478-Demon King's March dedicated to his subordinates

 Eques' gears turn and his arms grab my shoulders tightly.

 He stomped his feet on the ground and spewed out a copper-colored magic power.
 As the gears of time and the upper limit of the gears spun with sparks, my body lifted slightly.

''Ho. You still have that kind of power left?''

"I'll admit it. You are a foreigner to the world. You are stronger than any non-conformist ever swallowed by the world....

 Turning the gears so fast that the divine body cracked, Eques lifted my body completely.

'But thy weakness still lies here.

 The legs of the gears kicked the ground as hard as they could.
 The power of the uppermost gears was accelerated by the gears of time, which turned into arrows of light, and Eques holding me rushed into the countless gears that made up the sphere, Beltexfenblem.

That cog of fate is, in other words, despair. If swallowed by it, the world will be torn apart as well.

I see. If you shake it off, you'll go straight into that gear. If you're torn to pieces, order will be destroyed and the world will fall.

 If you deploy the "Four Realms Wall" on Eques' body, he will say proudly.

That's right," he said triumphantly, "it's all the same in the end. Yes, it's all the same to me. Thou shalt protect the world. Protect the world, and let the cogs of despair chew you up, you little foreigner!

 Immediately afterwards, Eques and I plunged into the Beltexfenbrem.
 A thunderous sound that pierced my ears rang out, and the particles of magic power violently scattered.

"Gee, gee, gee, geehahahahaha!

 It made a rusty sound and Eques laughed.

 I was the only one swallowed by Beltexfenbrem as I covered him up so he wouldn't be swallowed up, his myriad cog teeth digging into my body.

"Do you understand, Anos Voldigordo? The world turns right today. With despair. Now you are nothing more than a foreign object in the very gears.

...that's for sure.

 There was a mocking clatter of gears as they creaked and rattled.

'For the world's sake, fate turns (beld lase femb), (rem)'

 Eques spun his own gears and vigorously turned the Wheel of Destiny that was embedded in my body.

 The gear of fate's mighty power is applied to the five bodies, and I heard something vital snap with a thud.
 The huge amount of magic power disappeared in a huff.

 A few that tried to engulf this body were smashed off as if they couldn't bear the presence of a foreign object mixed in, and fell to the ground with a rattle.

It seems to be going around a lot.

 I gingerly grabbed a huge cog near me and stopped it.

'Your despair,'

 You can hear the entire Beltexfenbrennerum creaking with a giggling, giggling force that has nowhere to go.
 The gears, the gears that are interlocked, stop in their tracks while emitting a strange sound.

Do you know what you have in your hand, foreigner of the world................

You mean this cog toy?

 You turn the stopped gear slightly in the opposite direction.

Stop........... Get your stupid hands off of me now! 

Are you aware of your contradictions, Eques?

 He turns his gaze to me, clattering and trembling at the creaking sound of the Beltexfenbrems.

'Why are you so afraid of the world's destruction, when you proclaim that order is the way to destruction?

 Countless cracks ran across the giant gearwork sphere with a mishap.

''........Stop, stop.......''

If the cogs of fate continue to turn, will the world soon be destroyed? What difference does it make if it's too late or too early?

 A force that had no place to go was applied to the gears, the gears, and desperation struck Beltexfenblum.


Don't move.

 If you put your arms to the test, Eques stops trying to jump on you.

I'm sure you have a better idea of what to do if you wanted to destroy them. Why did you take the fire dew away from me?

"A tiny, foreign object cannot be measured. It is merely the result of the world turning in the right order.

'Order for what? Why did you decide on such an order? For what?

 More and more, the gears cracked.
 The entire Beltex femblem began to rattle and make a disturbing noise.

'Does it take so much fire and dew to make a toy that can be broken by a single arm? It's not as if all the fire and dew we took away is here.

 Turn the evil eye and look at him.

"....There is no answer you desire. The fire dew has already been consumed to maintain the Wheel of Fate. I've said it. The world is in need of a fit. That's what gradual destruction is for, that's what despair is for.

What does it mean to be a conformist?

'It's a sign of evolution. A world that has gone through so many annihilations and welcomed the conformists will evolve.

What's the point of evolution?

'How can an ape understand a human being? The world (I) is not yet evolved.

 He's staring at me with the god's eye in his gears.

"Tell me what you know, and I'll let you go.

 <Skip the word "contract.
 He returns the words of the signing.

'You question my words because you are a living being. The world is just so because it is. It asks for evolution, therefore it asks for evolution. It is foolish to ask the world why. All is as the order dictates, diminutive and foreign.

Hmm. Very well.

 A dark cross appears in my left eye, which is dyed purple.
 <While releasing the magical eye of annihilation, I put all my strength into the gears I grabbed.

"Genuine, you're like a cog.

