467-God does not roll the dice

 Along with the large amount of cursed mud that poured out, the Erdmades escaped from the Fusion God Realm.

 Immediately after, a violent sound, as if something had collapsed, pierced one's ears.
 The replica Delzogade, its main building, had been torn down by Dilfred's Abyssal Grass Spines.

 Underneath the rubble that had taken the form of a building a few seconds ago, the magic circle of the , which divides the world into four parts, floats up.
 Now that the protection of the castle is gone, it would be easy for the Deepening God to rewrite the magic formula.

 He pointed his spiral wand at the magic formula of the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) and drew a magic circle.


 The tip of the Red Blood Demon Spear Dichid Atem disappears and flicks the Deepening Thinking Staff Bostum across the dimension.

 A spear of water pours down from the sky, and Yeejus dodges it by flying away.

 The water burial god Afrasiata lands on the ground.

 The Demon Eye God Janeldfock and the Conjunction God Linnololos also returned from the divine realm and surrounded the Underworld King and the Cutthroat King with the Deepening God Dilfred, who turned around.

''Even the strongest things have their weakest kryptonite. The weak point of your Four Evil Royalty Clan is the Scarlet Stupa King Girisilis. If that one point collapses, it will fall apart in a heartbeat.

Is that right?

 Eldmead grinned and put his wand on the cursed mud floating at his feet.
 Behind him, a mud castle had been constructed by the .

''There is no superiority between the four evil royal families. You might have thought that the mud had consumed him and left him in the divine realm, but he's here! With your divine eye, you can look more closely into this abyss of mud. This Cutthroat King, the Underworld King, and the Cursed King all have inevitably inferiorities to that dog. That is--

 While putting magic power into his wand, Erdmeade scattered the curse mud around him.

''--The number of times you died as a dog!

 As if to avoid the mud, Dilfred and the others retreated and Leenololos set up a cloth ward.

 The Deepening God peered into the abyss of Yeejus with his and made Janeldfock keep an eye on the Eldomed.

 Sparks of blue and crimson flashed.
 The spear of water of Afrasiata and the spear of blood of Yeejus rivaled each other again and again.

'Kaka, where are you looking, Deepening God? Is it possible that that biting dog that died in the curse mud is actually still alive? Don't you want to know what I'm up to? Hmm?

 With a hand that looked as if he was performing a magic trick, Erdmeade released golden flames from his fingertips and arranged dozens of divine swords Lord Yueyeh in the air.

 As they were ejected one after another, the Demon Eye God blasted those divine swords with the .
 Although the weapons, which were the authority of the Heavenly Father God, did not break, their momentum was killed and they scattered on the ground.

The mud in the City of Deadly Resentment Spells and Mud is a lump of curse that the Curse King Kaihiram had traded for death.

 With a glint in his divine eye, Dilfred says, "It is precisely because it is impossible to revive by itself that it turns everything into mud.

It curses everything and turns everything into mud because it cannot even revive itself. If one were to look into its depths, their magical eyes would be instantly eroded by the curse.

 The Deepening God Dilfred released a thorn into the cursed mud that spread out in its place.
 Without missing a beat, he aimed at the Cursed King's body in the mud, but the Dark Lord flicked it away with his Red Blood Demon Spear to the far side of the dimension.

''Kaka, as you say that, you're looking at it.

 Taking advantage of an opening in Yeges, Afrasiata's spear slipped past his side and aimed at the Cutthroat King.

 The moment he grabbed Lord Yueyeh and he was about to repel it, the moment he tried to flip it back, Kakun and water bent upward.
 The tip of the spear split into ten pieces and nine of them pierced the Cutthroat King's surroundings.

 Erdomade intercepted the tip of the spear with his divine sword, which blocked his escape and belatedly fell right below.

 Instantly, the inside of his hand blows up and Lord Yueye falls to the ground.

 The spear of water, which could not be prevented or avoided, stabbed into the Cutthroat King's brain and sewed his body to the ground.

''Exactly. My God's Eye even looks into the depths of the curse.

 With the water spear still thrust into him, Eldmead grinned.

''On the contrary, the Demon Eye God can't see the curse mud, but with your narrow vision, won't you miss my cheating?''

 While telling the Deepening God that, the Cutthroat King points at Janeldfock with his staff.

 --Break, break, break, break--

 --Break the eye of the witch...

 Along with Kaihiram's curse, the curse mud increased in bulk with a thud and attacked the Demon Eye God.

 Janeldfock couldn't suppress it with Linnololos' wardrobe cloth, so Janeldfock released the Demon Thunder.
 The Demon Eye blasted the demonic lightning with its own Demon Eye of Violent Explosion, and the Demon Eye God flung the mud away.

