475-When destruction is near

 The four huge gears that had been aimed at me returned to Eques.
 They covered all sides of him like a shield.

"I won and--

 In a noisy voice, Eques says.

''-- You think you've won with this. Four diminutive foreign bodies coming together will not stop the giant gears. Despair is only a fraction of the distance away.

How dare you say that when you've lost all the divine power you've gathered?

 <With the Devil's Eye of Doom floating in his mind, Kisku Sasha glared at the collective god of gears.

''The gods you sent to earth have perished.

 Misha says matter-of-factly.

'By a warped selection judge, they have become your hands and feet. Even if they perish, that order will not disappear, as long as you are safe. You can regenerate your limbs. But...

 With his divine eye, Misha looks into the depths of Eques.

''The divine authority you lost has not returned.

It's not that you can't turn it back. You can't turn it back on, can you?

'They too are fighting. On the brink of destruction, the gods refused to remain a cog in the world.

 A serene voice echoes in the depths of the divine world.

'The thoughts of those who have defeated the , the thoughts of the gods who refused to be your cogs.'

 A calm, yet strong gaze pierced Eques.
 Clearly, Misha assured him.

'That's the true will of the world. It's not you.'

It's settled, Eques.

 Pointing the pure white holy sword at Eques, Ray says.

'Either you will hunt us down, or Anos will protect us. This was that kind of game.'

 Misha, Sasha, and Rei let particles of magical power rise up from their entire bodies.

'He has defended everything. There's no chance left for you to win.

Did you protect him?

 Giggle.......................and the gears turn with an eerie sound.
 Eques said, "It doesn't look like that to me.

The world doesn't look like that to me.

 Spreading his arms wide, Eques spun the gears around him vigorously.
 Sasha stared at it with a snap.

 The magic circle that floated in that magic eye released tremendous magic power.

 The demon body of the reincarnated Sasha's demon tribe had the dwelling in it.

 It is different from the magic eye that she originally had.
 <This is the power that was awakened when Sasha's root source entered the vessel that is the descendant of my who obtained the Doomsday Demon Eye.

 Of course, the Goddess of Abelniu that I regained also has the Devil's Eye.

 <The Eye of Doom was originally generated by splitting the Eye of Doom into two.
 Now that Averniu's divine body and the demon Sasha have fused together, the two Doomsday Demon Eyes are overlapping.

 In other words, even if I don't return this to Sasha, she is now able to use the almost complete .

 Just like when she protected me from the cogs just a few minutes ago.

"I don't like that cog.

 Within Sasha's magic eye, two magic circles and a magic circle overlapped, which turned into a dark sun-wheel.
 A black sun was released to follow its gaze, and Eques was scorched by the entire surrounding gears.

''Don't disappear!''

 Sasha's gaze pierced the gears and they disappeared as the light burned them.
 However, Eques didn't hold out against the and rushed headlong into it.

 The cogwheels rotate and the fingertips strike Sasha.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

''I won't let you.

No matter how much God's power is missing, the wheels never stop turning.

 Eques grabbed the sword of with his geared fingertips.
 As it was, he turned around to swing the ray with unusual force.

'Thou only knowest it. You are a foreigner to the world.

 To me, who was closing in behind me, Eques slammed Ray's body.
 Without a care, he thrust out the fingertips of the .

 Just before the shining black flame hand is about to pierce Ray's body, he lets go of the pure white holy sword and slips in front of me.

 The struck the bank of Eques' bank.

 But he can't give him any pain or itch.
 Eques swings down the sword of the Souls' Love (Ra Sensiya) that he took from me.

 But the pure white holy sword suddenly disappears and his hand is cut through the sky.

''The world is not on your side, Eques!

 <Lei is in complete control of the love of souls.
 He can erase or reveal it at will. Once again, Ray turned the thoughts of the world into a holy sword, and thrust Eques' body up from below.

 A fierce gurgling sound rang out and the gears in Eques' body spun.
 With a dull sound of creaking, it swallowed and snapped the sword barrel of the . 

 At that moment, the sky changed to a snowy landscape.

'Ice Light'

 When Misha blinks twice, the fluttering snow and moonflower fluttering in the air emits light and freezes the gears of Eques.
 But he won't stop.

 Eques drew a magic circle in all directions.
 Chipped little cogs shot out in all directions of him.

 Ray, Misha and Sasha avoid them as they circle the sky.

