465-Those who have names in the royal family

 Dilfred remained silent as he pointed his indigo-dyed divine eye at the Cutthroat King.

 He stared intently with his as if he wanted to expose the abyss of the Erdomade, which is very good at scheming and outwitting the enemy, and strip him naked.

 The Cutthroat King also didn't move, and with his staff on the ground, he just stared back at the God of Profoundness with his devil's eyes as if he was eating a man.

''I ask you, usurper.

 The Deepening God said in a sincere tone.

The fetters of the contract imposed on you by the Demon King can be removed with my divine eye and staff. Then, as an enemy of the true demon king, do you wish to betray Dirkheid?

Kaka, do you want me to give it to Eques instead?

But it is true. You are more capable of twirling the authority of that Heavenly Father God than Nausgaria. If you follow Eques, an enemy of the Demon King will be born that is bigger than ever before. Isn't that your desire?

 Tapping the ground with his cane with a knuckle, Eldmead laughs with amusement.

'And here you are, headhunting! The world's will is also very clear. However, if you think it's important to be the enemy of the Demon King, even if it means trading your beloved Dillhade for your precious student, no, no, no, I'm not sure I'm capable of such fearlessness. Just thinking about it makes it hard to breathe, doesn't it?

 Deliberately running his hands around his neck, Erdmeade pretends to have difficulty breathing.

'Then let me give you a further question. How would you define a conformist?

 Eldmead stops moving with a snap.
 Lowering his hand, he replies.

''Now, now, there is too little information. If a tyrannical demon king who defies order is a non-conformist, then pandering to order is supposed to be a conformist--'

 The Cutthroat King pointed the tip of his staff at Dilfred.

''So you're no better than the gods.

"If you are an enemy of the Demon King, Cutthroat King. I will turn you into a conformist.

 With those words, Erdmeade's mouth hangs up.

''You, who have usurped the power of the Heavenly Father God, deserve it.

'Kaka-kaka, is that the life of Eques?'


Isn't that interesting!

 The Deepening God pointed his Deepening Thinking Staff at Eldmead.
 Its spiral drew a magic circle.

''In terms of approval, is that alright?

 If Eldmead nodded, it would mean that he would strike the Abyssal Grass Spines into the imposed and tear down the magic contract.

 If he showed a clear will of betrayal, the Cutthroat King should be destroyed at that point, but does this mean that the Deepening God has the means to prevent that from happening?

''Well, wait. I have one concern.''

 Holding up one finger and grinning, the Cutthroat King laughed.

'Let's hear it.'

That's not a bad idea for me to join forces with Equus. Not a bad idea, not a bad idea, but it's a bit of a clincher, don't you think?

What do you want?

 The Cutthroat King said with a nonchalant look on his face.

''Wouldn't it be better for Eques to be this Cutthroat King's servant?

 Dilfred's raw, serious face froze for a moment.

'I mean a breakdown, if that's alright?'

Kaka, did you really think I was going to have to resort to that?

 The Cutthroat King said as if it was obvious, but Dilfred looked at the God's eyes suspiciously.

''Think about it. The cogs of order, the aggregate of multiple gods, Eques is indeed powerful. However, as long as they obey the order, there are naturally limits. This Cutthroat King can take you out of that framework and give you even more power?

Yes. And no. If you do what you think, Eques will be outside the bounds of order, not the will of the world.

'Yes, yes, yes, yes! What's the harm in that? Isn't a more powerful nonconformist desirable for a nonconformist's enemy!

'It is the act of a fool to create nonconformists in order to make them disappear.'

 'Cuckoo,' laughed Erdmeade.

'How can a wise man be his enemy? Hmm? Common sense won't stand in the way of that deviant being's teeth! Abnormality, madness and folly are the only way to oppose him. Then go mad. Abandon your trivial order now! The world's will is finally within reach when the world's will is abandoned, and that's what we're talking about.