 However, the Demon Eye God, who cannot directly see the mud castle with the curse of death and resentment, could not remove the mud with his evil eye.

 The mud that surrounds the God of Evil Eye is always closing in on him.
 Janeldfock is doing his best to repel it with his Demon Thunder blasts.

''Your plan is to make the Scarlet Monument King who died in a dog's death think he's still alive and block the Demon Eye of the Demon Eye God.

And it's possible that he's still alive.

'Indeed. But if I abandon the God of the Magic Eye to make sure of that, whether the dog is alive or dead, I've been defeated by the pettiness.

 Dilfred pointed his spiral wand at the curse mud.
 A magic circle was drawn and an abyssal grass spine appeared there.

'When dealing with you, your biggest enemy is the beliefs and doubts that creep into your thoughts. The straightforward method is the rule.''

 Dilfred ejects a divine spine.

'The Secret Depths are Four'

 When the Cutthroat King said that, the Dark Lord immediately released the secret depths of the Demon Spear.

''- ''Blood Realm Gate.''

 Ygeth's entire body was slashed open and a great deal of blood was splattered.
 Two gates are constructed relative to Dilfred and Afrasiata.

 Silently, a door of blood opens.
 Inside those gates are dimensional wards that keep anyone who steps through them away.

 The abyssal grass thorns released from Dilfred transferred to the back of Afrasciata as soon as he passed through the gate.
 Turning himself around, the Water Burial God dodged the divine thorns that were advancing straight ahead with their momentum.

''Do you want to know how to block your divine eye that can see well and your thoughts that turn well?

Let's hear it.

 Without hesitation, Dilfred and Afrasiata proceeded towards the Blood Gate.
 Eldmead said.

'It's a gamble,'

 Eldmead waves his staff and confetti dances from it, and the ribbon stretches out.

 The ribbon wraps around the red-blooded demon spear of Yeejus and is pulled away.
 The Cutthroat King received the magic spear that flew by, the Cutthroat King received it.

''Cutthroat Death King Yugi Ikka Eight Fruits (Eldomedorn),''

 While being skewered from the brain by the water spear, Erdmeade held out his hands in amusement.
 The red-blooded demon spear that floated in the air with his magic power spun around.

 The magic power of the Heavenly Father God resided there.
 Dilfred and Afrasiata sharpened their gaze and braced themselves.

 With a boom, the in front of Dilfred's eyes turned into countless fruits.

 Apples, pears, bananas, strawberries and kiwis.
 All sorts of fruits were drawn to Eldmead and floated around it.

''Each one of these fruits is a . From now on, I'm going to have these rammed into the Castle of the Curse Mud. As the fruit rots, the Blood Gate rots, sending the things inside flying off to somewhere around it. Depending on how rotten the fruit is, the dimensional warding is distorted differently, and the way it flies changes. In other words--

 The Cutthroat King gnaws on the fruit in his hand.

'I don't know where the curse mud will fly to.

 He tosses the bitten fruit.

 Then, the countless fruits that were floating around also plunged into the castle of curse mud.
 In the blink of an eye, they were swallowed up by the mud and became invisible.

''With the order of the Heavenly Father God, the Cutthroat King Erdmaed shall determine.

 He lifted his lips and said in amusement.

'God's play is absolute.'

 Dabagh quickly, a large amount of curse mud shifted and grazed right beside Dilfred.
 <The transference by the was without warning, and it was extremely difficult to dodge after seeing it.

''Kaka, what a shame. Let's keep going, one after another.

 The fruit that the castle of the curse mud has taken inside - the Blood Gate - is forcibly transferred and scattered around.

"God does not roll the dice.

 In a serious tone of voice, the god of deepening says: "You do not have the god's eyes to see into the abyss.

"You don't have the God's Eye to see into the abyss, that's why you are able to gamble. <Gambling on the God's Eye of the Deep is a shallow way of thinking.

 Dilfred didn't look at the mud or at the fruit in the mud, and he pointed his divine eye, which was dyed in deep indigo, straight at Eldmead.

 Two seconds later, he jumped back in a big way.

 A curse mud appeared with a thud in the place where Dilfred had been a few moments ago.
 It was as if he knew in advance that the curse mud would appear there. 

''The Cutthroat King Yugi Ikka Eight Fruits (Erdomedorn) technique is linked to the corruption of countless fruits and constantly changes in a complex and bizarre way. It's difficult, varied and fast, which is why it seems random to you, and it's a gamble. But if you can look into the depths of its magic, it's clear what and where you'll be flying to.

 Dilfred unleashed his magic with his spiral wand and drew a round circle seven meters to the left.

'It will appear on the spot next.'

