473-Overlapping thoughts, combined power

 The sound is back--

 The interference of the Evangelical God, the Violent God, and the Frenzied God was gone, and the gentle tones of the Demon King's Hymn played again from .

 It went from Azation to Mid-Haze.
 From Midheys to Ahartohern, Geordal, Agaha, and Gadeisiola.

 The song spread out quickly, and echoed around the world.

 The light gathers.
 <Countless dazzling particles of light pour out through the thought transmissions (leaks) with Ray at the center.

"We won, Eques.

 Wearing the thoughts of those who wish for peace, Ray stared at the doomsday eclipse and the giant cog monster floating far above Azation.

"Wherever the light of doom is released into the world, the thoughts of those who wish for peace will receive it.

 The sky was shrouded in darkness.

 It was consumed by the total eclipse of the surgeeldnave, the darkness that closed the world to darkness, yet the light of Dirheid was not lost.

 Whether it was Azation, Ahartheln, Geordal, Agaha, or Gadeisiola - the light of the Dirheid was not lost.
 People's thoughts were transformed into magic, filling the earth and the depths with the light of hope.

''Do you think that thoughts are superior to order?''

 Click, click, click, click, and the gears turn.
 An eerie voice mixed with noise rang out in the distance, echoing off the ground.

Do you think you can save the world with love and kindness?

I can save you.

 In an unpretentious tone, Ray says.

'I will save you.'

I am the world you are trying to save. I am the world's worst enemy. You are the only living thing in the world that needs to be destroyed. That is the established order. It cannot be overturned.'

 The darkness that covers the heavens and the light that fills the earth.
 The world and the people, the darkness and the light are fighting each other mutually, and the two confront each other with a distance between them.

'The contradiction of fighting the world to save the world kills you. The wheel of despair will tear and crush all of its thoughts.

 The light of ebony condenses in the eclipse of the doomed sun in the sky.

 Dark, ominous, and yet still divine.
 The God of Destruction's power to destroy is about to bare its fangs to the world.

It's time.

 The cogwheel monster stared at Mid-Haze from the skies above Azation.
 At that moment, the light of doom flashed brightly.

''The light of doomsday now scorches the earth.''

 What was released was an enormous amount of light that was incomparable to the first time.

 An apocalypse that seemed to swallow Dillheid whole swiftly surged in the blink of an eye, painting the light that filled the ground with ebony.

 As if to greet it, a pure white light rose from the ground like a pillar piercing the heavens.
 What appears in Ray's hand is a pure white holy sword. It is a condensed and embodied version of the people's thoughts.

 Clutching the holy sword of those thoughts, Ray kicked the ground towards the light of doom.
 The pure white light pushes up his body as if to push back, and he jumps into the midst of destruction.

 Now that he didn't have the blessing of the Spirit God Human Sword, no miracles would happen to him.
 If he was pushed down even slightly, Rey would certainly disappear this time.

 Nevertheless, he must show it to all those on earth.

 That the thoughts of the people will never be defeated by the world's order.
 The sight of him jumping in without hesitation would convince anyone of this, and that desire would be strengthened more and more.

 I'm sure there is fear. It's impossible not to feel fear.
 Still, Ray summoned all the courage he could muster and held out the holy sword of white thoughts to the ebony light.

''Souji total love (Ra Sensiya) aaaaaaaaaaah!

 The light of doom and collide head-on.

 The swirling ebony and pure white light that rages and ravishes each other intensely shakes the atmosphere and the aftermath alone tears the cracked earth further apart.

 Receiving the overwhelming power of destruction all at once, Ray's body, clothed in the pure white light, is scorched.
 A slight crack appeared on the pure white holy sword clenched in his grip.

''Helping each other, hand in hand, you thought you had connected hope. You frustrated the world's will and fought off the god who came to Dillhade. I believed so.'

 As if to discourage people's thoughts, a voice mixed with noise echoes.

'Everything follows the cogs of order. You have lost your hope to face the destruction one by one. The Spirit God-Man Sword Evans Mana. The treacherous god that Graham the Nonconformist was equipped with. You have lost the Veneziara, the Wave Body Covered Manifestation bequeathed to you by Celis Voldigord.

 Giggle, giggle, giggle, the gears turn.
 Shot by the enormous ebony light, the crack in the holy sword widens further.

The gears turn, the world turns, and despair begins to spin. At the point when you lost the only and greatest weapon to break your fate and overturn your destiny, you were defeated, O foolish brave.''

