479-Epilogue Dawn of the World


 Sasha's voice echoed from the sky.
 Looking up, moonlight descended from the "Moon of Creation", Artiel Tonoa.

 There were three human figures in the moonlight.
 Misha, Sasha and Ray.

"The gods can't sustain us anymore...! Now that Eques has been destroyed, it's only a matter of time before the order is gone and it will fall apart! We've got to do something about it soon!

Take your time. He's barely alive.

 I lifted my foot and there was the remains of a shattered gear.

'Where is it?'

"Look more closely into the abyss.

 Sasha turned her demon eyes to the source of the wreckage.
 Then, something like a faint moan could be heard.

It's what they call "the bug breath.

You mean you can fix it?

It's too late. I've had a taste of my own demonic magic. It's only a matter of time.

I knew it!

 Sasha raised her voice as if to ask what the exchange was about.

'The ground has been affected as well. The land that was split in four has completely separated. It will collapse in a few minutes.''

 Misha says.

'Which means we still have time. <What about Ra Sensiya?

The magic wire is connected somehow.

 Ray answered, and Sasha raised her voice to hurry.

'What are we going to do?'

There is only one way to stop this dying world. <With the lunar eclipse of Genso, we will create this world anew.


 Sasha turns to Misha.

'....Can you do that?

The eclipse of the moon is essentially the final creation that can be used to destroy me. The reason I was able to create the Demon King's Garden with that light was because the Solar Eclipse of Doomsday already existed.

 Nonchalantly, Misha explained.

In other words, the Lunar Eclipse of Creation is a power that can only be used by the Creator God when he releases his counterpart, the power of destruction. Militia, who only possesses the order of creation, was originally only able to use it at the moment of destruction.

 The closer the end comes, the more the moon of creation's magic increases.
 At the moment of its destruction, the moon will release the same kind of power as the Sun of Ruin.

 Originally, the God of Creation and the God of Destruction were two sides of the same coin.
 At the time of their destruction, the boundary between them will disappear.

''So then...?

 I nodded at Sasha's question.

"Now that you and your sisters can exist at the same time, you can use the Moon Eclipse of Genzo without destroying Misha. We just need to destroy and create more.

It's not enough.

"Misha is right, with all the destruction and creation, we could have the Moon Erosion of Creation. But we won't be able to obtain the enormous amount of magic that will accompany the Creator's demise.

 We can create a sturdy Demon King's Garden, but it's not a place where people can live.

Then why don't we use the Demon King's Army (Guys) to provide Anos with magical power?

"Ordinary magic is nothing new, but that just tilts us toward extinction. <The Moon Erosion of Source Creation is a power that can only be achieved when the Creator and the Destroyer, and their order are aligned. If we borrow magic from another source, it will likely fail. All the more so if they have more magic than they can handle.

 Sasha put a hand to her head as if she were thinking.

''But even if I added my power to Misha's current strength, she wouldn't be able to create enough to recreate this ruined world, would she?

 Misha blinks with a snap.

'More material?'

...I see. <If it is Ra Sensiya.

 He was relieved to hear Ray say.

 In the depths of the earth, the Souls of Love (Ra Sensiya) also became a pillar to support the canopy.
 If he could recreate the magical power of his thoughts with the power of the Creator God, he could resist the order of the subterranean destruction.

 Then it would be more than enough material to rebuild the world.
 <It will become the earth, the sky, the forest and the mountains, and a new order.

 The rest is a matter of scale.

The world is about to lose its order, and the earth and the sky are divided into four parts. Because of the scarcity of magic power remaining in the world that is about to end, even the Lunar Eclipse of Source Creation cannot recreate it. In other words, the world's magic power should be increased. Even if the world's order is to be destroyed as it is, love and kindness will overturn it.

 Ray nodded.

'I'll tell everyone right away. All over the world.

 <In his leaks, he speaks to the world.

"Misha," he says to the world. "Misha," he says, "and while you're at it, add this one to your inventory.

 I use my magic to float the remnants of the crushed gears.

...a foreign object...?

Oh. You're still talking. I'm afraid your last plea for your life is going to be your last. Just as well. At the very least, I'll let you choose which one you want to be reborn in.


