607-Disappearing light

 <The magical circle of the disappeared.

 The image of the past was abruptly cut off, and in Ray and Baltzalondo's magic eye, only Ordov's figure could be seen.

 His magic power is even more lost than before.

 It's a wonder it doesn't perish right now.

"On the day of your accession...

 Ordoff let out a snatched voice as if he was trying to muster the last of his strength.

 I think Ordov knows that there is nothing more that can be done to save him.

 That is why he is about to tell his sons his last words.

"Blessing a beast that has only a craving is the true nature of a hunter and a nobleman who has given up his craving and gained reason to become a man...

 Barzalondo listened to his father's words.

 He focused all his attention there, trying not to miss a single word.

'I believed it was ... the right path ... and I believed it was ... justice ... but ...'

 Gulping, Ordov asks.

'Were we....were we really right...?

 That was the big question he had arrived at after forging ahead on the rainbow path as the Holy King.

 Before arriving here, Bartsalondo would have answered it right without hesitation.

 However, having caught a glimpse of Ordov's past, he felt the weight of what his father was trying to appeal to him at the moment, and he couldn't refuse to do so.

''.........wrong.......is that what you want to say, father.......? There was no justice for us...

 A few seconds of silence passes, and then Ordoff opens his mouth again.

'....I don't know...'

 He should have been almost completely deaf by now, but Balzalondo's voice still reached him. Or was it just a coincidence?

 As if to answer his son's question, his father speaks.

"....I don't understand I searched for the answer I kept searching for the true rainbow path, which must lie somewhere, but in the end I found it...

 Regret is evident in his weak voice.

'I can't.... see that... this... I can't... walk... any more...'

 Ordoff's hand trembles slightly.

''But I can't.........''

 He saw a slight hope behind his eyes.

 That was the only thing holding his life together as he was about to disappear.
 It seemed that way.

''........breath, child.........''

 As if in response to his thoughts, Ray squeezes back his hand.

 The same will be true of a half-hearted, dying warrior's fate, even though the world has changed.

 Even if it is a one-time lie, at least let it pass away in peace.

 It's not a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you want to do, but it's a good idea to have a good idea of what you want to do.

 Ordoff's eyes, which no longer reflect the light, still appeal strongly.

How is it? Rebra ... hald you can still ... walk ... or ... ...?

 An emaciated body.

 Gouged out by a magic bullet, the root cause of which is about to disappear.

 But even so, Ordoff has not yet given up on his dream.

 Instead of hunting the beast, he sought an answer that was more idealistic, not to hunt the beast, but to punish it with the blessing that would turn it back into a man.

 To receive the blessing of the Lord God in his own world, and to walk a path that is truly more righteous than that rainbow path that is right - that faraway dream.

''........How.......? Lebrahard....

 Balzarondo looks down.

''I'm walking....''

 Playing Lebrahard, Ray said.

 'It was only a courtesy to the dying.

'Father, I've noticed,'

 <The light of the Sanctuary (Ask) envelops Ray and Ordoff.

 You can't hear and words won't reach you, but your repeated thoughts will certainly reach you.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what to do.

There were days when I sought justice, trusted my conscience and continued to fight. In the name of justice, I defeated my enemies and judged evil in the name of absolution. I learned in some worlds that this was arrogant behavior.

 Ordov did not say anything.

 But the back of his eyes seemed to give off a slight whiff of energy.

'I was wrong to believe in justice. There were no enemies anywhere. We were only trying to protect each other.

 He says as he reflects on the battle two thousand years ago.

'But I didn't see it then. Nor did I see the right way. But I didn't see the right way, nor did I see that the real enemy was the fear and hatred within us. Following our conscience doesn't give us the future we want. No--

 Shaking his head quietly, Ray reiterated.

'-- sometimes we don't even realize what we really wanted.

 The light from the entered Ordov's body as if his thoughts were flowing into it.

 As if Ray's thoughts were being understood, his expression seemed to soften slightly.

'I think we should question our conscience. If we blindly believe ourselves to be righteous, how much cruelty a person can do.''

 Justice is sometimes uglier than anything else, as was the case with the brave Jelga, and as was the case with the vengeance driven demons.

