470-Life born to fight

 The grounds of the Academy for Demons--

 The momentum of the , which was about to overflow from the ward at any moment, weakened slightly.

 As if the balance of power was reversed, in the blink of an eye, the black aurora borealis was consumed by the blood and earth funeral of the ejus and eroded by the cursed mud of kaihiram.

 The white sparks of fire that Dilfred wore disappear and are replaced by smoke.

 The wrecking puppet is about to come to an end. 
 The body of his god began to crumble into pieces.

''Kaka-kaka. What do you have to say for yourself, Deeper God?

 Then, Dilfred opened his mouth with a serious face.

''The activation technique of the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) has just now been destroyed by you guys. The Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana is no longer in the hands of the heroes, and the Dorsal God has lost consciousness. And soon, the total solar eclipse of Surgieldnave will be completed.

 The monster of the gear that covers the sky in the distance. At the position of its eyes, the Sun of Doom paints the sky with misery.
 <The solar eclipse of doom has already passed ninety percent of the way through.

This is my final question. I ask you, usurper. The End of the World Without Laughter, the end of the world without laughter, which will destroy everything, including humans, demons, spirits and dragons, will be unleashed. Will you rebel or be a follower?

"I'll tell you what a gift from the dead is. This Cutthroat King has an answer.

 Leaping in vain, he dunks and stomps his feet, and Erdmeade raises his hands ostentatiously.
 Before I knew it, a light rain was falling from the sky, dripping, dripping.

 <It's the magic of the  A mist drifted in, and two raindrops turned into human figures.

 The ones who appeared were Rey and Misa.

"You're all set!

 The Cutthroat King grinned as he ate a person.

''Did you say ... shallow ... thin ... empty ...?''

 The wind snatched him away, and Dilfred's divine body turned to dust.
 At last he said, as he was about to disappear, "The last thing he said was.

'In the void of nothingness, in a shallow, thin and empty area, an abyss may have existed. If my wish were to come true, I would like to have a conversation with you about the void--

 Dilfred completely collapsed and disappeared without a trace.
 For a moment, the Cutthroat King stared there with a straight face, but he quickly turned around.

''Wasn't it too late?''

 Eldmaed had the Watch God of Regeneration revive the body of Caihiram and apply the .

 Yggeth and Girisilis also used the same .

''As expected, was bearable... Even the Spirit God Human Sword couldn't offset it, I have almost no magic power anymore...''

 Ray says with a bitter look on his face.

''I don't think I'll be able to be a real body for a while either...''

 Deep at the root of the mass, the abyssal grass thorns are still stuck deep in the source of the mass.
 It's probably because it's cutting down most of his power as a spirit, so he can't take the form of a false demon king.

 If he tried to pull it out poorly, he would be deeply wounded at the root.
 Therefore, he would have no choice but to hide until he defeated the Four Juri God.

''It's not just hiding, is it? Hmm?

 Ray nodded at Eldmead's question.

'Earlier, Anos built a pillar to support the subterranean ground, didn't he?


I've told Pope Gorloana, Sword Emperor Diedrich, and Gadeisiola's forbidden soldiers. Soon, Nafta will close the gates of the Great Sea of Trees. <The world will be able to hear the message.

"In other words. <So, you're going to meet the End of the World Without Laughter, Ein Eyre Nawelva, head on. A veritable force for destruction. No, no, no, I don't know, what's the plan? It still seems more certain that we'd better knock the treacherous gods up somehow and force them to use their authority?

Still, I'm sure Anos would do it.

 The Cutthroat King wore a curious expression.

''What makes you think that?''

 Ray looked at the < Sun of Doom> in the sky and said.

I'm sure Anos will want to teach them that. I'm sure that Anos would like to teach them that the people's thoughts are much stronger than the order of destruction. People's thoughts are much stronger than the order of destruction.

''Kaka, well, there's no guarantee that the Dorsal God will recover. Since he's left it up to you, let's just leave it up to him, shall we?

 Ray looked at Misa.
 With a nod, she nodded and used .

 It follows a magical line and crosses the border of Dirheid and reaches Azation.

 Northeast of Geiradite.
 There, Ennesone and the Demon King Choir. And the Azation Army was stationed there.

 A large stage was being built as if they were about to start a singing concert.
 Eren and the others stood on it, wearing ceremonial black robes.

''Ladies and gentlemen, it's about time.''

 Eren nodded in response to Misa's thought transmission (leaks).