 Ray's body is being swallowed and pushed back by the ebony, the light of the , the light of the .
 Already he has been shot by the light of the first doomsday and his roots are severely damaged.

 It is so strange that he is moving so far.
 His body, which was barely supported by his thoughts, was already reaching its limits.

The world (I) is neither kind nor smiling.

 The light of the apocalypse blinked brightly - that was the time.

 A person jumped up from the ground with the light.
 Ray's back, which was being pushed by the doomsday light, was supported by that person's hand.

''Shameful. Is that the extent of your power?''

 Sin Reglia.
 While supporting Ray, he poured his magic power into the flowing sword Artokor Asta, and he thrust it into the ebony light.

''I can't give my daughter to a man who can't even save the world.

Well that's a problem...

 He gritted his teeth gingerly and wielded his magic power as if to whip his battered body.

''Life sword one wish!''

 There were figures jumping up from the ground with the light again.

 Diedrich, Nate, and Sylvia.
 They are the strongest little dragons of Agaha.

''Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!!!''

 They thrust the sword of Kandakizolte into the light of doom.
 The ideal world created by Nafta is in conflict with its destruction.

"Go, dog!

 A gelatinous dog plunges into the ebony light and cries out, "Gyaan, gyaan! While perishing, the Scarlet Monument King Girisilis is repeatedly resurrected in , sapping the power that the light of doom has.

"Kaka, be careful. "Kaka, be careful, if you're not careful, the whole Aggronemt technique will be destroyed.

 Flying in from the ground were the Underworld King Yeejus and the Cutthroat King Erdmead.
 The two of them were opposed to the light of doom by the divine sword Lord Yuye and the Red Blood Demon Spear Dichid Atem thrusting out.

''Let's go, guys! <Alha Alfrem.

 With six shining wings, the great spirit Reno flew to it, taking with him the spirits that shone in the green.
 Binding the power of the numerous spirits, he held out his shining palms to the ebony light to support them.

 <That pure white magical force field created by the combined power of the
 The place where the two forces collided was raging like a stormy area, sending countless sparks flying and scattering an enormous amount of black and white particles.

'Well, we've managed to stop it, but what do we do? Will this doomsday light not be extinguished until the total solar eclipse of Surgieldnave is over?

 The Cutthroat King says.
 ''In this situation where we're doing everything we can, it's only a matter of time before the standoff continues for the next few dozen seconds.

 It's only a matter of time before they are consumed by doom.

''Canon, let's use that thing! Just like when we fought together two thousand years ago!

 Reno shouted, and the Fierce Death King followed suit.

''Isn't that a good idea? There is no other way but to cut through the Sun of Doom. Take our power with you. Right, great hero of Azation.

In the future that I saw, you and I once joined forces. I will trust you with our swords, too!

 Diedrich raised his voice and Ray nodded.

 With Shin supporting his back, he drew a magic circle with the last of his strength.

   If the forces of those present at the place now joined together, it could not be compared to when Ray led the humans to fight two thousand years ago.

"All your thoughts and magic power to this sword.

 An enormous amount of light erupted from Ray's body, and the six missing roots regenerated at once.

 A murmur could be heard.
 A thin water mirror appeared between the light of the endgame and Ray.

 There was a ripple floating there.

''That's the kryptonite of the Doomsday Light.

 While supporting Ray's back, Shin uses the secret depths of the Flowing Down Sword.

'If that is a sword, then a large swing full of gaps is also a good thing. The one point where the power of destruction is most concentrated is the one point that also strengthens its own destruction. In other words, it is the way to cut through the End of the World Without Laughter (Ein Eir Nawelva).

 At the same time as Ray nodded, Shin shared his magic power with him and pushed him back with all his might.

''-- There's no reason why you can't cut!

 In place of the retreating Singh and the others, wearing the vast magic power on his body, Ray binds up the into a single sword.

''Even if we are doomed to perdition, even if we don't have the Spiritual God and Human Sword in our hands, we are!

 With a tail of pure white light, Ray slashed through the ebony light.
 The closer he got, the more enormous the power of the became, the more ferociously the ebony light attacked him.

 The condensed destruction of annihilation sharpened the sword and the competition of the , and the sky of the world was dyed black and white.

''I will break such a fate as many times as I can!

 The dark sun of annihilation, the , Ray fleshes out and thrusts out the , which has turned into a vast sword of light.

''Total love sanctuary cutthroat sword (Ra Sensiya Torealos)!

 Ebony and pure white shook the sky, and a great explosion of light that seemed to cover the world--