 With a great leap and a dunk, Erdmeade stomped the ground and held up his hands.
 Useless confetti and ribbons danced from his floating silk hat, flooding it with pointless light.

'-- The Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigord!

 With his mouth closed to a single letter, Dilfred looks at the Cutthroat King with his God's eyes tinted with deep indigo.
 With a thud, the silk hat falls to his head.

"By all means, let's join forces, Eques. I will turn you into a real monster.

"It seems my divine eye was misdirected to offer you a deal. There is no logic in a mad mind.

 For a change, Erdmeade shoots a sharp look.

''Your divine eye was wrong? Kaka, do I err, deepening god. More than any other god, that divine eye that looks into the depths of the abyss, however, is a little too coherent to see into the heart. It's not a matter of whether or not it's in your thoughts. In other words--

 Before I knew it, a puddle had formed on the side of the eldmead.

 A splash of water popped off.
 From there, a spear of water was thrust out with great force.

 The Cutthroat King twisted and dodged it, which was coming at him like an arrow.

''So you were waiting for reinforcements while questioning and answering.

 Dilfred tilts his Deepening Thought staff and aims at the source of the Cutthroat King.
 As soon as he was alerted to it, the water spear that he had avoided bent with a crack and pierced his back.


 Erdmeade grabbed the tip of the ear, which protruded from his chest, flooding with blood, and grabbed it.

'Fools who spit in the heavens,' he said. Take your punishment for disobeying the order. Look up to God.'

 The words of a miracle-working god spill out of Eldmead's mouth.
 Its body is enveloped in light and changes in the blink of an eye.

 Its hair shimmered gold, its eyes were fiery red, and particles of magic power gathered on its back to form wings of light.

''Show yourself, God of Water Burial. Let me give you the judgment of the divine sword Lord Yuie.

 A golden flame erupted from the Cutthroat King's hand, turning into a divine sword.
 The ejected Lord Yuet was powerful and stabbed into a pool of water.

 A violent fountain rose up, and the one who emerged from within was the one with a body of water.

 The gender-unfriendly warrior-like god was Aphraciata, the water-burial god who had once made a pact with the Dark Lord Yeejus.

 The spear that the Cutthroat King grabbed turned into a sludgy liquid and returned to the Water Burial God.
 It has turned into a water spear again, and Aphrusiata neatly holds it in place.

''Nowhere is there an opening!

 Erdmeade says with amusement, and holds up his silk hat.

 With a bong, the eldmead seemed to go up in smoke, and then the figure disappeared.

 What was left was a silk hat floating in the air, and as it rotated and moved horizontally, it increased by two, then three, like a magic trick.

 From the silk hat that was split into a total of nine pieces, a bong of smoke was released again, and the nine Cutthroat Kings appeared there.

''There are no seeds and no tricks.''

 The nine Cutthroat Kings said at the same time.

''Eight of them are fakes and one of them is the real one. Guess the correct answer with your divine eye, Deepening God.

 They all let out golden flames and grabbed the divine sword Lord Yuie.

''By the way, I'm the strongest, right?''

 Dilfred looked into the abyss of Eldmead as he said that.

 Indeed, the magic power of the Heavenly Father God would have been felt.
 The root of Eldmead was certainly there as well.

 But that was only half the story.

 Dilfred quickly shifted his gaze to the Eldmead that was next to him.

 The Heavenly Father God's magic power could be felt from that guy as well.
 However, it was terribly weak.

 There was also the root of Eldmead, but however, it was only about a twentieth of an inch.

 The Deepening God's gaze turned stern, and his expression grew stronger.
 In all seriousness, they were all real and simply split their own root source.

 That would only make them weaker, no matter how many of them increased in number, and it would be of no use.
 Their numbers will increase, but if their magic power is weakened, they will not be able to penetrate the protection of the Deepening God.

 In fact, it will only increase the number of targets and make them easier to defeat.