"Yes, it's always okay.

 The eight members of the Demon King's Choir formed a circle and held hands with each of them.

''Okay, guys? Lord Anos is in a far away place now. A very, very, very far away place. We are fighting in the God Realm. Do you understand what we have to do?

We'll bring our song to Lord Anos!

And then we'll sing to all the people in the world and get that cog-wheeled monster out of here!

You guys are supposed to be able to sing... right?

I'm fine! I've sung many songs in my official duties. Dirheid, Azation, Zioldar, Agaha, Gadeisiola. They hummed our songs. I'm sure they'll remember it.

And the most important thing about it is the thought!

 In the interest of friendship with other countries, the Demon King Choir has been spreading the Demon King's hymn throughout the world.
 The songs have struck the hearts of people more than they could ever imagine, and nowadays, it's rare to find someone who doesn't know their songs.

 Different countries have different values.
 Different countries have different values, different opinions, and a thousand different ways of thinking.

 Nevertheless, there is no distinction in the heart that loves the world.
 I just learned from the incident at the bottom of the earth that a song is the best way for people from different cultures to unite their thoughts.

 It's even bigger than that time.
 Whether or not they can bring it all together depends on their song.

"May Anos-sama fight without a care in the world. Let this song of peace remind us that no one will follow the will of the world.

 <Using the magic of , Eren and the others begin to play a song.

 Immediately afterwards, an explosive sound rang out.


 In the blink of an eye, a hand of fire went up.
 The Azation Army unit that was positioned to protect the Demon King's Choir was hit by the Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon.

''Attack the enemy, attack the enemy! The armies of God are charging in from the north!

"Send out the whole army to engage them! The fate of the world hangs in the balance with this song! Don't go one step closer to their stage!

 The number of troops in Azation's army was about three hundred.
 With that number, he used the Sanctuary, and set up a boundary against the divine army.

''Enemy reinforcements from the northwest. There are about 30000 of them!

 The army of God appeared and began to fire a magical bombardment.

''More reinforcements from the northeast. About five hundred!


'More reinforcements from the northwest! About five hundred! 15,000 total!

"Five times the size of my army? To save this many troops to direct them to this place instead of Dillhade...........Are you saying that they saw through our hand?

'This is God's Art of War. Foolish humans.

 A thought transmission arrives for the Azation Army.
 It is from the god of war, Per Pedro.

"Overrun, soldier of God. "Overrun, soldier of the gods, they are weakening the defenses of this stronghold, distracted by Dirheid. Overrun it and order will prevail.

Mmm, intercept! Just hold on until the song is over!

 Against the Azation army of three hundred, fifteen thousand of God's forces were closing in on them.
 The two sides crossed paths in the blink of an eye and fell into a confused state of war.

 The human army was overwhelmingly inferior to the gods in terms of individual strength, and with five times as many men, they were no match for the gods.
 The reason why they are barely holding their line of defense is because they have the Eleonor pseudo-dolls, or Ginarena, at the front line.

 However, as the two hundred of them continue to fight, one by one they will stop moving.


 Like the Demon King Choir, Ennesone, who was in the back, revealed a worried expression.

  had used too much of the Root Source Nativity Mother Womb (Ennesone Eleonor).
 Her root source, which had been maintaining the magic line between the divine world and the earth, had long exceeded the limit.

''It's okay................... Enne-chan, can you get closer to the front line until the magic line is just about to extend.......?''

''.......What do you do?''

"It's getting harder and harder to see in the distance. I'm going to move in closer and release another 1,000 of my pseudo-dolls.

It's no good. If you do that........even the Pseudo Noritsuki Dolls we have right now are not enough to control them.......! I'm going to die...!

It's okay. I'm under the Demon Lord's spell. And we're the only ones who can protect the place.

 Eleonor says.
 Sometimes his voice was laced with painful breaths.

 <I guess even using the thought communication (leaks) is now a burden.

''Please, Enne-chan,''

 As if determined, Ennesone clenched his head wings tightly.


 Ennesone approached the front line as close as she could, pulling on the magic line.
 As she did so, she extended her wings.

 With a dazzling light, feathers and magic letters danced down.
 A number of holy water spheres were constructed, and a girl appeared within them.

''Do it,


 A pained voice sounded.

'Don't think it's us who get hit by the same hand, over and over again.

 The voice of the god of war, Per Pedro, was a wooden spirit.

 If you look, the shape of the shadow reflected at his feet is different.
 It's an unusually large straw doll.

