471-Hope in despair, hope in despair

 The place is--
 It was a dark sky.

 A place closed by darkness, where there was no light at all.
 An abyss in the heart of the Sisters of God. A mental picture of the two of them.

 The voice I cast at them is sucked into the darkness and disappears fleetingly.
 Over and over again, I called out to them.

 The words do not reach their ears.
 They were standing alone in the dark sky.

 Deep in the depths of darkness, in the depths of their miserable hearts.
 The wheel named despair is running over the sisters' hearts.

 The wheels were creaking, creaking, making a dull sound.

 In her evil eye she saw

 And what you see in that god's eye.

 It was the blink of an ending world.

'....I'm sorry...'

 Misha says, deliriously.

 The gears of the looters bite sharply into her mind, forcing it to turn.

".........I couldn't create it gently.......

 It is her thought that it spills down.
 It was Militia, the god of creation, a girl's wish.

 --There is no such thing as a bad person in the world.

 -- not that the person who does the wrong thing had bad intentions from the beginning.

 --What changed people? --
 -- what changed him or her? --

 --What matters is why--

 --What's important is the beginning of malice.

 --War, betrayal, despair, loss, persecution, abuse....
   The list goes on and on...

 --I call it a tragedy.

 --There's no place in the world that was bad to begin with--

I couldn't find him anywhere.

 --no matter who or what evil they've done.
   What right do I have to judge them? --

 --The beginning of a man who destroyed 200,000 human beings and was called an evil demon.
   When I was young, my friends betrayed me.

 -- but the friend was treated like a doll by his devilish parents, and he couldn't trust people anymore -- and that's what happened.
 --But even his parents had their own reasons for being demons.

 -- the cycle of malice is endless.
   The world is always on the verge of destruction--

 --Is malice their iniquity? --

 --No. There's a beginning somewhere.
   I was looking for it.

 --We need to find out where the crime is.

 --stared at the world.
   For a long, very long time--

 --backtracking, backtracking, backtracking.
   I have finally found the beginning of my malice

 --I made it.

 --I've created a world that is not kind to me.

 --That's the beginning of the world that can't be traced back any further.

 --The irreversible, irreversible place of sin.

 --Everything can be traced back to me, all the way to the source of the malice.

 --How could I ever be a judge?
 --My mind made it that way.

 -- this world will always be in the fires of war, burning and everyone cries out for help--
 --There was always sadness, anger, and hatred in the flickering flames.

 --Who killed that little boy? --
 --Who tore those lovers apart? --
 -Who took her parents away from her? --

 --There's always one answer.

 --It was me...

 --I'm sorry--
 --I'm sorry--
 --I'm sorry--

 -- no matter how many times I repeat it in my mind, my words that created it
   Always drunk in the dark, always empty...

 --How could anyone forgive the source of their malice?

 --I should have hoped, from the bottom of my heart, that my mother's wishes would be taken care of.

 --Why is the world so full of malice? --

 --because of the cogs of order? --

 --No. No.
   And yet, I'm the one who made it.

 --Somewhere in me...

Was there a little seed of malice somewhere in this mind?

 -- the light that calls for the end is twinkling so cruelly -- and
 --The doomsday eclipse that is destroying the world.

 --So much for my malice.

If I was white.

 -- if you have a mind so clean that there is no shade of gray.
   This tragedy might not have happened--

 --they didn't notice the cogs in the order.
   My mistake--

 --I just wish I'd figured it out sooner.

 --If only I'd known in the beginning.
   I could have created a more gentle world

 --Ungh. Even if you didn't realize it.
   If only I could wish for a kinder world.

 --No one was ever defeated by the cogs.

I'm sorry. Sasha.

 --I'm sorry--

I just wanted to see the world. I couldn't even grant your request.


'The world is so sad and malevolent.

 Misha turns around to look at Sasha.
 She was drifting in the dark sky with her knees in her arms.

 Her god's eyes were closed, as if she was asleep.

''-- It's not enough.

 Misha said.
 In the God of Creation's God's Eye, through the Eclipse of Doom, he could see the earth.

 Little by little, the light is gathering.
 The light of the Love of All Souls (Ra'sencia) is gathering the thoughts of the people of the world.

There is more destruction than creation. "More destruction than creation, more malice and hatred than love and kindness. So it's always and forever--

 Tears spill from Misha's eyes.

“The total love of the Soji (Ra Sensiya)†cannot stop the “End of the World Without Laughter (Ayn Eir Naverva)â€. That is the order of the world.

 Then Sasha vaguely opened her divine eyes.


 Sasha slowly stretched out her fingertips.
 Then she wiped Misha's tears away.

'Don't cry.'


I had a dream.

 Slowly Sasha raised herself up.

'....Like what?

Crazy dream. I'm the one who's going to destroy it. A dream that will only come true through a miracle.

 Sasha says, in a self-mocking tone.

I, the god of destruction, will save the earth. That shouldn't be possible. It's really a weird dream...

 Sasha had the God's Eye of Doom in her left eye and Misha had the God's Eye of Creation in both eyes as they stared at each other.

"I need your help, Militia.

 With a strong will she says, "I've had enough of despair.

I've had enough of despair. They are all fighting in there," she said, "and when I was crying, no one gave up, not Ray, not Missa, not Dr. Eldmead. When I was crying, Ray, Misa, Dr. Eldmeade, no one was giving up. People will laugh at you if you just sit here and cry.

