469-Immortal abyss

 Mid-Hays South, the Withering Desert--

 The mist was drifting and mischievous fairy titties were flying around.

'Reno, Reno,'

It's a big deal.

Demons, they're dead again!

Zomby, Zomby.

Lots and lots of people in town.

 Titty and the others flew around Reno in a hurry. With a gentle look on her face, she gently strokes the head of the wolf that was waiting at her feet.

'Go on, Jennuru. We'll be fine here.

 The hidden wolf Gennuru disappeared from the scene. He headed for the city.
 The spirit of God's concealment. With its rumors and lore, it probably intends to confine the demons who have turned into wrecked puppets to different spaces.

 As long as the withering desert exists, magic cannot heal them, and the number of wounded will only increase.
 If that happens, they will naturally turn into wrecking puppets, and no matter how many divine armies they defeat, their enemies will not decrease.

''Linyon, Gigadeassss!

 A raging eight-necked water dragon rained down in a downpour and a tsunami rolled across the white desert.
 The dwarf fairy Gigadeas swung her gavel down, and a bow and arrow of lightning appeared in Reno's hand.

 Putting the magical power of the Mother Great Spirit into the arrows, she draws her bow.

 God's army, though, had been washed away in the great tsunami of Rinyon.

 As Reno released the arrow, a violent thunderclap pierced her ears.
 It turned into a huge thunderbolt and shot through the gods as they were swept away by the water.

 Even those who barely escaped, were electrocuted by the current flowing through the water and perished in the blink of an eye.

 <The Siege Order Formation (Arnesto) was of no avail.

 The spirits were the product of countless rumors and lore. Even a single one of these mysterious phenomena is made up of the minds of hundreds of thousands, even millions of people.

 Perhaps that's why, despite the fact that the source of the spirit unity is indeed one, the order of the god of war, where the many conquer the few, doesn't make much sense.


 After wiping out the army of the gods, Reno headed for the great hole in the desert.

 Koensu Bailiangoku.
 A waterfall of sand cascaded down, and at the bottom of it, Shin was holding his magic sword.

''--Submerge in the demise!

 Anahem readied his withered demon sword Guzelami and attacked Shin from behind.

 A moment later, Reno draws a magic circle.


 The six wings on her back glowed pale.
 Titi and Gigadeas, surrounded by green light, gathered at Reno's side.

 Guzerami stabbed into Shin's back.
 Instantly, his body turned into mist.


 With each blade of Guzerami, Anahem's body slipped through the atomized Sin.
 With Titi's power in him, he had escaped from the Withered Sandy Ground Prison and was behind the Demigod with his flowing footwork.

''The Flowing Collapse Sword, the secret depth is one--''

 A murmur echoes.

 A thin water mirror appears between him and Anahem as he turns around.
 With a pop, water droplets fall, and ripples are created on Anahem's divine body reflected in it.


 The Flowing Collapse Sword slashes through the ripples of the water mirror like a flash of light.

 With a purr, Anahem's divine body cracked, and so it shattered into pieces, even the root cause.

 He perished.
 However, Shinn was on guard and looked around.

''Sin. "Shin, we're going to stay together in the Spiritual Army of Alha Al-Flem.

 Reno turned into Midori's magical body and jumped down to Shin.

'No thanks.'

 While saying to Reno over his back, Singh held up his drift sword.

''Reno. You should close the Profound Forest Luo realm gate first. Apparently, the divine realm will not disappear even if you destroy the four gods of the Jurymatic Garden. Erasing this Jurying Garden as soon as possible is the way to minimize the damage caused by the Dilheid.''

 Even Nafta and Diedrich seem to be struggling to close the 界門.
 Even if you use the Armies of Spirits that unite the power of the spirits, it will not be a simple matter.

 He must have anticipated that it would take some time. 


 Reno looked at Singh's left arm with concern.

 Anahem has hit it and it's covered in blood. He won't be able to move it fully.
 His abdomen has also been gaily ripped open and his clothes are soaked in blood.

