464-Student of the Extinct King

 Blood drips from the neck of the deepening god Dilfred.
 Possessing Tomogui and biting him, Naya takes his magical power, the order of the Deepening God, into her vessel.

''You and your summoned dragon never cease to amuse.

 Despite being deprived of the power of God, however, Dilfred calmly looked at the abyss of Naya with his divine eyes.

'The power that eats God and eats order. Has the small dragon devoured the High Dragon?'

 The lying on the ground made the skull's chin tremble with a clatter.

''That's right. From what I've heard, yes, whatever her homeroom teacher is! I heard that he happened to have a chance to go to Gadeisiola. It was said that a part of the dragon was given to Tomogui as a souvenir.

 Probably after the fight with Bomillas.

 Tomogui is originally a dragon that eats dragons.
 It can take the power of the dragon it eats and make it its own.

 He was able to eat the demon race, Bomilas, because he had eaten several dragons before. Dragons eat demonkind and dragonlings. With that power, Tomogui was able to eat the demon race.

 When Eldmead learned of this, he gave him the High Dragon, which he had secretly obtained.
 Tomogui was able to obtain the power to eat the gods that the Horyu had.

''I see. So it's a toy of the usurper Eldmead.

 Silently, Dilfred drew his deepening thought staff and poked with great force.
 His body was pierced, and Naya's blood spilled out onto the ground.

''Worthy of pity.''

 The deepening thought staff that was drawn, aiming straight at the technique of the "summoning of possession" (Azepto), is thrust out again.
 Naya's belly is skewered and blood gushes out in torrents.

 However, her fangs do not disappear and are still biting the God of Deepening.
 <In a thought transmission (leaks), she said.

''.........That staff is just a sharp, thin thorn....... The one who sees the key to destroying a technique, a building, or its source is your divine eye. But right now, I have that divine eye as well........

 Naya's one eye was shining in deep indigo.
 She had eaten Dilfred's order, and although it was slight, she was expressing the .

 Looking into the abyss of all things, Dilfred aims at the keystone of the abyss.

 But even Naya now can see what Dilfred is aiming for. If it is to be more or less countered, the true value of the Deepening Thought Staff cannot be demonstrated.

''Exactly. Hence, the Abyss should have been able to be viewed.''

 Gulping, Dilfred pushes Bostum into Naya's body.

'Your vessel is indeed huge,' he says, 'but there aren't enough blanks in it to eat me, the Four Treasures. But there's not enough room for you to eat me, the four gods of the forest.

 She clings to Dilfred, desperately clinging to him and biting at his neck, trying not to be ripped off while being pierced in the gut.

 Naya is mobilizing all the power of the fusion god Galagina, the insatiable dragon Tomogui, and the deepening god Dilfred, who is full of his own vessel. If they are separated from the distance here, there is no more to go.

''It won't even amount to a struggle. If you continue to eat me, you will be destroyed from the inside out. But if you stop eating me, you'll be destroyed from the inside out.

 Dilfred, with a serious, thoughtful face, says

I ask you, lost traveller, what are you worshipping in my God's eye? What do you see in my divine eye?

 A moment's silence, Naya replied.

''........I don't know what the hard part is.......the big part is, I can't do it......''

 Contrary to Dilfred, Naya replies with a deadpan expression.

''For one second longer, I want to protect the school I learned from! I want to protect my teachers and my fellow students. This is an important place where I first had confidence in myself.'

"Are you buying time?

 The Deepening God said, as if he had read through Naya's intentions.

'What you are waiting for is that usurper. 'You must be the Cutthroat King Erdmead.'

 Naya didn't reply.
 Dilfred continued on regardless.

He continued: "Sometimes desire can make the right god's eye go mad. <The God's Eye in the depths of the ocean is the same as the God's Eye in the depths of the ocean.

 As if he realized something, the Deepening God muttered.
 Despite being manipulated by Eques, his roots still seemed to linger somewhere.

