The sound of gears turning gently could be heard.
 As if a divine magic power had gathered in Eques, the guy munchies himself up as if nothing had happened.

''-- Thou knowest nothing.''

 He held a tattered piece of wood in his hand.
 Once the magic circle was drawn on it, the old wooden wheel was regenerated again.


What it means to be out of order in the world. The end that a world out of order will follow. How precise, how large, how vast this cog is, thou diminutive thou canst not at last even know.

 Giggle, giggle, the gears of the Eques turned and the chest opened.
 He put the old wooden wheel back there and joined it together.

'The world needs a fitter. Thou art out of its frame, thou art out of its frame. You are a foreigner to the world. Hence, crushed and shattered is the order of the world. Know that there are some things that can't even be measured in your puny existence.

 There is a clatter as the wooden wheel meshes with every cog in his body.

'Before I destroy you, I'm going to ask you one question.

 He draws light circles with his fingertips, drawing a sevenfold spiral with black particles.

'Where did you put the fire and dew you took?

 Eques just flashed her magic eye and engaged every cog in her body.

'For seven hundred million years in Militia's world alone, the world of her mother Ehrenia, her mother's world, and her mother's world even more, the Creator God's Founder has been re-creating this world for generations. Each time, while losing the fire and dew to you. The amount of fire and dew stored in the depths of the God Realm does not even begin to account for the amount of fire and dew that was stored in the depths of the God Realm.

'O foolish foreigner of the world! Do you think that if you get the fire and dew back, you will get back the life you have lost?

Well. But the ancestors in my family have held on to it, hoping for peace. This is not something you can touch. I will take it all back and give it back to the Motherland.

 The gears creaked and spun mockingly.

'I told you. I am the world.

 Eques spreads his arms wide.

'Turn. Turn, despair--

 All the cogs in the god's body spun vigorously, and a great many sparks flew.
 The wheel connected to his chest began to spin loosely.


 The divine copper-colored light emitted by the old wheel transmitted to Eques' entire body.

 Gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, and the created by Misha was shaking.
 A light shrouded behind him, and what appeared there was a copper gear.

 With a brown glow, they appeared one after another in countless numbers, spreading out to cover the high sky.

 The copper cogs interlocked with each other, constructing a sphere.
 It was as if it were a sun of gears.

''Behold, a foreign body of the world!''

 Eques says.

'This is the end of the fire and dew that the world (I) took away. This is the current state of the people who have been swallowed up by the cogs from the world of the beginning to the world of today.

 Raising his hands wide, Eques let out a noisy voice.

'' Beltexfenblum.

 As those countless gears creaked and spun, Eques' magical power leapt up, and the destroyed arms, head, and burnt-out divine body were regenerated in the blink of an eye.

 The divine light that erupted was enough to scrape the surface of the , making the icy trees and mountain ranges tremble.

''Now the great wheel of fate turns, and thou shalt be run over by the wheel of despair.''

Let's try it.

 Eques's gaze collided with mine, and a hush fell over the place.

"The Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 He built a turret of magic and unleashed the fire of the apocalypse.

 Eques pointed his arm at it and drew a magic circle of gears.
 The countless gears inside the magic circle spun, and what appeared was a copper wheel. Connected together, it spun vigorously.

 The brown, shiny wheel swelled up into a huge one as fast as it could, spinning at a terrific speed while swirling with magical power.
 It was shot vigorously toward the apocalyptic fire.

 The wheel and fire collided with each other as if drawing a straight line from left and right.

 Everything in the world burst into flames and countless cracks ran through it.
 If it wasn't a three-sided world, it would have been destroyed a few times and the change would have been made.

 <The turned the divine Wheel into ashes, and the ran through the apocalyptic fire.

"-- Did you think you were the only one?

 Amidst the sounds of the violent clash between the magic of destruction, Eques uttered a noisy voice.

'Did you ever think you were the only one who stood up to the will of the world? In the world of Elesia, and in the world before it, and in the world far before it, there were misfits. I have swallowed a dwarf foreigner like you in the cogs of fate more times than I can count. They were once called misfits, but now, without exception, they have become this cog in the order - this cog.

 Turning his own gears, Eques was clothed in divine magical power.
 The copper color and jet-blackness sparked, dyeing the three-sided world with divinity and evil.

''If you don't suppress your magic power, the world will perish. It's the same for me.

 Eques said that as he looked down at me as he completely canceled out the .


 Eques dyes the divine eye of the gears in astonishment.
 The second shot of the was already closing in on him.

