217-First experience

 The day after that...
 On the blackboard in the main auditorium, Erdmeade was drawing an intricate magic circle.

'Hey, Ray. How did your talk with Dean Zamira end up?

 Sasha whispered to Ray, who was sleepy in the front seat.

''She said she's going to make reasonable preparations to welcome the brave canon.

You're welcome. Are you getting picked up today?

That's what he said.

 Eldmaed turns to me.

I'm sure you'll be able to see the power of the dragon as you saw it firsthand yesterday. You can run away from them, but when it comes to defeating them, you lack an effective means of attack. I'm sure you'll be able to find a good deal more than you'd like. Even more so for the students of the Brave Academy.

 The magic circle is drawn up, and with a ding he puts his wand on.

'Then what do we do, Miss Emilia?'


 Emilia stammered as the question was suddenly waved at her.

''What's the brave man's signature magic? By what means did a brave man of inferior strength and magic fight against our demons?

'Yes, yes, that's right! Warding magic! And this magic formula is one of the ways for humans to fight against dragons, and it is the Dragon Binding Warding Magic that the brave men used 2,000 years ago when they defeated the dragons, De Gerias!

 The students of the Brave Academy wondered how the Cutthroat Death King, a demon race, knew the magic formula of the heroes.

You'll be able to see that you're not the only one. It's just that the demon king stole it with his evil eye.

 He said absentmindedly, and Eldmeade turned to his students.

'Let's see a sample first, shall we?

 With the tip of his wand, Eldermade points to Ray.

'Brave Canon, and Mass. Come up to the pulpit.

 Ray and Mass get up and go up to the podium.
 Eldmead draws a magic circle on the floor.

 Then a green flame erupted from it.

''This green flame is an imitation of the wavelength of the dragon's magical power. <It's a test of the effect of the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias). To put it simply, the weaker the flame, the more effective the boundary is.

 Eldmead turned to Ray.

''Then you two can use the
''Oh, um, I feel like Ray-san should be alone...''

 Mass raises her hand lightly, as if out of place.
 Eldmead looked at her and laughed cackling.

The first time I saw it, I was in the middle of the night. It can't be used by one person.

'Oh, uh... that's what it was...'

 Ray smiles and reaches out his hand to Misa.

 Mass touched Ray's hand a little bit.
 Then the light of the gathers in Ray's whole body.

 The students of the Brave Academy began to buzz.

Oh, hey. Is that...........?

"Seriously..........the Sacred Love Zone (Theo Ask)....... Isn't that the great magic of legend...?

''........It's not surprising, right? He's a real hero........

You see, that's what I mean. Are they f*cking banging each other?

'In the first place, no matter how much magic we have, it's not something we're associated with...'

Shit. He's going to show us...

 It is the secret hand of a brave man that superimposes their love into one and converts it into an immense amount of magical power.
 <In the face of the magic of the Sacred Love Area (Theo Ask), they showed a somewhat different loneliness than usual.

''With that level of magic power...''

 Singh muttered in a whisper.

'Dr. Shin, what is it?'

No, it's nothing.

 'Cuckoo,' laughed Erdmade.

'Warding magic isn't really my forte, though.

 While saying that, Ray drew a magic circle in front of him.

 The magic threads that emerged split into countless numbers and surrounded the flames to bind them.

'Kaka, as expected of a brave canon. To extinguish the flames completely, isn't it wonderful! I've fought that demon king so many times and survived!

 'Soo,' said Ray, pointing to the magic circle drawn on the blackboard.

'I guess that's why. The magic formula is much improved and more efficient than the one used by the humans.

'Yeah. ''Oh, yes, I remember you saying that the original was inefficient in its original state. The Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias) has been improved by the Demon King, making it easier and more powerful than what humans used to use in the past. But it's no surprise to me. That's what it means to show magic to Anos Voldigord.

 It's a good idea to have a good time.

As I'm sure you people with good eyesight have noticed, the Dragon Binding Warding System binds the dragon with sound. The more this magic thread wraps around the body of the dragon, the louder the sound is emitted as the dragon rages, sealing off its magical power.

 Eldmead looked at Emilia.

'Do you know what that means, Miss Emilia?'

''Exactly. Therefore, a certain amount of dragons can be almost powerless as long as they are trapped in the wards. However, there is a limit. The dragons I saw in the meadow yesterday were all juveniles. At that class, even you guys can afford it. But you have to be careful because you can't completely tie up an old dragon.

 The Cutthroat King points his staff at the blackboard.

 It's a picture of a dragon drawn with magic.
 Unlike the dragon of yesterday, its scales and skin are dark green.

The old dragon's scales and skin change color to dark green. Even the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias) can't bind this thing. I'll have to cut its head off, risking my life.

 Erdmade lifts his lips in amusement.

