466-Fusional sanctuary

 The four evil royalty clans begin to move in unison.

"The God of the Deep, Dilfred, and this Abyssal King, Guilisilis Dello. Let's find out which one is closer to the abyss, shall we?

 With a squishy, gelatinous face contorted, Girisilis headed straight for Dilfred.
 Magic power ran through his entire body and a magic circle was drawn.

''Orderly magic !

 With that magic that manipulated the order of the radiant light god Diosseria, Girisilis accelerated to the speed of light and rushed towards Dilfred.

 However, as if he had seen through the magic formula before the magic was activated and had read Girisilis' actions, the Deepening God had thrust his spiral staff in front of him.

 Running at the speed of light, in other words, was equivalent to having that staff coming at him at the speed of light.
 Due to the speed that exceeds his height, Girisiris was unable to avoid that deepening cane that suddenly appeared and rushed head-on into it.


 The spiral wand pierced the gel-like face and popped off.
 However, the deepening god remains unguarded and keeps its divine eye fixed on it.


 In the nick of time, Gilisilis avoided it with a lightning-fast sideways leap before he was hit at the source of the root, and began to circle around Dilfred in a circle.

 Fast. And the movement is smooth.
 When he fought Singh before, he seemed to be unfamiliar with the light speed combat with , but now his body language seems to be proficient in it.

''It's a simple theory, you know. The Cutthroat King turned me into a dog, but I'm a person who takes fruit rather than shame. Even the days of humiliation are a source of sustenance for me, and I've come another step closer to the abyss.

 Guilisilis' body shape had changed.
 It was in the shape of a dog, just as it had been before.

'If you're going to run, you'll need four legs rather than two!

 Running around agilely like a fierce wild dog, aiming for Dilfred's throat, Girisilis bared her fangs.


 The water god Aphraciata, who was playing a rivalry game of spear rivalry with the Underworld King Iges, knocked Girisilis off as they passed each other.

'It would be foolish to pay attention to the dogs in the face of the remainder.

 A moment's notice.
 A thrust from Yeejus, who ran faster than light, dodged the Water Burial God's water spear and drilled a hole in its chest.

''Red blood demon spear, the secret depth is one--''

 With a heavy bass murmur, the hole drilled by the spear is tinged with magical power.

"--Dimensional Impulse (Jigenshou).

 Its divine body is sucked into the dimensional hole in itself.
 However, Afrasiata's body was all water. No matter how much of that water it sucked in, the volume of the water burial god never decreased, and eventually, the hole was filled in.

 The moment--.

"Spirals are thorns in the abyss.

 The spiral wand draws a magic circle and is pointed at Gilisilis, where the abyssal grass thorns were lying.

 Immediately after, Dilfred spun his staff around and released the thorns behind himself.
 As if the Scarlet Monument King had come to life, he began to run furiously.

 The moment he decided that he was going to be shot by the Abyssal Grass Thorn, Gilisilis, who had cantered out at light speed, came around behind Dilfred, and the thorn flew just there.


 For Girisilis, who thought she had completely avoided it, it was truly an attack from outside her consciousness.
 A divine thorn tries to pierce the gelatinous dog, which doesn't even take an evasive action - but it bends on the verge of doing so.

It's not a hit. That's about it, isn't it, Deepening God?

 It wasn't Gilisilis who had deflected the profound grass spine.
 He still hadn't realized it.

 The Abyssal Grass Thorn that missed its aim was drawn straight to the Cursed King Kaihiram.


 A thorn pierced through Caihiram, its scars turning into a black haze. 

'You have hurt me, Deepening God.

 A curse swirls around it.

 <Self-injury spell (degdedo).
 A curse spell that curses the owner of the magic power and draws all magic to itself through the medium of the wounds received by the magic power.
 The deep abyssal grass thorns are powerful if they penetrate the keystone, but their own killing power is not high.

 It was incompatible with , which distracts from its original aim.
 Nevertheless, the only person who can attract the authority of the god race with that magic is the Spelled King.

''It's our turn, huh?

 Quickly changing from dog form to human form, Girisilis releases order magic from ten fingers.

 The light bullets aimed at the God of Deepening, but they are blocked by the cloth of Linnololaus, the God of Warding.

 At the same time, that boundary cloth spread like a spider's web, aiming at all four evil royal families.
 As if to entangle their prey, the transparent cloth attacked one after another.

''Red Blood Demon Spear, Secret Depths-2--Jigen Sen.

 A red spear flash runs, slashing the spider's web into pieces and swallowing it up in time and space.

 The water spear of Afrasiata looms in the gap, but the arrow of the demonic bow released by Caihiram curses it and shoots it down.