 My legs were also injured and I was no longer able to run at full speed.

''If the other Juryumei gardens disappear, the circulation of magic power to this withering desert will be blocked. If the order is weakened, it will have an effect on his recovery magic and he will no longer be immortal.

 With a huff, Reno nodded.

'All right! I'll be right over. Don't die until then. Absolutely?


 Reno jumped up, unfurled his six wings and flew low over the withering desert.

''Everyone lend me strength! <''With the army of the Spirits No Army (Alha Alfrem), I will close the gate of the Profound Forest Luo realm. If we put everyone's rumors and lore together, we should be able to do it!

 Many spirits who had turned into Midori's magical body came to Reno one after another.
 They were flying towards the Profound Forest Luo.

''After killing ten times, destroying seven times, have you finally realized...''

 The white sand gathered there and formed a human shape.
 For a moment the sand turned into gears, and then Anahem, the god of demise, appeared again.

'That the sword cannot slay the demise,'

 Anahem picked up the withering sword Guzelami that fell to the ground.

''It's already too late to send those spirits to Deep Forest Luo.

 A magical power reminiscent of a sandstorm swirled around the Demise God.
 A power far more enormous than when he was in the God Realm was now being released from his divine body.

''The first time I snapped Unu's magic sword, the second time I snapped his fingertips, the third time I tore his arm apart. The fourth time it gouged out his belly, and the fifth time it took his leg. If it wasn't for that spirit's help the previous sixth time, Unu would have been consumed by the sand prison and died in the end. Did you think that your life would not end until you closed the gate of the world for the seventh time?


 Anahem glared at Singh, who answered immediately with a cool face.

'Because she is not a good listener. I told you so in front of her, though.'

 Shin moves forward.
 With a flowing gait, he catches Anahem in time and slashes at the god's body with the Flowing Sword Artokor Asta.

 Barely ducking, the demigod dodges it.
 However, his chest cracks open and blood gushes out in force.

''May you be the one who doesn't think you can live until the boundary gate is closed.

Don't get cocky, you demon b*tc*.

 The white cloak fluttered vigorously, blocking Singh's view.
 He slashed through it, but Anahem was already gone.

''It's too late!''

 Behind me. Anahem emerged swiftly from the sand and swung Guzelami out.
 While reversing, Shin pulled out the magic sword Iginia with his left hand, which was stained with blood.

 The sword flashes crossed, and the withered demon sword slipped through the demon sword--
 The moment Anahem smiled, the sword was played back.


 In Shin's hands, the magic sword Iginia shatters.
 The withered demon sword that cuts through only the root source. Hence, Shin struck it off in exchange for the root source of the magic sword.

 However, the root source of the magic sword is fixed and cannot be moved.
 Just hitting that one point, as thin as a needle, against Guzelami, who was approaching at an unstoppable speed, would be a skill worth marveling at.

 Moreover, if you hit it, the source of the magic sword will only be sliced through unilaterally in front of Guslami.

 However, being slashed apart means that it can interfere. Then, for a fraction of a second, the demon sword is resisting Guzelami for less than a moment.

 For that very small amount of time, it can be sliced apart. If that's the case, then the sword will do the rest, and Shin played back Guzelami.

 It's just a technique that can only be described as out of the ordinary.

''Don't think you can get through to me twice, dust!

 Guzelami was swung down again, and Shin drew a new magic sword to intercept it.
 This time Guzelami seemed to slip through, but as expected, it was repelled and the magic sword shattered at the same time.

''Don't fret--''

There won't be a third time.

 The blade was struck off twice, and Anahem, slightly, had lost his stance.
 It's a very small window of opportunity that could be reduced to nothing by the surplus speed and physical strength if you were to deal with an ordinary person - but it was fatal to deal with Shin.

 His evil eye glowed coldly.

 The moment Anahem was about to turn into sand, as if he sensed the danger on instinct, he heard the sound of a bell with a lean, just as Anahem was about to turn into sand.