'Oh, and although they are seldom present, dragons with scales and skin other than green are a rare species. They're called different dragons, but if you meet one, there's only one thing you can do about it.

 Erdmeade says, threateningly.

'Get out of the way without a sideways glance.

 He again draws a magic circle on the floor and lights a green flame.

''Now, having shown you a sample, Emilia-sensei. <Let's have you try the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias).


 Emilia looked at Eldmead with a pompous expression.

''Well I'm a demon race, so I can understand the magic formula, but until I use magic...'' ...

'Kakkakka, if the magic of the heroes can only be used by humans, can't the demon king improve it?

Yes, but for me, I'm not...

 Emilia turned her face down.
 Eldmead approached her and turned her face to the side as if to peer at her.

''Emilia-sensei, you were cursed by the Demon King of Tyranny. You have lost your body as an imperial clan and even your magical power has been weakened.''

 A groan escaped from the students.

'Huh? Could it be that Ms. Emilia is the same Ms. Emilia who was our homeroom teacher...? The royalists...?

"...But it's not different at all...? Her face is one thing, but her personality seems a bit different too...?

''........But, well, if that demon lord cursed you, it's not surprising that your body and personality have been warped......''

...Right, yeah...

 The ones who were somewhat convinced were the students of the Demon King Academy.
 On the other hand, the students of the heroic academy didn't say much, yet they were pouring their surprised gazes on Emilia.

''Eh, Erdmead-sensei.......that's not important right now.......!

'Oh come on, you think this Cutthroat King is going to say something in class that doesn't matter?

 He said so sharply, and Emilia shushed him.
 'Grin,' laughed Eldmead.

''Let me explain. The total amount of magic power that the root cause possesses does not change so seldom when one is reincarnated. Nevertheless, the reason why the amount of magic power often changes with reincarnation is due to how well you can use the magic power that flows from your root source, in other words, the efficiency of your body's magic power.

 Eldmead points to Emilia with his wand.

''Emilia-sensei's magic power is getting weaker. But it hasn't decreased. It's just that the body's magic efficiency is extremely poor. Why is it bad? Making the body with poor circulation of magic power is also a handful. If that's the case, how can we quickly and easily make the magical power efficiency of the demon race worse?

What to do, it's not... and it's still related to the class...

 I was about to say, and then Emilia huffed.

That's right. That's right. Most demons don't use human magic. Hence, it's as if their magic power is reduced. Emilia-sensei is a demon, but her body is suitable for the magic of a brave person. <She could use both the Sanctuary (Ask) and the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias).

 With an expression of skepticism, Emilia looks at her hands.

''Do you understand the magic formula of the
"...it is, yes. If I don't know, I can't tell you...

'Kakka-kka! It is a teacher's masterpiece to be studying a magic formula he thought he couldn't use!

 Eldmead turned to the students of the heroic academy.

''Come on, let's start the lesson of . The people of Gailladite won't cooperate with you in your sanctuary. We'll just have to make do with our own. No, don't worry. We have just the right number of people with the right mindset. If it's done right, it'll be even more effective than the one you guys were using before, the USSC.

 With his wand, Eldmead points to his students.

It's a good idea. "I'm not going to let you go.

 Emilia draws a magic circle in the  But it doesn't seem to be working.

"As I thought........

No, that's fine. That's fine. Continue. The magic of bravery, it doesn't twist you down, it embraces you. Forget the magic of the past and let your body take its roots. That's what your body was made for.

 Emilia closes her eyes and sends her magic power into the magic circle once more.

 Surrender the root source to its body - whether Eldmead's advice had an effect, particles of light gradually begin to rise up.

 <The magic circle of the had been activated.
 Although terribly weak, the thoughts of the students of the heroic academy were converted into magical power, and a faint light covered Emilia's body.

''Success. Using the just by saying it, you must be quite talented, hmm?''

 Eldmead grinned and pointed at the green flames with his staff.

''Now, with the magic power of that
 Emilia nodded with a serious face.

''I'll try........''

 She held out her hand and drew the magic circle of the .
 Deeper and deeper, her magic eye peered into the depths of the , and her magic power increased slightly again.

 That's why she was able to touch the thoughts that were gathered in the sanctuary.

 -- I mean, Emilia, if you don't say anything, you have a pretty face, right? It's just a face--

 --Really? I like the angry side of your face. You've got a face that makes me want to tease him.

 --Both of them are under the spell of the Sanctuary (Ask), so they can look into your heart.
   But if you thought she had a baby face, she's a reincarnation--

Mr. Lao! Mr. Heine! Mr. Ledriano! What are you thinking about in class?

 The moment Emilia's angry voice flew, the magic circle drawn in the quickly dissipated.


 Emilia's expression of "shame" appeared on her face.
 The first time ended up being a dare and a failure.