463-Strength and weakness

 The demon soldiers stationed in the city of Midhayes are struggling to deal with the invading army of the gods.

 Although there are not many of them, they hide themselves with their mimicry of illusions (Lynell) and secret magic power (Nazira) and target the isolated demons.

 The slain soldiers are transformed into wrecking puppets by the power of Anahem, the god of death.
 When they try to defeat the puppet, they are seized by the invisible god and killed.

 In order to counteract it, the Azation soldiers who flew in from Gailladite with the , the Azation soldiers gathered from all over the continent, set up wards at each and every house, using the .

 Even the soldiers who are hiding can indeed be identified by touching them.
 While giving priority to protecting the people who don't have power, we were busy dealing with the divine soldiers who invaded.

 From Ahartheln, the play spirit Popolon came to cheer them up.
 They play tag, rock-paper-scissors and trick-or-treating with us.

 Rumor has it that you can't cheat when playing with them. If you start playing hide-and-seek with Popolon, will be nullified.

 With the help of Ahartheln, Azation and the soldiers of Midheys, the damage to the people who have no way to fight is barely contained.

 But of all the gods that have invaded Midhays, there is one that they just can't stop.

The spiral piercing is the thorn in the abyss.

 He was Dilfred, the God of Deepening.
 Once he released those minuscule thorns, the demons would crumble without a way to do anything about it.

 The abyssal grass thorns that pierced deep into the root source cut off the supply of magic power to the body.

 If stabbed three times, these divine thorns can disintegrate the root cause.
 However, if left alone with only one blow, the wound will spread and you will lose your life.

 Dilfred had already broken down the wards of the Demon King's Academy and passed through its gates.
 The teachers and students who would have fought against him, as well as the soldiers who had rushed in, were lying down around him.

 The God of Deepening turns his divine eye to every corner of the grounds.

 If he were to look into the depths of the abyss, he would have seen the magic circle of the  In order for anyone other than a magician to touch it, the castle would have to be destroyed first.


 A voice sounded and Dilfred stopped in his tracks.

 The one who stood in front of the main building, the building part of the Demon King's Academy, was a demon woman with long ears.
 It was the teacher Menou, who was taking the third year students.

''I won't let you go any further.''

No. You can't make me stop.

 Dilfred tilted his deepening staff.
 The tip of it was pointed not at the agate, but at the academy building.

'With three thorns, this school building will collapse.

 The bostum drew a magic circle and an abyssal grass spine was released.
 The thorns seemed to pierce the castle, but with a rattling sound, a part of it collapsed.


 Menou quickly drew a magic circle and swept his magic power into it.

 With a roar of thunder, the demonic lightning struck Dilfred.

 However, he was as if he didn't care.
 With Menou's magical power, even Dilfred's anti-magic could not hurt him.

'Look into the abyss, traveler. Only escape is possible for you.

 Once again, a thorn is released from the Deepening Thinking Staff.
 Menou deployed his anti-magic, but it penetrated it effortlessly, and part of the school building still collapsed.

'Those little hands cannot reach me in the abyss.

 Again, a diminutive thorn was released from Bostum.
 The third thorn caused the school building to collapse.

 Against that abyssal grass thorn that had no way to stop it, Menou took only one measure.

 Using his own body, or rather, his own root, as a shield, he received that thorn.

 Even though his target was the school building, he would not be safe if the abyssal grass thorns pierced the source of the root.
 Menou fell to his knees on the spot, disappointed.

'I ask you, spiral traveler.

 Dilfred didn't immediately release the Profound Grass Thorn, but spoke to Menou.

''If you fight, you will die. Flee, and you will be redeemed. That is the only way to deepen. Why do you stand against it?''

You came straight here.


 As if in response to a question, Dilfred replied.

''That cogged monster's aim is here, right? This is the castle of the tyrannical demon king. I believe you are after something that Anos has left behind.

Yes. "So, though your eyes are crude, you are a wise traveler. Beneath the walls of this castle are the magical rituals of the Four Realms of Gables, the wall that divides the world in four.

 With a grim gaze, Menow looked at Dilfred.
 He must have wondered if he had revealed his hand.

'I will look into the depths of that magic circle and rewrite a part of it. "I will look into the depths of that magic circle and rewrite parts of it. "The wall that once brought you peace deepens into a wall of despair that now strikes you.

 The wall that divided the world into four parts, the global wall of Benno Yevhen, is to be used?
 If they all turn on the people, there will be nowhere left to run.

"...what do you want?

 Menou asks to buy a little time.

'A being against the will of the world, a foreign entity that stops the wheels of the world, a non-conformist. There is only one weakness in that man who has an indestructible root.

 For a moment, Menou was silent, as if thinking, and then he said

''I don't think so.''

'No. Nonconformists have weak hearts. Even if the root does not perish, the heart is scarred. If he sees the people of the world perishing by their own artifice, he will be scarred, even though he is unharmed.

 Dilfred draws a magic circle with his spiral wand.

'That's the weakness of the nonconformist,'

 Giving him a strong look, Menou said.

'It's not. That's his strength. Being able to take someone else's hurt as if it were your own is not something a weak man can do.'

'Deepening is a complex and bizarre spiral. Then, because he is strong, he is weak.

 At the same time as Dilfred's words, an abyssal grass spine was released.

 Menou tried to stop it, but the thorns stabbed into the source of the spine would not allow it to do so.
 It is not a good idea to have a good idea of what you want to do.

''--That's it........gah.......!

 The black-clad student jumped down to the spot and used his own root source as a shield to catch the profound grass spine.
 In the blink of an eye, the boy student lost his magic and consciousness and collapsed on the spot.

