216-Mystery of the royal palace

Is it true that you'd be better off down here?

 Sasha has a quizzical look on her face.

''I have a feeling you're up to something...''


 I turn my gaze to Misha.

'What do you think, Misha?'

'..........The gods race is blind to emotions. The same was true of Eugo La Ravias, Nausgaria, and Nutella de Hiana...

 In most cases, God just follows order. God operates with order, just as people operate with emotion.

But Arcana is a little different.

Okay. Did you see something?

 Misha turned over and stared thoughtfully, as if peering into the abyss of what she could see from Arcana.

'.........a dry craving.......'

 With a sad look on her face, Misha said.

'It's like wandering forever in a waterless desert.

 Saint Gazelle is a dragonman from the divine dragon country of Geordar. According to the stone inscriptions, this subterranean world is divided into countries according to religion. Cardinal Ahide and Gazelle are residents of the same country and believe in the same teachings.

 The congregation of the same school of believers, the god of their summons and selection, was offered by Ahide as an offering.
 This was not necessarily due to Arcana's true intentions.

 She tried to hold together the life of a gazelle who was about to commit suicide by putting him in a state of suspended animation. She reincarnated him after he died.

 If Arcana was true, if she tried to save Gazelle with her kindness, then I've never met such a god except for Militia.

'Hmm. I'm also worried about the dragon coming out of the ground. So much for today, let's go home once.

 I extend my hand to Sasha and Misha.
 As soon as they took my hand in theirs, I used my Gatom magic.

 My vision went blank, and the next thing that appeared in front of me was the umbrella of the earth in the sky of this underground world - the canopy.

''Huh? You didn't make it back to the surface?

It's probably because the canopy is covered with the dragon realm. The magical environment is a bit poor for connecting the underground world and the terrestrial world with Gatom. It would be possible to do that, but it would take time. It would be faster to fly back.

 After explaining this to Sasha, we flew directly into the hole in the canopy.

 The depths of the earth began to recede and we pushed forward into the heavens.
 After a while, the hole was blocked by an earthen wall.

 The canopy around here is filled with magical power. Therefore, even if they made a hole, it would be blocked immediately.
 I held out my hand and used the magic of the to split the earth, but turned back the way I had come from.

 Eventually, I saw the light and the sky in front of me.

 I returned to Anosh again with the magic of and went out of there with Sasha and Misha.

 There is a single cedar right there.
 When I looked, I saw that many students were there.

'Kakkakka, as I said, you're back.

 I came out of the hole, and Eldmaed came to me.

'Hmm. Did I keep you waiting?

No, no, no. This is a good time, Anos Porticolo. Behold, the last of the chase is about to end. Right now, the last one is about to finish the chase!

 Eldmead pointed with his staff.
 Then, there was a student from the Demon King's Academy wearing a collar, running as fast as he could while being chased by a dragon.
 He is an imperialist Ramon.


 He is running with a desperate look on his face.
 The sand in the Cutthroat Hourglass of Death for Ramon seems to have long since fallen off, and the only way for him to survive is to reach the single cedar at the earliest.

 Considering the timing and speed of the dragon and Ramon, he was just barely able to arrive first.
 But in the next moment, the ground exploded and another dragon appeared from the earth and blew Ramon away.

 He flew through the air with the force of a ball and came straight towards us, hitting a single cedar.

 The tree shook violently, and leaves fluttered down from the tree with a flutter.
 His eyes had lost their light.

'How could you die and still achieve your goal? Your determination is brilliant. That's the way demons should be.

 Eldmead points his staff at Ramon.
 <His wounds were quickly healed by the magic of the Resurrection (Ingal) and he was revived.

"You all pass. "You all passed." "Excellent, excellent, isn't it? This is even better than the Cutthroat King imagined! With this kind of momentum, we might be able to defeat the dragon sooner than we thought. I'm looking forward to showing the incompetent people of the royal palace what they can see. Ka Ka Ka Ka!

 Perhaps they couldn't stomach the order to defeat the dragon from the royal palace, but at Eldmead's words, not only the students of the Demon King Academy, but also the students of the Brave Academy had somewhat motivated expressions on their faces.

''Then, today's class is done here. It's time to dismiss. You can rest, review and prepare for tomorrow. If you have any questions, I'm open to them.

 As he said this, the students began to gather sparsely at Eldmead's side.
 Looking at the grasslands, they could see Singh easily dropping the head of the dragon that had jumped out to the ground.

''Oh, hey ... anosh ...''

 I call out to him, and Ramon comes to me.

"What's up?

I received a message from Mr. Zelseus saying he couldn't reach you.

Yeah, I was just going deep into the ground.

 That's why.
 Without a magic wire, the telepathic communication cannot be delivered.

