472-Last magic

 A familiar tune begins to echo through the city center of Midhays.

 The demon people, who had been huddled and trembling in their homes, looked up and listened to the tune.
 The song they had heard many times was a hymn in honor of the only king who reigned in the current Dirhade.

 They would understand that the end of the battle was nearing.
 Their tense expressions suddenly softened.

'Nafta declares. The blockade of the 界門 has been completed. The Great Sea of Trees has been shut down, and it is now possible to use the Thought Communication (leaks) normally.

 In front of the Demon King's Academy, Ray responds to it.

Copy that. Let's get started.

 The Cutthroat King, the Underworld King and the Scarlet Monument King draw a magic circle of and inform the other units of the war.

 Then, all over Midgaze, they began to draw their leaks one after another.
 The more clearly they were visible to the evil eye, the more their magic power spread.

 The Dirhade, Azation and Ahaltheln of the earth.
 Geordal, Agaha, and Gadeisiola of the earth's depths.

 With the magical power of the strongmen of the six nations gathered in Midheyze, the light of the is connected to each nation.

''Ladies and gentlemen. Can you hear me? This is Ellen from the Demon King's Choir.

 Ellen's voice in Azation was delivered to the world through .

 Solemnly and carefully, she speaks to the people.

'Right now, our country, Dirheid, is being attacked by Eques, a cog monster in the sky. <The doomsday eclipse is threatening to consume our country and our world.

 <''Remote clairvoyance (Limnet) magic is also used, and the sky on the ground and the appearance of the Demon King's choir is projected.

''Eques, who calls himself , says it's order. Two thousand years ago, the Demon King of Dirhade ended the long lasting war. Peace has returned to the world and no more people have to die in battle.

 Ellen says, with a gentle tune that echoes behind her.

'Eques says that the price is this battle. Perdition and creation are equal as far as possible, and the world must turn to perdition little by little. To the extent that for two thousand years, humans, demons, dragon-people, and spirits that should have perished did not perish, they must perish here today...''

 Her voice trembled.
 Every time she said the words, her suppressed emotions were revealed.

I'm not going to be able to say that it's ridiculous. What's so unreasonable in this world that the battle must last forever?

 It was likely that Ennesone had told Eren what he had learned in the Azure of the Gods.
 This time, Eren had told it to the rest of the world.

'The armies of the gods have invaded the earth and the depths of the earth, and many nations and cities have been consumed by the fires of war.'

 Ellen quietly opens her mouth, honoring her grief.

''Many of my loved ones have been hurt, friends have fallen and many have died. That monster says that this is the order of this world, that this terrible thing is going to continue for a long time to come!''

 She inhaled with a sigh.
 She cast a strong gaze forward.

''Our Demon King is fighting against Eques in the God Realm. We are convinced that the order of this world, this unreasonable one, is the one to be destroyed, and the Demon King of Tyranny will never back down.''

 Ray draws a magic circle around himself.
 <It's the magic formula of the Soji Total Love (Ra Sensiya).

"The Demon King has always been a protector of many things. Two thousand years ago, he made peace and reincarnated in this age of magic and stopped the war between Azation and Dirheid, protecting both countries. He saved the Great Spirit Reno and her daughter and protected Ahartheln. In the depths of the earth, he stopped the wars of Geordar, Agaha, and Gadeisiola, and protected the dragonmen from the fall of the canopy.'

 Ellen's breath is transmitted through .
 Her thoughts covered the world.

The Demon King, known as the Tyrant, is still defending this world while fighting against Eques. That doomsday eclipse is trying to burn us. Two thousand years ago, if he can use the wall that divided the world into four parts, the Demon King may be able to protect us from the light of doom.

 Desperately and earnestly, Eren speaks to the world.

'The divine invasion has destroyed that magic formula, but surely the Demon King can restore it as well. Just as it did two thousand years ago, at the cost of its life and now more...

 Her determination showed on her face.
 With a voice that seemed to beat her heart, Eren said.

'Now it's our turn to protect you! <Soji Tsang'ai (Ra Sencia). If everyone's thoughts are united with the thoughts of the whole world, the eclipse can be stopped. With our songs, with our thoughts, we'll show the tyrannical demon king how it's done.