 Once, twice, three times, the tip of the spear thrusting out at high speed collided with the cursed arrowhead without an inch of error, and the arrow and the spear struck each other.

 The Dark Lord jumped back and said to Eldmead, who was standing on a stick behind him.

'If you have the cards in your hand, don't be shy about playing them. ''The divine race. These four bodies won't necessarily be the end of the world.''

Kaka, I don't mean to be funny, but that evil eye of yours is a bit of a problem.

 Erdmeade pointed with his staff at the Demon Eye God who was waiting behind the gods.
 Its huge stone eyes glowed white.

I asked the order of the Heavenly Father God (Ore) and he said it's the Demon Eye of the Bomb, but his vision is wide and he sees right through the tricks and tricks. I've tried nine tricks...

 Eldmead snapped his fingers.

 Smoke rose around them and nine silk hats appeared, but they exploded the moment Janeldfock flashed his gaze.

 It was a magic eye that caused the magic formula to run amok and explode.

''As you can see. When I dealt with you before, your master was a dog running around over there.

 Gilisilis was in dog form again, running frantically away from the spears and cloths of Afrasiata and Linololos.
 Kaihiram was firing arrows to cover it.

''Dilfred, the God of the Abyss, is of a different class. In addition to the divine eye of the one who looks into the abyss, with that Demon Eye God, there's no room for a guardian god to be born.''

That's how long it will take to destroy the evil eye.

 The Dark Lord held his spear at mid-level and stared at Janeldfock with his ship's eye.

 Immediately after, the cloth of Leenololos tied Girisilis to the cancerous body, and without a pause, the spear of the Water Burial God skewered the body.


 The source is pierced, and Greekiris is revived by the Aggronemt.

 Although the influence of the Withering Desert has spread, this place is still not completely under control. It would be impossible for an ordinary demon race to use recovery magic, but it seems that the Four Evil Kings can use it themselves.

 However, its effectiveness has diminished, and although it has been revived, Gillicilis is still scarred.
 The warding cloth was still entangled.

''My......... Aren't you guys ashamed of yourselves for only letting me fight you.......?

You can kill, but you can't die. That's your strength. Bide your time like a biting dog, Scarlet Monument King.

 Yeejus thrusts out his spear.
 If the tip of the spear pierces the eye of the Demon Eye God, a hole is created.

 Immediately after, it caused an explosion.
 Janeldfock's huge eye was slightly damaged, but the dimensional impulse disappeared.

''Even the secret depths of the Demonic Spear are exploding, it's so clever--''

 While saying that, but as if without meaning to, Yegers pokes the spear.
 With a series of to the extent that the tip of the spear appears to be split into countless pieces, Janeldfock is consumed by the explosion.

 <Although he explodes the with the , the Magic Eye God himself cannot avoid the damage caused by it.
 He seems to be trying to push through with his speed and hands.

 The crimson stab, which is increasing in speed, pierces a hundred holes in the giant eye in a matter of moments.
 If the demon eye gods that are falling apart and collapsing, if they miss even one 'dimensional impulse', they can immediately be thrust far beyond the dimensions.

 It was only a matter of time.

''Preparations for the water burial are complete.

 Dilfred said.
 If you look, there are thirteen water spears stuck in the gillicilis.

 Although the root source is safe, he is dead.
 <He's trying to revive himself with Ingal, but he seems to have been killed as soon as he was revived.

"Through the forest of spirals I go.

 Solemnly, Dilfred's voice echoed.
 An enormous amount of magical power was emanating from his divine body.

''Followed by three gods. The three gods are the three gods that follow you, leading you to a path that cannot be opened, leading to a deepening of the spiral in the middle of the spiral.

 <The God's Eye in the Depths shone in the deep blue and he looked into the abyss of his fellow gods.

''The Spiral Accompanying Forest Garden.

 Bostum draws a spiral magic circle on the God of Wards and Water Burial God.

 The moment Kaihiram's tried to attract it, the magic circle inside his body shattered and the curse was lifted.

''........my curse.......''

 It would be the abyssal grass spine ahead. At that time, a wedge had already been shot into Kaihiram.
 Therefore, the moment the
 In other words, even the deflection of the abyssal grass thorns by the was calculated by Dilfred.

Water Burial Lake

 Along with the divine light, another landscape begins to overlap the grounds of the Demon Academy.
 It was a divine area embodied.

 It was a transparent lake and marsh.
 The lake and marsh gradually materialized and the Demon King's Academy faintly disappeared as if to be replaced. And when it had completely disappeared, the Four Evil Royals had moved into its divine realm.

 The water was about knee-high.
 Beneath the crystal-clear lake, a great number of skeletons were buried in the water.