'O lost traveler! There is neither his arrival nor his rescue. The usurper's purpose is to impose a great test on the tyrannical demon king. Now, the Demon King who fights the will of the world can't help you. Therefore, this moment is the perfect opportunity for the usurper to get his wish.

 Naya doesn't answer, just bites down on it desperately.

'Are you far from understanding, traveller? This war between God and Dirheid, the battle is still divided into five parts. The sooner the usurper is removed from the balance of power, the sooner God's victory is assured. If we can create that situation, that man will be willing to betray the Demon King.

"Master Cutthroat King wouldn't do that!


 Naya's shout was met with a shout from Dilfred.

You are mistaken about this man, the Cutthroat King. "You misunderstand the Cutthroat King," he says, "and the thought that he has kindness, compassion and love in him is a mistake. He is a man of pleasure and madness. Any behavior that appears to be common sense is just playing the clown.

 Naya dyed her and her own demon eyes in anger and glared at the Deepening God.

''........Please don't insult Dr. Cutthroat King any further......''

Longing leads to blindness. Even if you have my God's eye, if you can't think deeply, you are far from the abyss.

 Dilfred pulled his staff out of Naya and stabbed it into the ground.
 It was as if he had given up the fight.

 Naya looks surprised, but Dilfred speaks to her, "It is not the blade that will destroy you, but the words.

It's not the blade that breaks you up, but your words. It is not the blade that will break you down, but the words.

 He laid down his weapons.
 That was supposed to be an advantageous situation for Naya.

 If she waited, help would come. If she bought time, the Cutthroat King would come to her rescue.
 It didn't matter if they didn't win in the first place.

 As long as she was able to bite off a little bit of the Deepening God.

 But now, anxiety began to peek out of her face.

''The Cutthroat King won't reach here, no matter how long we wait. No matter how long I try to wait. So I put down my wand. I'm sure you've thought about that, too.

"No I'm not...

No. You have been turned away from the Cutthroat King. "from the entity of the Cutthroat King. He sees you as an amusing toy. It seems to be evident in every word, in every action. You pretended not to notice by understanding the Cutthroat King as a teacher of longing to guide you.

 Dilfred says, like a thorn in your heart.

'It's a defensive instinct to protect yourself. If you don't have the strength, you will be discarded. If you run out of interest, you will be turned away. If you think like that, a man with a heart cannot sleep at night because he is worried. Hence, he deceives himself, misunderstands and turns away from reality. He is a kind and ideal teacher.

 When Naya is unable to speak back, Dilfred tells her matter-of-factly.

You have distracted yourself from reality by imposing your ideals on the strong. You can give up now, O weak man, who cannot even make the journey. Even if you save the world, the teacher who rescued you will never be seen again. From the beginning, that man had no intention of saving you.

"....the doctor will...........

If he was coming, he'd be here by now. And you know it. I couldn't fail to see it. You couldn't fail to think about it. You just turned away from it.

 Naya's hand relaxed, just slightly.
 Dilfred didn't miss the break in his heart.

"He is a madman whose twisted mind has only sought out the Demon King's enemies. "He is just an idol in the eyes of your twisted mind.

'Isn't it right, isn't it right?'

  laughs with a clatter.
 Naya shivered at the sound of that voice.

''The Cutthroat King will not come. That man who betrayed the demon king will disobey his covenant and die a horrible death.

'....this is a lie........no......!

 Crackle, the skull of the cane shakes his chin.

'But good! That's it! That's what it's all about! With his homeland overrun and facing cruel destruction, the tyrannical demon king, yes, evolves like never before!''

 Cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle.
 A dark shadow fell on Naya's face.

'Deepening God. And, World Will Eques. You will see horrible things. The wrath of the Demon King who failed to protect what he should have protected, well, how terrible is it?''

 The wand said in an amused tone.

'Yes! Awakening, awakening, the great awakening of rage!''