 She is gentle and loving.

'The world you've been protecting is such a wonderful place.'

 Silently, the light begins to gather.

 First from Dirheid, then Azation. Slowly those thoughts began to gather from all over the world, from Ahartohern, Agaha, Geordal, and Gadeisiola, and they became particles of white magic power, shining around Ray.

"The Demon King's Hymn No. 9--

 Just as Ellen was about to utter the title of the song, a violent noise mingled with the accompaniment.

 Misa held her head and wobbled for a moment.
 Holding her body in place, Ray put his anti-magic on her.

 The Dark Lord Yggess says, his ship's eyes shining.
 <The song passed down from the thought communication (leaks) has been disturbed and the body of the one who hears it is being consumed.

 The enemy god is still lurking somewhere.

''........that place........!

 Edgess changed his blood color and ran off.
 Ray followed, and Eldmead rode the dog-turned-Gillicilis.

 The landscape flowed by at high speed, and the closer they got, the more intense the noise became.
 The sound was accompanied by magic, seeping in and out like a curse, eroding their bodies.

 And so the chanting flames were rising at the spot where the ejus had arrived.

 Surrounded by the flames was the blacksmith appraiser 'Wind of the Sun'.
 Lone, lone, lone, the one who appeared there was the invisible God of Sound, the Gospel God Dordy Red.

''Red Blood Demon Spear, Secret Depths 2-- ''

 The red spear flash slices through the chanting flames and blows them into the beyond dimension.

 Although the store has been burned and collapsed, it has barely preserved its original form due to the dimensional wards created by the Blood Gate.

 Yeejus pointed his magic spear at Dordy Red.
 Immediately after, his ship's eyes turn stern.

 The four that guarded the forge appraisal shop had magic letters painted on them.

 Before I knew it, the one standing next to the gate was a young boy dressed in twiggy clothes.
 From the quill he clutched, magic power of the same wavelength as the magic letters drawn on the was emanating from the quill pen.

 Aganzon, the god of madness.
 As if exerting its falsification power, the four gates bent unnaturally and the dimensional boundaries were distorted.

 A ferocious roar could be heard from beyond that cracked open space.
 A jet-black beast, far more massive than a house, appeared there, its jaws wide open. 

''Violent God Galvadrion........!

 Yeges thrusts out his magic spear and drills ten holes in the jet-black beast with .
 But when Aganzon wields his quill, the hole shifts in front of Yeejus' eyes and sucks him in.

 The divine sword Lord Yuye flies in and blocks the .
 Ten swords were sucked into the ten holes, and just when I thought there was nothing to be done, a thunderous sound could be heard.

 It's being eaten.
 The Violent God Galvadrion opened his huge mouth and swallowed the Blacksmith Appraiser 'Wind of the Sun' whole as he gouged out the entire ground.


Hold on, Lunaaaaah!

 Mom and Dad's voices echoed.
 It wasn't long before the store was swallowed up by the belly of Galvadrion, the God of Binge Eating.

 Eldmaed and Ray, who had caught up with him slightly later, confronted the three gods.

 The tyrannical god eats the sound of the hymn played, and the gospel god plays a new tune to create a cacophony of music.
 Furthermore, the frenzied god falsifies, and an eerie tune is played in the
 Galvadrion, Dordiled, and Aganzon.
 All three gods must be slaughtered before they can use the Reaper's Love (Ra Sencia).

 The reason why they swallowed my mother and father was because they thought they might be alive inside their bellies, and it was a way to stop them from attacking with all their might.

"It's all about--

 With a creak, creak, creak, the gears above Azation turned.
 A voice mixed with noise rang out from far away.

It's all like the gears of order turning. You have now lost all means of opposing the Solar Eclipse of Doom. The total solar eclipse of Surge Eldnave will last sixty seconds. Crushed by despair, you foolish people who have been given a foreign body in the world.

 <The doomsday eclipse is advancing by the minute.
 As the world was closing in on the darkness, Rei, Yeejus, and Eldmead moved.