 With great force, I turn the gears the other way.
 Suddenly, the force is applied in the opposite direction, the gears that have been meshing together make a sound as if they were repelling each other, and they begin to rattle and disintegrate.

"Pah...! ... uh ... uh ... uh ... ...

 As if he couldn't get his thoughts together too much, Eques raised his unspoken voice.

"I'm just letting go of my hand as contracted. The forward direction would turn the wheel of despair. Then I figured turning it backwards would turn it into hope.


 Eques round the divine eye of that gear.

 With a thunderous sound, the have begun to partially turn in the opposite direction.
 Of course, due to the unreasonable force applied, about half of them were shattered, broken and severed, falling to the ground with a rattle.

''Hahaha. Hahaha, it's only half of it. Let's keep turning them around.

 I jumped up and gingerly grabbed the remaining giant gears.
 Eques chased after me as if in a panic.

"-A foreigner to the world! Do you know what you're doing...?

 Spinning his own gears faster than the limit, Eques put copper-colored magic power on his fist, which scattered like sparks.

''Just as well.''

 I grabbed Eques' arm, dodging his outstretched fist.

"Help me turn it.


 I added my own magical power to his magic power and made him thrust his fist towards the gears as hard as he could.
 It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for when you're in the marketplace.

"How could it be, you are very good at spinning it, Eques.

"....ignorant foreign body! With that magical eye of confusion, there is no way to turn despair into hope! Existence that can only be destroyed! Despair is chaos and destruction! What would that save you? <If the wheel of fate disappears, the world will be destroyed as well.

 I kicked Eques away as hard as I could, and with the power of the kick, I made the gears at a distance rotate in the opposite direction.
 The same gears that mesh together are cracked and destroyed with a rattle.

 <The Gear of Destiny bounced off the gears and grabbed the guy's head as he came back and received it.
 At the earliest, Eques is still alive and well despite being caught in the cog, as the Beltexfenbrem itself is in tatters.

"They all risked their lives for the sake of peace. Do you know how many people perished before they got here?

 With a buggin' thrust through the gears of my head, my fingers dug in.

'I knew it was an unavoidable fight. Hatred led to hatred and we killed each other. In the midst of the inevitable tragedy, we still sought peace and we all scattered. There was no such thing as a truly evil person anywhere. We could understand each other, believing for sure that we could understand each other.

 I wrapped his body in the Benno Yevhen and lifted his head with one hand.

You are the culprit. You and your trivial cogwheel toy toyed with the fate of my men, ridiculed the despair of my people, and took their lives. My father and mother are dead. Some of them will not return. Even if they do return, that tragedy, that suffering, that unreasonable battle will not disappear.

 I put all my strength into my right hand.

Your God's eye can't see them. They lived desperately. They left me in charge and they all died. I must reward them. I can't leave this, this stuff, here. If this is not your hope, then I say to you, perish! All of it.

 The Eques that I threw away flew like a flash of light and bounced back and forth through the , making that gear, the gear, spin in the opposite direction.
 The Beltex femblem is collapsing in tatters.


 If only we'd gotten there earlier--

 Many more would have laughed by my side.

'Forgive me. I sacrificed you all for this trifle.

 <With his hand, he gingerly grabbed countless gears.
 All of them were turned in reverse at once.

 An ear-splitting bursting sound rang out, and pieces of the shattered gears flew apart.


 Eques spreads his arms out with his battered body.
 The five bodies are joined together by seven gears of Beltexfenbrem, which barely retain their original form.

You think you can mess with a foreign body? <The is the foundation of the world. Even if we sacrifice billions of demons that are popping up like insects, they still can't be compared to this. Got it? You are the food of the world. You have life to keep the world alive.

"Don't let a cog speak for my men.

 I approach him and slam my right fist into his divine body.
 The blasted fellow, scattering debris, is slammed into the ground and rolls away.

''........gee, gee.......''

 Turning the gears awkwardly, Eques stood up and stared up at the sky above where I was.

 Deciding that he's got enough distance, he shoots a light behind him.
 What appeared was a triangular pyramidal gate.

''A slight slackness--''

 With a creak, the gate of the world opened.
 On the other side of the divine light that leaked out from the back, the landscape on the ground was reflected.

The slightest slackening of temperament can lead to despair. You've gotten too carried away, foreign to the world. From here, just leave and the world will begin to spin as usual again. Yes, solemnly, solemnly.

 <When he lightly pointed the at it, the boundary gate that had been slammed open was closed.


 I loosely descend to the surface of the ground and keep the gate of the world in sight.
 As I walked towards Eques, he slammed his hand on the gate as if to open the door.


 The gears in his palm turn and draw a magic circle.

'Open! Order rules, O gate. Turn, fate, turn!

 The gates will not open.

"Turn around, turn around, world.