"....there's no need for Anos-sama to be awakened........ Why shouldn't that cost the teacher--

 Naya screamed, and the power of her fangs, which had sunk into the deepening god, weakened for a moment.
 Not missing the opportunity, Dilfred grabbed her face and pulled her off.

 Quickly, Naya grabbed Dilfred's arm.

''No. It is not a sacrifice. You screamed because you understood. In other words, you gave up.

 Like the sting of words, the strength in Naya's fingers swooped away.

'You only saw the shallow side of your mentor. Therefore, this ending is only because I have gained my God's eye. Your mind was too weak to look into the abyss.

 The expression on his face, which had maintained his fighting spirit, quickly changed to sadness and resignation.
 The arm dropped and eventually slackened.

I just wanted to be praised by my former teacher. If you stick a thorn in that keystone, your fight will fall apart.

 Dilfred let go of Naya's head.
 But she made no attempt to confront him, and fell to her knees stiffly on the spot.

'Travel, weakling. The bottom of the spiral is far, far away.'

 Dilfred slipped past Naya.
 The remaining students of the Demon King Academy stood there.

''No rescue is coming.''

Shut up...

 Now that Naya's heart was broken, there was no chance of winning.
 Nonetheless, the student in black barked.

''I don't really understand what you're saying, though. Ah? The point is, Dr. Eldmeadow was a pervert, right? That's nothing.

 The student who tried to speak crumbled down with a bang.
 Dilfred drew a magic circle with his fingertips and ejected an abyssal grass spine.

 However, the other black-robed student shouted out loudly, ''What the hell?

''We knew about it long ago! It's pretty much--

 With each shout, the thorns are released and one by one the students dwindle in number.

'You're making a bunch of little arguments. I can't believe that that insane teacher can understand with that kind of thing, not in the slightest!

 They screamed frantically.
 It was as if they were trying to pull out a thorn that had been lodged deep in the heart of their schoolmate.

'Hey, Naya! Don't give up! Anyway, even in this kind of dill-heid crisis, he's just stopping by to say he's found something interesting or something. That's the kind of teacher he is, you know!

"Give up, my lost travelers.

 Dilfred unleashes a spine.

 The student's body snaps.
 But it didn't break to the heart.

''........Resignation? Huh? Do you expect me to do that...?

"Unfortunately, we're not very smart! As for how much, it's enough to treat a reincarnated primordial as a fake...!

That's why you're going to have to go along with me... The only time we'll ever give up is when we're faced with the truth! It's only when Dillhade is destroyed!

 From those who shouted bravely, they were stabbed with profound grass thorns and they fell apart.
 Even so, their beliefs did not crumble.

''No matter how strong and wise you are! There's no preciousness in your power!

"We are the bloodline of the tyrannical demon king, Anos Voldigordo. Do you think a lowly god, no matter how strong he is, is going to succumb?

 Even as their magic power collapsed and their collapsing bodies hit the ground, they wielded their voices to the last moment.

 As an imperial family with the blood of a tyrannical demon king, they continued to send a shout out to their schoolmate, Naya, with their pride.
 His voice finally failed to reach her, and the last of them collapsed to the spot.

'Your teacher did not come. He was just playing the role of a teacher.

Even teachers aren't perfect.

 A voice rang out.
 Menou, unable to stand up at the earliest, with a thorn shot into the root, threw in a word though.

'There are many things that are missing, and there are times when we fail to meet the expectations of our students. But you know what, Naya," he says, "we're going to grow. We can grow, too. Students teach us and we grow with them. So while he was teaching, he had more than a few things that you gave him--

 Shot by the abyssal grass thorns that Dilfred released, Menou lost consciousness.

'Hope can be cruel sometimes,'

 The deepening god turned around.
 Naya was moving in his vision.

'O lost traveler! Why do you stand again?'

 She was spilling the words as if she was possessed by something.

'.........I just need to grow up.......'

 She grabbed the deepening thinking staff Bostum, which was stuck in the ground.
 Sticking her fangs into that mass of authority, the staff, Naya ate it up.