 The divine sword Lord Uiye was unleashed and the secret depths of the Red Blood Demon Spear roared.
 Ray wielded the magic power that was about to be exhausted and rushed in the .

 However, it was not in time.

 It's a good thing that you're able to have a good time with Dordiled, the god of sound, Aganzon, the falsifier of events, and Galvadrion, the devourer of all things, if they're committed to stalling for time, it's impossible to destroy them in a mere 60 seconds, unless they're caught by surprise.

 Even if he was at his best, the Cutthroat King, the Dark Lord, and Rey were already exhausted.
 I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to get my hands on it.

"-- Are you watching, Anos?

 With a voice, a dozen thin purple electric lights ran towards the sky.
 An ear piercing thunderclap and a flood of purple electric lights that covered the Violent God Galvadrion.

 The heavens roared, the earth shook, and the bodies of the jet-black beasts scattered.
 A tattered house spills out of Galvadrion's torn belly and falls to the ground.

 In the next moment, a vast amount of purple lightning struck, reducing Galvadrion to ashes.

 All that was left was the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords.
 The vast amount of purple electricity that was struck by lightning charged that magic sword like a pillar of heaven.

 The one holding the hilt was my father, holding my mother in his arms.
 Its appearance may be from this era, but its magic power is certainly from before its reincarnation.

 It belonged to Celis Voldigord.

See, Anos? "This is the magic I gave you 2,000 years ago.

 My father steps out.

"My life's last 'veneer of the body,'

 That's when we lost to Graham--

 Using all the magic he could find in his last moments, his father Ceris used the Wave Body Cover Reveal (Veneziara).

 Soon after, Graham beheaded her and the magic had no effect.

 But no.
 <The Veneziara has been activated.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. The Celis of the Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara) also used the Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara).

 As long as he continues to use the Veneziara, Celis will never disappear as a possibility. Of course, it cannot affect the outside world in any way.

 It just exists as a possibility. That's all it was.

 And so, to this day, my father has connected the possibilities.
 Literally, he became a ghost, and his magic has lived for two thousand years.

 If he wielded the sword of possibility, it would vanish in a heartbeat.
 He had only one chance to do so, and he had bequeathed it to his son.

 Instantly, the Dark Lord moved.


 The Red Blood Demon Spear is thrust out.
 The secret depths of the first, , drills a hole in Aganzon and Dordirred.

 Aganzon falsified and Dordilred tried to slip through as a sound, but Cerise's magic eye, tainted with annihilation purple, prevented her from doing so.

 Sucked into the dimensional hole, the two divine bodies had shifted to be thrown into the sky.

''Well done, number one (Jeff),''

 The purple electricity that had turned into a huge sword was swung down at Aganzon and Dordy Red.

''The Ten Purple Electric Lightning Swords of Extinction (Lavia Neold Galvaryzen).

 The thunderclap that tore the sky apart echoed everywhere, and destruction thundered down to the gods.
 The sky of Dillhade turns purple, and both the mad god and the gospel gods perish without leaving even ashes.

'Two thousand years ago--'

 My father says as he releases his doomsday magic.

'I left your mother to die.'

 Each time the purple light subsides, the begins to end and its magic power disappears.


 Celis Voldigord says as she holds her mother tightly in her arms.

'This time I'm protected,'

 The purple-tinted sky returned to normal.
 Aganzon and Dordy Red were not there. They were destroyed.

'Your mother and father. This place you must return to.

 My father thrusts the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords into the air.
 Suddenly, his body loses its strength.

"I've kept you safe.........

 The two men who were on the verge of falling down were supported by Yggess.

''........Are you watching, Anos......?''

 The last wave body cover manifestation (Veneziara) disappears.
 My father's voice is fading away.

"....you are my son. You are my son and I will not be defeated by the will of the world...

 As if to squeeze out the last remaining possibilities as the spell was about to end any moment now, my father put his hand on Yeejus's back and said.

 My father nodded, disappointed, as if he had lost consciousness.
 He would never hear that voice from two thousand years ago again, forever.

 It was a brief moment in time.

 Still, in his last moments, that dazzling purple light that had so brilliantly transcended the ages was certainly protecting something that was irreplaceable to me.