If the world is to be recreated, it stands to reason that the cogs in it must also be reincarnated.

 I use the magic of Ibis to shape the completely melted cogs of fate.

 A river flows on the surface of the ice, and there are many watermill houses built there.
 On a hill a short distance away from the river, numerous windmills were built.

'Now, Eques, which one do you prefer?'

 I touched the wreckage of the gears and shared my vision with him.


"Ha ha. You are a dullard. Your gears have the power to spin your destiny. Mainly of despair. By it, God was ruled, order was manipulated, and warfare was constant on earth. But if you can interfere with despair, then you can interfere with despair. If you convert it into a quill, it becomes a power source that spins in response to despair. The stronger the despair becomes, the more it will be able to turn the wheel of hope against it.

 Eques exclaimed and let out a gasp.

'If the water of despair flows in the river, the waterwheel can catch it and turn it and turn it into power. If the wind of despair blows on a hill, the windmill can receive it and turn it into power. A force to be reckoned with in the face of despair.

'You don't think ... that I ... can twist the will of the world and turn it into hope. ..........?

'The will of the world? What are you talking about?

 I grab the wreckage and draw a magic circle.

You are just a cog in the wheel. "You are just a cogwheel. You can also use it as a kamado as well. Turn the waterwheel, turn the wheat of love and kindness into flour, and bake the bread of hope.

"....don't... stop... don't... impose... your hopes on me... on this world...

What, it's fast becoming a habit. 'It's wonderful, peace. An idyllic water mill or windmill, full of love and kindness. <It's much better for people than the wheel of fate. From now on you will be surrounded by many smiles.

"....to destroy ....a foreign substance ...

That's your style, right? Don't destroy them immediately, but let them slowly move towards their destruction. Don't worry, I'll set you free if you turn your hopes around as much as you've turned your despair so far.

 I ask.

"Well, do you want a water mill or a windmill?

"....destroy it...


 Smiling, I look at the wreckage in my hands.

'If you have something to say, say it out loud.

 After a few seconds of humiliating silence, Eques said.

 I silently looked at him and put my magic in his hand.


Have you ever heard of a man's prayer?

 <Using the magic of Ibis, he turned the wreckage of Eques into a water mill.

"Don't talk nonsense. Work like a waterwheel.

 Staring at the Eques waterwheel, Misha nods her head.

'Can I have the waterwheel?'

Well, we'll need a windmill. I need a windmill. It won't hurt to have something else. There's plenty of gears to go around. With my creative magic, I can only change its appearance, but you can turn it into a windmill of destiny, useful to the world.

 With a chuckle Misha nodded.

'We create things,'

But aren't these gears made of fire dew?

 Sasha ponders the question.

'Don't worry. We'll get rid of it.'

I'll set you free.

 Misha said and reached out to Sasha.
 They gently clasped their hands together.

 Misha's God's eye is an artillery tonneau and Sasha's God's eye is a surgeeldnave, and the moon and the sun gazed at each other.

 <The and the floating in the sky of the overlap with each other.

 The moon is chipping away every second.
 Soon, the total lunar eclipse of Artyrtnore occurred.

 <The lunar eclipse of Genso's Moon gently illuminated the Demon King's Garden, emitting a red and silver light.

The three-sided world of the Sosei Celestial Sphere

 The world of ice is disappearing.
 The surface of the earth, mountains, forests, and cities disappeared, and finally, the lunar eclipse of Genso, which was floating in the sky, also disappeared.

 The sky was tinted pure white, with no indication of direction.
 It is unclear whether it is standing or floating in this mysterious world, and the white color continues to be endlessly white.

"What is this...?

 Misha nodded in response to Sasha's question.

"Inside the Eclipsed Moon of Creation. <The Genesis Celestial Sphere offers a bird's-eye view of the world.

 The white world that was under my feet melted away.
 Like snow, gentle and soft.

 Then, soon, below me, I could see the earth that was falling apart into four pieces, and the divine world that was on the verge of collapse.

