Mid-Hays city center.

 There was a bustle of activity.
 Starting with the first explosion that occurred in the shopping district, it was as if the entire city was in a panic, surrounded by screams and shouts, sword fights and explosions.

 The messenger owls flying around Mid-Hayes took a glance at the extent of the damage.

 Eldmead had connected the magic lines of the Demon King's Army (Guys) to the city's owls and Ennesone in Azation. Hence, the vision of Midhays and its surroundings are shared by this magic eye.

 The owl was also perched in the forge appraiser 'Sun Wind'.

 If I looked in through the window, my father and mother were huddled together in the store section of the first floor, huddled still and breathless.
 There was no sign of the commotion stopping any time soon, in fact it seemed to be intensifying.

 As if to protect the two of them, the Dark Lord Iges stands upright in front of the entrance of the store.
 Without losing his severe expression, he turned his ship's eyes toward the door.

 If he was manipulating a demonic spear that pierced through dimensions, he would have been able to roughly grasp the situation in Mid-Haze.

''- As I thought, it appears that the divine race has entered the city.......''

 Ijeth muttered.
 Then my dad, who was behind him, said, "Hey, hey.

I'm sure you're not worried. There's the Demon King's Army of Anos in Mid-Haze, and this house has his wards, too.

'Yes, well you'll calm down soon enough...'

 Mom says.

'More importantly, I wonder if little Anos is okay?'

 Yeejus slightly rolls his ship's eyes.
 In this situation where enemy soldiers have invaded Midhays, it's not surprising that he's worried about the tyrannical demon king.

''Madam. Don't worry. Even if the world is destroyed, your son will still survive.''


Are you worried about something?

 With a heavy expression, Mom nodded.

''Anos-chan, you know, isn't the kind of girl who will perish after the world.......I'm sure she'd rather shield herself than let the world perish. She's a kind girl........

 At those words, Edgess shuts down for a moment.

''Let's ... take that back.''

 Softening his expression, the Dark Lord reiterated.

''I thought the Demon King would not do anything to make you sad. That man would protect the world, protect himself and come back to this city with a blank stare.

 The Dark Lord says to reassure his mother.

'Therefore, you should only worry about surviving.

''........Right, right? Anos-chan is working very hard, so we have to welcome her with a smile.

 Nodding his head, the Dark Lord turned his demon eyes to the other side of the door again.

''........But it's strange that all the miscellaneous soldiers are making such a loud noise. This movement of the divine race....Is their target Mid-Hays Castle? No, the Demon King Academy...?

 The Dark Lord mutters.

 In the grounds of the Demon King's Academy, there is currently a replica castle in place of the stolen Delzogade.
 Directly underneath the castle, the earth is engraved with the magic formula that activates the that once divided the earth into four parts.

Does that mean Anos's schoolmates are the ones he's after?

'No I'm not sure about that... but at least we'll inevitably be involved in a fight...'

 The Pluto says with a stern face.
 If it's Dilfred, the god of deepening, who's on his way, the students and teachers don't stand a chance.

 Next, Yeejus turns his gaze from the window to the sky.
 <The doomsday eclipse was about seventy percent of the way through.

 When the total solar eclipse occurs again, what will Eques try to do?
 It's not hard to imagine what Eques will try to do when the total solar eclipse occurs again.

"Master. I have a proposal.

 Dad turns around.

"There's an underground city the Great Satan built. I suggest that we take shelter there.

 Edgess drew a magic circle around his feet.
 The floor was transparent, revealing the stairs to the underground city.

Oh, oh. I'm going to take the people of the city with me. I'll take a run and get them.

 At Dad's words, but the Dark Lord shook his head from side to side.

'Perhaps they're after you too. It's best to keep a low profile.'

 Mom gave him a puzzled look.

Why do you call us?

"The Demon King is believed to be at war with their master in the God Realm. If you are taken hostage, no matter how strong the Demon King is, he will have no choice but to give in to his enemies' demands.

 The two men listened intently to Yeejus as he spoke.

'So if we get caught, you're going to slow that guy down.

 The Dark Lord nodded his head.

'Therefore, evacuate first.'


 When my father turned around, my mother nodded vigorously.

 Due to the influence of Deep Forest Luo, I still can't use .

 I'm sure I can make them cross the dimension with my spear, but it's not a movement magic by nature.
 I'm sure my father's and mother's bodies can't withstand it.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to expect.
 A moment later, Yeejus' eyes turned stern.

I'm not going to be able to get out of it.

 It was a divine arrow that sparkled.
 It was released from the divine bow of the archer god Amishus and aimed straight at Mom's heart.

 As soon as he could, Iges quickly stepped in front of Mom and used her body as a shield.

 The divine arrow pierces the right breast of Yggess.
 As a chase, the countless arrows that flew from the stairs attacked the Dark Lord.

''.........Laughter stop.......!

 Grabbing the arrow stuck in his right chest, Ygess pulled it out as hard as he could.
 The overflowing blood turned into a crimson spear.

 Red Blood Demon Spear Dhiid Atem. Spinning it around, the countless arrows that were released were all bounced back by Yeejus.

''Red Blood Demon Spear, the secret depth is one--''

 Ygess muttered quietly and held out his spear.
 The gods who would be in the underground city would have holes drilled into their god bodies.


 Dhiid Atem unleashed his magic power.

 The archer god Amishus, who was far away from Iges' gaze, and the magician god Druzouk, who was far away, were sucked into the hole in their own god bodies and disappeared.

''Making a noise will ruin all that cloaking magic.

