608-Invisible lust

 The world of the Wreckage World Eavesino. Inside the Disaster Turtle.

 There was a reaction on the water screen and Isak twitched his eyebrows.

 Arrows of light were being shot at the dark clouds covering Eavezeino. They pierced the clouds one after another, chipping away at the protection of the Disaster Abyss World.

''Looks like Hyphoria-san is here.

 The Naga switches the water screen.

 Out of the silver bubble, the silver water ships of Hyphoria lined up in a row, with the hunting nobles firing arrows at them.

 She turned her magical eye on the ship in the center of the fleet.

''This ship is you, Eigon. Giving you the Five Holy Barons' most powerful hunter is like saying you're not going to keep your word, isn't it?

 Naga says, as if trying to get the opinion of the wretch.

'That's your son's order,'

 With a glance at the Hyphoria fleet, Isak turned away as if he had lost interest.

'I ain't got the nerve to come in.

I wonder if they'll be able to hold them off with the bait in front of them.

 With his back to Naga, the disaster man said as if it were someone else's business.

'If you want to go, you can go.'

They're probably just trying to lure us into their hunting grounds before Eavesino bites the Hyphoria.

 She advises.

''Disaster Man, you can stop a phantom beast or a phantom race, right?''

You're on your own.

 Naga smiled at Isak with a hint of miffedness.

''If you leave them alone, even Bobonga and Kostoria will jump out at you. If you don't stop them, I hope you won't destroy Eiko-san right now.

I'm not gonna ask again. Let the man who wants to do it do it.

What does Mr. Woezeyno want to do with Eavesino?

 Naga bites down on the unattached Isak.

'She's a pain in the ass,'

 Isak said lazily, and a rush of cold air flooded from his body, freezing the Naga's wheelchair. She used her anti-magic to shake off the cold air, "You can eat it if you want, but if you're afraid, run.

You can eat it, you can run. "Eat me if you want to, run away if you're afraid," she said, "but if you want to move me, do it by force. "Eat me, eat me, run away, if you want to move me, by force.

You don't think I'm a match for the disaster, do you?

I don't listen to reason. What did you say about craving?

 A predator-like demonic eye glared at Naga with a glare.

 As if resigned, she sighed deeply.

''.........Just make sure you're dealing with Anos, okay?

 She said as she nailed it, and used .

 She's going to get rid of Galungzest or hold the phantoms.

'Why don't you move?'

 To the man in the plague, I say.

"You're a pain in the ass.

 Isak said, not even looking at us.

 He just continues to look at the water screen in a daze, and I ask him again.

'Do you think Ordoff will find the true rainbow path?'

 As if intrigued, Isak turned to me.

 Showing his fangs, he laughs.

'Did you find me?'

 The plague man instantly sensed the situation and asked me that.
 He sounded innocent, as if he had heard that his playmate was finally coming.

'Ordoff cannot come.'

 He still carried a smile.

 However, there was a hint of sadness in his expression.

'Will you perish?'

Three days to go.

 With a straight face, the calamity closed his mouth for a moment.

 There was a long silence as he wondered what thoughts had come and gone after Ordoff's death.

 On the water screen, the Disaster Tortoise is seen flying out of the Disaster Abyss World towards the Silver Water Ship.
 Coastoria, phantom beasts, and the Phantom Demon Race were on top of the shell.

''He's coming!''

 The plague man said as if he were talking to himself.

"I'm not going to give up just because of that. That a**h*le!

 Ordoff can no longer move.

 It would be extremely difficult for him to even speak for himself.

 Even if you don't know it, if you've heard it's been three days, you'll know it's something close to that.
 It's impossible for this man not to understand.

 But he is still waiting for Ordoff.

 By any miracle, he will come.
 I can feel that kind of feeling in Isak's unwavering eyes.

 I felt like I remembered.

 I once waited and trusted a man who was my enemy.


 At the moment I called out to him, the calamity turtle vibrated violently.

 As if it was being shaken by the violent water current, the shaking did not stop easily.

 Looking at the water screen, an irregularly shaped mass of mud was surfacing one after another, heading from the bottom of the water to the water.
 They all slipped through the ice on the surface of the water and flew into the sky.

 They were illusory beasts.

 The hunting aristocrats - that is, the prey spirit cup - must have been driven by thirst to fly out to be near the silver bubble all the time.