''Otherwise, we're in for a rude awakening.


'There you go, a playground that will never perish.

 He flicks his fingertips and loosely draws a magic circle.
 <The seven turrets of the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa) are seven.

Let's play it up!

 A series of apocalyptic fires shot out, one after the other, towards Eques' divine body.
 The next moment, he disappeared from the scene as the seven doomsday attacks raged in the god's eye.

He said, "Order has been established by the world (I). Perish by the cogs of those who were once unfit.

 A noisy voice rang out.

'The wheels of time begin to turn. Just as the past and the future will never intersect, thou who art left in the past will never be able to catch up with me in the future.

 With a speed that seems to have wiped out time, Eques, who dodged the , and came around behind me, was raising his right arm.

 The gears in that hand spun at high speed and were thrust out as if they were going to run me down on my face.

 I grabbed it with my left hand and took it carelessly.
 The gear spins in my hand, but I gingerly hold it down and bring it to a halt.


Did you think your future would reach my past?

 <The Wheel of Destiny Berteks femblem spins and his magic power rises again.
 Every time one of the cogs turns, his physical strength increases and he pushes back my hand that is catching his fist.

The upper limit of the gears begins to turn. The cog raises the limit and separates me from you in the dimension of power.

 Eques tries to crush me with a force that seems to have exceeded the upper limit of order.

 In the past, there must have been a non-conformist in the world who used his physical strength beyond order.
 He wants to show off that he has slaughtered even that and turned it into a cog in the order.

 But this left hand didn't move slightly.

'What's the matter? That much power over the world's upper limits?

"Thou shalt be run over by the upper cog--

 The wheel of Eques spun with great force and the gave him strength.

 The gears of his foot engage the earth with the gears of his foot as hard as he can.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

''It's like being crushed by the weight of the world.

 The weight of his body is increasing rapidly.
 With the weight of the world on his tiny body, he rams into me.

"Your world is light.

 I was stopping his charge with all the strength of my muscles with one pinky finger.

''It's a ramshackle world without the weight of life.

 Zugangs, my little finger pierces Eques' right hand.

'How long are you going to play? Seriously, turn the gears.

 As it was, he squeezed his hand gingerly and tore off his arm.

It sounds pretty rusty.

 <The fingertips of the pierced his face, and with both hands, he smashed the gears in his chest and then gingerly grabbed the larger gears that were inside.
 It is linked to the upper cog.

"If you can't turn it right, I'll turn it for you.

 With a gulp and a vigorous rotation of that gear, all the gears in Eques' body will turn at once.
 The strength of his left hand, which grabbed me, pushed me further beyond the limit.

 I push him back while combining hand to hand.

"Hahaha. Haha, you're getting pretty strong. That's why you'll still be spinning. Rotate more.

 I turned the gears of the Equis to give my physical strength to it.
 The cogwheel, which was given a speed greater than the limit, creaked and creaked, and teeth were cracked.

The gears of immortality begin to turn. A god body filled with immortal order will not perish, and I will be separated from death.'

 <The Wheel of Destiny empowered Eques, and the wheel that was about to collapse has retained its original form.

"Now, are there any discrepancies in the world order?

 I grab him by the throat and ask him, "Is there any contradiction in the world?

I ask him, "There is no contradiction in the world. Everything revolves around the cogs of order.

I don't think so.

 To surround Eques, he draws a magic circle of 100 guns around him.

The Gio-Glaze.

 At the same time as his fingertips pierced Eques' throat, he concentrated the jet-black sun.
 From the divine body with a hole in it, the flames entered and burned the root of him.

 A jet-black bolt of lightning ran and shot through Eques.
 An electric current ran at its source.

 With a hand of shining black flame, he pierced the source of Eques.

"Benno Yevhen.

 The black aurora turns into a sphere and envelops the collective god of gears.

''The Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 The fire of the apocalypse is slammed into the heart of its roots, and Eques is swallowed up by destruction.

 As if trying to tear its body from the inside out, the rampaged, and the guy who couldn't withstand it went ballistic.

 As he rolled across the icy ground, his divine body was burned by the fire of destruction and turned into black ashes.

 <When the Wheel of Destiny Beltexfenbrenched, the destruction of Eques stopped.
 In the blink of an eye, he regenerates that gear.

 He got up and spread his arms in a generous gesture.

'You could not finish me off with all your might, O foreigner of the world. It is now clear that thou hast no means of destroying me.

"Ho. So rolling around on the ground is within the bounds of order. It's hard to read.