 Dilfred draws a magic circle with his spiral wand again.

''I'm sorry, though.''

 One after another, figures jumped down from the schoolhouse windows.
 A group of students in white and black clothes stood in their place.

''You can't destroy this school building unless you take us all down!

Isn't this where those thorns are going to come from?

No matter how small a fish we are, there's no way we could catch a thorn flying straight at us at its source.

 Witnessing the overwhelming power of Dilfred, most of those inside the school building evacuated.
 The ones who remained there were the two groups of first-year students of the Demon King Academy.

 Now that they had figured out where Dilfred's Abyssal Grass Spines were going to target them, they positioned themselves as a shield for the school building.

''I ask you, traveler.

 Dilfred released the Abyssal Grass Spine from his spiral staff.

 The difference in power was immense. 
 One by one, as if it was their turn, the students received the thorns at the root of the thorns and fell one by one.

''Is perdition a fear or not?''

Buckaroos, the demon king is a million times more fearsome than me...!

 Ramon, shot by the spines, screamed and fell to the ground.
 Every second, one of them fell.

 It was only a matter of time before they all succumbed to the spot.
 Despite the desperate situation, however, they have not all lost the light of their magical eyes.

 They are aiming for something.
 And it seems that even Dilfred has noticed.

"Someone isn't interested in becoming a shield.

 Dilfred turned his bostum, which he had been pointing at the building, to a female student.
 It was Naya, the one who wore the Ring of the Pact.

"It's you, summoner woman. What do you intend to summon?

 With that question, a profound grass spine was released at the source of Naya's roots.

 The students who had stayed away from her so that they wouldn't realize that Naya was a trump card were unable to even react.

 Relentlessly, the divine thorns were closing in on her.
 That's when she heard a cooing sound.

 A tomogui, transformed from a sound dragon to an entity, appeared before Naya's eyes.

 The small dragon plunged into the abyssal grass spine and turned its body into a flaming flame body this time.
 Tomogui, who had devoured the Demon King Bomillas, had taken into himself the power that its roots possessed.


 A squeal rang out.
 The deep abyssal grass spine easily pierced through even the flame body and pierced into the root of Tomogui.

 A small dragon fell to the ground.
 Naya said.

 There are four magic circles that Naya drew on the Alliance Pearl Ring.
 She intends to summon and possess four gods at the same time.

 If they summoned one by one, there was a risk that Dilfred would break the magic formula.
 In order to avoid creating an opening for that, he had to develop his magical power.

"Fusion God!

 Nutella de Hiana, the guardian god of regeneration.
 Raes na Eel, the watchdog god of the sky.
 Zeo La Opto, the guardian god of protection.
 Atro ze Sistava, the guardian god of death.

 Using his own body as a vessel, he pours his four gods into it and mixes them together like water.
 The god of fusion named by the Cutthroat King appears and possesses Galagina.

"The spiral is the thorn in the abyss.

 Against the unleashed Deepening God's Abyssal Grass Thorn, Naya pointed her at it and said.

 The space twisted and swirled.
 The Abyssal Grass Spine was consumed and crushed within it.

''Gravity vortex ... similar to the authority of the Heavy God Garom, but the weight of Garom does not generate a vortex.

 <In the God's Eye of the Deep, Dilfred looks into the depths of Naya.

"Fused God (Galagina). Your power is more akin to Eques.

 Dilfred unleashes a spike toward the school building.
 Immediately, Naya crushed it with the Vade.

"Therefore, it is hereby erased.

I won't let you!

 Naya made a large appear on Dilfred's body.
 Space twisted, and the vortex with its weight crushed its divine body.

 But he didn't budge and thrust his spiral staff forward.
 The tip of it pierces the vital point of the Vade and the gravity vortex dissipates.

"If you pierce the keystone, all magic will collapse.

 The Deepening Thinking Cane Bostum changes like a long needle.

 Pointing it straight at Naya, Dilfred moves forward.

 She gingerly braces herself with the in her hand.
 A design skull shakes its chin and speaks out with a clatter.

It's coming, it's coming. It's coming, it's coming.

Your summoning of possession is also magic. There's a key to it.

 Against Dilfred, who was coming straight at them, the students of the Demon King Academy were unable to move an inch.
 They could only be wary of the Abyssal Grass Spines, which could be released into the school building at any moment.

 Against the Profound Grass Spines, the only person who could just barely bite off the Profound Grass Spines was Naya, who possessed the Fusion God.

 She took a large step to intercept him and swung down her staff clad in the with all her might.


 It is easily dispelled.
 For some reason, Naya's stance is becoming more and more disadvantageous as she wields her staff two or three blows without regard.

 Like a chess game played with a staff, Naya is cornered by the inevitable.
 The spilled out of her hand, and the Deepened Thinking Cane Bostum was thrust into Naya's body.

''With your evil eye, there is no victory for you.

 There was a clattering sound.
 As if laughing, the skull of the was shaking.

 As the was pierced by the staff and the was about to collapse, Naya raised her voice.

'', !

 The small dragon that had been lying on the ground is engulfed in light and quickly possesses Naya.
 Taking a step to push her staff further into the pierced body, she grabbed the deepening god's shoulder.

 The dragon's fangs peeked out of its open mouth.

''The surgeon who possesses the Fusion God (Garagina) is as good as a god. In other words--''

 <The Staff of Knowledge says.

"Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka! Tomogui, tomogui, tomogui!'

Yes, cane first!

 Naya sunk her fangs into the deepening god's neck--