 That's not all.

 If it was only the water flow caused by the illusory beast, the Disaster Tortoise would be able to respond quickly.

 In fact, the magic barrier has been strengthened, almost blocking the water's interference from the middle. Despite that, the Disaster Tortoise was still shaking.

 No, this isn't ... the Disaster Tortoise is not shaking.

Maybe you couldn't help yourself after they dangled the spirit cup from your neck of the woods.

 A chuckle clears his throat and Isak laughs.

 The Ewezeino is increasing its speed as I see it.
 At this rate, we'll reach Hyphoria sooner than expected.


 The phantoms were caught by the prey spirit cup, the hunting nobles, and they flew out.

 And this Calamity Abyss World Eave Zaino also accelerated its momentum as it jumped on the hunting nobles.

''Didn't you say that this silver bubble was a single beast?''

What about it?

'If Ewezeino has the instincts of a phantom beast, where is it?

 Isak doesn't answer.

 I said, "It's an abyss of craving.

"The Abyss of Craving.

You know what I'm talking about.

 In other words, at least destroying the would stop the evezeinos.

Okay. You can do it in front of me.

 The Woe Man says.

'You don't know what happens to phantoms that lose their craving.

 When the rumors and lore disappear, the spirits perish.
 And phantom beasts are creatures similar to spirits.

 If you eliminate the craving, the phantasmal beasts will perish.

 Then, if the Abyss of Craving is destroyed, then Eavesino will not be safe. 

"Even if it is not destroyed, there may be a way to stop it.

Did I say the world needs to stop?

Well, in order to hear it, we must first communicate with the world.

 'Ha,' says the plague man, laughing away.

"You know what I mean. I am the disaster world.

I don't think so.

 The wretch rolls his eyes as if he's been struck with a false sense of security.

'You are waiting for Ordoff. If you live with your craving, I doubt that this Ewezeino is going against it and trying to eat your hyphoria.

 The Lord God of Hyphoria, Celebration Holy Heavenly Lord Eife, said that his own order and mind were diverging. No wonder something similar to that was happening in Ewezeino.

 Then there must be a reason for it.

'Isak. Is the craving of this world really yours in spades?

There are times when you want to destroy all the things you want that you can't live without at the same time.

 Isak says, exhaling cold air.

'Do you think your craving is going to get you what you want?

It cannot be.

 The heart is always in turmoil and does not work the way our minds think it should.

 It is not something that can be manipulated to shatter unreasonableness, to desire peace, or even to think love is precious.

"But even so, that does not mean that something other than you is not running this world.

 The craving is something that doesn't work the way you want it to, which is why it's a blind spot for Isak, who only has it.

''If you think I won't destroy the Holy Sword World, then congratulations.

When the time comes, we will destroy it.

 To the wretch with a straight face, I say, "But I do not believe you are driven by a craving to eat the highforest.

"But I don't think your craving for a meal of hyphoria is what's driving you now.

That ain't good enough.

 Isak glares at me with a murderous stare.

'I know the inside of Eavesino, from the black skies to the depths of the Abyss of Craving. I've been in it since I was born. If there is such a thing, wouldn't you be looking for it?

 To that question I answered.

"The true rainbow path is invisible to the eye.

 His fierce gaze pierces me.

''No wonder there's an unseen hunger in this disaster-stricken world.

Okay. I'll show you around.

 Peeking out his fangs, the plague man said.

'After the true rainbow path is found.

 As we sat down, the disaster man and I exchanged sparks of gaze.

 I understood exactly what he was saying.

'Ordoff cannot come.'

I told you I was coming.

 He pointed a finger at me.
 Then a blue magic circle was drawn there, and an enormous amount of magic power was concentrated there.

 The blue cold air pouring out immediately freezes the entire room.

''There is no basis for this.''

This is over. If you wanna know what's going on, just stop talking and get it over with. What's that word you're craving?

 The calamity peeked out with a fierce smile.

''--Hmm. It can't be helped.

 Twist your fingertips lightly and the black particles spiral.
 The black sparks that are released waver and head towards the plague.

'Feel free to look for it.

 The moment it touched his fingertips, the fire of the apocalypse, the ashlar embers, bared its fangs and the whole place went up in flames.