468-Wall of despair

 Dilfred's knees were broken as his entire body was consumed by the divine sword Lord Yuye, which was coated with curse mud, and he broke his knees.
 Like a puppet with a broken thread, he collapsed to the spot.

''In the end, I shall slaughter you with the fire of compassion.

 Eldmead's eyes glowed red, and the crumbling Deepening God burned.

 The pale white and silver flames were a curse that could destroy the source of the curse in a minute.
 There was no longer any strength left in Dilfred to escape the Heavenly Father God's curse.

''Ah, yes, I forgot to mention, the Dark Lord. If I don't break the curse on the Curse of the Curse King, the Curse of the Curse City of Death, Death, Grudge, and Grudge, it's time for you to fall to ruin, isn't it?

I've already started.

 The Dark Lord let out a heavy bass voice.
 Looking at it, he had constructed the four on all sides, and had already had the cursed mud swallowed up in the .

 All that sank into the Blood Pool was mud, and as if filtered out, gel-like fragments remained on the surface of the ground.

 When Eldmead pointed his wand, the gel-like debris moved by itself, undulating and gathering in one place.

 He takes a handkerchief from his silk hat.
 Waving it once, it doubled in size, and again, it doubled in size.

 The handkerchief is large enough to cover the gathered gel-like pieces. The handkerchief is removed with a voice that says, "No seeds, no tricks.

"I wish I could be a part of your trickery.

Get on with it. Even a true masochist would be in for a real treat.

 Unable to disobey orders, Girisiris uses order magic to carve magic letters into the surroundings.
 It's a time-consuming and fragile magic formula, but it's easy to perform unless you're in the middle of a battle.

'Demon Domination Slave Submission (Empelum Didya)'

 <Against the Death Death Grudge Cursed Mud City (Gagi Gigiol Gigiiga), he uses Demon Domination Slavery Subjugation (Empelum Didya) to enslave it.

 The tricky part is that the sorcerer himself cannot stop the curse in the first place, even if he dominates it, but he can restrict the movement of the curse mud.


 Ygess thrust out his magic spear.
 The tip of the spear crossed the dimension and pierced through the kaihiram deep in the mud.


 He drew his spear as hard as he could, and the body of Kaihiram flew out of the curse mud.

 Resuscitation is performed to stop the conditions for triggering the curse.

 The Cutthroat King, the Underworld King, and the Scarlet Monument King simultaneously draw the same magic circle on Kaihiram.

 They poured in their magic power and lifted the curse.

 Using the curse-breaking magic of the three members of the Four Evil Royal Clans, the finally subsided, and the curse mud began to gradually return into Kaihiram's body.

'According to the order of the Heavenly Father God, the Cutthroat King Erdmaed commands. Be born, guardian of the Order and Reason of the Ten, God of the Watch.

 Tossing the silk hat, it grew to ten, and confetti and ribbons rained down in large quantities of glitter.

 The one who appeared was a long-haired young girl with two wands.
 She is Nutella de Hiana, the Watch God of Regeneration.

 One of the guard gods pointed her staff at Eldmead and the four others and showered them with the light of healing.
 The rest carry the dying students and teachers to be regenerated by their order.

 Suddenly, black particles flashed at the edge of the Cutthroat King's evil eye.
 The Staff of Knowledge, which had fallen to the ground, clattered on the skull's jaw.

''Isn't that a foul smell, isn't that a foul smell?

 Eldmead and Eagles turned around there at the same time.
 The main building part that had collapsed. Countless black particles are rising up from there.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future.

"Kaka, what do you mean by that, Dark Lord?

 Eldmead pointed her wand and pointed at the students and teachers who were being treated.
 The next thing you know, the girls are enveloped in smoke and have moved behind the Cutthroat King.

'If you know what I mean, it's long overdue for a move.

 The Divine Body of the Deepening God has already disappeared from there, not even ashes left.

''Strange, strange, and incomprehensible. The God of Profoundness was just like that, burned by the fire of compassion and destroyed...

 As if he had just realized it, Erdmeade lifted his lips. 

''Na-ho-ho. The end overcomes the deepening.''


 As the voice of the Deepening God sounded, the pile of rubble was blown away.
 Along with the jet-black aurora that rose up, the one who appeared there was Dilfred, the God of Deepening.

 His divine body was clothed in white sparks of fire.
 Dwelling in the abyss of the root is the magic power of the Demise God.

 In other words, it's the same as the niggits.

''No, no. I thought that destroying the divine race wouldn't turn you into a wrecking puppet, but it looks like you're something else.''

 The demise overcomes the deepening.

 As per the order of the tree turning garden, Dilfred, the god of deepening, has a strong effect on the authority of the god of demise.
 Therefore, he has turned into a wrecking puppet because of his approaching demise.

'The walls that brought peace two thousand years ago have turned to despair.

 Dilfred drew a magic circle and an abyssal grass thorn appeared.
 He aimed the divine thorns at his divine body and pierced the source.

