474-This world

 --The light of doom is twinkling--

 Inside the triangular cone of the temple.
 <The Sun of Ruin and the Moon of Creation overlap, causing the Eclipse of Doom.

 Nearby, bound in the magical circle of gears, are the sister gods of destruction and creation.
 A blade pierced their chests and stitched them there.

''We won't be able to see each other again...''

 Sasha said.

 If they became the sister gods of the back and forth again, the God of Destruction and the God of Creation would no longer exist at the same time, and the would disappear.

 However, it meant that they would have to part ways.

''We finally met... and now I finally remember...''

 Misha nodded persistently.

'I miss you.'

Hey, Militia.

 Turning his gaze to her, Sasha speaks to her.

'Fate has always been cruel and heartless, and I hated it. He's God, but he can't do miracles, he just stares at things that are broken.

 Misha softly countered.

'The order of destruction has been imposed on me and I can only break it. Everything I saw with this god's eye was shattered in the blink of an eye.

 As if to shake off the tragedy, Sasha looked straight ahead and said emphatically

I will not turn away from this fate. If I can only destroy it, I will face the fate I hate and destroy it!

 The girl of the God of Destruction voiced that as if challenging fate.
 Misha opened her mouth in response.

'This world I created was cold and cruel.

 She stared somewhere in the distance with her sad god's eyes.

'Love and kindness are always defeated by hatred and malice, and strife will never cease for any day. We should have been at peace at last, but the will of the world longs for our destruction.

 Sasha nodded softly.

'But I want to believe you. I want to believe it isn't.

 Looking straight ahead, Misha says softly.

'If there is any kindness left in this world, you will do us all a favor.

 A faint light enveloped the two sisters.
 Their magical power was glowing.


 Misha said gently.

'I want to let them win. I want to reward everyone who believed in love and kindness for once, as the creator of the world. Uniting their thoughts, the people faced the light of doom head on. We must not live in a sad world where it is defeated.

 Clearly, Sasha nodded.

'Let's do a miracle, Militia! I'm sure the two of us can do it!

 Misha smiled.

'I'll always be there for you.'


I am you.

You're me.

 Glittering, snow and moon flowers danced around them.

'Always, together--'

 At the same time as Misha's words, a silvery white light covers the sisters' bodies.
 The authority of Militia, the creator god, re-creates the girls, who were separated into two, into one again.

 To the sister gods who are two sides of the same coin.

 In their God's Eye, they see the light of the clash between the "Love of All Souls" (Ra Sencia) and the light of the end.

 Diedrich, Sylvia and Nate.

 Eldmead, Yggess, and Girisilis.

 Sin, Reno, and Rey.

 Believing in their thoughts, they are facing the light of the end.

 -- a miracle for them--.

 --I'd like to believe that there is still a little bit of kindness in this world that isn't kind--

 -- even if the wheels of order are turning the wheels of despair -- are still turning.

 --I have created a world.

 --In the world I hoped for...

 -- there's a lot of hope in it, and it should stop --

 --Yes, I believe--

 -- if there is not enough kindness in the world --

 --I'll take over for you.


 --Please, please, just for now...

 --May this world go round and round with love.

 It's still not enough.

 Sasha and Misha struggled to reach for each other, despite being stitched together by the blade.
 Blood seeped into their chests, and despite the pain, the sisters leaned forward with great effort.

 Then, their fingertips touched slightly.

 They each drew a semicircle of magic circles, and they connected them together.

 Militia's god body and Averniu's god body.
 They were once one, and now they are going to reunite them.

 The authority of the Creator God and Necron's magic .
 By using these two together, the two are about to become the sister gods of the two sides of the same coin once again.

 At the moment when the contours of the two of them wrapped in light slightly wavered and were about to intersect--.
 A cog of light appeared in the hearts of the two men.

 That order embedded in the divine race prevented the activation of the , as if to frustrate their will.

''I won't lose........this time......this time.......!

We're all fighting. To protect Dirhade, to save the world. So am I.

 As they resist the gears, their faces contorted in pain, they stretch their fingertips further.

 The stabbed blade bites into their bodies, and the gears turn as if tearing their hearts out -
 But even so, their desire for each other does not falter.

 --I want to see them smile...

 --It's not extravagant. I don't care if you're hurt...

 --It's okay to be sad.

 -- and yet, at the end of the day, everyone is laughing at the world.

 --you've worked hard, worked hard, worked hard, and you're finally at peace -- you're finally at peace.

 --I'm not going to let you ruin that for me.

 --I'm going to destroy your fate...

 --I'm going to destroy order...

 --Even if I never smile again...


 --Please, please, just not today.

 --May this world turn around with a smile on your face.

Go away...!

 Sasha's five fingers reach Misha.
 Above their heads, the doomsday eclipse is flickering darkly.

"Go away...!

 The two men wielded their magic.
 It ran through each other's bodies as if they were mixing together.

 The eclipse of the sun - does not disappear.

 In the sky above the ground, Ray, with the sword of outstretched, was plunging into the ebony light. With a desperate look, he cries out.

 There is no more, no respite.


 Sasha was screaming as she joined Ray.

'Please, just for today! I don't need it tomorrow! Hey, my power, the order of the God of Destruction is only there to destroy! You were born to break it, you were born to break it again, and that's enough! I want to tear off these gears and protect this world, me and I, along with everyone else!