 However, the Cutthroat King is the one who can make you believe that there is no point in doing so, and he is the one who can strike a false note.
 Hence, the Deepening God's thoughts would sink deeper.

 What if he even foresaw that?
 It could be made to seem meaningless and really meaningless.

 Because the Deepening God could look into the abyss, his thoughts would have been like a spiral, going around and around the same place.

''Clarity, clarity, clarity. Your God's eye can look into the depths, but your field of vision is narrow. Well then, let's play it shallow and wide!

 Before Dilfred can look into the abyss of all nine of them, the Eldomed move in.

 As Afrasiata skewers one of them with a water spear, a dumb clunking sound is heard, and the divine body is enveloped in smoke.

 <By , it's a duck and a pigeon that emerge from inside.

 It's just a mere scare spell.
 It didn't prevent the attack, it just made it look like they weren't attacked.

 It was a water burial god who penetrated the other eldmead while trying to chase after the duck and pigeon, but that guy also turned into a duck and pigeon with
 The damage has been done.
 It was the Cutthroat King who was outnumbered two to one.

 However, the Deepening God became more and more engrossed in his thoughts and his divine eye flashed.

''Kakaka, no matter how much you look into the abyss, there's no bottom to it, okay? It's shallow, flimsy, empty magic. Do you like the uneven alter ego (bhara bara) and the smoke-like rolled bitter bird (pon polapo) that even a child can see? Hmm?

 Afrasiata thrust out her spear, and the two eldmaeds turned into a duck and a pigeon again.

 Dilfred didn't turn his divine eye away from the eldmead, which had half a root source.
 He decided that if he was aiming at something, that guy who had some magic power left in him should be able to move.

 However, in the next moment, the Cutthroat King unexpectedly used his
 Splitting even more of the mere half of his root source, Erdmeade altered again.

""There are no seeds or tricks."

 Smoke, pigeons, ducks, and alter egos.
 A flimsy magic that didn't need to look into the depths of the abyss was thrust in front of the Deepening God.

''By the way, I'm the strongest, okay?

You're a mirage that confuses the way. You are a mirage, a mirage.

 A transparent cloth suddenly appeared and wrapped itself around the eldmead.
 It spread out like a spider's web, entangling all the ducks, pigeons, and altered eldmaids.

 The light shone, and in its place, a myriad of tiny cogs appeared.
 It took the shape of a human figure and turned into a lady with a cloth wrapped around her naked body.

 It is Linololos, the God of Warding.

The purpose is to mislead the shallow into thinking the deep, and to wear out this divine eye. But--

 The light blinked again, and a myriad of tiny gears appeared behind Dilfred.

 The gears turned into the shape of a giant eye, which turned into a stone statue.
 It was the Demon Eye God, Janeldfock.

The God of Magic Eyes gazes out into the open. Your magic is so shallow, so shallow indeed.

 The deepening god points his wand at Eldmead, the one with the largest roots.

Kakkakkah, but is it possible that it could be deeper than you think, as opposed to being truly shallow?

No. Broad or shallow, you're all in sight.

 Bostum draws a magic circle.

"No matter how many divisions there are, there is only one point. Pierce it, and everything falls apart.

 An abyssal grass spine was released from the divine staff.

'Get lost in the spiral, usurper.

 None of the Eldemades wrapped in the Linnololaus' warding cloth had the strength to break out, as the root source was divided into many parts.

 A straight abyssal grass spine pierced through the Eldomade.
 A large amount of blood poured out, so much so that it seemed to be a fatal wound.

 However, he was laughing.

''Red blood demon spear, the secret depths have arrived--''

 The blood that poured out turned into crimson spears.

 More than a dozen red-blooded demon spears thrust out from the Cutthroat King's body stretched out and pierced Dilfred's shoulder, Linnololos' chest, and Janeldfock.

''Shinchu Fang Shou.''

 The rampaging spear slashed the surrounding wards to shreds and freed the eldmead.