I think we should keep worrying, thinking, and wondering. As soon as we believe ourselves to be right, we lose our righteousness.

 As a warning to himself, Ray revealed his thoughts.

'Maybe the true rainbow path is something we keep looking for. Maybe the true rainbow path is the one we keep looking for, but it will never be visible to us. We will never find a path that we can believe is righteous, no matter where we look.

 The idea may be terribly difficult to accept in Highforia, where the righteous path appears as a rainbow path.

 Nevertheless, Ray repeated his words, believing that Ordoff, who pursued his dream in that highforia, would understand.

'But if ... if the time comes when I can see the true rainbow path...'

 Ray says, hesitantly.

'I think it's something we can do behind us. We kept getting lost and still walked upright, behind that.

 A dazzling light gathers in Ordoff's hand as Ray holds it.


 Ray says gently.

 'To my real father, as if to tell him.

'Father said that you couldn't see the true rainbow path. That is proof that you have been searching and walking the right path to this day.

 Tears welled up in Ordoff's eyes as he wondered if the thought had indeed reached him.

'I believe. Following in the footsteps of my great father, I continued to walk along this invisible path even though I was lost, and one day, when I look back, there--

 With power, Ray appeals.

"...there is a brilliant and true rainbow path.

 Satisfied, Ordoff smiled.

 Then he said.

 Suddenly, a gentle breeze blew.

 Like the light of life being extinguished, Ordoff's magic power was swept away by the wind.


 Balzalondo shouts as he holds his dying father's consciousness together.

'Still ... father ... still I ...!

 That's when.

 The Spirit God Human Sword shone brightly and the Heavenly Life Spirit King Dionatek appeared there.

 The wooden letter in his hand was depicted as 'Prolonged Life'.

 The ball of light that appeared was slowly absorbed into Ordov's body and then assimilated with the root source.

 The magic power that seemed to have been extinguished recovered slightly.

 Dionatek's voice echoed.

''.........I can't save your life.......save his thoughts.......''

 A flash of light spread out.

 As it gradually subsided, the Heavenly Life Spirit King's figure suddenly disappeared.


 Balzarondo touches Ordov and calls out to him.

 But there is no answer.

 His eyes were closed and he slumped.

 Staring at him, Ray cuts to Baltzalondo.

'Let us take you to our world.

"...If it's a Militia world, is there anyone you can save?

 Barzalondo asked. Ray shook his head quietly from side to side.


'I might be able to reincarnate. It's impossible to reincarnate properly in this state, but it's still more likely than perishing in another world.

 Barzalondo bites his back teeth.

'....What will happen?

I don't know. If I was reborn, I wouldn't remember it. We may never see each other again.

Idiot! What the hell does that even mean? We have to help!

The feeling is still there.

 Barzalondo trailed off as he was huffed.

'Someday, somewhere, your father will be reborn.

'....It's not....the religion of Hyphoria....

 There is no concept of reincarnation.

 <Even if the memories could be completely inherited through reincarnation (silica), there was no guarantee this time.
 First of all, it's not even certain that the reincarnation will succeed.

 Balzarondo's decision would be unreasonable.

''I want to take you back to Highforia once...''

Is there any chance of celebrating Saint Eife?

 Barzalondo can't answer immediately.

 It must be difficult.
 If it were easy, there would be no need for hesitation.

"If I don't take you to my brother if you still have any life left in you I will.

 Barzalondo gritted his teeth.

 He squeezed out the words with a painful decision.

''I know I'm shameless and I can't thank you enough for the satisfaction my father will have in dying because of you. And yet, it would be inappropriate for him to question the order of things in Militia... but that is not the case.

 Barzalondo looks down.

'....If you're my brother, you should do something about it... no...'

 He was silent for a moment, and then he reiterated.

"...even if there's nothing to be done, if we don't do something, we'll regret it... at least have something to say...

 Looking uncomfortable, Barzalondo turned away.
 On his shoulder, Ray put a hand on his shoulder.

'Let's go to Hyphoria first.

I'm sorry...

 Barzalondo floats Ordov with his magic.

 Quickly, the two men left the scene.