 The wind was blowing.
 A wave-like pattern, though, floated on Anahem's body, which turned into sand. 

'The Flowing Collapse Sword, the secret depths of the--'

 Shin's sword was faster than Anahem sinking into the desert.


 The flowing collapsing sword that ran like a slash through the wind slashed through the wind crests floating on Anahem's body.
 A large crack appeared in Anahem's divine body and its root.


I'm sorry, but there's a grain of sand in the air!

 It held its ground.
 The Anahem, which had been slashed at its root source by the secret depths of the Flowing Destruction Sword and returned to its substance, however, stood there, unperished.

''Even that divine Demon Sword can no longer destroy this Anahem!

 Guzelami is wielded with force, and Shin strikes it away with his newly drawn magic sword.

 One, three, seven, fourteen.
 The speed of Guzelami is increasing rapidly and he is slashed away 14 times, and the 14 magic swords shatter.

 Even for Shin, who has a thousand swords, if they continued to strike each other at this pace, the magic swords they owned would be depleted in no time at all. His left arm was bleeding heavily, and he didn't know how long he would be able to use that technique.

''Unura builds a castle in the sand.

 The Withered Demon Sword Guselami sounded as it shattered Shin's magic sword one after another.

 The sound reverberated, and dust swirled around Shin.
 Countless towers of sand were constructed, trapping him inside.

 A huge sand tower had appeared in the white desert.

'With a single sound of Guzelami, everything crumbles and withers away.

 Guzerami is struck away.
 But as the sword of its demise clangs eerily, Shin's body gradually turns into grains of sand.

 Even if the magic sword runs out, even if time passes, Shin's destruction is inevitable.
 The only way to escape from it was to destroy Anahem first.

 And that's exactly what he wants.
 The moment Shin, who shows no sign of an opening, is in a hurry to go on the offensive, he plans to end it with a single swing from Guzelami.

The tower on the sand is crumbling, and Guzerami's cry is the remains of the end.

 Anahem recites a poem while continuing the sword fight with Sin.
 More than one hundred demonic swords have already been shattered.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one.

 An eerie cry echoes through the air, and the sand tower shakes violently.
 The tower, which has turned into an outer wall, returns to just sand and begins to collapse all at once.

''Buried and withered--the final sword, Guselami.

"The secret of the Sword of the Slayer is four--

 The fourteenth magic sword pulled out with his left hand is the Zanjin Sword Gneodoros.

 Shin, who had been guiding Anahem's stance and each other's position in the previous strikes, dodged the thrusting Guzelami with a paperweight without striking it away.

 He jumped into Anahem's bosom and stabbed the demon sword that sliced through the god to its source.



 The source of Anahem's root is cut down in an instant.
 However, the divine body did not collapse, and the Sword of the Slayer remained stuck there.

 That secret depths preserve the divine body that should disappear once the root cause is destroyed.

 The order of the withering desert will once again return Anahem's root source to its divine body.

"Nobility - but, ah...!

 From its side, Gneodoros destroyed him.

 As opposed to Mugen, the secret depths of which continue to split the root cause endlessly, Mumetsu will continue to cut down forever until it is reduced to nothingness.

''My........g......g.....g....g....g....g....g....g...g...g...g...g...! You're Anna-- goooooooooooooooooooo...! Gaaaaaah...!

 Time and again, Anahem was destroyed.
 However, even so, the End God was still immortal.

 The magic power of Anahem's ever-dying Anahem continued to rise endlessly everywhere, and he made a face of rage.


 Finally, Anahem moved despite being destroyed by the root cause.
 As if to tell the God of the End that there was no such thing as destruction, he grabbed the Zanjin Sword and raised it with Guzelami in his backhand.

 Shin let go of Gneodoros and pulled out a new magic sword.
 It's not just a matter of time before you can get your hands on a new one.

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to find out what's going on.

"Severed and lost is the right hand of the demon king.