 <The lunar eclipse of Source Creation is now rising in both the God Realm and the sky on earth.
 We are looking down on both of them from within the sky.


 Misha said.

'What kind of world would you like to live in?'

 I thought for a second, but then I thought better of it.

"You're in charge.

 Misha blinked and rolled her god's eyes.

'The world you wish for is exactly what you deserve.

 She scowled happily and nodded her head in agreement.

 Seven hundred million years of regretting that the world was not kind. The girl of the Creator God, who has been thinking about this world more than anyone else, will create a world that is kinder and more hopeful than ever before.

 I don't need to say anything about it now.

''- Yeah, but yes. If you want to be extravagant.

 Misha nods her head.

'A delightful playground would be nice.'

You're crazy...

 Sasha blurted out while holding hands with Misha.
 A dumbfounded stare pierced me.

'I'll do my best,'

 The red and silver light illuminates the world.

 The divine world and the earth are gently dyed with beautiful light.

'Anos, to all of you.'

 Ray said and raised the pure white holy sword.
 I also draw the technique of to connect to his magic line.

 In my hand, a pure white holy sword appeared, just like Ray's.

 I open my mouth loosely.

"Do you hear that? People of the world.

 <If you look down on the ground from the Celestial Sphere, many of you are listening to me.

"My name is Anos Voldigord, the Demon King. The self-proclaimed cogwheel god Eques has fallen into my hands.

 Instantly, a torrential downpour of earsplitting voices returned through the magic lines of the .

 There were shouts of victory, shouts of joy, shouts of relief, various emotions mixed in, and some even wept. Even though the world is in the midst of destruction, everyone is raising their hands with all their might and laughing.

 I continued.

"He has ruled this world for so long. <He has ruled this world for so long, spinning the wheel of destiny, governing order, forcing us to fight and despair. The world's laws were bent on destruction. Not all of it. But many irrational things have been his doing. In this battle and in the war two thousand years ago, many conflicts were caused by a cog in the wheel of order.

 Those without power would not have been able to even notice it.

 It has been cleverly hidden, deceiving Militia, Dilfred, my father Ceris, and even my magical eye.
 The azure of the gods. In the depths of that abyss, I finally found a flaw in the world.

 Peace crumbles at the slightest provocation.
 And the cogs in the wheel, unnoticed, have broken the slightest bit of alignment, swallowing the world in a state of war.

But the people of this world have not been defeated by despair. There was indeed a light of hope in the earth as the gears turned and were being torn apart by the wheels of despair. And that, too, in myriad ways.

 The broken world was illuminated by the red and silver light and filled with silence.

'The heroic council of Azation. And the brave men of the Brave Academy.

 I could see Ledriano and the others in Midhayes and Emilia and the others in Gailladite looking at the sky.

'Well done for your decision to stand up to the Eques. Without your courage, we would not have been able to rescue the Mid-Hays in time. It is an unspeakable feeling that Azation, who two thousand years ago had no choice but to fight, has recognized the demon race, Emilia, as truly a member of the heroic council and stood up for our country, Dirheid. Let me show you my heartfelt gratitude.

It is we who should be thanking you, Demon King Anos.

 Ledriano says.

'It's a good thing we're halfway there, because we've been able to do something heroic.

 So Lao follows and Heine opens his mouth.

'I mean, you just worked a little harder and got a better part of it.

 It must be their own way of hiding their embarrassment.
 Their expressions are proud.

''I'd like to have fun with the intercollegiate examinations again.

 Haha," said Ledriano and the others, smiling dryly.

'We won't do that,'


 She reacted as she looked out the window in the round table chamber and knelt down to follow the manners of Dillhade.

 'It's my job,' I said with a sullen look on my face as if to say.

'I'm proud of you.'

 Her shoulders trembled slightly.

She said, "I will never forget the blood covenant engraved on the Round Table floor for the rest of my life. You have achieved what no one else can do but you. It was a good cause.

"...it would be an honour...

 Emilia replies in a stiff tone, perhaps because the whole world can hear her.

 Her face, which should have been ceremonial, yet a single tear ran down her face.
 She herself seemed surprised by it.