'Let me dream.... Just for now. Make me believe it's not too late. I failed to create the world, please give me one more chance. This time, I will create you with a pure heart, with love and tenderness. Please, don't--

 Misha raises her voice loudly.

'Don't end it...!

 The gears of his heart cracked.
 Their hands clasped tightly together as they shattered it.

 They met their divine eyes together.

''For the last time. God's miracle.''

I'll show you!

 <The magic circle of the emitted an extra-large light, and the outline of the girls became limp and distorted.

 At that moment, I heard the sound of gears turning with a rattling.
 A voice mixed with eerie noise rang out.

"The end of the world without laughter (Ein Eyre Nawelva).

 The ebony light shimmered.
 In front of their eyes, a tremendous explosion that covered all of the sky above the ground erupted.

 Slowly, the light of subsided--

 The dazzling light that had illuminated the inside of the temple was gone, and so there were the two girls.

 As if they were left plopped down, bound by the magic circle of gears.

 They failed.
 There was no going back to the sister gods behind the back.


 In front of Sasha's eyes, the doomsday eclipse is shining.

''No........it was........''

 A drop of tears spills down with the stunned words.

 --Yes, this world is a brutally ordered street........

 -- ...miracles don't happen.............

 --I couldn't wake him up.

''I'm sorry...''

 With tears filling her eyes, sadness spilled out of Misha's mouth.

 -- in order to save this world...

 --You guys, you've been doing your best.

 -- but --

...the world is not going to be kind to you.

 -- destruction is always stronger than creation.

 -- hatred and malice will always erase love and kindness -- and that's what I'm talking about.

 --People are dying and hope is gone.

I made it....

 --Yeah, I knew it.

 --I was the first one to make the mistake.

 --Somewhere in the back of my mind...

 --There was a small seed of malice in it--

"Don't be a fool.

 The two girls responded to the echoing voices.

'You created it? A sad, malevolent world?

 The two of them listened to the voice while rolling their eyes.

Open your eyes and listen more. What do you hear?

 Misha was about to ask a question, but he held his tongue.

 Out of nowhere, there was music coming from the air.
 A gentle, tender song.

 -- and one day, when I meet the creator of this world, I want to tell him thank you --.

 -- a life with plenty of sad and painful things lying around.

 -- and yet, we were always left with a great deal of hope.

 --Let's open our eyes and listen.

 --You see, there are a lot of people singing along--

 --We laugh at each other every day.

 --You gave me a hand when I was about to fall...

 --Oh, surely this world began from a beautiful, clear mind--

 --So, you see--

 -- the world is so kind and laughing at you -- and the world is laughing at you.

"Ha-ha, what's with the face? What are you crying about, Sasha? You will not be destroyed. This world isn't made of such fragile matter that it will fall apart just because you stare at it.

 Sasha listened and gulped.

'What are you apologizing for, Misha? 'More destructive than creative? More malice than love and kindness? Then see clearly with your divine eye.

 The pure white light gleams dazzlingly.

 <The solar eclipse of doom--
 A bright white sword flash ran across the ebony surgeeldnave, which was still deeper than dark.


 The one who slashed through the light of doomsday and emerged from the Eclipse of Doomsday appeared from within the Eclipse of Doomsday, clutching the holy sword, the crystallization of his thoughts.
 From the ground, he slashed through the despair and came here.


"Strong in love and kindness.

 The voices are powerful.
 It's like a jolt to their souls.

"It is not that I did not return. You did not return. Your hearts have remembered the promise you made to me. I would save the world and you, all of you. You believed that the song of the people of the world would cancel out the light of your demise.

 With the momentum of rising from the ground, Ray straight through the walls of that temple.
 The girls turned their gaze to the huge hole in the ground.

''Not even a small seed of malice in your heart.''

 The girls caught this back, previously unrecognizable, clearly in their vision.

 I turn around and stare at their faces.

 The gears of Eques attacked from behind the gaping hole, but Ray extended the sword of long and reamed it away.

'This is the world you created. "This is the world you created," he said, "the world you gave us. Listen, Misha, to this song I give to you.

 A crack appeared in the gears of the magic circle that held the girls together.

'There is so much tenderness in this world,'

 --Oh, I remember now--

'Look at the earth, Sasha. This world you desire is laughing so richly.

 --That's right--

 --It was...

 --Miracles have never happened to me.

 --We've always had an invincible demon king on our side.

'How long are you gonna sleep? It's almost dawn. We need to get that thing out of the way early or we'll be late for school, Misha, Sasha.

 At that moment, Ray shouted.


 One of the multiple gears that were shot out slipped through his holy sword and closed in behind me.

 But I didn't look at it, I just held out my arms to greet the two sisters.
 Come back to me.

 A moment later, the gears of the magic circle that restrain the two of them shatter.
 As if they were flung out of the air, they flew straight to us.

"Don't you dare mess with my Demon Lord!

 <The God's Eye of Doom stared at the gears and tore them to shreds.

The Ice World.

 A small glass sphere appeared there and swallowed the gears into the ice world I had constructed.

 With the same momentum, the girls jumped into my arms.

''Hmm. It's still a weak morning.'

 In my arms, they both burst into tears.
 Even as they did so, they smiled as they responded to me.

''........because I'm weak.......''


 Ray flew up to protect me behind me, and I held the sword of at Eques.


 Loosely turning around, I stare at the collective god of gears.

"I protected what I protected. You've had your way with me for quite some time now, but--

 Releasing the black magic from my entire body, I said.

''I can stomp it out to my heart's content now.