 I'm going to be able to catch the missing gears that are coming towards me with the magic eye of destruction and the four-world wall.
 But it easily penetrated the black aurora and finally stopped after grabbing the black aurora by the hand of the pyro-death annihilation brilliant flames.

 I tightened my grip on it, but it remained in its original form, unchanged by the ashes.

The world continues to turn according to order.

 Gichiri.........Gichiri......the gears in Eques' chest turned and it opened.

 There was a hollow space in its chest.
 What was inside was an old wooden wheel.

 Grabbing it, Eques let it out.

'Solemnly - yes, solemnly.

 With the light, nine giant cogwheels of magic appeared, each one intricately interlocking with the other, including its wooden gears.

 At the center of it, Eques extended the magic line.
 Then it connected with the gears of the magic circle and began to turn its own gears.

 The nine gears that interlocked and spun around, emitting a divine magical power.

 It was inexplicable.
 The most gigantic cog spun a small cog, which was connected to an old wheel.

 Even though the tiny gears were spinning at an unstoppable speed, the wheels weren't moving with a twitch. 

 In other words--.
 It takes a lot of force to turn that old wooden wheel.

"Gently crushing the foreign object. Into despair.

 A moment later, the old wheel began to turn slowly.
 Next it increased in speed, spinning at high speed.

 The copper-colored magic power that was emitted made the wheel appear far larger than it should be.
 At first glance, the power is so great that one cannot see the bottom of it.

''The Old Wood Slashing Wheel (Boros Hetheus).

 Despite the fierce splattering of magical power, the wheel was gently ejected.
 It was heading straight to the earth.

''d*mn it, there's no way I'm going to let you do this.......!

 Sasha jumped in front of the and stared at it with the .
 I finally saw the abyss of its magic and I shouted.


 Sasha rolls her god's eyes.
 <The slashed through the black sun.

 The moment she was distracted by it--
 A that flew from another direction hit it directly and chopped its entire body.


 The old tree slashing wheel loosely approaches the motionless Sasha.

"I won't let it.

 An ice shield made of ibis appears in front of Sasha.
 Immediately, the Old Wood Slayer Wheel (Boros Heteus) runs over it and tears it apart, and Misha creates ice shields one after another.


 Ray, who came circling through the sky, slashed at the old wheel with the sword of Soji So Ai (Ra Sensiya).

 But it could not be cut.
 Flicking back the holy sword of his thoughts, the bit into Ray's body.


 With each creaking turn, Ray's roots were being crushed.
 When two, three or five were crushed, I became his shield and reached for his wheel.

 With ease, both hands of the are flung off and the wheel bites into my body.

 But even as it's played, I continue to reach out with my hand of shining black flame and forcefully hold down the wheel.
 Between the spinning wheel and my arms, sparks of fierce magical power were scattered.

'Get away,'

 As soon as I said it, my body was pushed by the wheel and fell to the ground.
 As a follow-up to this, the Abyss is a rainstorm of broken and missing gears.

"That's not an ordinary wheel, is it?

 Fresh blood splattered from his body, and the bit deep into his roots.
 The demon king's blood flowed out violently and was showered on the old wheel.

 <At the same time as the old wood chopper wheel corrodes, my roots are severely lacerated and the power of destruction rages on.
 I slammed it directly into the wheel.

 Furthermore, he struck the of possibility and held down its wheels.
 It's easy enough to avoid it, but if it bites into the earth, the divine world will not be able to do anything about it.

 As if being dragged by the wheel, my body smashes through the triangular temple and puts my feet on the earth.
 Two, three, four, both arms of possibility slammed into the , and finally it stopped.

''Hmm. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 Or does it mean that there is only one of these old wheels?

What is that cog made of that thing that hasn't been damaged by the Eye of Doom?

 From above, Misha, Sasha and Ray come down to me.

"Eques is the world itself. Whatever the truth, its power.

 Misha says.

'You have to have the power to destroy the world to defeat it.

Do you understand?

 A voice mixed with noise rang out.
 When I turned around, I saw Eques standing a dozen meters away.

'Stop despairing and the world will stop. The only thing you foreigners can do is destroy the gears and destroy the world, or just bide your time until you crush yourselves.

 Eques brought his feet together, arms outstretched, and turned his gears in a cruciform position.

'Perdition proceeds. Solemnly. Nothing has changed.'