''As usual, you love to gamble. It's nothing short of appalling that you're willing to take a shot or two at Dillhade's crisis.

 Slicing through the dimensions, the one who appeared there was a one-eyed man with a spear in his hand, the Underworld King Yeejus.

 The profound grass thorns pierced into the Cutthroat King's body, and just before they stabbed into the root element keystone, he used his Red Blood Demon Spear to erase the thorns to the far side of the dimension.

''You're saying that ... you were betting on your companions coming to visit you?''

'Kakkakka, I told you. I told you there are no seeds and no gimmicks. You were just stalling for time, and you thought it was a big deal.

 With a bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, the altered eldame turned to smoke.
 One silk hat flew through the air, and confetti and ribbons danced from it.

 The Demon Eye God made its demon eyes glow, and Leenololos stretched out a warding cloth.

 The moment the Dark Lord slashed through it with his spear, the Water Burial God Afrasiata thrust out a water spear.
 The Red Blood Demon Spear popped it, but the water burial god's chase blocked Yeejus' hand.

''The spiral piercing is the thorn in the abyss.

 Without missing an inch, a divine spine was released, aiming for an opening where the separated Eldermade divine body and root source could be merged into one again.

 However, a black haze hovered there, as if standing in the way.

''.........gee, gee.......!

 As if in a scapegoat, the thorns pierced a man with six horns growing from his head.
 It was the Spelled King Kaihiram.

''You have allowed me to take your place, Cutthroat King. How many times since the Great War do you think this is the first time you've taken your place? Come on, I'll curse you....

'Kaka, you ate it willingly and now you're spiteful. Before you know it, you've added a new propensity to be a masochist, Curse King.

 <The Cutthroat King, who is now back to being one person after disarming his Unaligned Bara, draws his staff from the magic circle.

"Come here. Dog!

 With a bash and a tap on the ground with his cane, a dog with a gelatinous body came running in with a howl of "Wah-ohh".

'Kakkakka, my country is in danger. Let's put it back together, for today or so.

 The Cutthroat King snapped his fingers and a large piece of cloth appeared there.
 He quickly covered the dog with the cloth and when it reappeared, the dog had turned into a human form.

 A lumbering man wearing a fancy vestments and a big hat.
 As soon as he regained his original form, the Scarlet Monument King Gilisilis stared at the Deepening God in front of him.

''It's Dilfred the God of Profoundness, huh? It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you're going to be able to get your hands on a new one.

 The Deepening God did not respond to it, but turned his divine eye on the Four Evil Royalty Race.

''Eques is a collection of many gods. The Eclipse of Doom blinked in the sky, and at the appointed time, it would wipe out the earth. Time is running out and the Demon King is gone.

 Dilfred poses the question to them.

"I ask you, travelers. "I ask you, travelers, what will you put before the gods?

 Kakkakka, the Cutthroat King Erdmead laughed.

 The Underworld King Erdmaed held his magic spear without caution, and the Cursed King Caihiram guarded his arrows on his magic bow as he cursed.

 The Scarlet Monument King Girisilis draws a huge magic circle on the spot.

''Hmph, which one of us is going to stand up to it, huh?

Don't talk to me like that. I'll curse you.

It's a stupid question.

''Kaka, no, no, well, it's not too much of a stretch, is it? After all, the Four Evil Royals were defeated by the Demon King. It was a complete defeat. From the point of view of those who were opposed to the Demon King, they were no better, lower in rank, and no better than mere soldiers. No wonder they insulted him.

 Eldmead rested his center of gravity on the staff he was attached to and his mouth twisted up.

'Nevertheless. For what it's worth, I'm not confident in my memory, and in case I've forgotten, I'd like to know--well?

 Thrusting out his face as if to provoke them, the Cutthroat King raised his eyebrows.
 The Underworld King, the Curse King, and the Scarlet Monument King flashed their demon eyes and stared at the four gods in the place.

''Have you ever been defeated by you guys? Hmm? A servant of the order?