 Just as he said it, the curse mud shifted there with a thud.

''Kaka, you're indeed the ! So, do you still see this?

 Eldmead sent his silk hat flying with smoke and used the magic of the .

 He altered into dozens of bodies.
 Not only that, but the Cutthroat King's technique of hidden inside the Cutthroat King was also divided into the same number of pieces.

 According to the Heavenly Father God's order, the constantly changing techniques represented a single result in dozens.
 However, Dilfred's divine eye had a narrow field of vision and could not see all of them at the same time.

''Of course.''

 Eldmead exploded.


 Due to the of the Demon Eye God Janeldfock, more than a dozen eldmaids exploded and returned to one again. <The technique of the was destroyed.

 Even though he was bleeding from all over, however, he was laughing with amusement.

'I've been freed at last.

 <The explosion of the caused the water spear that had been stuck in his brain to collapse in shape.
 At the same time, it was blown away by the blast to get out of there.

 Eldmead ticked a joyful step and leapt.

'Well, how about this then?'

 The destination for the Falling Cutthroat King was the Castle of Cursed Mud.
 <He threw himself into the Castle of Cursed Mud.

 His divine body, buried in the mud, is being swallowed up there in the same manner as Gillicilis.
 Even though it is Kaihiram's, a curse is a curse. Touch it and it will consume your allies to death.

"Even in the midst of the curse, my God's eye will look into your depths.

 He turned his divine eyes to the mud as if the Deepening God was shooting through it, and as he did so, his gaze turned stern.

 Eldmaed split the root cause in the curse mud.

'Kakkakk! Can you see, Dilfred? With your God's Eye, the technique of the Cutthroat King's Eight Fruits of Unevenness that has been turned into a flimsy Barra in the mud. With your narrow-minded god's eye, wouldn't you indeed miss at least one of them?

 With a stiff expression, the Deepening God dyed his divine eye in deep indigo.

''Even the Heavenly Father God's divine Body is limited to five divisions in order to safely survive the .

'Exactly. That's why I'm going to break it into fifty!

 The magician's magic circle of the unevenness alter ego (Bálor Bara) shines in the mud and the Cutthroat King changes his body.

''Come on, come on, come on! Now it's only a matter of time before I'm cursed by the mud and perish. However, Omae's divine eye cannot see all the techniques divided into fifty, and Janeldfock's will be cursed by the mud the moment it is seen.

 Kaka kaka, and countless laughs and giggles wooded up from the mud.

'It's one or two, stretch or warp, and the hilarious gamble begins!

 With a bang, the cursed mud shifts to the area.

 Without warning, even Dilfred, as expected, seemed unable to predict that which suddenly appeared without warning.

 For a moment, the Deepening God turned his gaze to the students who were lying on the grounds.
 So far, they hadn't been hit by the curse mud.

 Would the Cutthroat King involve them in gambling?
 That's what he thought.

 But let's say that the place where the students were falling down was a safe zone, as the Deepening God saw it.
 That's why the Cutthroat King could randomly send mud flying there.

 Hence, the action he took was to reduce the probability of being hit.
 What he was headed for was a place that could not be accompanied by any aim or intention.

 There, he gathered with the Water Burial God, the Demon Eye God, and others, and all of them put up a ward with the warding god, Linnolaus, at the center.

 Some cursed mud will be received, but no matter how much of a death-death grudge-spelling cursed mud castle (Gagi Gigiol Gigiiga) it is, it is not possible to break the divine warding with a single blow.

 At least, he could withstand it ten times.
 The probability of the eleventh one flying into the same place was slim to none.

 On the other hand, the Cutthroat King would have to continue to expose himself to the cursed mud every time he escaped Janeldfock's evil eye (eye).

 That attack, which could fly anywhere, was a gamble too bad for the Cutthroat King.

''Kak Kakka! Then let's see the results all at once!

 Within the cursed mud, the Cutthroat King's magic power seemed to shine, and the pile of mud that was there shifted in one fell swoop.

 Dobaaahhhh, the mud called mud was scattered around the area.
 The number of times the cursed mud hit the Linororos' ward cloth was two.

 The result was just as probable.

 Hence, the Deepening God raised his voice.

''Destroy that curse mud........!

 The Abyssal Grass Thorn, the Water Spear, the Warding Cloth and the emitted magical power at the same time.
 However, an eldmead emerged from the mud and received all of it with its own divine body.

 Kneeling with a heavy heart, the eldmaed said.

''As expected of a deepening god. You can clearly see your defeat!

 When Eldmead spread his hands out grandly, the mud of mud shone brightly.

 Order magic .
 It drew magic letters of light on the spell mud that splashed around Dilfred and the other gods.