 Turning the veltex femblem bound to his body, he said, as if pleading with all the gears to mobilize all the gears, "Turn.


 With a creaking sound, the gate of the world begins to open.
 Grinning, Eques laughed and the moment he stepped out, the gate was enveloped in black flames and turned to ashes.

 For a moment, his movements had stopped completely.

'How do you feel in the mood for despair, Eques?

 From Eques' back, he gently grabbed his shoulder.

'The unreasonableness imposed on my men was not like this, you know.

 As it was, he grabbed Eques unceremoniously and threw him away as hard as he could.
 He plunged headfirst into the pile of Beltexfenbrem's wreckage, scattering pieces of gears into the pile.

'That's your grave,'

 He kicks the ground and pursues Eques.

'No -- no.'

 A voice mixed with noise rang out.
 A huge magic circle had been constructed in the wreckage of the Beltexfenbrem.

''--I didn't want to distort the order, but it couldn't be helped!

 <The fragments and remnants of the were being reconstructed by Eques' magic circle.
 It turned into a long, huge sword powered by a gear and with the wheel as its blade.

''Do you understand? You have turned a cog of fate unsuited for combat into a weapon. You have only destroyed the gears that have been spinning in the past.

 <The Wheel of Destiny spins and the Wheel of Despair turns.

''Wheeled sword, Beltexfenbrem!

 As I pressed up against him, the wheeled sword swung sideways into my body.

 If I catch it with my left arm, blood gushes out vigorously and the wheel scrapes bone.

'The wheel of fate turns, and despair slices through thee. This is the will the world has shown you, O foolish foreigner!

 He said it like he was convinced we were going to win.
 I went ahead and did it without question.

"Conqueror of Nirvana, Seven Steps to Nirvana.

 The moment the magic goes into effect, the evil magic power swirls around my entire body.
 The wheeled sword shattered and turned into black ashes.

It's not a good idea to have a good time. ...of the world to turn the fate of the world into a sword and still to ashes. ..........

 I headed to Eques and stepped out.

 The first step--.

If it weren't for fate, 2,000 years ago, me and Rey wouldn't be in a winnerless fight to the death.

 <With the magic of flight, I flew.
 With that momentum, if you stroke the gear of destiny buried in Eques' god body with your fingertips, it easily shatters into pieces.

It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what to do.

 Second step--

If there was no order, Eleonor would not have cared for my child, born to fight, many times.

 <If you swing your fingertips down with the Growth (Kurst), the area you touched will show an outrageous rapid growth and corrosion.
 The body of Eques cracked as if it was cut in half and one of the cogs of fate shattered.

''.........the world.......is rotten, an extraordinary growth--?

 Third step--

If it weren't for the cogs, Singh and Reno wouldn't be crying in death's farewell.

 The Eques, which was divided into two parts, was bound into one by the  The chain of magical power constrained the will of the world, and the that tried to turn was shattered into pieces.

"....don't move........hold the world in place with chains........

 The fourth step--

If it weren't for a foolish god, Mass would not have become a false demon king and betrayed his own beliefs.

 I put my hand to his ear and let out a musical performance (Sinial).
 The sound of annihilation shook Eques' whole body, and one of the shattered.

''........stupid.......na......just the sound......I.........''

 The fifth step--

If it weren't for the will of the world, Arcana would be a normal girl.

 <With the magic of the Unlock (Di), the chest of Eques is forcibly pried open.
 <A cog in the wheel of fate shatters, revealing the old wooden wheel that is connected to it.

''........What.......why is it opening.......? Why is it open of its own accord? No, no, no ... that's just ... that's just ... that's just ... 

 Six steps--

If there were no despair, Sasha would not be crying over the punishment of destruction, and Misha would be able to gaze upon a kinder world.

 <The magic of is unleashed on the old wooden wheel.
 While flaring up in a shimmering red flame, Eques melted into a sludge with the heat of its destruction.

".........my.......power.......melts......the fate of the world burns........

 The seventh step--

If it weren't for you, no one would be forced to do this unreasonable thing.

 I try to step on the only remaining gear skull on the ground, but I stop myself.

 As expected, the Demon King's Garden is at its limit.
 <I disarmed the Nirvana Seven Steps Conquest of Nirvana (Gili Eliam Naviem) and quietly got to my feet.

 <The fire of the Flame of Fire (Grega) has turned, and the Cogs of Fate, which had turned into wreckage around them, have collectively melted away completely.
 Eques looked up at me with his empty god's eyes as if he was scared.

''Plead for your life. If you have no circumstances to bring tears to my eyes, repent of your sins. Choose your words, and I'll make it end better.

Do you understand...? If a foreigner a foreigner of the world should destroy me the world you are charged with defending will be destroyed. ...

 Gulping, he stomped down on the remaining skull.

'A zero.'