'Reno, mother of Ahartheln. And the many and innumerable spirits that have arisen from rumor and lore.

 Singh in Midhayes was already kneeling, and Reno was waving to the sky beside him.
 Behind him, he could see many spirits and then the figure of Mass.

I'm sorry to send the people of Ahartheln, who do not like to fight, off to war. I'm sorry to send the people of Ahartheln, who do not like to fight, into battle. Thank you.

This is the home of my husband and daughter, you know. And spirits are born of rumor and lore, so if the whole world tells me there's a crisis, I'm always ready to run to them.

 Reno laughs, radiantly.



 As he knelt, Singh spoke up briefly.

'I protected you well. I often pushed Ray's back. Your loyalty has always saved me.

These are too good to be true, my dear.

 Singh said, hanging his head and sounding impressed.

''Diedrich, Queen Nafta, the Sword Emperor of Agaha. And the elite of the Agaha Dragon Knights.''

 The knights who watch the in Mid-Haze bring their swords to the center of their chests and perform an Agaha-style salute.

Without the Dragon Knights of Agaha, the skies of Midheids would be ruled by darkness. Your swords have paved the way for the future of Dillhade.

'No, Demon King Anos. This is the future you showed Nafta. The nation that was saved that day was inevitable to reach this ideal today.

 Nafta laughs.

'I'm sure,'

 Add those fuzzy words at the end.

"Demon King. Let's drink together again like the other day.

 Diedrich says.

'With a song from the Demon King's Choir as a snack.

 He laughed loudly.

"I can't get over that one.

'Pope Gorloana of Zioldar. And the congregation of the Geordal Order.

 They knelt down, folding their hands as if in prayer.

'It is only because you, who believe in God, have declared Eques to be a fake that the fears of the underground dragonmen have disappeared. Not a few of them could have fought without hesitation even on earth. To your gods and your faith, I salute you from the bottom of my heart.

 Gorloana looked up loosely and looked up at the moon with her unclouded eyes.

'Demon King Anos. I know you will never believe in God. But behind those words, I saw a revelation. From time to time, God uses the mouths of men to communicate his will to us. Perhaps your occasional words contain the true will of God.

Ha-ha-ha. Ha ha. Don't make fun of me. Nothing so fancy.

If you say so, then I must still be very much in doubt.

 Gorloana smiled and closed her eyes as she prayed again.

'My sister Arcana, the apostate god of Gadaishiora. And all the forbidden soldiers who fought with you.

 She must have just regained consciousness.
 While lying on her back on the earth, Arcana was absentmindedly turning her gaze towards the .

 Around her were the forbidden soldiers of Gadeisiola.

You have returned well to the crisis of our nation's Dirhade. You have done well to come to our country's dilemma. If you guys hadn't arrived in time, we wouldn't have been able to use the Leaks and the thoughts of the people of the world would have remained divided.

Will I be of any use to you...?

That was an excellent fight in the name of my sister.

 Hearing this, Arcana smiles.

'You must be happy, I am.

'The four evil royal families. Eldmead, Yegeth, Caihiram, and Girisilis.

 In the grounds of the Demon King's Academy, they were looking up at the sky in thought.

''Although the warp often doesn't match up, I knew you would come running to me in the crisis of Dirhade. You have done well to defeat Eques' plans. My heartfelt thanks to my comrades in arms for the last two thousand years.

I don't owe you a thank-you.

 The open-mouthed Girisilis is immediately turned into a dog by the Fierce Death King and wags his tail.
 The guy who woofed and barked seemed quite pleased with himself.

''Now, now, no need to thank me, but let me ask you one thing instead.

 Placing his hands on his staff, Erdmeade asks.

'Did you think the words of detention would move this cutthroat king? Or did you have another option?

What? I believe in the depths of your patriotism.

 After a moment's blank look, grinned, and Eldmead laughed with amusement.

'No, no, I see. So that's what I thought. I didn't know that I had this kind of patriotism inside me, I didn't know it at all.

I suggest you keep your monkey act to yourself in front of the world.

 Iges says.

'It's the same as before, it just happens. It's just a matter of coincidence, that's all.

Just protecting my home.