 A magic circle is drawn in front of him, and a myriad of missing wheels appear.

'From the beginning, yes, from the time you confronted this world (I), your fate has been determined. The only thing that can be changed is which path will lead you to despair.

Well. Don't you think we should reconsider? That which you in the gears think is a diminutive foreign object--

 He stepped forward and squeezed the old wooden wheel.

"Not surprisingly, it could be the hand of a giant!

 I turn my gaze to Misha.
 She nodded at me.

 The missing wheels are shot out one after another.

 I'm going to be able to move forward while protecting myself from them with the magical eye of destruction, the four walls of the wall, and the brilliant flames of burning death annihilation, the Aviastan Ziara.

'Ray, Sasha. May Anos fight with all his might.

 Misha says.
 Sasha and Ray reacted immediately.

We'll be the ones to protect you. I know!

"Anos, the deepest part of the Godhead is ours...

 I'll draw a hundred gates of magic while I keep moving my feet.

You're in charge. Just make sure it doesn't stray bullets.

 <The Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Gio Glaze) and the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) are piled on top of each other and shot out at Eques.

 The jet-black sun, trailing a black lightning bolt, landed on Eques one after another like a meteor.
 As his gears turn, anti-magic unfolds and they are flung away into the distance. 

 Sasha stared at it with , which was powerful enough to gut the earth of the divine world with just one shot, and Ray blocked it with as a magical barrier.

 Misha quickly recreated the damaged divine world that escaped through the gap.

"Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara)

 In the right hand of the possibility, he used the that he released, and used the .

 He piled up seven of them and thrust them into Eques' abdomen.

 The sound of gears scraping against each other pierced my ears, and as expected of the guy's divine body, it was lightly dented.

''I can't reach the root of the world.

The world is not something that can be endured over and over again.

 The gears on his arm spun like blades and attacked me.
 I dodge it by lowering myself and thrust out seven layers of < Jiao death annihilation brilliant fire burning flames (aviastan ziara)> again.

 The fingers of the shining black flame pierce the same spot without missing a beat.

''In vain.''

 Eques cast a recovery spell on himself while jumping back in a big way.
 If I delay it with the Magic Eye of Doom, he shoots out a myriad of rupture-defective gears.

"I can't let you go.

 With the condensed purple electricity in his right hand, he draws ten magic circles and intercepts the countless missing gears.

 <The ashen purple annihilation lightning and fire electric field (Lavia Gigue Gaveriizd).
 Purple light flickers in an attempt to shake and destroy the divine world.

 When I jumped through it and approached Eques, he had created nine giant gears of magic.

 The cogwheel hand is holding a piece of wood from the wheel that I crushed earlier.

''Jiao Death Burning Brilliant Fire Burning Flame (Aviastan Ziara).''

 He twisted the seven-layered into Eques' wound that was about to be healed again.
 Eques's body snapped into a crooked shape.

"Despair turns. Solemnly.''

 Before long, the piece of wood was restored in Eques' hands, and the old wooden wheel was regenerated.
 The nine cogs mesh together and begin to turn.

'Far faster than thou canst penetrate the world.

Do you think so?

 What I drew was a multiple magic circle.
 I layered it over and over again like a turret.

 The black particles draw a seven-fold spiral around the turret of the magic circle.
 Eques' body creaked, as if he was screaming.

''This time, a slightly bigger one is going to go. Stop it well.''

'.....lie....you know....that....

 Sasha opens her divine eye.
 With just the magic power that is released, the bottom of this divine world is creaking and cracking, and the sky cracks like a crack in the ground.

''The Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 Doomsday fire is released from the turret of the magic circle.

 Unlike when it was once used on Graham, the root of his source was not pierced.
 Hence, its power cannot be kept inside the Eques, and the doom slowly lifts the cog body into the sky, setting it on fire.

 Ray, Sasha, and Misha were flying up into the sky at full speed.

'Honestly, I thought it was the only way to go,'

 He took up a position in the sky to confront the , the Polar Prison Realm Annihilation Ashfire Demon Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 The holy sword of his thoughts blinked violently and swelled enormously.
 Even in the light of doom, Rei's expression jumped in with the confidence of victory, but in the face of that destruction, he was indeed a decisive figure.

 But the more he was cornered, the more he shined, the more he shone, the man who was once called the Great Brave.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to expect.

 Then, along with releasing his magic power, he shouted.

''The Total Love Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Ra Sencia Trias)!