"Benno Yevhen.

 The black aurora begins to spread.

 --stop the curse--

 --Stop, stop, stop, stop--

 --Stop it! --

 The curse of Kaihiram's curse resounded, and the three of them discarded the technique.
 Instantly, the remaining cursed mud of Kaihiram spread out and covered it from above, as if to hold down the .

''Let it!''

 When he held his spear, the four blood gates that were constructed to swallow the cursed mud were closed. The magic spear is aimed at the black aurora.

The red blood demon spear, the secret is the lacquer.

 The blood flowing down from Yeejus's body creates a pond in its place.

''-- !

 That aurora, which was about to swell up at once, was swallowed up by a pool of blood.

 The Scarlet Monument King draws the magic letters to enslave the with .

 However, when the Deepening God released his divine spikes, the instantly dissolved and all the magic letters disappeared.

 Regardless, Girisilis continues to draw magic letters with the .
 At least by doing so, he was able to block the hands of the Deepening God.

 However, even after holding it down with the of Yeejus and the curse mud of Caihiram, the black aurora still floods outward.

'Be judged by the fire of charity.

 The Cutthroat King dyed his evil eye red, cursing and burning the black aurora that leaked out.

The wall of destruction that divided the world into four parts. The brave canon, the great spirit Reno, and the creator god Militia. And the magic of Evans Mana and Delzogade, and yet the Demon King of Tyranny had to lay down his life and reincarnate in order to invoke it.

 While fighting each other in rivalry with the four evil royalty, Dilfred said, "That is to say, I will increase the light and conquer the light of the lamp to destroy it.

That is to say, I will increase the light and use it to overcome the light. As a puppet of the wreckage, you can now reach the realm that you could not reach because you have a deepening order.

 Dilfred's divine body was enveloped in a dazzling light.
 The root that it had pierced through itself was coming closer and closer to destruction, emitting an enormous amount of magical power.

 The place where the deepening and the end of the world overlap is the bottom of the abyss from which the fire and dew are taken.

 Because he was a god of deepening that was beyond the reach of the end, the place that could not be seen is now being reflected in the God's Eye of the Depths.

 The magic power of the Four Trees, the foundation of order, when it was destroyed was not unusual, and it had the power to activate even the magic formula of the Benno Yevgeny, which divides the world into four parts.

 The source of his roots flickered fiercely like an ending star.

 Dilfred probably didn't even intend to reincarnate.
 As it is, he is going to use the
 Even the Cutthroat King, the Curse King, the Scarlet Monument King, and the Underworld King could not keep it contained forever.

 Building wards wasn't the Four Evil Royalty Clan's forte to begin with, and most importantly, Kai Hiram was close to the limit.
 The other three have already exhausted quite a bit of magic power as well.

 <If the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), which was holding back the spread of the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), were to disappear, the momentum would shift in that direction, and the jet-black aurora would swell to the point of swallowing Midhays.

 In a chain reaction, a magic formula will be activated on the ground, and the world will see the appearance of the Benno Even.

 The magic is rewritten, and as he says, it becomes a wall of despair that attacks people.



 Dilfred furrows his eyebrows in puzzlement.
 None of the Four Evil Royalty Clans would try to make a new move.

 The Dark King, the Curse King, the Cutthroat King, and even the Scarlet Stupa King did not stand on their feet, but simply concentrated on containing the wall in front of them.

''Let me ask you. "Let's ask the demon royalty, what is left of your magical power and life? "I ask you, demon royalty, what kind of magic and lives do you have left? No rescue is coming to buy time, no escape is planned, and the Wall will cover the world. But your hearts have not been filled with resignation. Then how can you challenge the despair?

As soon as you ask us, you've lost.

 The Dark Lord says.
 The next one to open his mouth in a good mood was the Scarlet Monument King.

'It was a wrecking puppet, wasn't it? If the surgeon is destroyed, no authority can work. I don't need to act.

 Dilfred's divine eyes turned grim.

 I understand the aim of the four evil royalty.
 However, it must be incomprehensible.

''.........The destination for the End God is the Withered Desert. The Demise God is its master, so even if he destroys it, he will only return to his divine realm. Each time it meets its demise, the demise god will increase in power, and even if it seals the divine body, the wrecking puppet will not stop.

 Cuckoo and Erdmeade laugh with amusement.

'Blocking? Ka-kah-kah-kah-kah-kah-kah! Did you think that a man would be able to stop those who hurt his beloved daughter and set foot in the land of the Dark Lord? It doesn't matter how immortal it is, or how much it increases in power. The Demon King's right hand has only one choice to take--

 He stretched out his hands vigorously, sending golden flames flying through the air.
 It turned into countless divine swords.

 With a dada dada dang, Lord Yiye dropped from the sky and drew a huge magic circle to connect the swords to the sword.
 Erdmeade shouted loudly as he put up a time-buying ward.

''Slash and kill, slash and destroy, zanmets!