 The order of the Deepening God was raging and tearing Naya's vessel to shreds from the inside out.

 If I'm strong enough to become the enemy of the Demon King, then I'll be strong enough... Cutthroat King-sensei doesn't do anything crazy, he just realizes that teaching diligently is the shortcut...!

'....inspired by the usurper and already in a frenzy....

 Dilfred's god's eyes were tinged with astonishment.
 Naya opened the back of her throat and threw that staff into her own body, all at once.

''........I.......will repay you.......! The teacher was not born in a peaceful time.

No. No, your vessel will collapse. The order in which your mind works is intolerable.

 Numerous cuts ran across Naya's entire body as she was split from the inside.
 The expanding magical power was about to tear her body to pieces.

''It's okay ... I can do it ... it's okay ... I'm a student of the Cutthroat King teacher. .........I'm sure the doctor would say......!

 She shouted as she forced herself to hold back Bostum's magic.

''My stomach stretches, so I'm going to grow a vessel too!

 A large amount of blood and magic power splashed around the area.
 From inside Naya, countless thorns broke through her body and flooded outward.

 They gathered in one place and returned to the spiraling staff, the Deepening Thought Staff Bostum.

 The hand that reached out to Bostum again failed to reach her and cut the sky.
 She fell to the front as it was.

 Without needing to collapse, the was lifted, and there was no strength left to stand up at this point.

''This is the answer.''

 The God of Deepification took the Bostum and pointed the tip of it at the school building.

 A magic circle was drawn and a profound grass spine was ejected into the school building.
 It penetrated the outer walls, pierced the pillars, and pierced the keystone, the fixed magic circle.

 The third thorn caused that castle to collapse - it was supposed to.

 The Deepening God directs its divine eye to the interior of the school building.
 There was a man who slowly walked in from inside.

 Kaka, kaka, kaka, kaka, and a voice echoed in an amused manner.
 The man lightly flicked the abyssal grass thorn in his hand with his fingertips, and the thorn turned into a pigeon in the blink of an eye.

 It flew up into the sky, but when it reached a certain height, it was affected by the tree canopy celestial sphere and fell headlong.
 The pigeon fell at the man's feet and turned into a bong and smoke.

 Then Naya appeared out of the smoke, and the pigeon fell to the position Naya had been in earlier.

'No, no, not at all, not at all, a masterpiece!

 He says, clapping his hands and the man grins at him.

'Your stomach stretches, so does that make your vessel bigger?

 With a muffled belly laugh, the man says again.

'Your stomach stretches, so does your vessel get bigger?

 Kaka-kaka, the man laughs away and puts on the wand he pulled out of the magic circle.

'Your stomach will grow, so your vessel will grow too, eh?

 After repeating the same words three times, the man in the silk hat shook his head from side to side as if he was laughing in the first place.

No, don't say that. No, I wouldn't say that, detention. I can't think of anything that is beyond the point of being ridiculous or bizarre.

 Dunking his staff on the ground, the Cutthroat King Erdmaed smiled with amusement.

''I hadn't thought of that! Interesting. I'll have to see how far your stomach can stretch, or rather, I'll have to try it. That's a really good idea.

'Have you ceased to betray me, usurper? It's a fickle thing.

 In response to the Deepening God's words, Erdmeade shrugged his shoulders in a frightened manner.

''Kakkah. Did you think that an enemy the size of Eques was worthy of my betrayal? I think he was just a little tormented by his pre-existing respiratory distress and was delayed in getting there.


 Weakly, Naya touches the Cutthroat King's leg.

''.........You came to help...........''

Now, what do I say to that? A demon king would have a clever line or two on the spur of the moment, but, for what it's worth, in the person of a madman who is an unfit teacher. Oh well, whatever.

 Pointing the tip of his staff at Dilfred, the Cutthroat King smiled his usual man-eating smile.

''Today I'm going to teach you how to defeat a god, detention.