 From the pure white holy sword that was thrust out, enormous particles of light were released, swallowing Eques and colliding with the , the Polar Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons.

 It became completely white.

 <Black ashes and pure white flashes danced as the dark fires of the seven spirals collided with the thoughts of those people who had defeated .

 By offsetting the power of the world-destroying magic, the impact on the outside world is minimized.

 <The point of collision between the , that is, the God Body of Eques, would have added more power than it could destroy the world.

 The divine body of that cogwheel would be shot through by a ray of pure white and reduced to ashes in the fires of the apocalypse.

 Ray bites down on his back teeth.

 As expected, it can't be completely offset?
 <The Extreme Hell Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons are stronger than the Total Love Sanctuary Cutthroat Artillery (Ra Sencia Trias).

 If this was the case, the fire of the apocalypse would be defeated and this God Realm would be destroyed.
 If that happens, the earth will have to suffer.

''What are we supposed to do with this stray bullet........oh my god......! !

 Sasha's glares at the .
 The light of annihilation emitted from her gaze offsets the fire of the apocalypse as if she were covering for Ray.

 But still, that annihilation does not stop.
 The raging sparks of fire could not be extinguished by the God's Eye of Doom and the Total Love Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Ra Sencia Trias), and were scattered to the depths of the God Realm.

''Ice Light.''

 The light emitted all at once from the snow and moonflowers that danced down, freezing the apocalyptic fires.
 The scattered fires froze and the damaged divine world was recreated by her creation magic.

 Misha, Sasha, and Ray.
 The three of them drew out their magical power to its fullest extent and barely held off the that I unleashed from the .

It's a good thing that you're able to have a good time. Don't be so serious, take it easy on me! That thing is definitely going to be gone by now!

I'm sorry.

 At my words, Sasha gave me a look that she didn't expect.
 Ray gritted his teeth.

I'm sure you're not the only one. That's the limit of what you can do.

 <The Total Love Sanctuary Cutthroat Artillery (Ra Sensiya Trias) was further pushed by the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ashfire Demon Artillery (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 The bottom of the divine world began to turn to ashes, and even Misha's power was no longer able to instantly recreate it.

''The limit.......is that a lie.......? Don't let this go....

I'm at my normal limit over here...

...to perish too soon...

 The three of them are growing more impatient with each passing second as they hold back the magic of destruction.


 I say to her as she freezes the apocalyptic fires and re-creates the divine world.

"I told you about it the other day. You told me the other day that you wanted to repay me for my help. I want to help you, but you said you didn't need me to be able to do everything.

 Curtly Misha nodded.

'I remember,'

Now, I need your help. The magic of creation. Protect me, Misha. Protect the world.

 I give her my heartfelt wishes.

I can't do it.

 She blinked twice and said, "Snap, snap, snap, snap.

'I've got it.'

 As if to choke off her thoughts, she looked at the entire divine world with her .
 Her gentle gaze was quickly filling in the cracks of the destruction.


 I say to him, clutching the holy sword of my thoughts.

"Graham told me in his last moments. "In his last moments, Graham told me that no one could ever get to where I was. I'm a lonely monster," he says, surrounded by a multitude of followers.

 I suppress the source of the annihilation that is about to rampage out, and suppress the Extreme Prison Realm's Ashburst Artillery (Egil Groene Angdroa) to the limit.

"Don't leave me alone. Don't leave me alone, my friend.

 He smiled nonetheless, despite the pained expression on his face.

'I know, Anos,'

 A pure white light swells up.
 <Pure white autumn cherry blossom petals danced on the Total Love Sanctuary Cutthroat Artillery (Ra Sencia Trias).

 <The Love World (Lovelace Ask) was superimposed on it.
 His thoughts were poured into it.


 Up in the sky, I look at the girl who is desperately trying to fight off the destruction.

"Don't let me destroy the world.

 After a moment of exclamation, a strong will resides in Sasha's eyes.

''........Of course it's obvious! This one tame spell, this one or two you playfully unleashed on me, I'll destroy it!

 Sasha's glared tightly at the doomsday fire.
 Her fury emitted a great deal of black sunshine and scorched the approaching doom.

 And so the three of them wield their magical power and thoughts beyond the limit.

 They believe.
 They believe that they will stop even the power of this destruction and protect the world.

 I'm sure.

 At the moment, everything in the divine world was engulfed in black fire--