''Kekkaifujin'' (Boundary Formation)

 Yet another divine realm began to materialize.
 Countless warding cloths were lowered from the sky like a hanging curtain and surrounded the lake of its water burial.

 Regardless, Yeejus's spear, which was going to finish off the Demon Eye God first, was blocked by the transparent warding and was played back.


 Janeldfock, the God of Magic Eye, escapes from the onslaught of the magical spear, and a spiral magic circle is drawn on him.

'Fukan Cancer Region'

 Countless stone magic eyes floated on the hanging divine cloth.
 It opened up and gleefully monitored all four evil royal families.

 The Water Burial God, the Boundary God, and the Demon Eye God, a fused divine realm that embodied the three divine realms at the same time.
 The fact that the respective orders did not rebel was probably due to the power of the Deepening God's authority, the spiral attendant forest ravine garden.

 The three gods are infinitely deepening and have reached a realm that cannot be reached on their own.

 While the power of their fusion divine realm was troublesome, the most troubling thing was that Dilfred was nowhere to be found.
 The Dark King, the Curse King, and the Cutthroat King swiftly swept their demon eyes around and figured out that he was nowhere to be found in this divine realm.

 They intend to buy time for the Water Burial God and the others to buy some time, and in the meantime, they intend to collapse the Demon King's Castle.
 If there's no one to protect him, it won't take ten seconds.

''Jump! Yeejsssss, eldmeed!

 Immediately, Caihiram, the Cursed King, runs towards Afrasiata.
 In contrast, the water burial god Afrasiata dips the tip of his spear into the lake.

 A fountain rises up with a violent sound of water.
 The water, the water of the water burial lake swamp, turned into a spear and turned into a prison that surrounded the Curse King Kaihiram.

 It was probably intended to contain Caihiram, who didn't know what kind of curse would be triggered if he was injured.


Sacrificial Resurrection (igdur).

 A magic circle was drawn and Kaihiram's entire body turned into a black haze.
 It was right after that.

''--Hmmm, sorry to hear that.

 A different voice sounded from Kaihiram.
 When the black haze that the Cursed King had changed cleared, there was a revived Girisilis.

 When the water-burial god shifts his gaze, Kaihiram is dead, pierced by one of the thirteen spears, just as a substitute for Girisilis.

 Sacrificial Resuscitation (Igdul), which takes on the death of another person and revives the other person instead of dying himself. Originally, it is not a very useful magic, but when used by Caihiram, who triggers a curse by attacking an enemy, it has unparalleled power.

''You killed me, Water Burial God.''

 --You killed me.

 --You killed me.

 --It's me.

 --You killed him, God of Water--

 --It's me.

 The eerie vindictiveness echoed over and over again, layer upon layer.
 From the body of the Curse King, the magical power of the curse poured out from its source.

The curse of the Curse City of Death and Grudge Spelling (Gagi Gigiol Gigiiga)

 From Kaihiram's corpse, the evil cursed mud overflows and contaminates the transparent water-burial lake and marsh with a curse.

 It even undermines the wards created by the divine realm of the Boundary God Linororos, and the cloth surrounding it turns into cursed mud in the blink of an eye.

 Half of the demon eyes in the overhead eye area look into the cursed mud's technique and blast it out.
 However, they were simultaneously cursed by looking directly at the curse, and their stone eyes were crushed one by one.

 --I will not allow--

 --I won't let it destroy me.

 --It's my country.

 --I won't--

 -- ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram.

 The cursed mud closed in vigorously on the Water Burial God.
 The Water Burial God jumped back and avoided the mud, taking up a position to use the water prison as a shield against the Girisilis that was about to destroy it.

 But the mud would not stop.
 It swallowed up the entire water prison, swallowing Girisilis.

''Gu, oooh, Curse King! You are cursing me? You can't even distinguish between friend and foe, that's a useless magic.......

 The cursed mud that attacked them was intercepted by Afrasiata, who turned the large amount of water in the lake into spears.

 However, the water spears were all invaded by the cursed mud and turned into mud.
 The amount of mud increased rapidly, and a cursed castle was built in its place.

"The Dark Lord.

 The Cutthroat King, who had been leaping and dodging from the mud, pointed at the space in the divine realm with his staff.
 There was a crack there, as if it had just exceeded the allowable amount.


 To the point where it would be the key point of the divine area, Yeejus pointed his spear at it.
 Red blood demon spear, the secret depths of the two--


 A crimson spear flash slashed through the cracks, and a black hole appeared in the void.

 <The mud of the Death Death Grudge Spelling Cursed Mud City (Gagi Gigi) poured into it like a tidal wave, and the curse-infested fusion divine realm melted down with a thud...