What do you want?

The guy who gave the dragon to the royalists says he's been contacted again. But this time he's using a demon.


'For what it's worth, they said they had a good way to save Midhays from the Demon King's rule. Zelseus-sama is pretending to be on board for now, but he hasn't given us the details yet.

 I'm sure you're up to some nasty business.

I'm sure you haven't seen his face.


Was this the ringstone?

 I show Ramon the selection pact pearl I got at Averast Anzeta.

''Ahhhhh, I'm sure this is it. It seemed to shine a bit more, but it was a gem like this.

 Because I haven't made a pact with God, there's no fire lit in this pact pearl.
 However, there is no doubt about it.

 If that is the case, then it is highly likely that the one who handed over the dragon to the imperialists is the Eight God Selector.
 Is it Ahide or someone else?

Did he say anything else?

'Not particularly... oh, well, Zelseas-sama said that the messenger was a falcon.

 Demons like to use owls and humans like to use falcons as their messengers.
 However, that does not mean that a skilled magician cannot use other messengers.

It's not uncommon for that to be the case, but what is it?

...Oh no, I don't know yet. I've been told that I don't understand. Apparently, he saw that falcon in the palace of the Gaillardites...

 After the war with Azation, Zelseas, along with Elio and Melhayes, visited Gailladite many times to negotiate with the humans.

 I'm sure he has been in and out of the royal palace.

It's a good thing that you can't tell a falcon from a falcon. I'm thinking it's just Zelseus' imagination.

Hmm. Thank you for your help. And tell them to call me if they hear anything else.


 Ramon looked relieved and left.
 It's quite an obedient thing to do. The collar appears to be working.

'Hey. Didn't he say something that sounded bad...?

 Sasha is holding her head and has a look on her face that says it's going to be a messy one.

''The human royal palace and the dragon people are joining hands?

 Misha asked nonchalantly next to me.

'I don't know yet, but I guess we'd better find out. 'Ray,'

 Ray, who was with Misa, turned to me, carrying a fresh smile.

"Let's go to the palace. I hope it's not a bad idea.


 Eleanor, Zecia was called over here and we used the magic of transference (Gatom).

 The place we moved to is Gailladite.
 We're not going to be able to get a hold of you.

We're going to be able to use that or something like that. <If we can sneak in there with Reiner and Nazira, we can investigate a lot of things.

 Eleonor said, and Zesia muttered happily.

''Hide and seek..........''

Well, let's try it.

 <Hiding our appearance and magic with the magic of Illusion Mimicry (Lynel) and Secret Magic (Nazira), we slipped next to the gatekeeper and passed through the main gate.

 After entering the grounds of the palace for a while, I heard a sound and stopped.

''What's going on?''

 Sasha turns around curiously.

'Let's listen.'

 She made an ear-splitting gesture.
 There was a faint, high, unpleasant sound that sounded faint and unpleasant.

''Is this...?''

The dragonfly.

 Misha said.

'It looks like the main building of the royal palace and its basement is the dragon area.

 It's a good thing that you've got a good idea of what you're looking for.
 Even if you try to look inside with your demon eyes, they are blocked by the dragon area.

''What do you mean by that? You mean the dragon's nest is right below the palace...?

Well. I hope that's all it takes.

 The royal palace was reluctant to take down the dragon.
 I thought they were simply incompetent, but quite simply, I didn't think there was a lesser possibility.

''They may be keeping a dragon here.

At the palace? Because it's a human being who's been attacked by a dragon, right? What do you want to do by having your people attacked by a dragon...?

 Sasha sounds surprised.

'It's only a possibility.'

Oh, but we'd better not play hide-and-seek, you know. We won't have a problem if they find us, but if they release a dragon into the city of Azation...

 Eleonor said in a serious tone.
 'If the palace has a dragon, there is no guarantee that it won't get burned if it is cornered.

'But we can't not go inside, can we? If the palace really does have a dragon, we have to find out...

 Nodding at Mass's words, I said.

'There's a way to get in the front door with impunity.'

 He makes eye contact with Rey.
 A brave canon would welcome him from the royal palace, even if he had to bow his head.

''........It seems like this isn't a situation where I can say I don't feel comfortable,''

Let's get out of here.

 <Using the  At the same time, he deactivates .

''Ask Dean Zamira to speak to me.

 Ray nodded.

'Hopefully, you can show me around today.

 As he said it, he walked towards the door.

'Misa. You should come with me. Tell them you're my fiancé and they'll welcome you.

 Mass chuckled and lined up with Ray, looking just a little bit happier.

'Be careful. It's not necessarily about just wanting to welcome the brave canon, either.

 Ray stops and smiles in annoyance.

''Well I hope the humans aren't too stupid.

 They left the main auditorium.