 Caihiram and Iggess lined up and gave them their typical smiles in return.


 In the azure of the gods, I said to her as she watched the lunar eclipse with Zecia in a daze.

I'm sure that if it weren't for you, there would be no contact between the gods and the earth. You have done a great job of connecting our lifelines, and you have done a great job of keeping it together by cutting down on it.

 Eleonor beeped and held up her index finger.
 Giggling, she said.

'Just as the Demon King says, my dear.

 Then, Zecia stares at the sky.

''.........Zesia.......do you have any......compliments......?''

'You have defended your mother well. You and your sisters on earth fought bravely and with a bond. We were all in a good cause.

 Zesia's cheeks loosened in happiness and she knelt down to stand tall.
 Her sisters on the ground had also gathered something and were kneeling to show their joy.

''The Demon King Choir.''

 The girls are kneeling on a stage built near Geiradite.

'Ellen. "Ellen. Jessica. Maia. Nono. Shea. Himka. Casa. Shelia.

 Each one of the girls' bodies trembled every time they called their names.

'Your song shattered the cogs of order embedded in Misha and Sasha. Again, it was a wonderful song that touched my heart even more.

""Thank you for the happiness, Lord Anos."

 In unison, the girls said in unison.

'And most of all,'

 With great gratitude, I speak to him.

'All of you who live in this world. Even though each of you is not strong enough to shake off your despair, you joined hands, piled up your hearts, and stood up to the great inexcusable. You who have vanquished the light of annihilation with the power of your thoughts are the hope of the world - not Eques who play with fate, but each one of you is the will of this world.

 People all over the world were looking up at the red-silver moon eclipse.
 They all had proud, kind, loving faces.

'The final touch. <The lunar eclipse of Source Creation will create a new world. <There is no more need for the Wheel of Fate. No more despair and unreasonableness. The next world will be reborn with the love and kindness of all the people who live here, and it will begin to turn with hope. The world will be freed from the control of Eques, and each and every one of you will shape it.

 I heard the earth shake.
 It was gentle, warm and far-reaching - it was the embryo of the world.

'Come on, sing. It's the dawn of a new world.

 The music begins to play.
 With a gentle voice, a pure white light rises up from all over the world.

 As if to connect the land divided into four parts, it crosses many bridges and embraces the world.

 The red and silver light shone in gently.
 The moonlight of Artilian Tonoa mingles with the "Love of All Souls," and everything is reborn with love and tenderness.

 The myriad of flames and dew that had been reclaimed began to shine like fireflies.
 <The white light of Ra's Sensia gently envelops the fire and dew.

 They created a new order.

 The first life was the Four Tree Gods.
 Wenzel, the god of birth; Dilfred, the god of deepening; Anahem, the god of demise; and Gietenalos, the god of transmutation.

 Surrounded by a dazzling light, they and countless other gods were reborn one after another as they returned to the new divine world.

This time into a gentler world.

 Misha said.

'More smiles this time,'

 Sasha said.

 Me and Ray exchanged glances and smiled, overlapping the pure white sword in each other's hands.
 <The light of the Super Love of the Souls (Ra Sensiya) blinked louder and louder, and everything was reborn in the light of creation.

 This world will be reborn.

 I saw the green earth and the blue ocean.
 The sun was rising like the dawn.

 I heard a song.
 The song of the world (me), showing peace.

 -- love is stronger than hate.

 --I put my hope in the future, that we would understand each other.

 --I took the sword to protect it. The hand that was getting stained with blood held the life in its hands--

 --We've been beaten down by a world that isn't so clean.

 -- I wish and I wish, but the sadness just grows.

 --I'm sure the thought of 2,000 years will change the world.

 --Yes, I believed--

 --I waited 2,000 years. I waited 2,000 years for you to laugh at me.

 --I waited 2,000 years. I waited 2,000 years for you to hold my hand... 

 --It's almost dawn.

 -from a lonely sleep, the Demon King wakes up.

 --Please, please, please, I only wish for one thing--

 --Let me see that dazzling sunrise...

 --Please, please, please, I only wish for one thing--

 --May the world be filled with love.