 <It's likely that he got this close to them through Illusionary Mimicry (Reiner) and Secret Magic Power (Nazira), which hid his magic and appearance, but there was no way that Yeejus, the Knights of the Illusionary Name, could not see it.

''Are you hurt?''

But I'm fine. You're the one with the arrow sticking out of your...

What do you mean? It's better to keep it that way. It's better if he's bleeding a little.

 In order to use Dhiid Atem, Yeges only dared to take an arrow in his body.
 There would be no obstacle. The problem is the underground city.

Unfortunately, they seem to have gotten their hands on the underground as well. I think it's safest to stay here.

"...oh, oh. Well.....

 Father, who had no way to fight, could only nod.

"Master," he said. Don't worry," he said, "I didn't have a chance to tell you. I didn't have a chance to tell you this, but I'm a member of the four evil royal families who fought alongside the tyrannical demon king two thousand years ago, the Dark Lord. Although my blacksmithing skills are not as good as yours, I am confident in my spear skills.

 Then Mom says, as if she noticed.

'Oh, by the way, you and Anos were talking about the old days, weren't you? What about 2,000 year old mushrooms...?

 Edgess nodded.

'I'll be guarding the two of you instead until he comes back.

 At that moment, there was a rumbling sound from outside the house.

 It was as if the warding was broken and the building was falling down.

 Yggeth turned his grim gaze in the direction of the Demon King Academy.
 There was a slight conflict in his eyes.

 He must protect his father and mother.

 But will that really be enough to keep Midhayes alive?
 Or perhaps he was driven by such doubts.

 The forces within the Mid-Haze are scarce as they are leaning on their forces to repel the enemy forces.

 It could be said that Eques is keeping the Dark Lord glued to this place by having the two of them protected.
 He would also be considering the possibility that it would be pointless if he took the Demon King's parents hostage.

 If they can show a pretense of aiming and reduce the force that is the Dark Lord, it will be easier to control the city.


 When the Dark Lord turned around, he saw that Dad had an ever more serious expression on his face.

'Go ahead.'


 At the outlandish statement, the Dark Lord looked dubious.

'It's still early days, but I'm your master. I know that. If you are the Four Evil Royal Clan, that means you have three more friends. You want to go help them, right?

 Edgess was silent.
 Dad was too confident, so it was probably hard to answer him in any way.

Even if they're in this city now........

But you still want to fight for this city, don't you?

 Edgess looked at Dad with a straight face.


It's on your face. You've been looking out for it ever since you got here. You've been freaking yourself out.

 I think I've hit the nail on the head, and Yggers is silent.

'Two thousand years ago, it was all about war,' he says. You fought alongside Anos to finally win a peaceful world. I can't forgive those who would ruin it.

 Yggers is the last survivor of the Knights of Illusion, the last of the Knights of Illusion.
 They have continued to fight for peace and hope for peace in the midst of a war-torn world.

 There's no way they can sit idly by and let this situation invade even the entire city of Midhays.

We'll be fine. And I have this sword that Anos gave me.

 Dad pulls out a ten thousand lightning swords and shows them to Ygeth.
 Mom came up next to him and said softly.

'And besides, Anos-chan's mid-haze is in this situation. I'm sure you'll be able to help a lot of people, won't you, Yeejus?

But if you two were to be held hostage...

Hi, Edges. Me, huh? I'm not strong enough to fight.

 Dad says cheerfully.

But I'm still his father. From the moment he became the Demon King, from the moment I found out he was the Demon King, I was ready for it.

 Grasping the hilt of the Universal Thunderbolt, Dad said, "I'm not going to pull the kid down!

I'm not going to pull the kid down! Protect the city of Anos. When the time comes, I'll show you how to disperse a man in a spectacular manner. Ha-ha.

 As usual, Dad laughed jokingly.
 He laughed, as usual, and he was prepared to take his own life before he was taken hostage.

 He was prepared to take his own life before he was taken hostage.

 Mom nodded seriously, as if she would obey him.

Let him go. It's not that I'm not strong enough to fight, but we'll fight too. Let's protect this town together and welcome Anos with a smile on our faces!

 Gulping, as if to say that he felt a surge in his chest, EJES gulped.

You will be able to see that it's all right. It's a good thing that you're not the only one who can get away with it.

 Dad said with a coy smile as he encouraged the Dark Lord to back him up.

''Well yeah, I guess so...''

 Edgess heads straight for the door.
 The tip of the Dhiid Atem disappears and is flashed.

 The Red Blood Demon Spear, the secret depth is four,  The blood of the eeges flowing down created four blood gates surrounding the house.

 The doors slowly opened.
 It's a dimensional ward that will send you flying away if you step into the forge appraisal shop.

''You are the leader of the Knights of Illusion, Isis. Even though you are not strong, your pride is more noble than anything else.

 Edgess opened the door and walked out.
 The Dark Lord turns to his father and mother to see them off.

''No ordinary god race can enter inside the Blood Gate. It prevents arrows and magic. Please don't leave this place.

 Mom and Dad nodded.

'I'll teach you the secret when we get back.

Are you sure that's all right, sir, no more secrets...

 Chitty and Dad waved a finger to the side.

'There's plenty more of my secrets.

'I'll be waiting for you to make lots of tomato juice, your favorite, Yeejus.

 Breaking his face slightly, Edgess nodded.
 Then he knelt in place.

''Commander (Isis), ma'am. I will protect this city,''

 Dashing and turning himself around, Yeejus cantered off with his spear in hand.
 From his back, he said, "Oooh, go for it! "Be careful! The voice said.

 With a confident look on his face, he ran.