''The wounds of the magic doll will be returned to the surgeon.

 The God of War slashes through the that has become incapable of action with his divine sword.

 Eleonor's scream echoed.

'This is the power of Dubola, the god of the curse. Cursed by the gods, end up with the wounds of death. The magic of the nonconformist!'

 The shadow of the straw doll must be the cursed god.
 As the curse spread, the shadow increased in scope and covered the and the others.

''Eleonor! <Disarm the pseudo-chronic character! I can't stand it with my current body!

 With an urgent voice, Ennesone shouts out.

''.........that's not possible.......'' <''If the Pseudo-Korhythmic Doll (Ginalena) disappears, everyone will die...''

 The Divine Soldiers aimed at the who were all unable to move at the same time and raised their weapons.
 Immediately, the captain of Azation's army gives the order.

All units, protect the Jeenarena!


 The Azation Army's formation was in disarray, and Per Pedro, the God of War, broke through there at once.

''And stop! Somebody stop him!

 The God of War's assault was not so fast and strong.
 Dozens of people went ballistic as the Azation Army soldiers disrupted his ranks, unable to stop him.


 In front of Ennesone's eyes, the god of war, Per Pedro, was standing in front of him.
 That red-copper divine sword was raised without mercy.

''It's over.''

 At the same time that the god of war, Per Pedro, swung his sword down, hundreds of divine swords, hundreds of divine spears, hundreds of arrows and magic attacked the .

 High-pitched sounds resounded in multiples, and a thunderous explosion sounded.

 But - Ennesone is safe.
 <The pseudo-religious doll (Ginalena) was not harmed in any way.

 All of the attacks of the gods were received by the shining sword of the Sacred Area.


 There was a faint mist in the air.

 A girl with indigo hair appeared there.
 The fairy Titi is sitting on her shoulder as she radiates holy magic power.

 She said, in a trudge.

'This ... is ... home ...'

I forgive you........no.......

I'm here to help...

 While releasing young words, the girls with the same face said.


 A mist drifted behind the stunned Ensone.
 The ones who appeared were the ten thousand Zechia who had been entrusted to the Great Tree of Education Eniyunyen of Ahartheln.

''A lifetime ... hard ...''

I've learned... the language... of...

Mommy.... do you see...?

Help is here...

Together we will fight..........

 Earth, water, fire, wind, and the four attributes of magicians were built to widely surround the battlefield.
Sanctuary Resuscitation (Theo Ingal).

 10,000 soldiers who died on the spot were revived in the of 10,000 people.
 Azation's army came to life in the blink of an eye.

It's useless. The world will be consumed by fire. This is order.

 The divine sword that Perpedro swung down was struck down by Zesia's

 From behind, a ponytailed Zesia drills the back of the God of War.

''..........This is petty......!

 A semi-long Zecia slashes his arm from the right.


 From left to right, Chignon's Zecia sews his legs together.

 Zesia with her bun hair pierces her chest from the front.

''Well, duh...!

 From above, a pair of ribbons, in a pair of ribbons, decapitated Per Pedro in a flash, and the six Zeshia said at the same time

Theo Trias.

 With an explosion of light, Per Pedro disappeared, as well as the source of his roots.
 I'm not sure if it can exist without its main body, or if Dubola, its shadow, also disappears at the same time.

 Although his words are awkward, his fighting ability far exceeds that of ordinary people.
 Furthermore, with the state of the 10,000 people maintaining the
 With the disappearance of Per Pedro, the divine army that had lost the order in which the many conquered the few was no longer equal to the crowds in front of Zesia and the others.

''To fight........for.......born........''

"My mom was ... crying ...

"...Zecia I think.........

"My favorite mom I had the power to help........

 As they cut down the enemy as fast as they can, the girls do their best to say the words they just learned.
 Even though they were on the battlefield, they still decided to say the first thing they had to say, as if to say that they had made up their minds.

''........Thank you......Mom.......''

"Zecia and the others ... are happy ...

 Eleonor says to the girls who connected Ennesone and the magic line of the .

''........everyone......don't let your guard down on the battlefield.......''

 The words of Eleonor that are traced.

 It is never from the bitterness of a root source approaching its limits.
 He must be desperately trying to hold back tears that seem to be spilling out.

''Ka, I won't forgive you if you come back from hurting my pretty face.

 Xecia and the others, who loosened their mouths just a little bit, waved their swords.