476-Three-sided world

 The countless temples that stood at the bottom of the divine world were in flames.
 The sky burned black and the earth burned darkly.

 The fires of the apocalypse are turning everything into black ashes.
 If the depths of the divine world were to be destroyed, the destruction would immediately spread to the Jury Garden and it would burn the entire world to ashes.


 The bottom of the divine Realm was surrounded by black ashes, yet it did not crumble away.
 Under normal circumstances, the place that would have turned to ashes a long time ago was still in its original form.

 <The majority of the power of the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Demon Cannon> was offset by the earlier collision.


 Sasha floats above and looks out over the depths of the divine world.

''-- Enough of this, don't go away!

 <The God's Eye of Doom looks to the sky and the earth, to all destruction, and brings it to an end.
 Before long, the doomsday fire was extinguished.

 Ray pointed the sword of Raa Sensiya at the broken sky and the cracked earth.

 The pure white particles enter the wounds of the divine world one after another, making up for the lost magic power.

 Misha slowly descends into the triangular pyramidal temple while scattering snow and moon flowers.
 From the trajectory she drew, glittering ice light was emitted, and black ashes were recreated in the sky, earth, and temple.


 Sasha's shoulders slumped as she looked exhausted and exhausted.
 As it was, she began her slow descent.

''Why is the stray bullets on our side more difficult than stopping the that tried to destroy the world.......''

 Ray chuckled, descending quietly, as did Sasha.

'I thought you were going to die like normal,'

I won't do it again...

 Ray nodded in agreement.

'I guess that means that Eques has ended up messing with someone he should never have messed with,'

 He looked around at the bottom of the divine world, which was almost back to normal.

''Even if those cogs are truly the will of the world, they're just like mere mortals in front of the world-destroying Demon Lord.

 As he says it, Ray is looking around.

'What's wrong?'

 Sasha asked curiously.

'This isn't the end. Eques is a collection of many gods. If it is destroyed, order will not be maintained and the world will collapse. That's why Anos took it easy on the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella.

"...it's not like we're going to be able to maintain order or anything...

 Sasha seems to be saying that if he hadn't gone easy on her in the first place, he wouldn't have been able to offset it.

"Well, okay. So does that mean he's still alive after all that?

 Ray smiles at Sasha, who rolls her eyes.

''I'd have to be. What did you intend to do to beat the black sun into Eques?''

 Awkwardly, she looks down.

''Buh ... buh ... I was going to ruin it ...''

 Ray froze, his smile still on his face.
 An indescribable stare pierced Sasha.

''d*mn, I thought Anos would take care of that kind of thing. He always does...!

 Ray chuckled at Sasha's excuse.

'Well, you're right, though. Now we just need to figure out how to destroy Eques without destroying the world. We just need to find a way to do that, but maybe Anos has an idea--'

 A zany, faint noise echoes through the sky.

'--I told you,'

 At the sound of his voice, Ray turned around.

'You cannot destroy the world (me) as long as you try to protect it. Your warfare has been inconsistent with order from the beginning.

 Countless released from the ground were closing in on Ray and Sasha.

 Immediately, the two split to the left and right and dodged them.

 From the black ashes that had piled up on the earth, Eques appeared and flew into the sky.
 The speed of the guy who spun the gears with a creaky wheel was extreme, and in an instant, he was standing in front of Ray.

 Faster than the pure white holy sword is swung down, the released from close range slashes Ray's entire body to shreds.


 <While glaring at Eques with the , Sasha muttered.

''It's no joke to say that I was burnt to a degree after eating that.......!

 The black sun scorched Eques.
 However, as the gears in his body spun vigorously, his doomsday gaze was run over in the blink of an eye.

''If the world retains its original form, that means I will retain my original form. If this world does not perish in any way, then I will not perish either.

 Sasha avoided the countless , but she allowed Eques to get close to her while doing so.


That's the order.

 The fingertips of the gears pierced Sasha's chest.

 Blood gushed out of the divine body, and she twisted her face in pain.
 Even so, that divine eye was still staring at Eques with a snap, burning his body.

''This time I'll embed a more powerful cog in it.

 On her left chest, the gears of the magic circle were drawn in triplicate.
 It began to chatter and spin as it ran over her mind and heart.

 A scream rises from Sasha's mouth.
 The three cogs that were being embedded in it were filled with even more enormous magical power.

They will become the cogs of the world again. Averniu, God of Destruction.

Hmm. You've taken your eye off me, you've grown up too fast.

 Grabbing the head of the guy with the gearwheel contraption with the seven layers of burning-annihilation-brilliant flames (Aviastan Ziara), I pull him away from Sasha.

"I will crush you.

 I can hear the sound of the gear's head creaking as it creaks.
 At the same time, I stare at the cog embedded in Sasha's heart with my .

 Unlike the cogs of order that are invisible to the evil eye, the powerful cogs are not able to hide their appearance.
 I'm sure you'll be able to destroy it as many times as you want with this one.

"You've spent two thousand years building peace, alien to the world.

 Eques' fingertips pierced my abdomen, and the spinning gears gouged out the source of the root.

'That's just the result of the gears turning. If thou alone, thou couldst have fought the will of this world in a decent fight. But now thou hast a peace to keep. Lucky? Thy power? Wrong. Just in case the non-conformists, the dangerous ones, were willing to destroy the world, the wheels of order did.

 <In flight, Eques pushes me to the surface.
 Without removing my hand from his head, I put pressure on my fingers and tighten them tightly.

 While doing so, I continue to stare at Sasha.
 The gears that are embedded in the ground must be stopped.

'O foreigner of the world! You hold peace in your hands. A fragile, crumbling, fragile glasswork dream. If you clench your fist to destroy me, it will quickly shatter in your hand.