 As if in response to Sasha's will, magic gathers in her divine eye.

If you have to work a miracle to destroy your destiny, I will make it happen.

 Taking Misha's hand, the God of Destruction girl said.

'If the world isn't laughing at you, I'll force you to laugh. So, please, Militia.

 Misha smiled thinly at Sasha, who had a determined look on her face.

'Fight with me. The order of the world might have always produced the same result, but today might not be the same. I don't know, and there's no guarantee, but I have a feeling it will be.


 Misha squeezed his hand as he intertwined his fingers deeper.

'Thank you. I won't give up either.

I'm going to stop the doomsday eclipse.

 Sasha stared into Misha's god's eye and said, "Let's get back to it, Militia.

Let's get back to normal, Militia," he said. If we don't exist at the same time, the doomsday eclipse will not occur. It may not disappear right away, but if its power is weakened even a little, I am sure that Ray and the others will stop it with their total love of ideas.

 Misha blinked twice.
 Then she nodded dutifully.

 The girls are back to back, holding hands behind their backs.
 This is a mental picture. In reality, the two of them are restrained by the cogs of the magic circle.

 As I was about to apply my magic, Misha suddenly looked up.
 As if she heard something.

'No matter how much you call out to me, it's useless. Your voice will no longer be heard.''

 An explosion of fire covered my vision.

 A noisy voice rang out, and I stared at the fierce divine fire that fell in front of me.
 <The Annihilation Purple Magic Eye drowned out the countless divine flames.

 The azure sky of the gods.
 At the bottom of that abyss, Eques floats in the air.

 I'm not going to be the only one who has been in the same situation.

''-- Misha.''

 It is not only that, but it is also that, as a result of the fact that it is a very important part of the game, the game is a very important part of the game.


'It's about time you came to a good understanding, O foreigner of the world. The God of Destruction and Creation, in whom my gears are embedded, cannot recognize thee.

 The sweep of the flaming cannon ceased.

 Eques assumed a cross-like stance and began to turn the gears of his body with a gnashing of teeth.
 With that alone, his enormous magical power further increases.

 <The five huge gears that I was using for remote clairvoyance (limnets) became vertical and aimed at me.
 It's as if they want to use their teeth as a substitute for a blade.

It's impossible to awaken them.

'Haha. If you're bluffing, you're a moron, Eques, but if you're serious, oil that head gear. It's rusty, and it's not turning well.

 He points his fingertips at me.
 With an eerie sound, a single giant cog is launched.

 I draw a magic circle to intercept it.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. It is always difficult to get up. It's a very good friend of mine.

 Spinning violently, the gears ram into me.
 The Gio Glaze and the Devil's Black Thunder Emperor are fired, running over and tearing through my body, deeply gouging my body.

"No different than before we usually go to school.

 The source of the source was sliced open and the blood of the demon king poured out in a torrent.

 It slammed the into a point that was slightly corroded by it, and shot the inside.

 With a huge amount of purple electricity, the gears turn to ashes.

"And it doesn't seem to be as desperate as you make it out to be.

'You do not understand. The gears have long since begun to turn. It is in hope that despair is found.

 Two shots, three shots, four shots, and now the gears were being released towards the earth.
 Gaga gaga gaga, it scraped the bottom of the abyss.

 The fire dew that had been buried in the earth clung to the gears, increasing their magical power.
 The more the fire dew was taken away, the more life that was supposed to circulate would be destroyed.

 I can't let them do any more.

'Keep protecting it, O foreigner of the world. You are Cerise Voldigord's son. What could he have done to save you? What did that man, who left his own wife to die in order to find peace, end up defending?

 I plunged into the gears that littered the earth, daring them to damage their roots and then rotting them with the demon king's blood, and reduced them to ashes with the Scorched Death Burning Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara) and the Ashburnt Purple Lightning Fire Electric Field (Lavia Gigue Gaverijds).

'You protected me and kept the peace. He conveyed his proud will and my father protected everything. Even at this very moment.

It was a mistake. That man who lost his powers was unable to protect anything.

 A light filled behind Eques, and a huge gear appeared again.
 Another one and two more gears appeared.

''This is how it ends.''

 A magic circle of is drawn on the giant gear.
 The one reflected on it is the Sun Wind, a blacksmith's appraiser in Mid-Haze.

There is no one to protect. What to do, non-conformist--

 Eques gasps.
 I jumped up vigorously and clutched the purple electric light in both hands.

 With the purple light spilling from the right and left, a total of twenty magic circles were drawn.
 It's not just a matter of time before you're ready to go.

''The Ashen Purple Annihilation Thunderfire Electric Field (Lavia Gaveriizd).''

 A double layer of doomsday magic covers Eques with Shi-Den's wards.

 Purple and purple electricity collided, and overwhelming destruction rolled inside.
 The raging lightning and thunderbolt filled the world with purple.

''-- It was you who made the mistake, Eques. It is in the midst of despair that there is hope.

 A fluke thunderclap rang out, and then the light subsided - and then

 Eques is alive and well.

 That cogwheel body is still intact.

"Then watch it with your evil eye. "Then watch with your evil eye, and see the moment of despair.

 Gee-ching........gee-ching......and the gears turn.

 <The blacksmith appraiser reflected in the remote clairvoyant (rimneto) is engulfed in the raging fire that rises up...