'

"No. I don't--

 Dilfred is enveloped in light, and his outline is distorted.

''--It's not a deepening god, it's not........''

 Along with the heartbeat, the sound of a flute could be heard faintly.

 A green-green wind escaped from his divine body, enveloping him in light.
 The Deepening God's body contorted languidly, and little by little, it changed.

 It was a familiar figure of a god.
 In front of Gorloana's eyes was the guardian god of Geordar. It was Lieberschneid, the trace god.

''........My God.......Lieberschneid......''

 Gorloana knelt quietly and prayed grudgingly.

'Does this mean that by the authority of the transmutation god, you were transmuted?'

'Yes. He has used my vestigial powers as well.

 The power to reproduce the traces of the past and the power to transform it into another order.
 With those two, he could have created a god that was infinitely more like the Deepening God.

Pope Gorloana. I am only an order that carves its marks on my body.

 The divine body wrapped in light silently dissipated.
 The trace god's body began to disappear.

''But it was a long time ago, far, far in the past.

 Lieberschneid said as he thought about it.

 He sees something.
 Yes, there were no cogs embedded in its body here, in this world.

Before I carved my mark on my body, before I became a god, maybe I had a mind somewhere. This place seems to remind me of something....

 Lieberschneid, who had a stern look on his face, smiled softly.
 Perhaps that is his true face.

'There is no heart, just order, my own........ It's a curious thing. I'm somewhat proud that the prayers of your people of Geordal for fifteen hundred years have continued into this world without separation.

 The pure white world shattered with words.
 <After the Divine Dragon Conception (Behelom) ended, Gorloana's vision returned to the original Deep Forest Luo.

''-- Farewell, pray to me, last pope. Well done, you have seen it through. Well done, you have kept the faith. Eques is a false god. Thou art the true believer. The answer lies always in the faith...

 Perhaps it was the power of the Trace God, but the Book of Traces shone brightly, and the Abyssal Grass Thorn that had pierced the source of Golloana's roots pulled out.
 Immediately after that, the powerful magic power that was emanating from the Abyss of Deep Forest Luo disappeared.

 <It is likely that Lieberschneid, who was freed from the control of Eques by the Divine Dragon Conception (Behelom), committed suicide before being manipulated again.

 The divine spine is out of the way, but as long as the recovery magic doesn't work, Golloana can't move satisfactorily either.
 As he crawled, he turned his gaze to Midhays.

 An explosion rang out, and a hand of fire rose from within the city.

'Someone ... to the city ... that was probably a diversion ...'

 Gorloana speaks up.
 The weak sound of it does not reach the distant congregation.

 Lieberschneid was dressed as a deepening god.
 Then the real Dilfred should have already invaded Midhayes--.