 Eques releases a great deal of magical power and pushes me further to the surface.
 A divine light trailed across the sky.

 What I saw on the earth were nine cogwheel magic lines and an old wooden wheel.
 Looking into the abyss, it was connected to the gears of Eques by a magic wire.

 The wheels are spinning violently and are aimed at my falling body.
 The magic power that was released made that little wooden wheel tens of times larger.

'The world (I) gave it a temporary peace in the beginning, and it will perish.

  pointed at my back and was ejected with great force. 

 In this position where I'm still facing Eques at close range, it's difficult to intercept him.
 On top of that, on the straight line connecting me, Eques and the wheel is Sasha.

 She can't move yet.
 If we avoid it, the wheels will run over Sasha's body.

 Eques presses for a momentary decision.
 I made my decision without hesitation.

 The gears embedded in Sasha are destroyed by the magical eye of annihilation.
 Instantly, the old wood slashing and running wheel (Boros Heteus) ran over my back and spun around, tearing through my flesh, cutting off my bones, and beginning to scrape away the roots.

 Furthermore, Eques grabbed my body and pushed me against the old wood slashing wheel (Boros Hetheus).
 The particles of magic power are scattered and the blood of the demon king floods out.

 In my body, the root of destruction begins to run amok, and the power that is holding it back leaks out into the world.
 I grit my teeth and do my best to keep it inside my body.

''What's the matter, foreigner of the world. If you release your power, you should be able to blow up the easily.

...the whole world.

 The gears of Eques turn in mockery as they chuckle at me.

You can't protect it, but you will keep it. The world, your friends, and this peace. Thou hast made a choice, O foreigner of the world. You should have come to this place alone. Yes, without peace in your hands.

 The high-speed spinning wheels bit deep into my roots, grinding away at them and scattering jet-black sparks.
 Any moment now, the power of destruction was about to overflow, leaving a deep scar on the world.

 I shouldered the damage with my own body and roots, and I was getting more and more scarred.

 A single drop of uncontrollable and disastrous blood spilled out onto the ground.
 In an instant, the earth rotted away and turned to black ashes.

"Turn, turn!

 With the voice of Eques, the old tree slashing wheel (Boros Heteus) rotates even more violently.

"World. Turn--

Sorry to hear that.

 Sasha, who somehow pulled out the gear embedded in her chest with her right hand, was shining the "God's Eye of Doom" in the sky.
 A thought transmission from Misha has reached her.

We will protect the world and peace. Anos will destroy you.

 Sasha's doomsday eye swept away everything in her line of sight.

I will show you my Demon Lord's true intentions!

 The black sun shimmered and burned down the triangular conical temple.

 In the exposed place, Misha and then the doomsday sun eclipse were floating.
 It's a very good idea to have a good time with them.

"Sasha's right.

 Misha reaches for the Eclipse of Doom.

"I will make you, Anos.

 The deep dark sun wheel reverses and it turns into a red-silver light.

 Snap, snap, snap, blink twice.
 Misha's moon eyes turned red-silver as well.

'A world you can play around with as best you can, an unbreakable world.

 The total solar eclipse of Surgieldnave has turned into the total lunar eclipse of Artieltnore.
 The light of creation, shining red and silver, dazzled me and Eques.

 In a moment, the world around me and Eques changed.

 The heavens were high as far as the eye could see, and the Artiel Tonoa and the Sarge Eldnave> hovered close together in the sky.

 The earth stretched out everywhere, and the silvery white ice constructed forests and meadows, mountains and cities.

 There was no one here but me and Eques.
 This is her divine realm created by the creator god Militia--

"The Three-Faced World, The Garden of the Demon King

 As soon as the Demon King's Garden completely materialized, the Old Wood Slashing Wheel (Boros Hetheus) that had eaten into my roots collapsed into tatters and turned into black ash.

 Jet-black particles that overflowed from the source of the annihilation drew a seven-fold spiral around my body.


 Eques snaps the arm that had been thrust into my abdomen and digs a finger into its skull.

 The guy reared back in a big way as the gears in his head were destroyed.
 Faster than that, my palm was hammering into its face.

 Zgo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, he clears the ice trees and plunges into the ground.
 With a light wave of my hand, a turret of magicians appears and a seven-fold spiral gathers there.

 The apocalyptic fire lands on Eques' body, and everything in the world goes up in flames of blackness.

 A moment later, I felt as if the divine realm had turned to black ashes, but neither the heavens nor the earth had changed to ashes.
 The icy land stretched out before him.

 A three-sided world created by the power of Militia, the God of Creation, and Averniu, the God of Destruction.

 In the Garden of the Demon King, the Sun of Ruin emits a light that destroys the destruction.
 If the divine realm was struck by a deadly attack, it would be counteracted by the power of the Surgieldnave at that moment.
 Even if the divine realm is deeply damaged, the Moon of Creation will immediately remake the world.

 Above all, this world is triple-layered.
 Even if the first world is destroyed by the offsetting power of Sergei Eldnave and the power beyond the regeneration of Artilte Lutnoa, the overlapping second world will only emerge.
 And in that moment, the destroyed first world will be recreated.

 If you can't stop my demise, you don't have to stop it, you can just create a new world.
 The world will continue to be created endlessly as I try to unleash the power to destroy hundreds or thousands of worlds.

 This is the very Garden of the Demon King that Misha created for me.

Hmmm. It's a nice world.

 Loosely I planted my feet on the earth and snapped my fingers.
 The magical power that spilled out from the root cause draws a disastrous spiral on my body.


 The fallen Eques turns his cogwheel's divine eye towards me.

''How long are you going to sleep? Turn that cog of despair. I will now gently carve it into that rusty skull.

 I tell him as I walk forward loosely.

'True despair,'