 The withering sword Guselami is swung down on Shin's shoulder and slashes the source of the sword...
 Even in the middle of it all, Shin was calm itself, and quietly moved the magic sword in his right hand.

''The Flowing Collapse Sword, the secret depths are corporal--''

 The pattern of the three swords floated at Shin's feet.
 It was the spacing of the swords.


 The Flowing Collapse Sword Artocorstad flashed and cut Anahem's divine body in two halves.
 Grinning, the Demise God laughs.

''Unu's life is a grain of sand before the end. There is no such thing as an end.'

Yes, I agree.

 Anahem looks down at Singh in triumph.

 The sand tower completely collapses.
 Amidst the fierce dust, the Demise God's gaze caught a certain thing.


 The dust was slowly clearing.
 The direction Anahem's God's Eye is looking, the wrecking puppet from the withering desert has fallen on the spot.

 It's not just that one puppet.
 The skeleton puppeteers that were in combat with the spirits were falling one by one.

 Anahem's eyes were filled with astonishment.

'..........What is this.......what is this.......what is this....... ...?

 A white fire ignited on Anahem's body, which was cut in half, and he began to crumble like sand in the silky sand.

''What the hell is this...? What is this........what in the world.......?

Don't you understand?

 Anahem's body tilts languidly and he falls to the spot.

 Pulling out the withered demon sword Guzelami stuck in his body, Shin carves a step.

 There is only one strategy he has taken against Guzelami, who is destroyed by a single scrape.
 He foresaw a small point at the root that could just barely overcome annihilation with his magic power towards annihilation, and he dared to pierce it.

''That is annihilation.''

"...it's impossible that this Anahem cannot be destroyed... .........In this withering desert, Anahem is immortalized........All destruction is in the hands of this demise god.......!

 Singh looked down coldly at Anahem, who was emphatic in his perishing body.

''I dared to take your Guzelami at its root, and with the Sword of Perdition, I cut through your root source.

 The body of Anahem crumbled in tatters.
 The situation was clearly different from the previous destruction.

''........What, it's dark.......? You can't see the God's Eye of Anahem? Stupidly, it's a........? So why is this Anahem... That's impossible. What did you do? We can't perish! What the hell did you do to it?

 It must have been an unimaginable situation for the God of the End.
 Anahem cried out as the confusion became extreme.

 Little by little, its roots crumbled away and disappeared.
 An unknown sensation different than before struck the demise god, or the guy looked like he was tainted with fear.

''In the midst of the destruction, you must mean that there was a realm beyond your reach. You can ask Eques for the details. Since I have merely looked into the depths of the sword and have only taken the way to slay you.

 There was a place in between the Deepening Forest Luo and the Withering Desert where the fire dew was taken away.

 It is a place where deepening and demise overlap.
 Although it is the end, it is the only area that Anahem's hand cannot reach.

 That is to say, it increases the light and conquers the extinction with its light.
 This is the only way to lead the god of the end to the unknown destruction.

 In the secret depths of the Avalanche, Shin performed an exquisite trick that could be called a divine act.

 It is a sword that slices through the root cause to the very edge of destruction, forcing it to overcome destruction.
 If it were an ordinary enemy, it would only increase his magical power, but for the Demise God Anahem, it was the only result that brought about destruction.

 The secret depths of the Slaying God's Sword were at 4, , observing the root of Anahem's many times perishing, Shin looked into the abyss and came there.

 Even though he hadn't directly toured the Juryumari Garden, he was still as fearsome and brilliant with his sword as ever to see through the destruction of the only God of the End and cut through the immortality.

''Well, there's no time to waste.''

 The swept up streamlined sword twinkled in the air.
 Shin said without losing his cold expression.

''Let me promptly slay you.


 The blade that was swung down mercilessly shredded the God's Body of the Demise God in an instant, and the shredded God's Body of the Demise God was further scattered and dissipated.

 How many times had he slashed in a single breath, and all that remained was a grain of sand.