 The gears turned, jiggle, jiggle.
 Its face was clattering and trembling, as if it were irritated.

'Don't get carried away, you diminutive foreigner. Thy power is only a bogeyman with the benefit of this three-sided world. In the real world, you are not even capable of giving your all.

Haha. What is it, you're whining. If you want to ask me to let you out because you're no match for me here, just say so. Just put your head on it, and I'll never stop listening.

'You think you have the upper hand? Thy power is influenced and swayed by the environment around you. It means that you are controlled by the order. And I am in control of that order.

 Magic power gathers in Eques' entire body.

"From this three-sided world , I take away the order that gives you power.

 The collective gods of the gearwork become full of coppery glory.

"Behold, a foreigner to the world. <The wheel of doom has already begun to turn. No one can escape this fate. Bertexfenblum compels thee to a single destiny.

 <The cogs of doom scatter a brown light.


 Copper cogs are embedded everywhere in the three-sided world.
 Everywhere in the sky, on the surface, in the ice city, in the forest, and in the mountains, the Wheel of Fate began to turn.

If you make a single move, the entire world of the Devil's Garden will shatter into fragile pieces. This is the destiny that Beltexfenbrenner has just decreed, a destiny that can never be escaped and cannot be reversed.

 A different order is enveloping me.
 With an eerie sound, the were turning.

 Large Eques held up his hands.

''For the sake of the world, fate turns (beld lase fembu), (rem).''

 Gee, gee, gee, gee, the copper gears made a noise.
 It was forcibly trying to distort the order of the three-sided world Misha had created.

'Crush the cogs of fate, you alien to the world.

 A magic circle of gears is drawn and the interlocking copper wheels spin.
 The wheel rapidly swells up into a giant, violently shattering the surface of the earth.

"The Divine Gear Ruling Wheel (Boros Hetero Arvis)

 With an eerie sound, the copper wheels slowly approach, shattering the icy earth.
 The brown sparks that roll up with each rotation, brightly dyeing the three-sided world.

 The wheel of God is trying to bite into me as if it is about to tear me apart, and grabbing me with both hands.

The wheel of fate is now obeying the cogs of fate, the time of destruction. God the Creator created this world in the beginning.

 Eques said as if he was sure of his victory.

 I went straight to the ground, knocking down the and crushing it as hard as I could.

 A sound so violent that it shook the earth could be heard.
 --it has not been destroyed. 


 I take a step towards Eques.

................ ...?

 Eques muttered, stunned.

''Why.........are you walking.......? <In the midst of the world's (verd lase femb) turn (rem)...

In the Demon King's Garden, the Demon King's Eye can be opened to a few things.

 As I said it, I walked straight to him.
 My left eye was dyed annihilating purple, and a dark cross was floating in its depths.

 <It's the evil eye of confusion.
 It was destroying the order of the
In front of my eyes, everything is destroyed. Order, reason and you, Eques.

"....no such order exists...

 The magic eye of the gears is tinted with astonishment and he spills out his words in confusion.

"....Whatever magic eye you use, your destiny is set. Before you can do anything, the destiny is set in motion for the sake of the world, and the Demon King's Garden is destroyed...

He says that he has destroyed the reasoning of that
"...There is no way they can be destroyed. It's not a matter of how slow or fast you are, the fate is determined before you. Even if they were to exert their power back in the past before the Creation, the Wheel of Fate will destroy the Demon Garden before that....

'Ha ha. 'Ha ha! Are you so blinded by your faith in order that you cannot believe what is happening right in front of you? Look more closely into the abyss with that perforated cog's divine eye.

 I stop dead in my tracks.

'You who decreed our fate, and I who destroyed reason. The two forces were in conflict. Therefore, I won.

 He lightly lifted his foot and stepped on the earth.
 At that moment, the copper gears embedded in the surface of the earth all shattered at once.

'Contradiction is chaos, or my bosom.

 <If there's a conflict between the magical eye of confusion and the logic of what needs to be destroyed, I will win unopposed.

 It's that simple.
 For a reason that needs to be settled, the eye of confusion has a huge advantage over the reason that needs to be settled.

 Moreover, the contradiction will be transformed into the power of the Magic Eye of Confusion.

 When I took a step again, the wheel of time spun and Eques appeared in front of me.

 Eques tried to strike the magic of annihilation at close range, but my
''.........Gu, gui, gui.......!

Did you really think that a cog in the wheel of a coherent wheel, who can't even drink a contradiction, could decide my fate?