 Eldmead jumped into the cursed mud and rescued the Scarlet Monument King Girisilis, who was repeating the , and stretched his gel-like body thin and mixed it with the mud.

 If the mud shifted, part of Girisilis would fly away with it.

 If Dilfred and the others gathered in an unintentional location and set up wards, there was no chance of losing the bet.
 However, by gathering them all in one place to ensure that they are all protected, the Ghirisilis mixed with the mud will naturally surround them.

 Similarly, he altered himself in the and had his own magic eye hidden in the mud used to write magic letters that the Scarlet Monument King could not write alone.

 It was terribly time-consuming and non-redundant magic.
 Hence, it had to be hidden in the curse mud.

"Go ahead, dog.

 <Demon Domination Slavery Subjugation (Emperum Didya).
 The slavery magic that binds even the divine order is invoked.

 As if it was unavoidable, Janeldfock turned the magical eye of the violent blast into the cursed mud.

 <As soon as the technique explodes, the Demon Eye God is cursed and collapses in tatters.

 As the curse erodes, the God of Magic Eye turns into cursed mud, swallowing nearby Linnololaus from within the wards and turning him into mud.

 The water burial god Afrasiata, who had cantered out to help it, stepped in a puddle of blood.
 A gate of blood stood in front of him.

''The Blood Gate.

 The one who released the secret depth of the Red Blood Demon Spear was the Underworld King Yeejus.
 Furthermore, another gate appeared behind him and the door was closed at the same time.

''The Red Blood Demon Spear, the secret depths are lacquer--''

 The water spear of the Water Burial God is thrust at the door of the Blood Gate, but the demon spear is used to dispel it.

 His one-eyed eye shines sharply.

"Blood and Earth Funeral.

 Afrasiata's water body sank into the pool of blood.

 Swallowing all of the great amount of water that overflowed from its roots, the sent the Water Burial God far beyond the dimension.

 Dirfred dodged the incoming mud and pierced it with his spiral wand.
 The mud, which had been struck to the point, dissolved in one fell swoop, and Erdmeade appeared from within, holding Lord Uyie in his hand.

''Other than you, your other alter egos are cursed and unable to act.

Kaka. Well, let's play one last great game, shall we? I left one hundred Lord Yuet in the mud. Only the bullets have changed into them, but the conditions are the same. With the order of the Heavenly Father God, the Cutthroat King Erdmead will set it. Let the divine play begin!

 <The Cutthroat King Yugi Ikka Eight Fruits (Eldomedorn) was activated, and the Deepening God looked into the abyss of his technique.

 As the God of Deepening moves forward to close the gap, a single Lord Yue transferred to the place where he was just before.

 He thrusts his spiral staff towards the Cutthroat Death King.
 No matter how divided it is, the keystone of the root is one. Penetrate it, and the Cutthroat King will be torn down.

 <Divided by the Unaligned Intentional Alteration (Bara Bara), he appears to be pinging and pinging, but he's cursed and dying.

 He no longer has the power to defend against the Deepening God's attack.

''It's a shame. It's a miss.

d*mn it...!

 The three divine swords Lord Yueye, which had transferred into his body, were stabbed into Dilfred.

 <Because it was weakened by the Unaligned Bara, it should have been unable to penetrate the Deepening God's anti-magic, but its sword blade was coated with cursed mud.

 Furthermore, from the mud of mud, the divine sword Lord Yue transferred one after another.
 The moment Dilfred reflexively peered into the abyss of magic and avoided it--

 The spiral wand spilled out of Dilfred's hand as it was punctured by over ninety divine swords.
 The curse mud applied to the sword began to erode its roots.

''Inexplicable............................. The abyss of magic was visible........

"I went out of my way to show you how to reconstruct (shuffle) the jutsu (card) where your divine eye can reach it. You should have cut it before it came to the table.

 Erdmade snapped his fingers.

 With a bong, bobbon, smoke rose from the rubble of the school building.
 The one who emerged from inside was Eldmead, the
''I see........I see.......the current Cutthroat King Yugi Ichika Hakka (Eldmedorn) was not going alone, but with two people.......''

 Immediately after defeating the Devil's Eye God, he sent his alter ego flying under the rubble.
 In this way, he made Dilfred mistake the two and one technique for the only one.

''Use the first technique to guide the direction of your avoidance and use the two techniques to send the divine sword there, and you'll see. Isn't this a commonplace cheat?

 Eldmead released all the with smoke and picked up the fallen Deepening Thinking Staff.

 Then he brought his face close to the Deepening God skewered by dozens of divine swords and grinned.

''A god who's never even rolled a dice before coming to a gambling den is like saying you want to be unwrapped, right?